Compare Arena Williams sin to Chris Bishop’s sin


Labour MP Arena Williams defends tweet saying Government policy will mean father will ‘never choose between heating, health’

Labour MP Arena Williams claims she was never trying to suggest her father was forced to choose between heating and medicine with a tweet that’s caused a furore online and been fact-checked by Twitter.

So Arena’s sin was to promote a prescription free policy and connect it to her Father’s well being in the future.

The ‘furore’ is that her Father’s medical condition means he has a capped cost for prescriptions and he lives at her house.

Apparently this means Arena’s tweet celebrating the fact that her Dad won’t have to choose between poverty and inequality in some future scenario where she’s not having to look after him is a great crime against truth.

To manipulate Arena’s tweet into a malicious false telling is Judith Collins at her best.

Compare the outrage at Arena to the very mild coverage Chris Bishop received for claiming a Tenants Advocacy Group had told him that National’s policy to give Landlords the right to throw tenants out of their homes for no reason was going to help renters.

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Reporters went looking for the Tenants Advocacy Group who had made this outrageous claim, and not one of them said it was them.

Bishop doubled down by claiming his Party’s policy to allow Landlords to kick out renters wasn’t bad because he himself was a renter.

Bish was then asked if he rented from family, he said no, turns out he does in fact rent it from his in-laws – his defence to that was ‘my in-laws aren’t blood relatives so they aren’t technically family’.

I know, I know, I know. Priceless.

I mean.

Come on.

How is it that Arena who was tweeting about her direct experience and her own hopes for the future with her sick Dad suddenly the greatest lie told in Christendom, yet the Bish not only can’t name the Tenancy Advocacy Group who privately sided with National’s pledge to bring back feudalism, but when challenged on using himself as a poster boy for the policy, managed to define ‘family’ with an atomic level factionalism that borders on the supernatural.

I mean there’s how many angels are dancing on the had of a needle and what electron Chris Bishop is renting from his own Atom level debates to be had, and the Bish is prepared to argue!

He’s like Jami Lee-Ross but not as quick.

I mean, I know he’s rated inside National as someone with great talent, but doesn’t that tell you how shallow a talent pool inside National it really is, if the Bish is rated?

I don’t know man. I think Chris’s sin is far more egregious than Arena’s and that the parks in difference are so far from each other, they aren’t actually comparable.


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  1. So both sides are packed with nit-picking truth-stretchers. Oh great, I just can’t wait.

    How do I tell the GOOD bullshit? Does it smell of rainbows or something?

  2. Martyn – Arena Williams selection for the Manurewa seat was dodgy, she used her position within the NZ Housing Corporation to fundraise for her political career….

  3. It goes to show that National want to get rid of welfare and public services and have people taken care of by their families instead.

  4. Arena’s point is about a $100 tax cut per family per annum that is universal and has very little economic benefit or otherwise. So it is virtue signalling!

    Bishop’s story is about a rebalancing of rights that affect landlords and renters and explains how the rental market will be rebalanced if National wins the treasury benches. It is a principle!

    Like it or not, we do have a choice between virtue and policy.
    You own the tick.

  5. The National party is full of liars, the homeless man at the hight of a crisis comes to mind. Wasn’t that even misleading parliament. Luxons nursing figures doubled down by that high christian good doctor Reti ( actually two good Christian men caught out as liars). John Key the consummate liar etc.etc.

  6. Bomber it just confirms what I finally see with regards to our parliament , MP’s and those who donate to party’s like the Nasties and LINO.

    Its an autocracy by not one person but by 120.

    Thirty years of neo liberal unregulated capitalism and the woke diversion have bought us to where we find ourselves right now , tolerating this sort of bullshit by people who have stood to represent their party’s and donors interest.

    Come October 14 I won’t be supporting or encouraging any of the current parties in parliament because it simply is going to continue like liberal democratic junta with either one side red or the other side blue governing to protect and maintain the fallacy of open government and promising to govern for all but instead govern for only a few.

    Until Kiwis wake up and take action it won’t change.

    Get used to people like Bishop and others pretending to justify their actions when they get caught out.


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