Standard attack Dr Edwards for Green Conspiracy as Greens quietly purge ultra woke conspirators


Over at The Standard, there has NEVER been an ultra woke faction attempting to gerrymander the new woke voting rules inside the Greens and Dr Bryce Edwards who highlights these internal power struggles should be cancelled in a way that doesn’t make The Standard appear too totalitarian.

The Wellington Left and the Woke Twitter Left and Tribal Auckland Labour hate Bryce for countering their ‘everyone at the Parliament Lawn protests are White Supremacist Nazis’ narrative and have staged an ongoing campaign to have him sacked from his University job.


There was never any power struggles inside the Greens.


As far as The Standard is concerned, we’ve never been at war with Eurasia.

Oh, look at that – war in Eurasia…

Left-wing Green Party members lose leader Nicole Geluk-Le Gros

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A left-wing group within the Green Party often seen as being at odds with the current leadership has had a leadership change of its own.

The Green Left Network (GLN), a group of Green members that “works to promote an explicitly anti-capitalist” vision for the Green Party, according to its website, has lost one of its co-convenors, Nicole Geluk-Le Gros, following the Network’s online AGM last week.

Geluk-Le Gros was ejected from her co-convenor position on the GLN’s executive under a process known as Re-open Nominations or “RON”.

This occurs when a person is trying to reapply for their position and at least a quarter of voting members vote to “reopen nominations” to other members, rather than endorse that person’s reappointment. It is the same process by which party co-leader James Shaw lost the party co-leadership last year, before regaining it.

…while The Standard denies there was any ultra woke faction attempting a soft coup inside the Greens by gerrymandering the voting rules that empowered these lunatics, the Greens themselves, suddenly waking up to the soft coup attempt, quietly put those conspirators into the airlock the way they did to conspirators on Battlestar Galactica…

there could be a wider issue at play, which is a shift within the party away from networks like the GLN towards what are known as “lived experience networks”.

These are groups organised around people’s lived experience as part of the rainbow or disabled communities, for example.

A recent constitutional change in the party gave lived experience groups more power within the Green Party’s organisational structure – power that is not given to networks that organise along more ideological lines.

Lived experience networks have representation on the party’s Members Assemblies, which are an important part of how the party organises itself following the constitutional restructure.

Party members with limited time for party matters tend to prioritise their engagement with lived experience groups because they have more power.

Even relatively new networks like the De-Growth Greens Network – a group within the party who believe that “degrowth”, the idea that shrinking output is necessary to meet the party’s climate commitments – have struggled to attract and retain members in a way they might not have previously.

Likewise, the Union Greens Network is also said to be struggling to maintain high levels of engagement.

…bye bye.

Battlestar Galactica may seem like an oddly specific reference, but that’s only so that everyone else involved in this clusterfuck appreciate how much I knew.

I like how Greens used the very same procedural shank used against James Shaw.

Glorious stuff.

Internally the Greens are a basket case which is why they spend so much energy on woke pursuits that alienate rather than generate solidarity.

All they need to do this election is limp home with the same poor result they got last election, retain Auckland Central and take Wellington Central.

They will get sweet fuck all in the Labour led minority Government with supply and confidence from the Māori Party as JT will spend all the credit with his bottom lines leaving the Greens with vegan bike lanes as a win.

Nothing will get better until Chloe is the new leader with Efeso as her co-leader.



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  1. “ Nothing will get better until Chloe is the new leader with Efeso as her co-leader.”

    What on Earth makes you think that it will ever get better? The Green Party has become theSocial Credit Political League for the twenty first century.

  2. Being a genuine man of the left, Dr. Edwards will forever be a threat to the Uniparty centrist liberals, who unconvincingly pretend to be “the left”.

    Meanwhile, The Greens are busy purging the only people with a chance of turning the group into a proper mass party, capable of replacing the Labour Party. Like Annalena Baerbock, they would much prefer to be elitist front-men, in the mould of Emmanuel Macron’s outfit — a party that barely anybody joins or actually likes, but which dominates purely by means of corporate political donations.

  3. The Standard being ultra woke? You’ve got to be kidding. That site is getting more and more reactionary every day. There are more TERF’s on it than here. I got banned for calling them out on it.

  4. With a bit of luck. They will be too busy with gerrymandering each other that they’ll forget about the election and forget to vote!

    What a relief for the majority of NZ’ders. Thank fuck for that.

    • “Anti-capitalist, de-growth and lived experience factions”
      If you ever wanted to understand how the greens work, this is it.

      There are other descriptions of anti-capitalism… and de-growth…. and lived experience…. The privilege of the members of the greens is well founded in liberal democracy and that is what allows them to thrive.

  5. ” Nothing will get better until Chloe is the new leader with Efeso as her co-leader. ”

    I think if Chloe knew how bad it actually is she would take Efeso and anyone who actually wants a strong Green voice and believes in social justice and the environment and form a new Green movement and leave the other idiots to slowly destroy themselves.

  6. Chloe are the rest of them are as woke as. These lived network experience factions are the babies of the children that are the Greens.

    We need adults in parliament

    • Like you? Who is constantly dripping with hatred for the LGBT community and will gladly vote for a party that will rip apart New Zealand welfare state and labour protections because you want to repress them. Fuck you Anker.

    • Definitely don’t need the childlike antics of the Greens they are not a serious political party,they are there for their own amusement and the generous remuneration.
      Who would seriously employ these people?

  7. The Greens have loaded guns and they are superb at shooting………themselves in the foot. Best at this. Marama Davidson. White cis men was compelling evidence Davidson forgot what the demographic of NZ is made up of and was happy to insult the majority. Time she retired and took up her passion of championing the Transgender movement.

    • Ironic, since the Greens hate guns and in their firearms policies, they are not sure what our current laws are or even which country they are actually in.

  8. Lived-experience shared priorities should have included supporting the solo mothers as part of the special consideration group. Metiria was a
    solo mother, one a group who have been denigrated and isolated and downgraded by society for long. Georgina Beyer was treated better than young mothers, some resourceful and some not, struggling to care for their babes and set themselves up with a workable schedule enabling achievement that would be a role model for the young generation. Also as an important extra, to choose a partner from a position of self-esteem and financial and job stability. But no.

    It seems that Greens ideals for female members is anti-sexual, anti-fertility, and anti humanity itself. Two long-term environmental Greens left when Metiria’s crimes of not being prepared to starve genteely in an attic, not as pure as required by austere neoliberals were revealed.

    The trouble with the green-type, the environmental type, the rights type etc when they coalesce, they find that they are are not compatible at core, more oil and water. In time they separate out, fragment, and the splendid idea of consensus develops dominance and yielding sides. Soon there are as many shades of green as the Irish ‘Forty Shades of Green’ description of their countryside.

    • Greywarbler said “choose a partner from a position of self-esteem and financial and job stability.”

      Guys don’t want that. And niether do woman. Go to any high hat restaurant where all the top guys are they’re not wifing up anyone with a social media account. I managed to get a box seat at the state of origin match in Adelaide recently there was a young girl serving dessert who just fumbled her opportunity to catch a high value man because she was obess.

      When you talk about role models for the next generation do you mean someone who is sexually liberated that has slept around with multiple men because the higher you climb the income ladder the more emphases is placed on paternity. At least 17% of all DNA tests come back as not being the father.

      So y’know what exactly should solo mothers be supported in that men don’t provide? Sure I have friends who are chubby chasers but they never wife them up. They take them to dark places where no one they know can see. Hell I’ve even done it few times.

      This is where I think someone like Damien all tax is theft could make hey. I don’t believe welfare is evil as Damien belives. I believe that incentivising mothers to leave there partners is evil. All the prison statistics say the almost all of them come from single mother households why put children at every statistical disadvantage by incentivising divorce? No I think welfare should rise 40% tied to inflation and of they want to do society a solid by filling out schools with well fed and eager to learn children then they ought to get double so axe the single mother benifit and put them on some sort of family support benefit and make it the same rate as the back to work benefit.

      • Cool, we force women to stay with abusive partners. Sounds really fun.

        Piss off back to the 1950’s fucking moralizing troglodyte.

        • Your comment matches the inappropriateness of that posted by Sam.
          I will continue to vote that we protect free speech. But hell you lot make it difficult.

          • What rights do men have that woman don’t? I’d it’s inappropriate to speak from a position of facts then you can keep your free speech.

  9. So who’s going to Gerrymander Chloe? Will they sell tickets or will be a raffle or what? And how much will it be? 50 cents?

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