After Chippy Triumph in China, Beijing releases legal blueprint they’ll use to invade South Pacific


After we got a great welcome for Chippy in China, and a glimpse of maybe a different kind of relationship with the largest Communist regime on earth, Beijing releases the legal blueprint they’ll use to invade South Pacific…

Explainer: China’s foreign relations law to take effect, its significance explained

The law also focuses on safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests. It stipulates that China has the right to take, as called for, measures to counter or take restrictive measures against acts that endanger its sovereignty, national security and development interests in violation of international law or fundamental norms governing international relations.

It also stipulates that the state shall take measures as necessary in accordance with the law to protect the safety, security, and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens and organizations overseas and safeguard China’s overseas interests against any threat or infringement.

…what they are saying here is that if the rights of their diaspora in foreign countries is threatened, the Chinese will do whatever they like to protect the interests of their diaspora.

Imagine a scenario where domestic populations in the Pacific turn against Chinese business and riot, what this new law allows for is China to do anything they like to protect those interests.

These are significant increases in what China considers its rights to protect the interests of their citizens overseas.

How far will the protection of those interests manifest?

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Xi was very happy to see NZ in Beijing.

When the crocodile smiles, be extra careful.


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  1. How would many posters on TDB react if the USA passed an equivalent Act of Congress?

    With Incandescent rage is my guess.

    • China will need to actually start invading countries and overthrowing governments before their popularity will start to fall. They still only have two foreign bases.

      The current list of their military adventures is very short. There was the brief attempt to prop up the Cambodians; the Seventeen Point annexation treaty (between the P.R.C. and the old feudal lords and slaveholders of Tibet); the partial reversal of the Sikh invasion-annexation of Ladakhi West Tibet; and putting some military stations on rocky outcrops in old Chinese fishing areas (just outside its maritime border).

      U.S. foreign policy is far more unpopular. In total, the U.S. military waged foreign wars 400 times. Within sixty years, they attempted to overthrow foreign governments 72 times, and attempted to rig foreign elections 81 times. The U.S. military attempted to operate in all but three countries, and now has over 750 foreign bases.

      (Refer: New York Times, 02/17/19 & 12/23/16; Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 67 No. 4; Foreword Magazine, 02/13/15)

  2. Ada the USA already has an equivalent Act of Congress. It is called the Monroe Doctrine and the USA uses it against its Latin American neighbours( some people may have noticed Guantanamo Bay is not actually in the USA- as Cuba has been pointing out for a very long time). The USA moved from direct invasions of Mexico and other states in the 1900s to CIA backed coups in the 1970s to Trade Agreements today.
    Anyone else notice the repetitive nature of history?
    Nineteenth century; Great Britain major world economic power; To protect the interests of its citizens living abroad British send warships and troops to India, China, Africa and the Pacific Islands.
    British exploit mineral resources of Africa and Asia to supply their domestic industries.
    British send warships to counter pirates in Yangtze River.
    Today Chinese warships patrol Red Sea to protect Chinese ships from Somali pirates.
    Shanghai 1930s British police in International Settlement fire on Chinese strike and demonstration killing and wounding Chinese citizens.
    Zambia 2000s Chinese Security guards fire on Africans protesting working conditions in Chinese owned mines.
    The Chinese say: Easier to alter the course of rivers and lower mountains than to change human nature.
    It does not matter which world power we deal with they are all bullies when it comes to protecting their interests.
    Best for us to be properly independent.

  3. How lucky are we that the Nats literally flooded NZ with Chinese whose only loyalty is to the CCP and their local Mercedes dealership. We will have some of these recent immigrants marching up Queen Street dressed in PLA uniforms waving a CCP flag next (or again) . .

    fifth column
    : a group of secret sympathizers or supporters of an enemy that engage in espionage or sabotage within defense lines or national borders

  4. Here is the incandescent rage. With or without an enabling law we have recently seen US protect it’s diaspora of corporations interests in Iraq and Syria and Ukraine. China has developed it’s own MIC there will be demands to use it.

    War Is A Racket – YouTube Book Reading

    War Is A Racket

  5. An ova reaction rhetorically, China is just protecting its interest and will do so according to international law. When has China marched across the world with its 100 million personal military?

    • Don’t be silly. They will soften us up with a severe bio weapon before dispatching their millions of PLA.

  6. This is the Chinese imperialists version of the Japanese imperialists co-prosperity sphere.

    Meanwhile the Western Alliance are turning Australia into Airstrip Two

    Oceania and Eastasia are preparing for war

    From wikipedia:

    In George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the world is divided into three superstates: Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia, who are all fighting each other in a perpetual war in a disputed area mostly located around the equator.

    Written soon after World War II, in the shadow of that shared collective nightmare, Lady Astor on reading the first Edition of 1984, which was published by her husband. Is reported to have said that it was the most frightening book she had ever read.

    What was so frightening about the novel 1984 then, and is still frightening today, is that it was based on the very real superpower rivalries of the recent past, and the hardships that struggle had imposed on the people of the world. It was also based on the new postwar global superpower rivalries that Orwell saw developing in the years he wrote it.
    In his book Orwell envisioned a world where the rival superpowers use this perpetual state of war between them as an excuse to strip away the civil rights of their own populations. Something that had been experienced by people on both sides during World War II.

    Orwell predicted interactive flat screen videos that can spy on you. His predicted timeline for all this to unfold may have been a bit off, and he didn’t predict the collapse of the Soviet Union due to popular internal revolt and people power. But Orwell is right on the money, in predicting the trajectory of the imperialist superpowers’ rivalries that he saw developing after World War II.
    Unless we stop it, George Orwell’s 1984 may not have fully arrived yet, but its on its way.

    P.S. For the first time in a long time New Zealand’s neutrality between the rival superpowers has been put on the political agenda for this electoral cycle by The Maori Party, and may be one of the bottom lines in forming a governing coalition between Labour, the Green Party and the Maori Party.

    War and Peace. This issue may make this election the most important election of our time.

    • If qehave no immigrants who will do the work.Labour tried keeping out immigrants and fruit rotted on trees and fish was not processed.

  7. “…what they are saying here is that if the rights of their diaspora in foreign countries is threatened, the Chinese will do whatever they like to protect the interests of their diaspora.”; – Laying aside that your phraseology is calculated to cast the least positive light on China declaration of intent to protect its interests, what wording would you have found acceptable Martyn?

    • What gave George Orwell’s allegory its chilling power, lay in its basis in the collective memory of the recently experienced world war, with all its hardships, and the newly developing post war reality.

      The dystopian society depicted in the novel ‘1984’ was a amalgamation of the Soviet Union under Stalin, and Nazi Germany under Hitler. (the eponymous ‘Big Brother’ of the novel being modeled on both dictators).

      The global division of the world into three superstates, Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia, was modeled on the reality of the very real division of the post war world into the Western bloc dominated by the US, the Warsaw Pact bloc dominated by Russia and the rising Communist bloc in Asia, dominated by China.

      George Orwell’s 1984 may not be the first dystopian sci fi novel, that honour goes to HG Wells the time machine. But it may be the greatest.
      But what both novels had in common was that the held a mirror up to the society we live in. HG Wells depiction of an extreme future form of class society, where the Elite, (and effete), Eloi live above ground enjoying the fruits of the the labouring producers, the degraded Morlocks forced to labour underground. Who quite literally in the end, ‘Eat the Rich’.

      • Daft comment, conflating the Soviet Union with Nazi Germany.

        The Soviet’s saved the world from fascism and without the 1917 revolution the entire world would still be under the whiplash of Anglo American imperialism

  8. Anti China rubbish again. The key is thr ‘Law’. Within the framework of international law, all nations are able to and should try to protect their nationals – not just anyone of their ethnic origin – overseas. They can also make diplomatic complaints about maltreatment of people of their ethnicity. In the extreme, a nation may act to physically protect people of their ethnicity – as Russia has done in Ukraine.

    I do not believe that China has any intention of being internationally aggressive in militarily or in other coercive ways.

  9. China doesn’t have a legitimate legal system. The CCP Chinese Criminal Party basically just makes up shit to suit it’s numerous nefarious sociopathic agendas. It’s cunning plan to sucker in the Pacific Island nations into signing up to it’s,”Global Security Initiative ,” fell flat on it’s face, so they just resort to their tried and tested method of conniving up a new strategy to invade the region in the guise of a faux “law.”


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