Waatea News Column: 6 years of Labour Māori Caucus Budget wins


One thing that the Māori Labour Caucus can be respected for is the enormous work they collectively put in to empower Māori in New Zealand.

In this years budget, the Māori Labour Caucus managed to negotiate $825million for Māori targeted funding.

Over their 6 year term, the Māori Labour Caucus have delivered $3.825Billion in extra targeted funding for Māori.

When you consider the Waitangi Tribunal has paid out $2.6Billion in Treaty Settlements since 1995, those 6 years of negotiation at the Cabinet Table has produced an unequaled in modern political history level of extra funding for Māori.

The Māori Labour Caucus should get some recognition for the incredible job they’ve done in securing that extra funding and the question for National and ACT is if they would give similar funding levels for Māori to continue devolving from the State and providing their own For Māori by Māori initiatives?

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There is no going backwards on the advances community and flaxroot initiatives have already achieved, this is the new political reality built by the Māori Labour Caucus.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. Waatea News – Nice, but who are those Maori who are winning under the current Government? Maori MPs, and their whanau, Iwi CEO, and their whanau??….it does not seem to be ordinary Maori winning right now.

    • Well said Nathan. And how will putting maatauranga in the science curriculum lift Maaori out of poverty?

    • Maori has indeed, done well.
      We will in future see the return on this investment.

      Be patient?

    • “it does not seem to be ordinary Maori winning right now.” More ill thought out, and specious nonsense from the Armchair experts who, mostly, haven’t had any experience of what it has meant to be a Maori in this colony of Gt Britain… And so, will do nothing but show their ignorance, and bigotry for the world to see..
      Too bad they aren’t capable of even understanding the racism underpinning their whole societies economic/social structures… Whatever gains are made will take years to show up as real progress, as NZ has a massive issue with the utter hollowing out of our education system. and the destruction of security in work, and forced the cost of getting trained back on the youngster who has the least to spend, thus degrading the training programs, which leads to less than competent tradespeople… I am appalled at the lack of skillsets, attitudes to work, and the total lack of “ownership” of their jobs that has become the norm now.. And all you chicken heads can do is point at Maori as the regular scapegoat for your own stupidity.. It’s no wonder NZ has become a joke overseas.. We had it all going on, and then we got Roger Douglas, Ruth Richardson, and the killer clown John Key turning our beautiful, and developing country into a waste basket for hordes of unnecessary immigrants who were enticed here because them being here kept wages low, and work insecure, which made for larger profits, and more poverty for those already struggling.. And yet, the people spewing your bile are so unaware of the disgust that is engendered by their behavior that they actually feel empowered by their ignorance.. This country has no good future while the bigots and greed merchants have the power they hold now.. THEY ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS!!

  2. Black workers will see little benefit. It is the class system itself which holds them (and white workers) back. They will be no better off if their billionaire bosses suddenly become black.

    • I do not agree. Data suggests that the average worker and “boss” has greatly benefitted.

      I will agree that it feels differently.

      Note: Mathematical average.

      Historians: Sowell, Starkey, Frankopan and Harriri …. do not agree with your argument.

  3. And yet they’ll still lose the election and specifically, Maori votes. So why is that?

  4. So one could presume all this money going towards Maori will spell the end of ram raids and such like…..more like a new Tui advertisement …

  5. What the Maori caucus has achieved is impressive in this time frame, but nowhere near address the violence of colonial injustices that still hurt Maori today. While portions of the population cannot understand that recognising Te Ao Maori is an important part of rebuilding Aotearoa New Zealand as a more unified multicultural state, it will be difficult to debate these issues sanely. But history shows that Maatauranga Maori easily paralleled European Science, and of course all European science originated in Persia, which has since become rather anti science. Women, Life, Freedom!!! Kia Kaha Te Reo Maori, Kia Kaha Te Reo Pakeha etc.

    • “But history shows that Maatauranga Maori easily paralleled European Science”

      Would you care to elaborate Matthew? Maatauranga produced laws of motion? Laws of thermodynamics? Boyle’s Law? Germ theory? A periodic table? A theory of evolution? Avogadro’s law?

      “of course all European science originated in Persia”

      This is also news to me. Please tell us more.

  6. I see the usual spew of hate from the regular gaggle of Troy trolls.

    Thanks goodness Martyn’s writing is so sensible.

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