So House prices will leap 20% if National win? Why all that Real Estate Industry pimp money is being donated to National


Well, well, well…

so the ANZ (led by former National Party Leader John Key) says House prices will boom if National win.

National want to allow landlords to throw domestic tenants out for those wealthier and more exploitable 100000 migrant workers about to flood NZs groaning infrastructure.

Look at the top 5 donors of the National Party for the 2023 election…

- Sponsor Promotion -

Graeme Hart: $250,000

Murray Bolton: $250,000

Nick Mowbray: $250,000

Bayley’s Real Estate: $164,600

Brendan and Jo Lindsay: $130,000


Graeme Hart: 9.7 billion >

Murray Bolton: 400 million >

Nick Mowbray: 1-3 billion

Bayley’s: a fuckin lot

Brendan/Jo: 750 million >






…this is the Billionaire class and real estate pimps, the 1% richest who are pumping millions into the National Party to ensure their interests are protected and wealth taxes never happen.

The Real Estate Industry Pimps are now promising all those middle class property speculators that their asset will boom 20% BUT ONLY IF National win!

There is a class war happening right in front of our eyes and we don’t have the political vocabulary to describe it because the Left are now dominated by identity politics and can only see things through the lens of identity rather than class.


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  1. Are average people actually brainwashed enough to vote for this? It wouldn’t entirely surprise me, given how masochistic the local population have been for the past thirty years!

    Anybody smart enough to change the channel to any cable news station should know better. Simply observe the filthy streets of San Francisco, N.Y.C. and dozens of other towns — littered with homeless encampments, marauding thugs and wandering illegal labourers. (Not to mention the exposés on Al Jazeera of the N.Z. collapse into impoverishment.)

  2. “National want to allow landlords to throw domestic tenants out for those wealthier and more exploitable 100000 migrant workers”

    Wealther? How on earth are migrant workers wealthier than locals….where is your evidence for this absurd claim?

  3. “There is a class war happening right in front of our eyes’

    I sincerely believe class warfare has been up in lights on the big stage for the last 15 years.

    National’s policies during their last tenure were often divisive. According to them the people who worked hard were National Party voters. If the working class were struggling it will have apparently been as a result of the Casino, TAB and or Pub. Nothing whatsoever to do with the very deliberate low wage economy or high rents etc. The gap between the have’s and have nots grew to unprecedented levels and the National Party couldn’t possibly have cared less in fact, they consistently denied there was a housing crisis or child poverty in NZ. Context was important there. National Party MP’s and their supporters were creaming it with all of their perks and breaks. Most had multiple properties in their housing investment portfolios so were doing extremely well. To them there was no housing crisis in fact, please don’t change a thing!.

    Anybody who disliked that dynamic were apparently just envious of “successful people” so any discussion was quickly shot down.

    If there was any child poverty it would be nothing compared to the slums of Kolkata and would have been self-inflicted by their their Labour Party supporting parents so just look the other way.

    I felt this was a divisive time for NZ and it showed in a percentage of the young people I saw around Auckland especially. It was as if their Government who were doing great themselves couldn’t give a monkey’s toss about them.

    National did have tight control of fiscal matters. They farcically described NZ as having a “Rock Star Economy” which was an insult to many Kiwi’s. If you allow your house to rot, don’t sort out the driveway repairs desperately needed, don’t pay your utility bills, don’t add on that extra room in the two bedroom house you live in with five others because you’ve purchased a brand new Mercedes, you don’t live in a Rock Star economy. You live in a false economy….but you have a sparkling brand new letterbox.

    Worthy causes were routinely told there was no money in the kitty for them. The Minister of Finance FFS was obscenely claiming $900 a week tax payer money for a subsidy on the Wellington property he owned. John Key spent tens of millions on his pet project the flag referendum just prior to riding off into the sunset with wads of cash.

    During the 2017 election campaign up pops Jacinda Ardern. She “cares” about all New Zealanders more than she cares about $$$. This was well overdue and people gravitated toward it in big numbers. Bill English only discovered Child Poverty existed in NZ during that election campaign…haha. Labour gaining the support it did had a lot to do with so many kiwi’s doing it hard being fed up with National seemingly treating them like the enemy.

    Labour have pretty much done the opposite. In their endeavour to redress inequity, they have gone right over to the other end of the scales and in doing so have created even more inequity. The minimum wage increase was well overdue and appropriate. Those doing very well didn’t agree. Beneficiaries were given more respect and more money. That was appropriate but unfortunately it’s created a monster of entitlement where the incentive to work lessons and this also shows in the advantages gifted to them for…….not lifting a finger. The priority now aimed at Beneficiaries is creating more resentment from those out in the workforce crippled by tax and the Beneficiaries couldn’t possibly care less. They just want more and more. Tenancy laws put in place have treated landlords as the enemy in the name of equity. Yesterday I read how Tenants hadn’t paid their rent for 97 weeks ffs and owed their landlord a staggering 63k. The landlord still couldn’t evict these “tenants”. They have been allowed to stay in the house by the tenancy court and pay the arrears off at $30 a week. This will only take 40 years. This farcical situation reflects a system that has now moved so far over in one direction it’s broken is unworkable……and the Government champions it.

    Gangs in NZ are now worse than ever as it crime. Gangs are now openly displaying their contempt in full view of the public and the Police have their hands tied to do anything other than shadow and watch. Ardern even sanctioned the Mongrel Mob receiving 2.75 million dollars of tax payer funds to help with meth addiction in that gang. Meth is absolutely abhorrent and creates diabolical carnage in our communities. Remind me again who are the biggest dealers of Meth in NZ?

    Social housing is a train wreck. Decent hard working communities in NZ are being turned into crime zones. Elderly residents who paid tax all their life and just want the lifestyle they earned and paid for complain about what’s unfolding to Kainga Ora and are consistently told , tough shit, there is nowhere else for Social housing folk to go so just suck it up. They couldn’t possibly care less. They are very comfortable to make their problem, your problem. Thankfully, the tide may finally be turning. On that score, well done Kerikeri. I see Kainga Ora was a no show.

    Recently Grant Robertson came out of left field (pardon the pun) and talked about how little tax the wealthy of NZ paid. Where is the context here? Will his statements do anything other than create even more resentment toward successful people in NZ? How long did it take Labour to realize what everyone has known for decades? What was their intent?

    The tax system is broken. Most recognize this but it’s in the “too hard basket” for Labour and would be shitting in their own nest for National. We pay an obscene amount of tax.

    Our health system is broken. Crime is now at unprecedented levels. Those caught invariably have their offending downgraded so they can avoid prison. The push to keep offenders out of prison results in diabolical offenders being gifted Home-D. Do you think law abiding Kiwi’s know about this? Absolutely yes. More importantly, do you think virtually every offender in NZ knows about this new free pass system? Absolutely yes.

    What are we lining up for in October? More of the same Labour has delivered but only worse as contentious policies now on hold are put back on the table? or a return to the same National Party that departed in 2017?

    I don’t know what the answer is but one thing is factual, is it’s sure as hell isn’t Labour or National.

    Whatever you vote for in October as things stand will amount to yet more class warfare one way or another.

    • Certainly a lot of thought has gone into your blog and it is a balanced opinion. I find Labour’s approach less in line with my thinking sovote National usually but that is not to say I agree with their entire plank but it is important to vote and a right that has been hard flight for .

  4. It’s just f’ing laughable how the Nats talk about people doing it tough when they really could not give two Hootens.

    Key just continues to make his departure after embedding real estate as the primary economic driver, all part of his career planning.

    I can already hear the likes of Bob saying but Labour made house prices go up! Yes and they too were gutless over CGT, but at least the prices have been coming down.

  5. Looser immigration then we have today, today where it is at record levels, levels TDB mob bitched like a stuck pigs about when it was a different Govt but is strangely quiet about it now?

    Things like that make it hard to get excited about some comments and posts here, amongst other similar sites.

    • Another month another 20,000 migrants coming to NZ, and another 10,000 people leaving NZ with skills…. thus we have huge immigration but less workers but due to our Laissez-faire policies, and more needing welfare, jails and poverty stretched to the limit.

      Yes bring the entire family over while working on minimum wages of $43,000, (roughly a quarter of what a family will need to thrive in NZ). Then the woke are flabbergasted that poverty is increasing here!

      Fraudsters with fake qualifications like Yuvaraj Krishnan, worked at immigration before realising that being a doctor was even more highly paid. If immigration and many government departments hire people who are fraudsters with fake qualifications and references, how can they detect those coming into NZ with false information? They can’t even guard their own hen house, competently.

    • Well no the last thing this country needs is high immigration in a cost of living crises causing, suppression of wages, higher rents, higher house prices, stretched infra, locals left untrained unemployed in poverty in a housing shortage. The meme should be Labour Hire Wages.

    • So what’s your point? You support the inward numbers? I think they are too high given we are told we have too many employed. The largest inward number is NZ citizens and the other numbers don’t look like they are necessarily primary industry candidates.

      It doesn’t change the fact that National are all about real estate and a dairy industry that can do it what it likes.

  6. “National want to allow landlords to throw domestic tennants out for those wealthier and more exploitable 100000 migrant workers about to flood NZs groaning infrastructure.”

    The first proposition is just rhetoric. Where’s the evidence of landlord’s malign intentions? But they will of course need to live somewhere. But very true that infrastructure will groan even more, even in the provinces.

    Labour or National, it doesnt matter which, are fully committed to meeting business needs through high immigration targets, with little thought for the (un)intended consequences. But from another perspective, boomers retiring, a falling birth rate, less taxable income for govts, what’s the alternative?

    Add to this, there is some thinking that labour shortages drive up inflation and mass immigration will address this. But on this noone really seems to know. Does immigration solve inflation by adding to the labour supply, or just create more inflation by pushing up demand?

    A giant natural experiment is what some are calling it. Wouldn’t be the first time littl’ old newzuld has been one.

    • No they won’t you idiot. Not unless they have a massive bump in their earnings you cock womble.

  7. National have no chance of becoming government so we need to concentrate on Labour’s outrageous policies. Such as why they are undermining the home insurance industry by buying out reckless, uninsured home owners who lose their properties to floods. Why is Labour giving these people free money for their overpriced property speculation when there is a housing crisis, when people in overcrowded hostels are being burnt to death, when the migration tap is turned up full blast while the housing stock remains the same, and when these property speculators should have done their due diligence including getting insurance? Should low income NZers identify as uninsured so they can get assistance from the government?

    • I hope u are wrong about National but to be fair to Labour they are obligated to buy the houses if they want the land for reclamation.It was the same in Chch after tye quakes.They only got RV which is way smaller than a market value. If they did not do this the owners could fight for years effecting flood protection work to safeguard other home owners.

  8. House prices will rise again regardless of who wins the election. This is scaremongering nonsense.

    • House price rises appeal to the majority of New Zealanders so it’s not scaremongering but rather encouraging.

  9. So what is the solution here? A fourth term labour government? My understanding of it is that there’s only ever been one of those before in the entire history of New Zealand politics.

    It will be a close general election this October.

    • Want more immigration? Vote Labour. Want more immigration? Vote National. Others won’t effect change other than some rhetoric to capture votes. Its Treasury not political parties that give direction to current policy. All thanks to the Productivity Commission.

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