GUEST BLOG: Women’s Rights Party says “Paddy Gower’s Issues is a “fail” on so many levels”


There were so many holes in Paddy Gower’s investigation into transgender issues, you could write a book about it, the Women’s Rights Party says.

“Of course, several have written books outlining the harm that gender identity ideology is doing to our society,” newly elected Women’s Rights Party co-leader Jill Ovens says. “Like, for example, Kathleen Stock’s ‘Material Girls; Why Reality Matters for Feminism’, Helen Joyce’s ‘Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality’, Sheila Jeffreys’ “Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism‘, and Hannah Barnes’ ‘Time to Think: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Tavistock’s Gender Service for Children’.“

“Evidently, those working on the TV3 programme, ‘Issues’, have not read any of these books, and nor are they familiar with recognised definitions of ‘sex’ and ‘gender’,” she says.

“A person’s “sex” refers to a person’s biological sex (either male or female). On the other hand, ‘gender’ is an imprecise concept that refers to sex-based stereotypes and social expectations, for example, what is considered feminine and masculine. Gender identity and expression refer to the identification with, and expression of these stereotypes.”

Jill Ovens says feminists reject sex-based stereotypes. “Children who are gender non-conforming or who could grow up to be attracted to the same sex, should be supported in this. It needs to be clear that while you can change your appearance, changing your sex is not biologically possible. You can’t change your DNA for one thing.”

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Among other issues with the programme, the Women’s Rights Party says:

  • Intersex, or DSD (difference of sexual development), is a rare medical condition affecting 0.018% of the population where the biological sex is indeterminate at birth or there is abnormal development of the sex organs. Intersex is not the same as transgenderism, as Paddy Gower said.
  • The Ministry of Health has quietly dropped its statement that puberty blockers are “safe and reversible” in light of overwhelming medical and social evidence to the contrary with many countries restricting or banning their use with gender dysphoric children and teenagers. Paddy Gower reported that 700 New Zealand children are currently on puberty blockers. He didn’t say this was a very high rate internationally. It was telling that no New Zealand doctor was prepared to go on camera to discuss concerns of the medical profession, so they had to go to an Australian doctor.
  • The conflation of cultural practices with a so-called “third gender” is highly debateable. For example, “fa’afafine” refers to biological males who are raised as females and is largely based on a person’s role in the family.
  • There was no questioning as to why there has been such a huge shift in transgenderism to young women identifying as boys and men, and whether this may be related to social media influencers and social contagion among peer groups.
  • The effects of gender reassignment surgery were minimised as “top” surgery (e.g.  double mastectomy resulting in inability to breastfeed, or breast augmentation for biological males) and “bottom” surgery where male genitalia (i.e. the penis) is removed and females undergo hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) or removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Since 2020 in New Zealand, such surgeries are publicly funded through the private sector. Paddy Gower emphasised the number of New Zealanders on the waiting list, clearly promoting the need for more accessibility of such procedures, essentially putting money into the pockets of private surgeons.
  • There was no mention of those who have undergone puberty blockers, hormone therapy and/or gender reassignment surgery who later have serious regrets. Those who “detransition” often report how their medical treatment destroyed their life physically and mentally.
  • Finally there was no mention of the indoctrination of children in gender ideology from Year 1 in our nation’s schools, or the capture of our public institutions through publicly funded charities such as Inside Out.

“The programme glossed over very real concerns of New Zealanders and reinforced the only acceptable media narrative. Whatever happened to journalistic standards of balance and objectivity?” asks Jill Ovens.

Jill Ovens

National Secretary

Women’s Rights Party


  1. Brilliant Jill Ovens and huge respect for starting the much needed Women’s Rights Party. Paddy has a bloke’s brain which processes info differently from that of a woman. Nothing can really change that, including castration, hormones, and shrinks, hence the bashing of women at Albert Park by blokes in wigs and dresses, and the police knowing which side their bread is buttered on, the ignominious ill-bred ratbags.

    • No, Paddy Gower is just an idiot producing a program by children for children.
      I can fully support what the Women’s Rights Party are saying here, and have genuine sympathy for the misogyny womens rights activists received at the Posie Parker rally.

      Historically I wonder though if some of this stupidity started with fringe feminists trying to cancel everything male (“womyn “etc) back in the day, and normalizing the habit of cancelling sex as ok because the patriarchy.

      It’s not nice to have your sex cancelled.

      • It is not nice to strip away personal automony because of your shitty religion.

        The Womens Rights party also wants to ban porn, erotica and prostitution. Also plan to ban bikinis, and make women dress ‘modestly’ like they do in Kabul.

        • Yeah, Right.

          That’s all misinformation. Have you looked at the WRP website?

          They want more autonomy for women, not less.

          Priorities include:

          “The right to have control of our own bodies, including reproductive autonomy.”

          On legal prostitution, they want it cleaned up and to stop exploiting women, not ban it.

          “The Women’s Rights Party will advocate for a review of the Prostitution Reform Act6 to strengthenprotections for women, and advocate for increased powers of prosecution.

          The Women’s Rights Party would also advocate for funding to help women who want to leave prostitution and require financial and structural support to find alternative employment.”

          Women mostly become prostitutes because they are poor, and they are treated badly in legal brothels.

          The Kabul & bikinis comment is just silly.

          • I know that the Christian right has been yanking the chains of anti sex feminists for years. Even back since the 70’s and 80’s.

            • We are not anti-sex feminists, and certainly never have been influenced by the Christian right in the 70s and 80s or now.

              We are anti-sexism, and anti sex-based stereotypes, which the Christian right embrace.

              The current gender ID ideologues also embrace sex-based stereotypes, except they say if we don’t conform to such stereotypes we must be the opposite sex or neither sex. That is regressive.

              We are also anti sexual abuse of women and children.

              Which regressive ideologues have been yanking your chain?

      • Keepcalmcarryone. Feminists have come in all shapes and sizes, and there were extremes, but the extremism came from the other direction too; I remember Frank Hayden of the Dom newspaper, a bright guy, used to refer to them disparagingly as bearded ladies, and women as, the sisterhood, and until recently male politicians scored female colleagues on their physical attributes, at their swearing in at Parliament. This is crude, locker room level functioning. The patriarchy still exists, but it impacts on all outliers, not just upon women, and the WEF would probably be it’s modern equivalent and more of a menace than the oafs of Kiwiland ever were, much richer, and more powerful.

        I’ve not watched Gower, but am familiar with most of the works cited here by very articulate Jill Ovens, and can’t really see Gower or any MSM type reading them, or wanting to. Even politicians don’t read, more’s the pity. A couple of Christmases ago Ardern announced her intention of reading a book during her break, as if it were akin to climbing Aorangi Mt Cook, and my heart sank to the bottom of my little boots at the implications thereof. Off the top of my head, Chris Finlayson was the last intellectual-type erudite male in Parliament, and much of Winston Peter’s appeal comes from him being a well- informed grounded male, polished, and more acquainted with the rough and tumble of everyday life than are the current would-be power mongers wallowing in their ignorance, and damaging. The transgender extremists are also a pretty powerful network globally, but querying their activities results in being accused of being anti- transgender, or anti -something else, which ain’t necessarily so,
        and is lazy, bullying posturing, while ignoring the real issues.

        • Winston Peters well informed? Unless it’s a large amount of donations of course. Then he has never heard of it.

        • Why don’t you just admit you want to go back to the days when being LGBT got you in prison or a mental asylum, or shunned from the community. Because at the end of the day, that is what you want. You are just another Christian fanatic who wants to impose the Bible on everyone, at gunpoint if need be.

          • Millsy. You err on every point. Further, LGBTQ New Zealanders have been living conflict-free within the social community until the divisiveness of identity politics became a political dialectic, thanks to the politicians; transgender extremism followed this as yet another unwelcome off-shore import, it’s a big and lucrative business.

    • Mount Albert protest court action is related to an inter-sex person who identifies as female, and a 20 year old male who does not self-identify.

        • Intersex, or DSD (difference of sexual development), is a rare medical condition affecting 0.018% of the population where the biological sex is indeterminate at birth or there is abnormal development of the sex organs. Intersex is not the same as transgenderism, as Paddy Gower said.

    • Interesting you should talk about male brain: research has shown transgenders to have brain wave patterns closer to that of their identified gender rather than their biological sex. If true then it seems transgenderism is a form of intersex: mixed biological sexual traits, presenting _physically_ in the brain.

      Of course that would make them cis, and the “gender feels” religion wrong, which is probably why we haven’t heard more about that line of research.

      • I understand it was a very small study and we don’t know whether these people were taking cross sex hormones when tested

      • that research is very weak. If anything recent studies show that many of those presenting as transgender have a brain closer in structure to gay men or women. Which isn’t surprising because if you leave kids along and don’t push the gender religion onto them, 80% will turn out fine (albeit with a lot of them having significant mental health issues) and non-trans, with a significant % of them being gay.
        Sort of suggests that the trans activists are forceably converting gay kids with mental health issues.

        • Nuke facts A primary school boy being told by his teacher that having a penis doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s male, could have a few issues with that. Any child told by “ therapists” or counsellors , that their same sex attraction might mean they’re the opposite gender trapped in the wrong body, rather than being homosexual, or simply passing through a phase, is faced with an overwhelming situation for a kid.

      • my brain waves fire up quite differently for differing stimuli…I have noticed that wearing pink gives a calming vibe.

      • If you are going to quote from any study then frankly give a link to it so that I an decide for myself the validity of it.

      • That is not entirely true. The results showed that they differed from their biological sex, but they also differed from the sex that they identified as. The research was also conducted on males only and males post hormonal treatment. The brain scans of trans identifying males were the most similar (but again not the same) as the trans identifying people, although the difference between homosexual and trans brain patterns could have been due to the hormone treatments. What is telling is that this has not been a replicated study with trans identifying people who are not on hormonal treatment with homosexual people as a control group. I am guessing further studies are either a)hard to get funded or B) have been done but the answers were not liked. If they found that the brain activity truely was the same as the identified sex, this research would not have been as obscured.

    • Not sure if its Paddy’s brain is at fault for being wired a bit different. The programme itself was full of holes, no input from NZ professionals in the field, even Paddy acknowledged this. Just a few promo shots from pretty ‘theys’ and their understanding parents, not the women-bashing blokes in wigs and dresses. Had it been subject to peer review would have never made it to air – but commercial msm TV has no appetite for real investigative journalism. Given what TV3 is now the show must go on. Who in TV3 management cares if the story is unbalanced because the other side of the issue isn’t represented. Can’t find anyone to give their professional views? Who cares when you’ve committed resources. It raises the question of what editing might have been done if those professional voices had been present, given the narrative of the story presented on the night.

      I might add that the “issues” series might well be Paddy’s idea – or is it – but its also highly likely his input is just one of many on the production team and on the night he’s there to sell it, hell or high water. Or does Paddy really earnestly believe everything he says on air?

  2. The tide is turning overseas and peak trans is rapidly approaching in NZ.
    A Labour defeat will help purge this dangerous faddish ideology from our institutions, schools and corporates.

      • They voted for it likely because they fear the outrage of the outrageous trans rights activists. You know the ones who will beat you up to shut you up

        • Dont worry, in Uganda, trans people get hanged. I guess that is more to your liking.

          And anyone will lash out if they are subjected to abuse online like transgender people are every day. But I guess its OK to call LGBT’s sodomites, etc all the time

        • Once again the two charged were a person born intersex (for pourng tomato juice) and a male (who is not trans).

      • Every single Party in government, L, G, TPM, N and A have subscribed to the gravy transtrain. Medicalising gender non conform children and creating life long customers for the pharmaceutical and elective surgery industry is good business, billions worth of dollars of double masectomy, penectomies, vaginectomies, hysterectomies, removal of the gonads, chest contouring, jaw shaving, brow shaving, feminising surgery, phalloplasty, vaginoplasty, hormone treatment, puberty blockers……. So is pretending that males are women and thus have a place as women on womens lists, in women’s spaces such as prisons, sports teams, Olympic games, and of course the changing rooms and toilets, women shelters, womens hospital wards. Anything else would be bigotry and transphobia.
        Self ID is the gift that is gonna be giving a whole lot of trouble for the next few years.
        But rejoice, Labour has a cabinet full of women, what ever they are, cause their leader and the current PM sure as hell don’t know who to identify a women when asked.
        Never mind the castrated and sterilized children left right and center
        Be kind.

    • I don’t think what “corporates” decide to do is necessarily decided by the government. Also you might want to look at the voting on self ID gender legislation. Didn’t National support it?

      • Only 20% of the population support gender self id.
        Only 10% of National voters support gender self id.
        Ony 30 something % of Labour voters support gender self id.
        Only 13% of Act voters support gender self id.
        Only 46% of Green voters support gender self id.
        (Source Curia poll organised by SUFW)
        The fact that all politicians supported it shows the degree to which trans rights activists have infiltrated parliament so MPs are either captured or too afraid to speak up

        • What the hell do you care about how someone identifies? Is that really the issue? It’s a piece of paper. Did people care what Georgina Breyer call herself? People not getting their head around gender as a construct doesn’t mean they want transgender people removed from the face of the earth, like a lot of people here seem to.

          • Because self ID is not just people such as Georgina Breyer – who for all intend and purposes was a Transsexual, but it allows all Males into female spaces. That is why NZ had an overweight 43 year old child of a millionaire appear in the Olymic Games on the womens ticket in the female weightlifting category, costing a place to a young Pacific Islander female competing against other females in their early 20s. Cause self ID and male advantage of someone who discovered their ‘female’ side in their mid 30s.
            But i guess its ok, after all it benefits males. Right?
            So kind.
            As for your claim that people want to see Transwomen or Transmen removed from the face of the earth, hyperbole much? Nah, we want to see them in their own spaces, their own Trans Category, and out off female spaces. A male will never be a female. No matter how much ‘transjoy’ it gives them.
            Women are not mental health therapy for blokes who like it hot.

            • “We”. I am not sure some posters share your tolerance. Otherwise they would not be talking about grooming children.

            • So some of the transgender community are complete a***holes. I’ve got news, their market share in that category, is probably about 15% and that’s exaggerating. We are up to our ears in a***holes in this country at present.

            • So the trans community have some absolute tossers in their ranks. I’ve got news, their market share in that space is probably 15% if you are prone to exaggeration.

              Some of the comments have a hint of Christchurch crèche about them.

      • I don’t believe that indoctrinating children in the optimal practices of arousing adults and ingesting adult fluids and the least damaging of being penetrated by adults and how to approach conversations like these with adults is appropriate education material for pre pubescent teens struggling with gender dysphoria.

      • Dont you think that’s a tad naive?

        Govt contracts recently have been lost in Wellington because the companies had no rainbow policies and this wasnt even on the list of MBIEs criteria. The procurement panel werent interested in their price or performance or history, only whether or not they were rainbow tick. Literally they were told that that was where they ‘fell down’.

        This is why it’s more or less compulsory to do the rainbow tick thing if you want to work with Govt. And the extended Govt sector is apparently responsible for 40% of the money? that flows around NZ. That’s a lot of companies!! And on top of that there are the virtue signallers who want to tell their clients and prospective employees they have the hippest staff and are values led.

        So a lot of the trans stuff is about govt promulgation (politics of power) fed by global capitalism which understands an opportunity when it sees it.

    • I did watch this and left feeling largely uninformed, other than learning noone of professional standing in NZ was prepared to go on camera, other than the ‘only’ surgeon in NZ reportedly doing this kind of gender realignment – but I get the impression that surgery is only the tip of the iceberg in the whole debate.

      But frankly, what can you expect from TV3? Simply a bunch of comedians and in the case of Gower – well, what would you call him, investigative journalist is drawing a long bow -dreaming up shallow content for living room entertainment.

      Yes, it certainly was somewhat unbalanced, a constructed narrative, in that examples were cherry picked to put forward a particular viewpoint. Whether that viewpoint was Gower’s alone or the position of his employers is debatable.

      To Gower’s credit he did acknowledge the absence of comment by NZ professionals, akin to a researcher acknowledging limitations in a study, but this may have gone unnoticed by a good many. But surely not! It was a big red flag. Hopefully viewers would have seen this.

  3. Paddy complains we can’t have a civil discussion on this issue , the proceeds to make it worse by only putting one side out there and then not allowing discussion on it in twitter

    • We cant have a civil discussion because people are deplatformed by the Trans Lobby before they can even speak. For 5 years this happened to SUFW and then Kellie Jay Keen happened and the world was able to see what many NZ women had been observing for years.

      Paddy was right, its just he is pointing at the wrong suspect. NZ women 99% support Transgender individuals but they do not want their rights curtailed without discussion and an evaluation of what is at stake for them and their daughters. That does not an anti Trans hater make despite the propaganda pushed by this Govt and the media.

  4. Thank you for writing this statement here and thanks to Martyn for posting it. It is much needed information, even if many want to refute every single point you are trying to make. I fear they don’t want to speak of de-transitioners as ‘failure’ would hamper their idea of being kind and good and. Nothing kind and good about the de-sexing of young people. And i would also add that some of the young girls may want to be trans as a way out of the currently promoted idiocy that women are an ethereal feel that some have rather then human females.

  5. “People Funny Boy” sung Lee “Scratch” Perry (though he was singing about financial ripoff) or maybe “Nowt so queer as folk” as they say “up north”.

  6. I really sympathise with the kids. Even with paddy’s puff piece there was only so much sugar coating they could do. Only a couple of minutes dedicated to a cautionary point of view.
    Welcome to the pharmaceutical industrial complex, where our doctors have been neutered.

    • Tinfoil hat time. You seriously think this is being driven by the pharmaceutical industry? That’s ridiculous

      • Wheel, this has massive benefits for big pharma. A lifetime cocktail to ever increasing numbers. You actually think doctors are free to speak their mind? Did you notice how dissent was dealt with during Covid? Heard of regulatory capture? It’s a large piece of the puzzle. Go back to sleep.

        • I am not asleep. How many new molecules are in this space? I would say most are generic. This is not the big money spinner relative to other therapy areas you think it is.

          A doctor not wanting to speak is nothing to do with pharmaceutical companies. Would the Australian doctor not be reluctant if that were the case? Use some common sense

          • Wheel, ok so you haven’t heard of regulatory capture and you weren’t aware of the backlash against dissent during Covid. The tobacco companies weren’t paying doctors to promote cigarettes? The sugar industry wasn’t funding studies on the benefits of sugar? Lefties spent decades saying ‘follow the money’. There is lots of money to follow here too. You are asleep, buddy. You have been easily fooled and it will be very hard to convince you you’ve been fooled.

  7. I think it’s probably best that people can watch before they comment so here’s the link.

    I felt it was – having just watched it- pretty straight forward – a good overall job directed to those who don’t really know anything about transgenderism. Many of the points made by Jill Ovens would be disputed – with receipts – by those on the pro-trans side, as she would depute -with receipts – their side so it wisely there were no activists featured. I hold by the belief that the majority of women (and men) don’t know and/or don’t care. And the majority still won’t care once they all know.

  8. Didn’t know anyone was silly enough to watch Gower. I would love to know the viewing numbers. Bugger all I’m sure.

  9. If Paddy Gower could produce an in-depth article like what Jill Ovens has above, then maybe we would have more respect for him.

  10. Telling it like it is! As you always have Jill.
    Breath of fresh air to counter the drivel oozing out of the big gay castle in Wellington.

  11. It’s good to understand all aspects concerning this issue as it’s a complex subject. Plus people can react so intensely about it from all sides of the spectrum.
    Thanks Jill for your insights from your perspective.

    • Yes, I agree – it’s a complex subject, and it sounds as if PG did something of a once-over-lightly effort, as usually happens on commercial TV. I respect Jill’s union and political work a lot. I have real concerns about transitioning having become something of a quickie solution to adolescent angst and trauma, and I don’t believe trans should compete as women in sport., as they’d normally be physically stronger than biological women. But I don’t have concern about trans going into women’s spaces: the people banging on about that are scaremongering.

  12. Yep and the Newshub article today about the govt now revisiting the safety of puberty blockers with the findings to be released in 2-3 months (after the election of course!) NZ is going head first into this cult while other countries have started to turn the corner .. lil old dumb NZ closes its eyes while the UK have banned the wholesale use of PB’s… look for the Ricky Gervais video taking the piss out of men pretending to be women… while we have propaganda paddy saluting this sick Marxist fad.

    • “sick Marxist fad.” not being a Marxist scholar I never knew Marx had said anything at all about transgenderism. Where can I read up on this?

      • I surprise to me also. Marx, Che Guevara, Paulo Freire – all said in the same breath and without any negative association with the transgender space. Where does this come from? From what I can get the connection is related to Cultural Marxism, according to Wiki, a conspiracy theory which misrepresents the Frankfurt School (Marxism ) as being responsible for modern progressive movements, identity politics, and political correctness. The theory posits that there is an ongoing and intentional academic and intellectual effort to subvert Western society via a planned culture war that undermines the Christian values of traditionalist conservatism and seeks to replace them with culturally liberal values. Transgender activism being an example of culturally liberal values, and push back in this space seen as traditionalist conservatism, often associated rightly or wrongly with the Far Right and conservative Christians.

        This may interest you. USA context but in the joined up world we now live in relevant for NZ. I haven’t read the book but it appears to push back against culturally liberal values in the education space by arguing the school curricula keeps veering into “social and emotional learning (SEL),” Critical Race Theory, cultural competence, culturally relevant education, Queer Theory, Radical Gender Theory, Comprehensive Sexuality Education, and the decolonizing of the curriculum. And it lays the blame at the Marxist educator, Paulo Freire, once revered as the champion of the uneducated, illiterate and unrepresented. We live in strange times.

        The author has a website, New Discourses, but I haven’t dabbled in this either for fear of being radicalized into the fold. And out of respect for Paulo Freire.

        • That’s a misrepresentation of the original Frankfurt School. Wikipedia is hardly a definitive source.

          ‘Cultural Marxism’ has been used in recent years to demonise some currents in western thought as ‘authoritarian.’ But that line of argument is a far cry from the original ideas of the Frankfurt School who were refugees from Nazi Germany and strongly opposed to fascism and authoritarianism.

          The term ‘cultural Marxism’ is far more complex than has been used by right wing ideologues in recent decades.

          • You’re right, Wiki is hardly authoritative on such matters, The Conversation more trustworthy. I did think though that Wiki did note cultural Marxism was a conspiracy theory which misrepresents the original Frankfurt School as being responsible for … (in this case) Radical Gender Theory. But also noted that the author of The Conversation posting was at the time critical of Wiki’s interpretation. Indeed the debate needs some ‘careful unpacking’. Thanks for the link.

  13. Has our media ever been so brazenly one-sided and anti-truth before? And what an indictment on the extent of cancel culture in this country that ‘no New Zealand doctor was prepared to go on camera to discuss concerns of the medical profession, so they had to go to an Australian doctor.’ It’s a truly shameful time for NZ politics and media that this is where we are at, and the Women’s Rights Party seems our only hope to finally expose the rot at the top and to begin the political reckoning that is long overdue on this medical and social ‘wrong body’ scandal of our times, if not of all times. Thank you Jill Ovens for giving us that hope. You definitely have my vote.

  14. The very first episode had Paddy double down on unhumane killing of cats by children for sport and reward so that a rural school could raise funds for a swimming pool.

    Paddy _is_ the issue. And if he’s gone off to trans land he’s probably lost the red necks he had left over from episode one. Can we abolish tvnz yet?

  15. Great stuff.

    I have always that “fa’afafine” is an abuse of a child. Of course it will be taboo to discuss this topic because we will be told that it is part of Samoan culture.
    Of course we’ve been told that female genital mutilation is part of various cultures. And that is truly disgusting and sad for any woman.

  16. “ What happened to journalistic standards of balance and objectively” ? Who pays the piper ? That’s what happened.

  17. Not much objectivity shown in the Paddy Gower investigation.
    “Cancelling” the views of serious scholars is negligent and will harm his reputation as well as harm TV3.
    If they continue with biased reporting the harm may well become terminal.

    Paddy should be reminded that he is a journalist….maybe he sees himself as an influencer.

    • “Proud to be part of the change” funny a NZ McDonalds slogan fits TV3 journalism. When only one side of an issue is represented surely no one can believe there is any credibility to this program.
      Thank you Jill Ovens for representing the women in NZ who are not buying into the nonsense gender ideology.

  18. Great idea to build a new political party around the very real need to protect the hard-fought for rights of real women.

  19. Good luck starting the new party…Unfortunately men playing “ dress up” , rule these days…They are untouchable….Any word on the brave lad who beat the elderly lady. Possibly diversion and a stern “ tutt tutt, along with name suppression and a media blackout….

    • It was apparently and ‘admin error’ that gave him diversion. He’s due in court in July.

  20. “feminists reject sex-based stereotypes. “Children who are gender non-conforming or who could grow up to be attracted to the same sex, should be supported in this.”

    Yes it is highly regressive to rehabilitate sex-based stereotypes and usher children who are overwhelmingly gay and autistic, so among the most vulnerable, down the path of transitioning especially if it reaches medicalisation. Imagine a society that says gay and autistic people should be sterilised or that gay people should be transitioned to the opposite sex and become straight. That’s essentially part of what this ideology promotes.

    There is a flip side too, trans-tourism

    Transitioning is appropriate for a tiny number of people, what we have is social contagion. Superficial victimhood is valorised and and superficial normatively is disdained. Claiming to be trans or queer is the easy way to self-identify into the in-group, it’s equivalent to being a Punk, (except todays anti-establishment youth culture aligns surprisingly well with the establishment).

    Imagine, as for women, how patronising it is for genuine transexuals to have the confused and the opportunistic self identify into your demographic and personal spaces at little or no cost. Add that trans-activism, done supposedly in your name, is building a completely predictable backlash, when you wanted nothing to do with the Queer Theory utopians. Speaking against it (as many transexuals have done) immediately looses you your identity based victim card.

    Trans-activism by Queer Theorists is highly misogynistic but don’t forget that it is also deeply homophobic and transphobic. Woke ideology does not protect identity groups, it uses them as human shield and battering ram.

      • Jack.” You don’t have kids do you ?”. Good point. As a parent I cannot imagine telling my son that having a penis means nothing, nor am I comfortable about persons with penises sharing girls’ toilets.

        • So right – I don’t want anyone with a penis at a ‘women only meeting’ they are not women. Nor are they a man when they have a baby, because we all know that babies come from a uterus therefore they must be a woman. Frightening how screwed up kids will become.

  21. Good news, Elon Musk has now banned the words, cis gender, etc from Twitter.

    “Elon Musk declares ‘cis’ and ‘cisgender’ will be considered slurs on Twitter that can be punishable with suspension”

    How will the woke twitterati survive?????

    Have never watched Patrick Gower’s show, and wonder why is his allowed on TV still.

    NZ media and their so called investigations into social problems in NZ, are so pathetically inaccurate and ideologically led, best never waste time going there.

    Just keep cutting off kids body parts and giving untested drugs, for the lucrative trans industry. Nothing to see here! Hopefully media is sued, because those botched are now suing, institutions that allow it and publish misinformation.

    ‘NHS trans surgery damaged my body for ever — it’s not safe’
    An autistic patient who reversed his transition is suing over treatment given to young people with gender dysphoria

    • I thought you supported free speech? Obviously you hate trans people so bad you want to ban them.

      • Just the 1% new vocabulary that woke speak have made up, with 95% of population NOT being on board with it. New vocabulary is the new grift, with people making up words like LatinX which apparently the Latino population are also not on board with! I guess they have nothing else to do with their time….

        • saveNZ. Suddenly the decision of Victoria University of Wellington’s barbarous decision to cancel the Latin from which so many other languages derive, and which contributes so much to the understanding of other languages, moves into another context. VUW, is of course, the abode of the excellent extremists self-appointed to advise this government on abolishing freedom of speech except, it seems, for when it applies to their own adolescent reactions to trivia which hurt nobody.

      • Trans people and their supporters, who are supporting mutilating kids and destroying their future for their grift, are despicable.

        Millsy – you seem to have NO sympathy for the poor kid who had autism who then was mutilated through the health system by transgender operations, and will have lasting problems – mentally and physically, and now seems to need life long medical support from NHS, while suing them . Many more like them!

          • Just keen on outlawing the grifters, the woman haters that punch out woman and the Lake Alice type child abusers.

            Government seem to be turning a blind eye to their duty of care in this space and enabling child abuse in state institutions and with state money like Lake Alice.

      • I support free speech. In fact I’m a free speech absolutist. I don’t support censorship at all. That’s why I believe innate restrictions insteads. If in the act of arousing adults and or inflating profit margins causes damage to a human being then those acts ought to be age restricted.

  22. The so called “Women’s Rights Party” is just a front for Pentecostal Christians who want to impose biblical limits on personal autonomy.

  23. I am one of those just so over all this bullshit.

    ‘chestfeeding’ oh show me someone who doesn’t have breasts who feeds a newborn on their chest…

    Nutty stuff. You need breasts to feed a baby.

    Men cannot have babies, stop this rubbish.
    Woman transitioning to be a man must still have a uterus, therefore they are still a woman. ankly doesn’t this make them a woman.

    The college of midwifes has gone sadly astray.

    I don’t give a shit if someone is trans-gender, but if someone wants to be part of a ‘womens group’ this does not include trans-gender people, end of story.

  24. I suppose you lot are glad about the US Supreme Court, allowing religious people to deny services to LGBT’s.

  25. Is millsy real?
    I think he’s a mix of bob/Gus/NSQ/MHKWheel.
    Whoever,they are frightfully confused.

    • Bob, just because I am not a Posie Parker fanboy like yourself doesn’t make me confused. And the big pharma angle is f’ing ridiculous.

      • yeah, because making healthy kids depended for their life on medical support i.e. hormones is not a good business model. Girls who have hysterectomies are going through menopause at 16 and above. Boys who have their balls removed are eunuchs. But WPATH declard that a Gender. Pronouns, Never/had/an/orgasm if puberty blocked by Tanner stage 1 of puberty.
        Both will need synthetic hormones for the rest of their life. As so as long as government pays for that shit its ok, they can have it. Phalloplasty has a high failure rate, i guess the harvested forearm muscle is really not a functioning penis. Ditto for the Frankenfannies that they give the boys. Dilate boy , lest that male sexed body of yours wants to close that front hole, and you lose ‘depth in that ‘neohole’. Infections, UTIs, sepsis, and the like. Never mind the osteoporosis, and other health issues.
        Money money money makes the world go round and for money these ‘doctors’ will castrate, sterilize and surgically fuck up your child and any one elses.

        Weaponised kindness is cruel. Start really thinking what it entails to be surgically changed from boy into girl appearing and vs versa. Just for once use your brain and think.

        • Why is it someone disagreeing with your theory is not using their brain? You are conflating so many issues you make no sense. The original implication was transgenderism (if that’s a word) is somehow driven by the pharmaceutical industry. It think that is an absolute load of shit. That doesn’t mean they won’t make a cent out of it. Some of hormones you refer to weren’t necessarily invented because Bob wanted to become Roberta. Are pharma companies out there promoting 100% red meat diets and two packs a day to promote cancer then?

        • The law suits are starting to roll in.
          This will be seen to be the next tobacco, asbestos and uranium.

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