What lunatic inside DIA decided to launch a ‘Ministry of Truth’ 5 months before an election?

The level of over reach is remarkable, it's Absolutely Positively Wellington!




So a lunatic inside the DIA has decided to launch a consultation round on an insanely bureaucratic ‘Ministry of Truth’ who will impose ‘safety standards’ which just sounds like a means to complain about people saying things you don’t like.

If you don’t have these ‘safety standards’, then you will be fined!

This is an enormously large Wellington designed Bureaucratic Tank that is going to blitzkrieg everyone the Disinformation Project tells them to ‘audit’.

This is way in excess of changing the Hate Speech laws, this is empowering a Sheriff to call together a posse and funding them.

The level of over reach is remarkable, it’s Absolutely Positively Wellington!


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    • Sounds like a Tui ad to me.
      It was a natural extension of having this Labour party into power for so long.
      They campaigned in an authoritarian manner even before they were elected by telling the farmers that if they complained about proposed levies, they would be doubled.
      Chippie and Cindy are both petty little fascists that think nobody knows better than they do.
      Pure evil.
      As crap as National are, they are much more appealing than this lot. Not that I’d vote for them.

  1. Un jolly believable. A ministry of truth. Who’s truth? Only a controlling left wing f-wit could come up with this. Un jolly believable

    • Jolly unbelievable but remember we have a Labour Government who think it’s their right to tell us what to believe.
      Absolutely disgusting,this is not New Zealand anymore we’ve been hijacked.

    • Jan Tinetti’s work before moving on to deal with education?
      Minister of Truth indeed!! Not often the privileges committee investigates one of their own.

      Hipkins says you can rely on her to get the job done. (Sounds familiar? Stuart Nash) Nothing to see here, either.

  2. They don’t have any other ideas. It is all they know.

    “A Note to Young Woke People

    I think you’ll find what I have to say to you mostly incomprehensible, but you need to hear it.

    This is what you are participating in, whether you know it or not. This is what your schools and universities and influencers are miseducating you—brainwashing you—into. Western Maoism. Maoism with American characteristics. And this is what you need to know about where it goes. The whole philosophy is based upon the formulations of GWF Hegel’s vision for how to move History to its intended “End” (the right side of history), and what Hegel said about you is this: “History uses people and then discards them.”

    As a movement, Woke believes itself to be the movement of History. History is using you to move itself. It will discard you. You know how everything in Woke philosophy is “temporal,” “spacial,” and “contingent”? So are you. You are a contingency for the Woke movement. You have your time—until you don’t. When you become useless or a hindrance to the movement of History, you will be discarded. Every Marxist and Hegelian movement in history has proceeded this way, and this one will not be different. I wish you luck with that.

    What you need to understand about the people you’ve been trained to see as your “enemies,” or “transphobes,” “racists,” “fascists,” “homophobes,” or whatever else is that most of the people you think are those things are not those things at all. You have been trained to hate, allegedly in the name of “stopping hate.” These people are, by and large, trying to warn you, not trying to uphold “oppression.”

    What you need to know about the people in the movement you’re supporting, including your friends in the movement, is that you’re less than disposable to them. Contingent barely covers it. The Woke movement pretends to care about you—or, worse, “people who look like you”—but it does not. It is using you so its sociopathic fringe can gain power over society, using you as cannon fodder for their unconventional political warfare apparatus. Instead of living your life, growing, learning, preparing a future, you’re doing activism, for them. And they will discard you. Will. You are worse than disposable once they get power: you’re a problem.

    You are being trained by this movement to be a destabilizer. That’s what all that “disrupt and dismantle” stuff is about. Their intention is to establish a perfectly stable system with them (not most of you) on top of it, and people trained and brainwashed to be destabilizers are a problem in such a system. Mao said that himself too. He said that the handling of the people is different in the different phases of the revolution. First you encourage and support destabilizers, and then you crack down on them so that there’s total stability under the new standard. You are an asset today and will be a liability tomorrow. You will be discarded, coldly and possibly violently.

    Make no mistake. This fate has awaited the “change agents” of every red revolution in history. Communist defectors have been trying to tell you for decades, longer than most of you have been alive. It will not be different in anything except method this time. If you, as Wokes, “win,” you surely lose—all but the most sociopathic and sycophantic of you, in which case you hollow yourselves out, sell your souls (if you have one left by then), and become a true monster of history.

    If you don’t believe me, let me ask you: do you see any identity politics in China today? Is China Woke? Will it go Woke? No! They already did that, and that phase of their revolution is over. It is viciously suppressed there, and they laugh at you here in the West and call you baizuo, white left. They know what you are and how misinformed and misguided you are. Their operatives attempt to stoke these fires and use you because you are strategically useful to their anti-American aims, which you foolishly might share. In China, however, they’re openly encouraging patriarchy and masculinity. They’re racially ruthless. They stamp out homosexuality. Why? They did Intersectionality already, got what they wanted out of it, and discarded it (and its change agents) in favor of power. That’s your future. Look at the screen, scan your face, and smile for the government, and don’t dare signal in any way that you think anything you shouldn’t be thinking.

    You have been falsely convinced that you’re the protagonists in a vast morality play called “the arc of History” and that you’re “bending it toward justice.” You’re “on the right side of History,” and that feels good—right up until the boot comes crashing down on your face. Then you’ll realize it. You are bending the arc of history, of course, if we can even indulge such a metaphor, and you’re bending it straight into a twenty-first-century gulag, whatever those will look like in our increasingly Black Mirror society. You will be “thought reformed,” or you will be discarded.

    Do you want to be its guard, Agent Smith? Would you like to be its administrator? Is it worth the sale of your soul? Some of you might aspire to such a demonic station in your lives, but most of you don’t. You’ll be subjected to it instead, even as a student at an elite university.

    This corruption of you and your future is happening in place of your education, which is simultaneously being degraded in every meaningful sense of the word. You’re not getting the education you could be or perhaps aren’t getting a real education at all. You’re not learning to be informed, independent adults who can answer questions about reality and navigate it successfully. You’re being taught you have to defer to some kind of expert to answer a question like “what is a woman?”

    Meanwhile, you’re getting degrees that are increasingly being seen as liabilities, not assets, in the working world outside of the most corrupt megacorporate sector that is our new Western Soviet—a council of “stakeholders” that knows “the Science of Right Human Relations” and the keys to “Sustainable Development.” Employers are increasingly suspecting you’re probably Woke, radically Leftist, entitled, unlikely to work hard, likely to create a hostile working environment, underskilled, and likely to sue if fired even on perfectly solid grounds. You’re a liability to them, and many of them are only still hiring you because they have to to keep their place in the corrupt corporate scoring schemes that control the way business is now done in the West. If that gives way, who are you? If it succeeds and you participate in it, what are you?

    Make no mistake, if this system loses, you lose because your university tried to make you “change agents” and “global citizens” instead of educated adults. If this system wins, you lose because you know too much and are too big a problem. Your only option will be to sell your soul to it, and how much is that worth to you?

    Think I’m kidding? Mao said, “not to have correct political opinions is like not having a soul.” Think about that and what this is costing you, whether you participate or cower against it. Doesn’t that ring true? That’s what you’re sacrificing.

    So, why you? Because you happen to be the age you are at the worst time in Western history to be the age you are, and because many of you come from wealth and status and other resources the System covets and requires to succeed (they’re not really against “privilege,” they just want to redistribute and repurpose it). They need those resources. They need your enthusiasm and zeal. They need your impressionable minds. They need the future citizens and the future leaders, but History uses people and then discards them. They don’t need you for long, and they only need you for specific purposes, then you will be corrected or discarded, unless you choose to come off worse by selling out.

    My message to you about intersectionality is simple. You need to know what you’re really involved in, stop participating, deprogram yourself and your friends, and start fighting for the blessings of Liberty that allowed you to have the privilege to think this way in the first place. You can and might lose it—the first generation in American history to face the loss of liberty, and you’re enslaving yourselves. “Liberation” movements are lies. Mao called his army—the same one he dispatched to destroy your counterparts in the Red Guard—the People’s Liberation Army for a reason. You need to fight for Liberty. Your chains are forged by frauds and locked only in your heads.

    The oldest recorded cautionary tale in human history, the story of the Serpent and Eve in the third chapter of Genesis, warns you about liberation, whether you are religious or not. Liberation is a destructive lie. You are the future. Your choices matter. Choose better.”

    Intersectionality Is American Maoism

  3. This is the type of legislation that sees citizens flee the country and request asylum in other countries.

    It’s near impossible to overstate how disturbing this discussion document is.

    It’s also a preverbal bolt-gun-to-the-head of many IT startups.

    IMO this is EVIL.

  4. This is just handing ACT ammunition.
    I look forward to seeing it rebranded it “Committee of Public Safety” following the Labour win in October.

    • One of many from the Podium of Truth.
      This has to see the end of the Chipster and his bunch of chipmunks,please.

    • No Tane, i think something may be about to come out related to the deal she got on Stuff and where the money has been coming from. Its very, very murky and in the last 2 weeks questions have been beginning to be asked. Look at Thomas Cranmer on Substack, he was digging into it.

      • Quick read of that. It looks like she is cashing in her little empire she scored for $1. As her business model has become unsustainable and she has read the writing on the wall.

        If labour loses the election, she’s dog tucker and so is her funding stream.

        It was always about the money.

  5. Anything which offends the wrong people will be banned or the algorithms will hid it
    This is the thought police stopping the 30 % of the population that the disinformation project identified as listening and communicating extremist views from expressing them
    Screw down the lid, build up the pressure and see what happens. What could possibly go wrong?

  6. It’s probably the same lunatic that’s managed to capture a good many pollies in the Labour Party.
    Let’s just hope the Chipster and the McAnulty haven’t been captured EVEN IF they’re prepared to indulge them in the short term
    Pre erection, this isn’t that good a time to judge where they stand pragmatics et al), but I’m pretty sure both Hipkins and McAnulty have OK bullshit detectors. This is of course the last dance if they don’t have.

  7. Will it have a Maori name? Because if it doesn’t, then it won’t be accepted by 99% of the population. The other 1% is the Maori design agency who gets the 5 mil contract for the logo and what fonts to use.

    • When I was going on about how the Maori language and culture could make it difficult for foreign interest to rip off our IP I didn’t mean make it easily distributable to the world by translating into english. I meant that an homogeneous language could be distributed with our own songs, stories and a national vibe. Most of the movies we watch are knock offs of Shakespeare even Maori “transliterate” english into Maori. No I think english should be distinct from Maori.

    • 1. Whakararuraru o te Whai Wāhitanga ki te Kōrero: Mā te whai wāhitanga ki te kōrero e whakararuraru ana i te kāwanatanga whakahaere o te kaha tino herehere. Ka whakakorengia e te kāwanatanga te whakaatu i ngā kōrero whakahīhī, whakapaukaha i te māramatanga, me te whakararuraru i te whakaaro tōrangapū whai wāhitanga o te iwi.

      2. Whiwhi o ngā Rākau Tino Herehere Whānui ki te Tāhuhu Whakahaere: Ko te whiwhi o ngā rākau tino herehere whānui e tino pai ana ki te tāhuhu whakahaere. Ka whakapaukaha i te mana whakahaere tūmatanui o te iwi, ka whakapaukaha i te whakawhanaungatanga tōrangapū, te kaha whakahaere, me te whakararuraru i ngā whakapaukaha ā-tangata o te kāwanatanga.

      3. Whakararuraru o te Whai Wāhitanga ki te Kōrero i te Mana Whakahaere: Mā te whai wāhitanga ki te kōrero ka whakararuraru i te mana whakahaere o te kāwanatanga. Ka whakakore te kāwanatanga i te whakapaukaha i te whakapono ā-tangata, ka whakararuraru i te whakaaro tōrangapū, me te whakakore i te whakapaukaha ā-tangata ki te whakapaukaha i te whakararuraru o te tino whakahaere.

  8. This is about controlling the people. It is international.

    Playing at democracy was okay for the political class as long as they controlled the information we were allowed to see, and therefore the thoughts we could think, and where the reach between people was as narrow as individual circles of contact.

    This is not about hate speech or the nonsense about nazis under the bed. They want to get on with doing as they please under the pretense of political parties and significantly different platforms and policies for the electorate to participate in and choose from.

  9. Classic Ardern-Hipkins policy. Can’t or won’t address the country’s real problems; invents imaginary problems and pretends to solve them.

    You wanted us to roll back neoliberalism? Sorry no can do – we’re not smart or brave enough for that. But here, have some cultural Marxism instead! You don’t like it? Well that just goes to show how racist, sexist, Islamophobic and transphobic you are, and why this legislation is needed to keep deplorable people like you under control!

    But seriously, this is frightening. Tell your local LINO MP/candidate what you think about it, and ask your local National MP/candidate for a commitment to repeal it if elected.

  10. Absolutely chilling. Literally had a physical reaction reading this. Meanwhile Luxon dicks arouund with $5 precription fees.

    What’s next? re-education camps?

    • Fantail. 100%. The dreadful dumbing down throughout the education system might have been counteracted by the rise in social media, hence more direct steps are necessary. Don’t forget that Ardern, the sole source of truth, advocated for censorship of free speech to the UNO. It’s all about control, with a bit of social division stealthily inserted from time to time. Luxon’s seemingly an amateur, Peters and NZ First looking saner by the day.

  11. SaveNZ – thanks so much. You can’t repeat this too many times. Unfortunately I’m not sure how this gets to be read by the captured young and woke. The propaganda has been thorough and my familt are resistant to me sending any such material.
    Today I read the full information about the proposal online then I saw a 1News article about it. It is deficient and neglectful of the information about the wide scope and only mentions digital online media. It omits details about the codes of practice and there is not a mumble about the Maori oversight requirements for the board.
    Shame on you TV1!!!!!! You are disgusting and you wonder why there is no trust in the media??????

  12. Ko te whai wāhitanga ki te kōrero he āwangawanga ki te kāwanatanga whakahaere i tēnei ao. Mā te whakapaukaha i te whai wāhitanga ki te kōrero, ka whakakorengia e te kāwanatanga te whakaatu i ngā kōrero whakahīhī, whakapaukaha i te māramatanga, me te whakararuraru i te whakaaro tōrangapū whai wāhitanga o te iwi. Mā te whakakore i te whai wāhitanga ki te kōrero, ka whakapaukaha te kāwanatanga i te mana whakahaere, e whakakore ana i te whakapaukaha i te whakapono ā-tangata, ka whakararuraru hoki i te whakaaro tōrangapū, me te whakakore i te whakapaukaha ā-tangata ki te whakapaukaha i te whakararuraru o te tino whakahaere.

    E whakapau kaha ana te whai wāhitanga ki te kōrero i te whakapaukaha o te hiahia whakahaere o te kāwanatanga. Mā te whakapaukaha i te whai wāhitanga ki te kōrero, ka whakakorengia e te kāwanatanga te whakaatu i ngā whakapaukaha ā-tangata, whakapaukaha hoki i te māramatanga, me te whakararuraru i te whakaaro tōrangapū o te iwi. Mā te whai wāhitanga ki te kōrero, ka whakapaukaha te whakawhanaungatanga ā-tangata, ka whakapaukaha te māramatanga, te whakapono me te whakapaukaha i te ahurea tōrangapū o te iwi.

    Hei te taha anō, e whakapau kaha ana te whai wāhitanga rēti noho tāngata ki te tino tōrangapū. Mā te whai wāhitanga rēti noho tāngata, ka whakapaukaha te mana whakahaere tūmatanui o te iwi, ka whakapaukaha hoki i te whakawhanaungatanga tōrangapū, te kaha whakahaere, me te whakararuraru i ngā whakapaukaha ā-tangata o te kāwanatanga. Ka whakakorengia e te whai wāhitanga rēti noho tāngata te whakapaukaha i te whakapono ā-tangata, ka whakararuraru i te whakaaro tōrangapū, me te whakakore i te whakapaukaha ā-tangata ki te whakapaukaha i te whakararuraru o te tino whakahaere.

    Ko te whai wāhitanga ki te kōrero i runga i te kāwanatanga whakahaere, me te whai wāhitanga rēti noho tāngata ki te tino tōrangapū he āwhina ki te whakapaukaha i ngā tikanga whakahaere tōrangapū ā-pāpori. Mā te whai wāhitanga ki te kōrero, ka whakapaukaha te whakawhanaungatanga, te māramatanga, te whakapono, me te whakawhitiwhiti i waenga i ngā iwi, hapori, me te whakahaere i ngā mahi whakawhitiwhiti kōrero ki te iwi whānui. Mā te whai wāhitanga rēti noho tāngata, ka whakapaukaha te tūmanako, te whakawhanaungatanga tōrangapū, te whakapaukaha i te whakahaere, me te whakararuraru i ngā whakapaukaha ā-tangata o te kāwanatanga.

    Ko te whakapaukaha i te whai wāhitanga ki te kōrero me te whai wāhitanga rēti noho tāngata he tino whakapaukaha i te tōrangapū whai mana. E whakapaukaha ana i te whakapono, te māramatanga, te whakawhanaungatanga, me te whakapaukaha i te ahurea o te iwi. E whakararuraru ana i te whakapaukaha ā-tangata o te kāwanatanga me te whakapaukaha i te whakapono ā-tangata, te whakararuraru i te whakaaro tōrangapū, me te whakakore i te whakapaukaha ā-tangata ki te whakapaukaha i te whakararuraru o te tino whakahaere.

    Ka whai wāhi te whai wāhitanga ki te kōrero me te whai wāhitanga rēti noho tāngata ki te tino tōrangapū ki te whakarite i te ora, te whakapaukaha, me te whakararuraru o te ao whai mana.

  13. How are we going to understand where people are coming from if we cancel everything that offends us?
    Take for instance this website I learn stuff from the articles and readers comments all the time.
    I might not fully understand some people’s point of view when they make comments but that is on me to make the effort to research and respect that others think differently to me and it’s OK.
    How will we ever learn if everything gets blanked out and silenced?…we won’t grow.

    • TDB does throw it out there and allow the conversation to flourish.
      This legislation will put that right to the test under penalty.

      The training wheels are coming off after the election ….. or will they fall off?

      • A good point Johan. Who knows, some of the stuff posted here might be considered “harmful” by Shaneel Lal or Joanna Kidman.

  14. the sort of people who look at the salaries and then go, I’ll have a bit of that. new zealand is full of them. numpties.

  15. Mā te whai raiwhara i ia kāinga, ka whakapaukaha i te whakahaere tūmatanui o te iwi. Ka whakapaukaha te whakawhanaungatanga ā-tangata, te whakapono tōrangapū, me te kaha whakahaere o te iwi. Ka whakapaukaha hoki i te whakararuraru i ngā whakapaukaha ā-tangata o te kāwanatanga, ka whakapaukaha i te whakapono ā-tangata, me te whakararuru i te whakaaro tōrangapū.


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