Is the DIA purposely trying to spike the election with their Ministry of Truth?


The monstrous level of State over reach the Woke Wellington Bureaucracy have announced with this Ministry of Truth the DIA have blindsided the entire media industry with, is either a rogue woke cell group inside the DIA or it is an attempt to influence the election and spike it against Labour.

That’s how extreme the DIAs recommendations for a new Ministry of Truth are.

This is well beyond changing the hate speech laws, this is an entire Bureaucratic Infrastructure upgrade that would allow the aggrieved to complain to the Ministry of Truth and the Ministry of Truth would demand the Network’s ‘Safety’ plan and would ‘audit’ the ‘safety’ plan to see if you as the Network owner are protecting the consumer safety of vulnerable people (as defined by the Ministry of Truth).

One of the fears of the change in Hate Speech Laws was that the woke would weaponise the process and demand investigations for every twitter fight since 2016, well this suggestion by the DIA codifies a means for which anyone can launch their latest lynch mobs from.

It is such an egregious proposal that it speaks of an out of touch Woke cell group gone rogue inside the Wellington Bureaucracy of the Department of Internal Affairs (which must be immediately found and stamped out) or it is a genuine attempt to build such a wildly controversial Trojan Horse policy and release it 5 months out before the next election on purpose with the aim of causing blowback that damages Labour, (which if is the case, must be immediately found and sudden resignations launched).

That’s how extreme the Ministry of Truth proposal is.

Let me give you an example of how this would impact a Political News Commentary Blog like TDB.

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Under the current regime I have obligations around not posting things at certain times as per the instructions of the Electoral Commission, I have to obey defamation law and if a mean comment is posted and it is hurtful I might have to have Netsafe contact me and threaten me to take it down or else.

Under this new regime, the Ministry of Truth compels a regulation that requires ‘safety’ plans for ‘vulnerable’ people (as defined by the Ministry of Truth).

If a person complains about your content, you are required to show the Ministry your ‘Safety’ plan and if that ‘Safety’ plan is not good enough to deal with the lived experience of the vulnerable people who you have offended, you are in trouble.

It seems the vulnerable people will determine that.

If my safety plan is not robust enough, I don’t have one or if it doesn’t end up pacifying the vulnerable person, I get fined.

This is sold as a means to protect vulnerable people, when really it will immediately become a weaponised process that will inspire a billion new fights.

The total surprise of the entire Media Industry at the scope of what the DIA have been secretly cooking up here is merely the stunned response of the magnitude of this Ministry of Truth, expect a backlash roar from the media industry when they fully comprehend the sheer scale and scope of what the DIA are trying to build here.

The Minister of the DIA, Kieran McAnulty has some explaining to do to his Cabinet Caucus colleagues about how the fuck this managed to get this far and launched just before the election without anyone knowing it was coming?



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      • Thanks to Nina “Scary Poppins” Jankowicz, we can imagine who these ‘vulnerable people’ will end up being.

        You criticised the intelligence agencies, arms makers, Wall Street or N.A.T.O? Beatings and jail time all round — thanks, Safety Squad!

        You asked the Truth Ministry why they didn’t prosecute lying press barons and politicians, who spread disinformation in order to start their new favourite war? Call the Safety Squad! You’re obviously a domestic terrorist!

      • Does it matter? The Minister is in charge.

        We know that Minister Tinetti worked on this before the Hipkins reshuffle following the Police Minister fiasco.

        This all started out from a promise by the Prime Minister following the actions of an extremist lone wolf idiot.

        It is important that we regulate social media but using it to restrict freedom of speech and human rights is over-reach of the worst kind.

    • Govt. would not need to pay MSN to spread their lies. If they err on the side of truth they can be censored aswell. All press releases concerning our lies must be verified, before print.

  1. This document will have been commissioned by the Minister of Internal Affairs. A crafty move getting MIA bureaucrats to draft the document – if public reaction is strongly negative, the government will try to distance itself from the document, and suggest it’s a case of bureaucratic overreach.

    Don’t kid yourself Martyn. Documents like this one are simply the expression of this government’s political DNA. Jacinda would be proud of this “kind” document.

  2. The two options of extreme woke or anti-Govt plots make sense, yet the third option is the really scary one. The third option is that Labour are so authoritarian they believe this is a great idea, and desire the degree of State control enjoyed by individuals such as Stalin and the Kim dynasty (always in the name of ‘peoples republic’). Whatever the intention, the fact it has gone so far already demonstrates a Government out of touch with ideas like freedom of speech, democracy, and the Bill of Rights.

    Left Wing authoritarianism is just as scary as Right Wing authoritarianism.

  3. So the DIA are doing something to increase the chances of a NatACt government? The same NatAct that wants to cut 14000 state jobs? Does that actually make sense? If the 30 year old legislation needs updating and you have until the end of July to make submissions it’s that what running a democracy is? Pausing legislative change because it might impact one party over another doesn’t sound particularly democratic does it?

    • Why exactly does our 30 yr old legislation need updating? Specifically?

      Have you actually read this discussion document?

      Martyn’s rationale for canning this initiative is feeble – the legislation foreshadowed in the document is a far more frightening prospect than a Nat-ACT government.

  4. So who protects the public from venerable insecure retarded DIA people?

  5. Woke crusades always have collateral damage
    In this case it looks like it’s going to be the government that’s been sponsoring them.
    How sad

  6. As a vulnerable person, I’ve been deeply hurt & upset by your constant denigration of modern rifles, characterizing them as “machine guns”. You’ve also made some pretty offensive comments about white people with money too. What was the Ministry of Truth’s contact details?

  7. Martyn – Who will front the Minister of Truth – Jacinda, the Misinformation Project f—wits???

  8. Don’t see eye to eye on many things with Martyn but this we agree 100%.

    Kind of ironic really – I support Martyn 100% in anything he says but we can disagree with each other a lot – I refuse to be vulnerable about information or opinions from others.

    NZ, this alone should remove a vote for Labour – this is way to far. They have taken the Jacinda Ardern “We are the only source of truth” to another level of “we will guide you to the truth”.

    Why aren’t opposition parties smashing this in the media. Even the media would want them to be on their side?

    • Rogue Estate. This is the same Jacinda Ardern who advocated for global censorship of free speech, publicly, to the UNO, while purporting to support it. The same Ardern who advocated for increasing the powers of the WHO, allowing it to ever-ride the New Zealand government and impact even more upon our sovereignty as a nation state. The MSM are bought, the Parliamentary opposition pretty damn hopeless. They have to be, to have gone along with the genderID ideology and sexualisation of young school children and both parties should be dumped.

  9. Woke war against freedom of speech. There is fight back around the world, mostly by suing the woke institutions – NZ is creating a body where woke can remove freedom of speech and have tax payer funded bureaucrats milking and allowing freedom of speech to be removed.

    Sacked civil servant wins £100,000 after reporting ‘Whitehall activism’

    A backlash against gender ideology is starting in universities
    Academics are speaking up against the stifling of debate

    Supreme Court rules that universities must be held accountable when they violate students’ free speech rights

    University of Michigan Sued Over Speech Code

    ‘A Hotly Contested Issue’
    In a case with far-reaching implications for both students and faculty members, a federal appeals court sides with a professor who refused to refer to transgender student by her preferred pronoun.

    Oxford professor given protection following threats from trans activists

    Universities in England could face fines under new legislation if they fail to protect free speech on campus.

  10. Labour developed their he Puapua agenda in secrecy too, with even the Deputy PM kept in ignorance about it. There could be more. This Ministry of Truth gives the government or its appointed agents total media control. This is draconian and a direct threat to democracy.

  11. Or the government is trying to control the population, as per what is happening internationally .

    The elected government as a bunch of helpless dupes overrun by weaker staffers and just going through the motions of being in charge is not an inspiring image btw.

  12. Labour brought this upon themselves, with their usual over the top, we know best, we must control every part of your life, nanny state nonsense.

    Reap what they sow.

  13. Is there paltering going on in the post MB ?

    What has been released by the DIA is not an ambush on people. It is clearly labelled “Discussion Document.” There is also a plethora of finer detailed questions posed in the document for the public to consider and discuss to submit their own views in very specific topics.

    It is not laws to be enacted before the election nor is it new, ” domestically or
    internationally.”  Already existing are regulatory codes and legal boundaries for older traditional media platforms; yet the multiple existing NZ ‘codes’ fail to offer means of protection to consumers from real harm on today’s social media platforms.

    ” ..will provide an opportunity for New Zealand to influence platforms’ practices. For example,
    codes could include rules for responsible and transparent design of ranking algorithms
    like Facebook’s Newsfeed, transparency metrics for reporting on content-related harm,
    and limits on the ability for new users and users who post harmful content to reach large audiences.”

    It’s a big jump if you have read the entire document in context to say this is solely about a Ministry who will be moderators of what is the truth.

    The documents release is for all of the public’s submissions should they so wish. The questions asked are for NZ citizens to elaborate on in more clearly defined sectors as to what is harmful and what protections citizens need.

    Ask yourself, in this past week should weak, not fit for purpose NZ media laws have allowed for the reposting of a publication of a hand drawn cartoon of a dripping bloody knife, a gory scene of  men garotted , dismembered and eyes gouged out with a very distinct message carved on the corpse ?

    More subtle , an identified innocent person is photographed who merely is out in public, having a pile on of 50 plus rabid tweets from adults suggesting how the members could stalk,  harass eg. threats to call police, bullying , physical violence including maiming and death. Is there harm in this ?

    Are you arguing that modern platforms remain regulation free ? That larger platforms , their owners, authors and moderators are unharmful, benign agents?

  14. Meh Martyn, How are Labour and the ultra woke actually different except in terms of when the outcome is arrived at… Fabian approach versus Revolution now

    The Labour government has been sponsoring speech control approaches since at least the Mosque attacks in March 2019, the hate speech legislation was out in the open but what else was hidden in the bowels of the behemoth?.

    Some bright young, left inclined Policy Analysts were co-opted to DPMC to look at free speech restrictions either aligned to hate speech legislation work or as the rumour goes a little bit more than that. This DIA monstrosity seems a direct evolution of those initial processes from Ms Arderns time at the top….

    And though I cant find it online with simple searches, I seem to recall a Labour activist (Clare Curran I believe but may be wrong) put up a paper to Labour conference about controlling the narrative…

    It seems to me that Labour has a great desire to control speech and through that thought, and the Greens are just a more fringe element of the Labour political movement who want to do it faster and harder…

    • Trevs – elbow I wouldn’t call the Victoria University Excellent Extremists who complained about the name of a cat, and the name of a designer dress “ bright young things.” I’d call them bonkers. If this is the calibre of Labour’s hate speech police, then this whole misbegotten idea needs to be dumped even quicker than the ruthless ratbags dumbed the Commissioner for Vulnerable Children.

  15. “…is either a rogue woke cell group inside the DIA or it is an attempt to influence the election and spike it against Labour. ”
    If Labour has genuine intentions of de lousing itself of 39 years of neo-liberalism then yes. That’s exactly what’s happening. Both things will, in fact, be happening. There will be a rogue cell group inside the DIA and it will be desperately trying to spike public opinion against Labour. ( At the behest of the multi-millionaires and the multi – billionaires it needn’t be pointed out.) If Labour’s being genuine instead of desperately trying to warp, twist and buckle truths and realities to make sure the aforementioned billionaires and millionaires keep our money in their pockets which is what they’ve done for generations. 40 year olds won’t remember an AO/NZ before neo-liberalism so the wool pulled over their eyes will be particularly easy to pull indeed.
    Ruth and rogers neo-liberal treachery could have never planned prior the internet and it is this wondrous thing that enables us to exchange information, good or bad, at the speed of light. So it’d be safe to say that the truth that ‘will out’ and is coming at them at a blinding speed.

    • There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Labour is attempting to delouse themselves of 39 years of neoliberalism (and they have certainly given the greens a bad case of their fleas. The greens have co-oped to the point where they are no longer green and no longer socialist but woke apologists for neoliberalism defending the very thing they are railing against).
      It seems pretty obvious to me that Labour who are extreme great reset/2030 agenda ideologues are attempting to get as much of their most radical and dystopian agenda through as they can before an election that they know they’re going to lose.

  16. Kieran McAnulty has some explaining to do to his Cabinet Caucus…

    Oh come on. This fits like a glove with his tough-guy-attack-dog approach to politics.

    We should be grateful we don’t have a bloody Department of Homeland Security here in NZ. GW’s brain fart in the wake of 9/11, a move entirely typical of Right Wingers like him; looking at the utter failure of the FBI, CIA and other parts of the Intelligence Community to prevent the attacks, does GW declare these Cold War relics not fit for purpose, rip them apart and build something better?

    No. He does the thing that all squishy conservatives do when faced by the bureaucracy; he invents a completely new layer of bureaucrats and layers it over the top of the existing ones. I don’t think you needed to be a Libertarian to predict that that shit was eventually going to be weaponised against US citizens by future US Administrations. After all, they ran out of Islamic Jihadists pretty quickly and every bureaucracy needs an indefinite problem to solve and justify their existence and funding.

  17. If they actually manage to go through with this the Left will have to rebuild from nothing as that is how low this will cause them to sink. This will do nothing to fix any real problems but create never ending headaches, infighting and back stabbing among the ultra-woke, perpetually outraged and just plain nasty.

    Congratulations DIA, you’ve created a new problem no one needed or wanted.

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