Ban single use vaping, limit booze outlets and end Grey Hound racing already


Vaping is good for getting people addicted to actual burning tobacco off smoking burning tobacco and that has better health outcomes than smoking burning tobacco.

But what we have on market are deposable vapes aimed at the kids.

Fuck that.

Ban single use vapes immediately.

Continue to phase out burning tobacco.

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The jackboot of the State should always be on the throats of the Nicotine Pimps.

News teens are not binge drinking as much is good, but there should still be a push to limit booze shops and remove alcohol from Supermarkets.

The jackboot of the State should always be on the throats of the Booze Pimps.

And I’ve never seen a positive story about the bloody Grey Hound Racing Industry. Why are dogs treated like this? Ban the entire Industry, betting junkies can still bet on the Horses if racing is your itch, but Dog Racing is stupid.

The jackboot of the State should always be on the throats of the Gambling Pimps.

There are certain industries we tolerate the social harm from because banning it completely will push it underground into criminal organisations. Nicotine, Gambling and Booze should always be tightly regulated and vice taxed on their profits as well.


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  1. Martyn you have been printing a list of must does for this current government to retain power .None have been actioned so why add too this list with more suggestions .You need to except this is a do nothing government who are there to play at politics

    • What about pipe smokers?
      Haven’t I seen pictures of MB with a pipe in his mouth?
      Was it full of bubbles?

  2. I don’t want to smoke shit flavoured ash tho. No one does. But ban single use. There really isn’t much price difference.

  3. I admit I don’t know any details about Grey Hound racing but what you are advocating is a ban on a Working Class Sport and rention of the Sport Of Kings.

    The question is do the dogs enjoy racing?

    • Yep the dogs enjoy racing, the trainers, the owners, the handlers and everyone who works in the industry enjoy’s it, including the punters who win. If you are going to ban greyhound racing, you need to ban thoroughbred racing and harness racing as well.

    • most of the rescue greyhounds I have met suffer from ptsd in one form or another – their immune systems have been broken down via electromagnetic disruption from the ‘training’ collar which forces them to run faster and faster, not a life I would choose, personally; yes I get your old ‘working class sport’ argument but does one have to be ‘working class’ to enjoy cruelty??(class & race shortly to be outdated idioms as we morph into the singularity consciousness conspiracy theorists fear and hollywood et al promote)
      they would rather stay at home in a quiet area and listen to the music from Howl’s moving castle at 432hz

  4. Working Class are always a secondary consideration when people get on their high horse of morality.
    ( Pun intended.)
    Animal welfare nevertheless should prevail.

  5. Follow theAussies. Anyone who sells nicotine, vapes or tobaccoo is an arsehole. Pub owners aren’t much better as they load people up with booze. At least supermarkets give you the choice to take it home and not let you out pissed into your car. Dog racing is cruel as is horse racing whipping animals to go faster and make money.

  6. Follow the Aussies and I think the French. Anyone who sells addictive drugs including nicotine is an arsehole. Pub owners who allow people to get pissed are not much better. At least supermarkets and even sleasy grog shops allow you to take booe home and drink it there instead of getting pissed and driving off in your car. Dog racing is disgusting and horse racing where the animals are whipped into going faster to make money is equally bad.Martyn- You forgot rodeos in your good rant.

  7. 1.9 billion in taxes thanks to smokers…….the government is so not going to give up this gravy train. They will virtue signal but that it is. Ditto for booze, racing, betting etc etc etc etc etc etc, GST and taxes will make the government go ””ugh…..hit me one more time baby……”

  8. Communities should be able to veto the following:
    Booze outlets
    Fast food joints
    Vape stores
    Pokie outlets

    Two minutes from my house – walking there are at least 4 alcoholics.
    On Brougham motorway and Waltham road there is a large booze barn and it is opposite a big and very nice new social housing estate owned by the Council. Very handy for people who already have a booze problem and of course they have pokies as well. These are people our council are trying to provide for, they are people living on the edge with numerous other problems.

    Of course Greyhound racing has to be banned and eventually racing of all animals! Everyone knows this is not and has never been about the joy of owning a fast running creature but about the money one can make.

  9. This government t is afraid to an anything for fear of being labeled nanny state which helped cause Helen Clark to lose the election

  10. nicotine has no negative health efffects on the body none find me a scrap of evidence or scientific paper to the contrary, addiction is a moral judgement and laws based on that never work, vaspes are no worse than the’jeez I need 3 coffees before I start work’—IE CAFFINE ADDICTION. all I hear is ‘teachers say’ ‘experts think it might'(do something undefined) or ‘authorities have suggested’ all of which are the standard tropes of a moral panic not a health issue.
    yes I’m a vaper but an early adaptor on mech mods not disposables and we’ve had several of these lies flung at vaping….battery explosions no more dangerous than laptop batteries…in fact exactly the same back in the day peoiple used to disassemble laptop batteries for their vapes,,,,popcorn lung well that didn’t stand up did it, and more recently breathing problems WHEN YOU VAPE POT strangely no one wants to consider that one

    • While in does have some side effects consuming too much offee has not put people in hospital our caused the government to spend vast amounts of money on hospitalization. Vaping was sold to the public as a safer alternative to smoking but now through smart marketing people (specially young people )are Vaping who never smoked . Both are unhealthy revolting habits that polute the air and damage the user .We should follow the Australians and make vaps a prescription only fix .

  11. sad to see this topic has disappeared from the top page…..wonder why..inability to defend groundless assertions about vaping? perish the thought grasshopper

    • You need to listen to a replay of Kim Hill interview with a doctor about the effect of vaping

  12. Ban em.
    Their pointless, offensive, faddish and highly profitable.
    Funny that!
    We have to endure this vaping epidemic and all it’s hideous downstream effects so ASH and co can root out the last few hard core middle aged ciggy smokers.

    • I will give you just slinging dead ones is the ‘fag end’ issue all over again…but that indicates a fault with slack arsed kiwis just flinging shit around them, not the actual process of vaping itself….maybe only refillable tanks (as they used to be) should be allowed

  13. The word ‘Ban’ is an extremely contentious word to me.
    ‘Banning’ anything makes it immediately valuable and societally divisive and no good can come of that but wait there’s more? Banned substances make great coin for law and the law’s enforcers and general hangers on like lawyers, insurers, private prisons and security industries etc.
    Instead, and no disrespect intended Dear Martyn Bradbury, just shut up about what ever it is that we might think banning will fix. Kids want to use vapes? Great. How about the Baby Vape. Ready and waiting at the end of the vaginal canal. Just pop it then suck it up. Opium? Heroin? Cocaine? 100% natural and good for you too. Fentanyl! Now there’s a money spinner right.
    ‘Banning’ does one thing very well but perhaps above all other things, it advertises. ‘Banning’ is free and effective advertising.
    When I think about banning, I think about Portugal. Check out the stats there and see what I mean.

  14. trev the ‘hospitalisations’ have been all assosciated with vaping cannabinoids NOT nicotine

    if you can smell the stink of vapes..get your nose insured

    strange to hear you touting kim hill as a source

    now if any of the anti mob would care to address the points I actually put.

  15. oh and by the way trev just so you know coffeee is proven to contain carcinogens nicotine has not…we also KNOW dope causes lung cancer..vapes do not

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