Antivaxxer lunatics copy woke cancel culture tactics

Weekly Editorial Meeting at Stuff

Over at the wokest mainstream media in NZ, Stuff columnist Charlie Mitchell is shocked…

‘Bud-lighting’: The cancellation campaign coming for a company near you

It’s a phenomenon called “Bud Lighting” – choosing a company, branding it “Woke”, and targeting it with consumer boycotts to drive down sales.

It started with a campaign against the beer brand Bud Light after it partnered with influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who is trans. It caused a significant dip in the company’s share price and an ongoing sales slump.

Once that energy dissipated, attention turned to the department store Target, which has long sold a seasonal ‘Pride range’ of clothing products.

Amongst the offending products were trans-friendly togs for adults. Target withdrew some of the products citing health and safety concerns for staff, and the stock price has fallen.

…shocked that the feral antivaxx Qanon lunatics are using the exact same cancel culture tactics the woke (that Charlie and his news network love) have been using since 2016!

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It’s funny how Charlie can criticise the use of cancel culture by the Feral Right but had nothing to say while the Identity Politics Clique were popularising the tactic for 7 years!

There is now a tribal hatred of one another at almost atomic levels of being that dictates our legitimised emotional responses beyond the solidarity of ideas that connect and unite.

ou can actually win an argument in NZ now simply because you ‘feel’ it more.

Logic, objectivity, reason, the capacity to debate ideas without hating each other – these are all the oppressive tactics of heteronormative white cis males, and so feelings with more feelings and an additional side order of feelings are the only social currency now.

Social media hate algorithms manipulate our emotions with the ease of offence the new trigger culture of Outrage Olympics generates for our ever diminishing circle of interaction on a Global World now atomised and fluent in a level of virtue signalling and elite condescension that permeates all it touches with a toxicity that never forgives.

It’s a cacophony of wounds screaming for social hierarchy based on feelings!




The planet is melting, the ramifications of which are barely being comprehended.

The radical shift we are all going to need to make politically, socially and economically for what is coming is beyond your fucking feelings.

NZ has become the Land of the Long White Hate – you are either white and hate, or you are white and hated.

We better start finding identity in the collective or we will all hang separately.

We need to be kinder to individuals and far crueller to Corporations.

Watching the woke criticise the feral Antivaxxers over cancel culture tactics the woke created is priceless. Thank you Charlie.


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  1. So when does the boycott of Bananas start?

    You know. The offensive use of ‘Banana’ in, NZ the Banana Republic of the South Pathetic!

  2. I find antivaccers, qanon, Maga, flat earthers and all the other conspiracy theorists interesting to engage and argue with. Hell, they even come equipped with their own alternative facts. . But even ask a Woke a question and you become either a bigot or a nazi and are canceled out and never heard from again.

  3. Antivaxer, feral right, q anon lunatics, that’s some emotional polarising language right there.
    Bud light was the highest selling beer in the US, now it’s sales are down 23% . Is there proof it’s due to any of the above?
    I thinks a gut reaction of people against those who want to politicise their beer.
    Of course stuff doesn’t get it.
    Can’t wait for them to go broke when the government changes.

  4. The Boucher/Packer-Fairfax newspapers are now so bad, you really have to wonder how long they can survive.

    Yes, a ridiculous lack of regulation means they have an absolute monopoly on daily mastheads in thirteen cities. But none of these are serious newspapers. They’re filled with braindead fluff, refusing to report the truly important stories. Most people don’t actually agree with any of the (lousy) op-ed pieces, either.

    The operation is such a joke that over at Packer H.Q., Costello & Marks sold the whole lot to Boucher for $1.00, since no serious buyer would touch it!

  5. Why do we not start that revolution here on TDB.

    “The planet is melting..”. The planet may well be rotten, but melting it is not. And if it is “melting”, that is well beyond our control or influence.

    • The planet isn’t just melting it accelerates. We just can’t control what everyone believes in but over the past 15 years Bomber has come up with contingencies should tipping points get away from us.

    • Johan Thiart.
      Your objection is illogical in terms of linguistics and to possible hyperbole, as since you allow the metaphor rotting you must allow the metaphor melting.
      The world’s scientific community has a rock solid consensus that has found that human activity can and has influenced global temperatures and climate.
      You are just another blowhard science denier and by extension, a reality denier.

  6. I think we need some context. We are talking about the United States. Sure that has an influence here but they have a lot more complete fruit cakes than we do. Parts of the country are basically the Taliban without the beards. Or go to Florida where common sense “Goes to die” ( preferably after dinner is served at 4.30pm). You have a f’wit like Ron DeSantis that openly brags about wanting a wife with no brain, and he is actually popular!

  7. Well isn’t that a refreshing change! Normally it’s the woke alphabet people causing trouble in the park and cancelling people or hittin old ladies. Don’t you love it how the table has turned! More please, until the woke stop controlling the narrative. It’s getting bloody tiring.

  8. the q-anon crowd like the woke are cannabalising themselves

    numpties who in their zeal to root out school books they don’t approve of have managed to get their bible bannned from schools on the grounds of rape, violence and incest…unintended consequences are fun and malicious compliance adds to the fun.

  9. To me I see right wing influence guiding and directing these brain dead people who’re easily led in any direction they want them to go in, more recently there has been several right wing think tanks appear guiding people’s opinions.
    Its going to be a dirty election.

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