The Green Party meltdown continues 8pm Friday night 

The Rainbow Parakeet and her Woke Emerald Stormtroopers

Here we go.

Ever since the 2022 GreenParty rule changes that allowed the more crazy woke informal factions to gain voting rights, the woke clique inside the Greens have played games to maximise their identity candidates.

We saw this with Dr Kerekere being rewarded such a high listing in the first round of candidate list rankings.

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Kerekere accidentally messaged co-conspirators in the now infamous crybaby message and the whole ruse was outed and we’ve seen the factions fighting ever since.

The GreenLeft Network wouldn’t understand the words ‘Green’, ‘Left’ or ‘Network’. These are the same amateurs who were breadcrumbed into a minefield and tricked by Matthew Hooton into launching a coup against James Shaw with no actual candidate lined up to replace him!

These are checkers players playing chess and failing.

Marama and James have been failures at leadership and their combined weakness is why the new uber woke clique believe they can challenge them for the leadership.

Sources claim it is Kerekere who has been dragging the investigation with stalling tactics so she can stall this all the way to the election.

To paraphrase Lincoln, a sustainable eco village divided can not stand.

It may be tonight that Kerekere appreciates the damage she is causing the Party and makes a magnanimous decision to apologise and backdown, but I think her ambition is far greater than her actual talent and that this is a problem that plagues all the GreenLeft Networks Top 10 candidate list.

They are terribly weak candidates who would do more damage to our side than the Right.

TDB has been very vocal about who members should list, based on who we believe are capable MPs who can force the change this country so urgently needs.

Those Top 5 are

1: Chloe

2: Golriz

3: Julie Anne Genter

4: Efeso Collins

5: Steve Able

Tonight I expect Kerekere to go nuclear with allegations and a dance of wounded feelings performed to the sound of Gay Whale songs and finger clicking fair-trade instruments made by indigenous children.

This matters because if the Greens implode, National and ACT win and that would be a tragedy.

The woke are like Maoists in that they are excellent at understanding the leadership dynamics of an organisation, stacking those dynamics and then taking over.

We saw it with the Pride Parade and the Auckland Climate Action self cancelation.

The exact same thing has occurred here. The woke have seized the new Green Party voting rules and manipulated them and gained unspeakable power thanks to the bland apathy most have towards politics.

This is the woke fruit this harvest has reaped and it is an acidic tasting ripe smugness that makes vegan food look palatable.

At some point the members have to take back control of their Party, these 2022 voting changes must be reviewed if this is the madness they have gerrymandered.

Until the members take back their Party, the Green Party meltdown continues.


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  1. Do Green Party meetings vote using a show of hands, or is that offensive to the differently abled?

    • I just want to take the big step of declaring that I now identify as a lesbian black South African Zulu woman. It such a relief I can now identify as the gender of my choice and can live a happier life as a gay lesbian woman of colour and my preferred pronouns shall be Zulu queen.

      • Sam Great. I’ll now identify as Sam, tangata whenua male with Scottish heritage, living in Oz; move out, please, so that I can move in and I’ll turn my place over to the tuis and elusive wax eye spies, convolvulous, and neighbours I need to escape from, having previously gotten them to vote Green. Thanks.

    • Definitely be secret ballot,don’t want anyone else knowing how you voted, could be career ending.

  2. Martyn – The Greens are far too broad a party…now they are attracting lots of nut jobs, and nasty bastards…quick way to sink the party

  3. Martyn, could not agree more.
    As a foundation member of the ACT Party it’s time to get in a rather large supply of popcorn.
    To their credit the Green leadership of 10 – 20 years ago had a modicum of principles and discipline.
    This current lot are totally off the planet, economic vandals and outright Marxist.
    Better still, they are back – stabbing each other in public which will not only lead to their belated demise ( in their current form ) but also ensure Labour do not get the seats to form a government.
    Fantastic Greens – keep it up , your party is the greatest asset for an ACT / National government.

  4. “Ever since the 2022 GreenParty rule changes that allowed the more crazy woke informal factions to gain voting rights” – Ah, so a microcosm of MMP itself.
    FPP has many faults but at least these lunatics were kept away from the levers of power.

  5. Elizabeth will apologise sincerely, unconditionally and the green ship will sail into the election…..

    • Elizabeth acted with integrity and resigned from the Green Party.
      The integrity of the Green party will “stay intact” with regards to the waka jumping law as long as they do not insist on the waka jumping law to be called upon.

  6. The Green Party needs a shake up. Shaw is a suit not a green activist. Davidson is ineffectual. I look forward to Kerekere and her followers gaining control and setting the Greens on a new path littered with pronouns and the bodies of Terfs.

  7. As a white male I have been reliably informed by the NZQA cultural advisor and my woke Sister in Law that I am not allowed to have any input into anything regarding a Maori, treatment of women or dealings with any member of the rainbow community and that any attempt to even ask questions will be considered an assault on them and be dealt with as a direct threat of physical harm.

    I leave this sadly true statement as a indication of how little ability any facts may have in keeping the meeting and investigation on track. And how little chance we have that anyone who supports this woman will care about her bullying anyone she wants.

  8. I’m not a climate change denier and therefore welcome a genuine Green Party in New Zealand politics.A Party the relies on sound science not highly emotional rhetoric.
    The current Green Party seems to have little interest in genuine environmental issues and that includes most of MB’s top 5 picks.

  9. Thing is with the greens, their hardcore support, or even middle of the road support, will still vote for them no matter what as for them there is no alternative

    And that’s the problem with NZ politics: we are all stuck voting for crap parties because there is nothing good on offer: they are all rotten. Pigs in the political trough

  10. Perhaps another possible Maori Party member. I am sure she would fit in with the other disfunctional and racist members

  11. I am loving the green meltdown. It shows voters the levels of crazy in the party.
    We do need an actual green party tho.

  12. “This matters because if the Greens implode, National and ACT win and that would be a tragedy.”

    Not for the other 5 million in this country! These narcissist/sociopaths shouldn’t be allowed to get anywhere near the levers of power.

  13. Verse 1:
    Goodbye to the Green Party, who promised so much more
    Divisive in their ways, we couldn’t ignore
    The environment’s in peril, but they failed to act
    Climate change is looming, it’s a stubborn fact

    And it seems to me you lived your time
    In vain pursuits, with no regard for the signs
    You burned out long before your legend ever will
    We’ll miss your voice, but not the promises unfulfilled

    Verse 2:
    The future’s uncertain, and our planet’s at stake
    But their actions were few, and their progress was fake
    We need a voice that’s strong, to speak for the earth
    Someone who’ll stand for nature, for all it’s worth

    And it seems to me you lived your time
    In vain pursuits, with no regard for the signs
    You burned out long before your legend ever will
    We’ll miss your voice, but not the promises unfulfilled

    Oh, the world is watching, as the climate changes fast
    We need leaders who will act, before it’s all in the past
    Farewell to the Green Party, it’s time to move on
    The future’s in our hands, it’s up to us to carry on

    And it seems to me you lived your time
    In vain pursuits, with no regard for the signs
    You burned out long before your legend ever will
    We’ll miss your voice, but not the promises unfulfilled

    Goodbye to the Green Party, we bid you adieu
    The world is waiting, for leaders who will pursue
    The cause of the planet, and the fight against time
    Let’s work together, for a future that’s sublime.

  14. Storm in a teacup, if anything is found to be wrongdoing by the Dr a wet but ticket admishment for being ‘not kind’….more likely no outcome and ‘nothing to see here’ press release.
    Ohhh and not forgetting the entire caucus will be trotting off to a full day seminar about being kind and respectful of each other….because that will show everyone how serious they all are about being ‘nice’


  15. Kerekere “accidentally” messaged… really?
    Was it not quite deliberate that some who were not supposed to get the message, did??
    Maybe she will go ballistic tonight and then announce she is crossing over to TPM?
    Just maybe…

  16. The GLN members need to join the Parliamentary Netball and Rugby teams for a more balanced view on life.

  17. I wish they would disappear in the blink of an eye. Tell me one decent thing they have promoted or achieved this term? All metrics are worse for climate and environmental issues and they have proved themselves worthy collaborators with a useless, wasteful and do-nothing-properly government.

  18. The good Doc going to TPM as well?…nah just Bryce Edwards having some fun…

    The Greens have long had one of the most open–and convoluted–candidate selection processes imaginable and some oddballs have certainly emerged. But look at the Natzos, head office calls it, look at Labour, head office calls it–Jacinda and Chippy made damn sure they kept ordinary party members well away from their baton pass.

    So Green members do have input if they use it, but I take Martyn’s point about rainbow sectors now having more influence. But hey, Labour’s man ban did not hurt them in the end in 2017 and 2020. There is now roughly 50% female representation in Parliament which is in line with the overall population, trans activists notwithstanding.

  19. I look forward to the leadership of Kerekere. The Greens need a new direction. Shaw and Davidson have failed.

    • Peter+H. Kerekere’s areas of interest, Maori art and historic sex and gender practices are not useful environmental credentials or leadership qualities. She needs to tidy herself up too; middle aged women dressing like adolescents and seemingly just as socially inept are not what’s needed here.

  20. This saga is nearly as exciting as listening to a game of outdoor bowls on the radio….

      • Johan Thiart JT, the politician who referred to women as “ front bums “ ? Lordy Lordy. If Meka can straighten him out about that sort of thing, pronouns may have cause to thank her.

  21. So Kerekere sends a nasty message, showing *extreme* selfishness and lack of support for a colleague, who’s pushing a strong bill that would help all the policy areas Kerekere claims to care about.

    The Greens, worried this is something she does as a pattern – so they already are worried she’s a bully – order an investigation.

    Kerekere lawyers up – not with a Māori lawyer, but with an employment one, even though she’s not a bully, it was a mistake to send the text, it wasn’t about Chloe, and there’s so much racism in the Greens….etc.

    And the investigation drags on, because Kerekere has a lawyer to feed.

    Kerekere realizes it’s not going her way, because she’s having to answer questions about her wider behaviour, and Marama Davidson is backing the investigation, so at some point calling it racist is going to look a little bit silly.

    So she arranges a zoom hui using Green Party resources to slag off Davidson and Shaw. And to say the real problem is that her first text was leaked to the media…..though probably the fact that she sent it to all the other Green MPs and some staff would have triggered an investigation anyway.

    During the hui, her resignation is received by the party. After 8pm on a Friday night. But she’s hanging in parliament til the bitter end, despite now having no role – so no select committee work, no questions in parliament. Bloody good money though.

    Every single bit of this screams a selfish bully used to getting her own way and spraying excuses left right and centre when she doesn’t. Bet Davidson, Shaw and most others in the Greens are busting to see the back of her.

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