TVNZ Poll: ACT/National Government as Greens plunge- Winners, Losers and Predictions


TVNZ have finally produced a Poll. The cheap buggers last put one out in March so dropping one at the end of May is the least they can do as the public broadcaster.

Like the least they can do!

Turns out ‘Pure Trans Joy’ and starting a culture war with white cis males wasn’t the tactical masterstroke some in the Greens seemed to think it was.

They plunge to 7%.

James Shaw cheerfully told TVNZ that was a better result than they got on Election night, which while technically true by the narrowest of margins is hardly a resounding victory for the last 3 years is it?

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Vote Greens, we are fractionally more popular than we were last election!

Doesn’t roll off the tongue does it?

There are of course political winners and losers.


LABOUR: Culture war grievance generates lots of noice, but it isn’t the main issue impacting voters.

Cost of living is!

I think it is highly unlikely now that National can win the 2023 election.

If we look at John Key 180 days out from each of his elections, National was beating Labour by double digits, under Luxon, National are beating Labour by 2 points.

National over poll all the time and the number they need to win by has to be in double digits to ensure it can win, National haven’t achieved anything like that since Key left Office and it means a win this year is highly unlikely.

That doesn’t mean the Left can sleep walk to victory, they need to push policy that can actually solve the pain voters are feeling, but it does mean we have everything to fight for.

Going into this election, Labour desperately need a crisis response policy that makes immediate material change in the lives of the many who are being crushed by the cost of living crisis.

  • Free Public Transport for all
  • Free Dental
  • Expand free after school care and extend Early Child Education to 30 hours a week.
  • New State Home Expansion
  • New Ministry of Green Works
  • Financial Transaction Tax
  • 30% stakeholder role in Supermarket Duopoly

There are a thousand reasons not to allow a National/ACT Government from taking over, Chippy has to give voters just 1 reason to vote Labour.


GREENS: The current Green Party see the enemy as every heteronormative white cis male, they don’t see it as capitalism. The problem for the Greens is Patriarchy and Colonialism not neoliberal free market economics.

The Greens chose the baubles of vacant Ministerships over fighting a Labour Party that didn’t need them and then acted surprised when they get welded to that incrementalism and damned for it by the activists.

As the Greens stall in the Polls, the wider political question is will the class Left ride to the aid of the Greens in 2023 they way they did in 2017?

In 2017, as the implosion of Metiria’s confession of taking a benefit she wasn’t entitled to (without actually sorting it out and paying it) self mutilated the Greens, Chris Trotter and the Class Left launched a campaign to save the Greens by Party voting for them.

It was enough to keep them above the 5% threshold.

Will the Class Left do that for the Greens this election as the Greens barely mange to poll above their 2020 result?

I think the answer is no.

The naked reality for genuinely progressive voters concerned with the horrific inequalities caused by neoliberal capitalism now is to force the Labour Party into being actually Left wing by a minor Party forcing them to.

Labour is still hostage to the exact same neoliberal straightjacket that National is and if we want to get Chippy and Grant to pass Real Left legislation, it will be by forcing them to do it.

The problem with the Greens is that they are so feckless that they will fuck up any post negotiation and flip flop around. Their entire strategy of taking vacant baubles in the form of powerless Ministerships tells us they are so incompetent they couldn’t get laid in a monkey brothel wearing banana costumes.

The woke are great when it is a Vegan Militant Cycling Mummy Blogger Free-the-nipple rally or mob violence using the thugs veto to shut down gender critical feminists in public spaces, but not so good at challenging the neoliberal hegemonic structure.

Chloe will win Auckland Central and they will probably take Wellington Central as well, so even if they slip below 5%, there will be Green political representation, so the Class Left don’t need to ride to the Greens this election because they are getting in anyway PLUS they just don’t deserve it.

NATIONAL and ACT: National are 2 points ahead and ACT peaked out.

The policy difference between Labour and the Greens is almost 90% the same, but the policy difference between National and ACT are light years apart.

With ACT in double digits, they are a constant existential threat to National and because Luxon is so weak, he will agree to any of the crazy far right policy ACT want to implement and it is far right nonsense on meth.

  • A billion into more prisons and detention camps
  • Near flat tax fantasy
  • Amputation of 5 Ministry’s plus closing the Human Rights Commission
  • Billions slashed from welfare
  • A referendum to rewrite the Treaty with no negotiation with Māori.
  • Destroy Gun register so gun fetishists can legally masturbate to their favourite guns again.

It’s libertarian gibberish with culture war dog trumpets thrown in for shits and giggles, but as we saw with Liz Truss when she attempted to implement the same types of free market bullshit in the UK, the Market itself revolted.

If ACT and National attempted to implement half of this policy platform it would lead to vast civil disobedience on top of the Markets doing the exact same thing to NZ that they did to the UK.

The reality is that the ACT agenda is so radical and the National Party so weak you understand why there is a serious attempt within National to get Shane Jones an Epsom Cup of Tea deal in Northland so as to put a hand break on ACT.

David Seymour and Winston hate each other, like despise each other so the idea that a Labour led minority Government with a supply and confidence arrangement with the Maori Party would be a ‘Coalition of Chaos’, totally ignores the ‘Alliance of Anarchy’ where Winston and David spend 3 years trying to kill each other off while Luxon sits crying in the middle like a stunned mullet.


The difference between Chippy and Luxon is that Luxon wants to be your Boss Mate, the kind of emotionally draining relationship where you are always laughing at the Boss mates jokes and always doing what he wants in the weekend. It’s a relationship many workers are forced to play along with in NZs tiny pool and it’s one that we all willingly run a mile from if we have the option.

Chippy on the other hand just wants a sausage roll.

There’s a kind of social security in knowing that.

An afternoon entertaining the bosses kids or throw Chippy hot meat wrapped in pastry?

Chippy has the greatest of NZ values, basic dorky competency while remaining affable.

Verity Johnson asks, Why doesn’t Luxon harness Auckland rage? and it’s because while there is a smouldering resentment towards Labour over that second Covid lockdown, it hasn’t transferred into support for Luxon or all the crazy shit National are promising and will come alongside ACT.

Chippy is the family Labrador where as Luxon is a territorial high maintenance lap dog barking at every passing car.

If the Class Left want real change this election, they should consider voting for the Māori Party.

The difference between the Greens and John Tamihere, is that when John Tamihere says he will take GST off food and tax the rich, you fucking know he will.

When the Greens say they’ll do something, most voters laugh.

JT is going to roll into that room, kick arse and take names. The Greens will have another piece of paper reading ‘why not – EXCLAMATION MARK!’

Vote Green and get a 6 month hui where they can’t work out if they are Arthur or Martha and another 12month hui after that to decide which pronouns to use. Vote Maori Party and JT will have GST off food and taxing the rich in the first 100 days!

If we on the Left want real change, not the woke garbage the Greens have spent 3 years harvesting and not the incremental slow death of Labour’s caution, then a vote for the Māori Party to remove GST off food and tax the rich would do more to help the poorest and generate the revenue we need for our social and physical infrastructure than anything else.

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  1. The Green won’t make 5%.
    2 reasons.
    1. They are divided into warring factions.
    2. They are obsessed with identity politics. They have forgotten their raisin d’être.

    • Ed. James Shaw’s anger at the sad Loafers Lodge tragedy, was one of the few authentic responses I can recall from a politician not constantly governed by pr advisors. Apart from that, the Greens are a party of haters, and not just of each other, but chunks of the general populace, except, it seems, gays, lesbians, transgenderists, and non-whites, and as such they are a divisive and colossal waste of time and taxpayers’ money. Environmentalists may be looking elsewhere to cast their votes but unfortunately it’s still not clear where, at this stage.

      • Snow White and who does ACT and National hate, bottom feeders yet the other day they were both decrying the boarding house tragedy both hypocritical white cis males.

    • There’s at least 5% who hate white cis males and are consumed with pettiness, eternally. They’re safe!

    • Yes, Ed people say this every election time they also call them looney greens anything to discredit them but frankly based on the mess our environments are in and other (Northern Italy recent floods) countries we all need a Green party.

  2. a left government is not going to happen despite the shortcomings of National. happy to be proved wrong just to hear the words – “three more years” and to watch people lose their minds.

    • We haven’t had a left government since the 70s so it’s a pretty easy prediction to say we won’t have one this time round

  3. Labour down, Maori party down, Green Party well down.
    The public saw the Greens and they got to see the Maori Party on display.
    And they voted with their feet.
    Did Labour get a post budget bounce?
    No they went backwards.

    The left are a horrible toxic mess of woke identity politics and no the public don’t like it.

      • What does foreclosure mean?
        What is red soup?
        Is it “bread & butter” or “bread or butter”?
        Or is butter completely off the menu?

        • Do not despair.
          JT will be there.
          He will keep labour and the greens to account.
          Kilroy was here!!

        • No Comment. (a) A surgical procedure to the anatomy of a biological male
          (b) Borscht
          (c) Neither
          (d) Yes, except in vintage recipe books.
          Re ( b) red lentils cook cheaper and re ( c) if you got no bread you don’t need no butter or other.

          Re (a) Dept of Education gender despots have all this at their digit tips. Try them.

      • Well having caused the cost of living blowout it’s unlikely they know how to fix it,or indeed anything.
        In the words of a Hollywood icon “They fixed it worse.”

    • cost of living crisis is an effing meme living rent free in your head. Anyone with a brain has seen this coming for decades. And it ain’t going to get any better until someone can pack energy into the density of the fossil fuels cheaper than we’ve been pumping out of the ground for less. everything else is noise.

  4. Yay, best news I’ve heard today. The Greens plummet.
    What are Hipkins achievements again in Education, Police,Health, Covid, Public Service?

    • At least,I suppose Pedro, Chippy has a track record of complete failure.
      Amazing that with that record he wants us to vote him in as Prime Minister.

  5. NZF always poll higher come Election Day so with a savvy Election Campaign they could sliver over the 5% threash hold ???

  6. Vote Labour for payrises and free meds.

    Vote National/ACT for cuts, austerity and homelessness.

    • We have record homelessness, no one can afford food, rents out of reach for many and for most only in reach thanks to tax payer subsidies, austerity is happening and has happened for a while now but food parcels and free clothing and other tax payer funded aid helps cover over the festering puss infested sores that is our current economy.
      Between Labour and National the poor will get poorer, the middle will get poor and the rich and their mates in politics, academia, media and charitable NGO industries will get richer. And you my dear are paying for it all.
      Vote left for all you care, but to pretend that anything, even just a simple thing got better under labour is at this point delusional.

    • Millsy we currently have record homelessness and poverty a result of almost 6 years of very poor management by the Labour Government,a dereliction of duty even.

      • The accumulative affects of a 3 term under investing National coalition government. Low wages, under investment in social equity, education and Health. A dereliction of duty to the people.
        Where were you in those horrible years Bob?

        • NSC we are over 5 years of having a Labour Government and they have made everything worse,so I don’t follow your logic,or lack of logic.

          • You lack intellect to understand logic. What is worse? List and provide evidence, only then will you be credible.

  7. I agree with vote Green get 6 months of hui but I would add vote Labour and get 6 years of no doe.
    The tide is turning now and more people are confident in saying they support National and Act . I do not care if the masses do not warm to Luxon as long as they vote for policies that get the country moving forward and has money in the pot to pay for good medical care ,good education and good law enforcement.

    • Trev I’m as keen as anybody to see the Greens and Labour get a kick in the proverbial, but the reality is also that National did their damndest to privatise our once first class health system and ran it into the ground in the process, and that they are all equally responsible for the dreadful dumbing down of the education system. That’s the way of the pathetic masters of the universe, it could even be why Marama hates white men – although that would require a depth of thought not evidenced thus far from her. Law enforcement was always going to be a political chestnut, always is, and unlikely to work when living is generally safe.

      • Well well, Trevor has spoken, I wonder who stuffed up all these marvelous entities in the first place. You seriously think the if the NACTS get elected we will be in nirvana, their mantra will be cut ,cut and privatize.

      • I agree with your analysis and National did drop the ball towards the end of their 9 years just the same as Clark did in the previous 9 years . I hope if National are given the privilege of leading the country again they will do things better in education and health .Let’s face it it would be hard to do worst

        • They will certainly do better Trevor of that there is no question.
          Labour have demonstrated they haven’t any policy for health and education or policy for anything actually.

      • Correct Snow White, one certainty, National and ACT will privatize the hell out of most services. I guess Trevor is what you would describe as the classic patriotic National voter despite policy.

  8. There’s a thing called “ freedom of speech”, that the left seem to view as their enemy, while others see it as essential of democracy. There was the Albert Park debacle, where not only did Labour and Green politicians join in the silencing of women’s voices, but deliberately misrepresented the purpose of that event before it even took place. There’s the kneecapping of the independent Commissioner for Children, another counter-productive silencing exercise, and, incredibly, “ replacing” that independent commissioner with back room pronouns from the Education Dept which is championing the sexualisation of children and extreme gender ID ideology as part of the school curriculum. None of this is ok.

    • But Chloe said that the protest against Posie Parker was peaceful and filled with love?

      How come she allowed to lie, but no one else?

      • BG Chloe wasn’t the only liar, but she’s a politician and that’s what they do. The MSM’s distortions may be more reprehensible, dunno, but the silence of the New Zealand media following this disgraceful occurrence was one of the facts noted by overseas media who commented about it.

      • For reasons I cannot explain Chloe Swarbrick has many people mesmerised to the extent she can tell lies and not be held to account.

        • Bob the first. Few get called to account, and with the politicians all we can do is vote them out. Chloe is an Auckland and cannibas darling, but John Key’s lies run into pages, all probably still available online. Where Key was particularly sleazy was smearing other people like Nicky Hager, and the Fairfax ladies lapped it all up without fact checking eg that Hager was a conspiracy theorist. Key even told the BBC that top freshwater scientist Dr Mike Joy was giving just one “opinion,” “like a lawyer,”and that he Key, could find another scientist to give another opinion.The state of our rivers isn’t a matter of opinion, it is a matter of facts. Key either didn’t know this, or he didn’t care, and for a PM, that’s not good enough. Nor did Key ever produce any scientist to give a water report contrary to Dr Joy’s; he lied about an issue which will be impacting on New Zealanders for years to come.

          It’s a flaw in the democratic system that there’s virtually no way of calling lying politicians to account, apart from voting them out, and having a lazy or bought MSM like we largely have here in New Zealand let’s them get away with questionable behaviour.

  9. Labour and Hipkins both drop in support. Hipkins is now the least preferred PM in almost 25 years. He ranks similarly to what Dame Jenny Shipley did.

    Yet Labour is in the winners list, when they didn’t even receive a budget bounce.

    I knew you were a deluded fool, but wow!

    • Actually historically Luxon as preferred Prime Minister is doing well.
      I think Chippy is at last being exposed as just another career politician.

  10. Verity Johnson’s article was so accurate.! Like that such a – to the point – non Te Reo article appeared in Stuff was simply astounding. National should be on to that but are too stupid to see the bleeding obvious!

    But overall the trend is Labour in decline, and voters, who are fucked off with the rotten urban liberal sham calling itself “left”, are now firming up to swallow a few dead rats just to get some change!

    • yes you are so right xray! BUT it is the size of those dead rats that is keeping us old lefties undecided.
      The “don’t knows until election day” will decide this election.

    • JSB 100% correct start taxing the right people and the problem is solved. Rather than hammering the middle/lower socio-economic groups, Labour are asleep at the wheel.

  11. I despair at some of the political hackery that passes for intelligent debate in this forum – until we get a better eroei on what’s been pumped out of the ground for over a century – the only way is down. hows that for woke demagoguery? woke up – lol

    • Who sets the tone? The He/Him/She/Her/They/Thems in their expensive suits/cars/houses/offices, or the voter who gets to choose between meh, meh, or supermeh and who knows that in the end all they are are cows to be milked for to the profit of said expensive but empty suit? .

    • EROI.
      Energy returned on investment.

      The green transition can only ever work if there are viable alternatives available to choose from.
      Incentivising industry to decrease emissions sounds OK until one assesses the cost/benefit of “care” projects (public works programmes) deferred. This project was not assessed in that way.
      Reducing future emissions by 1%, as claimed, at the cost of a tax funded subsidy, will do very little to protect those living in flood vulnerable locations.

  12. All party’s on the left, all down, whilst partys on the right, up or stayed the same.

    The trend is your friend.

    I think Luxons refusal to go with the toxic Maori party (not that he ever could) may have some something to do with this poll. He’s lumped labour and the Greens with a party who wants racial separatism in NZ and for fair minded NZers that’s enough for them to hold their noses and pick national.

    Perhaps he is learning some political cunning after all.

  13. Some observations:

    1). It remains a volatile polling environment. Colmar Brunton historically favors the right by 1-2% which would indicate a dead heat. This feels about right.
    2). This was post budget – clearly parts of the electorate are discovering basic mathematics – $5 (free prescriptions) minus $600 (increased mortgage payments) is $595 worse off. A welcome development.
    3). Hipkins is well below 25% as a preferred PM. Ignore Luxon’s result for a moment. This is a staggeringly low approval rating for a sitting PM and what the left is selling as “everyday Chippie”. This should worry Labour as it appears everyday Chippie, bread-and-butter man is their election strategy.

    This election is for the taking and the losing. Neither side has the ability for the former – it will be a fight to see who is the world champion of the later.

    It still comes down to NZF. When will the liquid lunch between Luxon, Winston and Shaneo at the Duke of Marlborough occur?

  14. There’s only one poll that counts: The election.

    By the time October comes around, the popularity bump Chippie experienced for being ‘Not Jacinda’ will have worn off. Inflation will be through the roof. Interest rates will be crippling anyone with a mortgage and a lost generation of brown youth will be terrorizing inner cities.

    You can guess the result.

  15. “The current Green Party see the enemy as every heteronormative white cis male, they don’t see it as capitalism. The problem for the Greens is Patriarchy and Colonialism not neoliberal free market economics.”

    No. That’s nonsense. The problem with the Green party is they’re not sure if they’re communists, identitarians or both. What they certainly are not is an environmental/climate change focused party.

  16. Nice result for Luxon. He is looking like a great option all if a sudden, after a dreadful budget.

  17. Yes, the one reason Labour can present to the people of NZ to not vote for National will be when they release their alternative budget. New Zealanders will see in order for National to deliver tax cuts and tax rebates to landlords as promised something significant has to be cut. At the moment Luxon is showing he will change his narrative to suit his audience we saw this with the predominantly old white audience at the bowling club on the North Shore racism was very much at the forefront. Luxon is also showing he has tendency to backtrack to appease his audience.

  18. Yes, the one reason Labour can present to the people of NZ to not vote for National will be when they release their alternative budget. New Zealanders will see in order for National to deliver tax cuts and tax rebates to landlords as promised something significant has to be cut. At the moment Luxon is showing he will change his narrative to suit his audience we saw this with the predominantly old white audience at the bowling club on the North Shore racism was very much at the forefront. Luxon is also showing he has tendency to backtrack to appease his audience.

  19. Well guys seems to me no matter who wins we all lose. Still voting NZF!

  20. The pattern I’ve seen over the years is Governments are voted out rather than voted in. That has never been more so than this upcoming election.

    I really hope the next Government is formed based on the same type of formula used to find the winner of the Melbourne Cup. We mostly consider the form and the ability when picking a winner.

    When I look at the form of both main parties, it looks like a face plant. That then leaves the ability.

    I sincerely believe Megan Woods for example is a decidedly ordinary Minister yet she is Labour’s go-to Minister in key portfolios. Why? We had Poto Williams as the Minister of Police despite most people recognizing she was well out of her depth from day one. It was clear her appointment was more about Virtue Signaling than merit. We saw an explosion of ram-raids where Williams sat on her hands as things worsened every month. Ardern claimed she had full confidence in Williams. Ram-Raids got a foothold and quickly reached unprecedented levels. Offenders that were caught had their charges downgraded to lesser charges equaling lesser penalties. The charade with priority quickly became the poor old offender (invariably Maori) who had a sad upbringing rather than the poor old victim (invariably non Maori). Ardern eventually gave Williams the Spanish Archer and stated “Williams had lost her focus”. That raised three important questions.

    1) How does the Minister of Police lose focus during an unprecedented crime wave?
    2) Did Williams ever have any focus?
    3) How does her appointment reflect on those who appointed her?

    For me, this is a clear example of “ability and form”.

    I recall when National were last in Government they absurdly claimed the increase in reported crime especially house burglaries was due to the public having more confidence in the Police solving the crime rather than an actual increase in crime. Labour are now effectively saying the same thing despite what most Kiwi’s can clearly see.

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Nanaia Mahuta has been largely asleep at the wheel despite troubling times globally ….apart from her pet projects of course. She’s also made sure her whanau are nearby.

    Andrew Little was “unavailable for comment” more than all other Ministers put together while Minister of Health. I felt Jonathan Coleman was the worst Minister of Heath I’ve seen. Andrew Little has set a new benchmark.

    Deputy PM Carmel Sepuloni was shocked to learn Motels were charging M.S.D more than they charged the public. That is despite it being her job to know and virtually the rest of NZ already knowing it for years prior to Sepuloni waking up to it. Her form book does not offer much.

    Chris Hipkins. I feel it’s really important we don’t get misled by irrelevant personality issues. Referring to him as “Chippy” is a huge improvement on the names used on Ardern but it is a pet name. Do we need to be using pet names especially in the lead up to an election? Sausage Rolls? Honestly, who gives a rats arse? Does anyone believe Hipkins normally eats Sausage Rolls? He is a good communicator and clearly a smart personable guy. Having said that, it is clear he is managing things so the more contentious and divisive policies Labour has such as hate speech and three waters have been put on the back burner until after the election. There are things hidden in clear view that raise alarm bells.

    Labour do have some good Ministers but they have more very average ones. Their form and ability is not good enough to win the Balclutha Cup let alone the Melbourne Cup.

    People have their own take on why John Key stood down as PM and why Jacinda Ardern did. Here’s mine on Ardern.

    Ardern is a smart lady. She knew Labour couldn’t win in October 2023 with Three Waters especially. She knew to win she’d need to convince the Labour Maori caucus to tone down certain policy but they wouldn’t budge. Ardern knew she’d fight a losing battle in 2023 and with all the ongoing personal abuse that goes with that. She enjoyed a summer with her family and decided if Labour are going to lose they can do it without her. The Maori Caucus have been quiet since. Why? I feel sure they are trying to box smart until after the election….just like Hipkins.

    National are being led by a man doing a wonderful job…….of keeping his true self hidden from view. Not surprisingly the majority of Kiwi’s don’t trust him. Their focus seems to be tax cuts for those that need them least which is exactly what Judith Collins had as her main policy…..and of course looking after farmers and landlords. What’s new?

    No surprise to see The Greens vote falling. They are invariably the quintessential Chocolate Teapot. Marama Davidson has also clearly misread NZ and highlighted the people she keeps close and those she has disdain for. Any politician that conducts herself in that manner has arrogantly and divisively forgotten the demographic of NZ. The Greens appear disjointed and almost irrelevant. There will still be a place for them in NZ Politics but I believe their numbers will continue heading in the wrong direction.

    ACT are not a Party I embrace and we’ve been there done that with NZF.

    I believe the upcoming election is the most important for NZ of my 60 year life….yet tragically the options appear worse than ever.

    • Now I know why you are the Thinking Man. Brilliant summary all-round. We are deprived….no…we are fucked.

  21. The fact that Labour single-handedly destroyed the economy with their utterly deluded and pointless draconian covid policy (and the mantra has always been “it’s the economy, stupid!”, holds just as much for NZ as it does the US), this election should always be National/ACT’s to lose (even though they mostly voted with Labour on covid-19 policy, but voters won’t associate them with it like they do Labour/Hipkins – who was Health Minister at the time).

    • National and ACT have been shown up as worse than Labour. Why have nurses and teachers and beneficiaries had to fight the labour government every inch of the way for increases? Because Nact cut them all.

      • NSC are you yet another of Bert’s pseudonyms?
        Your comments are as simple as Bert’s/Gus.

  22. Yes, Ed people say this every election time they also call them looney greens anything to discredit them but frankly based on the mess our environments are in and other (Northern Italy recent floods) countries we all need a Green party.

  23. Yes, Ed people say this every election time they also call them looney greens anything to discredit them but frankly based on the mess our environments are in and other (Northern Italy recent floods) countries we all need a Green party.

  24. Hey Millsy you forgot vote National and Act for more inequalities and more Maori in prisons.

  25. Climate change a big issue in people’s minds – 33%

    Hypocrisy is big in NZ. They spend $251 on public transport!!!!!

    “Ministry for environment was criticised earlier this year for spending $913,000 on flights over 11 months while advising the public to “walk, cycle or take public transport wherever possible” on its website.

    It also spent a further $97,225 on taxis, shuttles and Ubers, with only $251 being spent on public transport.”

  26. There was a headline stating from the NACT AI , “people are sick of being told what to do “. I wonder when we experience the next disaster should the headline read “ government is sick of being asked for handouts from the people who constantly blame them for being wasteful in an inflation crisis” . AKA farmers, growers, business owners, pretty much the NACT demographic. Always there with their noses in the trough, isn’t it called corporate welfare, I call it greed. No matter what you do for these people the prices go up, they stay up They constantly get government handouts and also a nice healthy profit . “Win win “at the taxpayers expense .

  27. Good to know that the biggest global corporates only have to pay a fraction of NZ tax, as they get their parent companies to charge massive fees to escape local taxes. Meanwhile the debate continues on a doctor in NZ being so rich they need to pay not only 39% on their earnings but being targeted for further taxes while the biggest corporates are allowed to pay 10%

    Google NZ pays $870m fee to US parent, books $78m local revenue

  28. 72% still support the two main parties responsible for our decline and god damn hideous statistics including taking donations to keep the the same people in control.

    This is not a democracy it is a dictatorship of plutocracy.

  29. Dump HSBC Bankster jimmy and ‘Cunt-word’ davidson and put Chloe Swarbrick in as The Green Party’s sole leader.
    Then, and this is where it gets fruity, Chloe heads out to meet with them famah’s dahlings and invites them to the city for a trance party with proper E. Then once everybody’s all loved up the now unified [we] strike against the tyranny of the nine multi-billionaires farmers built and the four foreign owned banks we nurture by allowing the banks to blow out house prices for their $180.00 a second in net profits. ( It took about 5 minutes to write this. That’s $54,000.00 gone to Australia, our agricultural competitors for our primary industry agrarian northern hemisphere markets. Imagine the commotion if a bennie stole $54,000.00 off WINZ? Imagine the wailing and the moaning while erecting the gallows? )
    A most obvious solution is usually the one that’s most invisible by its presence. Funny that, aye.

  30. The Natzo’s versus the Laborious no longer interests me. The morons are what they are. And that, is that they’re the same thing. They’re both neo-liberal.
    What does interest me, and what should interest you too, and greatly concern you, is that once understanding the our politics is the same pathetic little game of dicks and greed played out in a desperately ugly building at the epicentre of a feeble little wind swept town in the middle of fuck all is that they, the twin psycho’s that’s the natzo’s and the labourite fuck-all’s will sell our country to anyone with the cash, as is evident from the sell-off’s of state owned assets by neo-liberal gangsters who now own our fucking retail banking who steal our money then send it off-shore. I mean, what’s it going to take to make a louder statement of fact?
    Luxon and chippy will have gargantuan money behind and up them in readiness to literally buy our country and the only thing stopping that is a wonderfully old fashioned monarchy using culture and protocol to keep the stoats behind the chicken wire.
    We must have a public, royal commission of inquiry now. Immediately.

  31. Genuine question peeps.

    How fucked are the Gweens?

    A. Not at all
    B. Kinda
    C. Very

  32. Despite Bomber saying that National overpoll, I wonder if the current polling could actually be underestimating NAT/ACT support – i.e. the first NZ manifestation of the “shy conservative voter” seen in the UK and US, where they won’t admit their true right-wing voting intentions to the bright young pollsters who phone them. Hence the shock when Brexit and President Trump happened.

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