ACT promise more winter and death

There aren't many political parties who promise more winter and death by freezing and get away with it.


ACT would end winter energy payment money go round

“The Winter Energy Payment needs to be targeted to those who really need it, New Zealand can’t afford to be spending half a billion dollars on a winter energy payment that goes to millionaires and beneficiaries alike,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

There aren’t many political parties who promise more winter and death by freezing and get away with it.

The political project of the Right is to constantly starve universal services of funding and then blame the shitty underfunded service and demand it gets cut back even further.

Look at KiwiRail, TVNZ, Public health, Public Education, State Housing etc etc etc.

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It’s this game of saying, ‘these people don’t deserve that extra support, let’s cut it back to just the deserving and then work endlessly at narrowing that definition’.

The whole drive is to amputate state revenue so it can’t be redistributed in the first place and then endlessly underfund that service.

Don’t be stupid, don’t get tricked by the self serving logic of ACT, tax the rich and vote Left!

Friends don’t let friends vote ACT.


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  1. Another article on TDB “Banks make obscene profits”

    So you’re happy that the shareholders of these banks who have just been paid a few thousand in devidends are going to get the winter energy grant paid for the guy who’s working a 60 hour week to feed his family?

    I thought the left cared about the working class?

  2. Martyn – Target Winter Heating Payments for people who need it…what is the problem with that?

  3. ACT. The essence of these followers of Hayek is their belief that “the invisible hand of the market” magically fixes everything.
    We’ve followed this fairytale nonsense since Govts enforced the idea on Kiwis from 1985 onwards.
    Look at the state of our nation.
    Decades of Rogernomics have resulted in an utter mess. It’s now so bad, our kids can no longer even afford to live here!!
    And yet beyond all reason, this is what ACT wishes to perpetuate and, exacerbate.
    Because somehow, the failed ideas of Hayek will ‘work this time’.

    If only the folk voting for ACT actually read and understood their dangerous policies and antisocial ideology.

  4. Winter payments should be targeted to help those in need. Care!!
    Everybody should get winter payment. Fairness.

    Come on NZ we are better than that! Why do we put fairness before care? Why??

    Progressive tax is about wealthy pricks contributing more tax to fund public services. Then we distribute is back fairly so the wealthy on super gets the same as those who are less wealthy or poor. Come on. This is a sad cruel joke!

  5. Comrade, tell me, How is the government doing in the East coast? the 18 million from the Red Cross doing anything else but by plastic buckets from the warehouse for ‘cleaning’, never mind that people still shuffle? Any word on the Northland communities? Coromandle? how warm are these people in their wet, moldy, fucked houses? Stuff send anyone down there to check up on People? The Herald?
    the Spinnoff, you know all these people that got 55 full paid houses given by the dear departed PM of this country a few years ago, you know the 55 million for public wankery?
    Again, why should we worry that ACT does something, when the current Labour Party has abandoned its duties totally and utterly? Oh, maybe some people don’t get the heating help? Broh, most people that need it already don’t get it, and they are working people. Maybe write a blog about the EX Labour Party Member that now sits on the opposition bench with Te Pati Maori, that was supposedly to look after these cyclone hit areas and that now pretends to be a minister of the crown, because Labour actually can’t just take her titles and baubles away as they are clearly running out of people who do nothing, fuck all for their 200.000 NZD + income.
    ACT is by far not as scary as the current Mao’ists in the labour Party that seemingly hate their country to the point of destroying our social fabric, our government and its rules and regulations and that make a mockery out of the voting process.
    ACT is currently not the enemy of this country.

  6. LOL! The fact that you take umbrage with his statement simply demonstrates your bias.
    What Seymour said makes complete sense but because it is Seymour that said it, you attack it like a rabid dog.

    *Slow clap*

  7. ACT will be a major part of the next Government, cry if you want but you better get used to it.

  8. “Don’t be stupid, don’t get tricked by the self serving logic of ACT, tax the rich and vote Left!”

    Don’t stupid and vote Labour or any of their potential coalition partners, that way lies ruin, division & despair. Save New Zealand from chaos, vote ACT.

  9. Act needs to show some kindness to the wealthy.
    Not distributing tax to help the wealthy pay for power in winter shows that Act does not care about the poor wealthy. Despicable act.

  10. The warm gun lovers and incels at ACT like to go on about individual responsibility–so here is a classic chance for Actoids to display some themselves…

    Universality is actually a fair delivery method for many State Payments (essentially transfers from taxpayer to taxpayer), and Winter Energy is NOT compulsory, you can indicate to MSD that you do not wish to receive it.

    So here is an idea, this organisation formed in 2019 lets you share some or all of your National Superannuation with others that need it more.

    ACT supporters can pull their heads in on reducing entitlements for the rest of us, including minimum wage, and do their bit…
    –say no to Winter Energy
    –donate part of all of their National Super

    I know a guy, rural contractor recently retired, one of my few tory friends, who refers to his National Super payments as his “piss and smokes” money, not that he smokes now, but it is the attitude of a lot of people that like to Bennie bash those on Jobseekers Allowance for bludging.

  11. Pink Batts in internal walls and double glazing. Govt does this, houses won’t need winter energy payment. Besides with Climate Change, Winters are getting warmer.

  12. For the life of me I cant understand why me with a disability preventing me from working ever again can’t get any support whatsoever because Im being means tested based on my wifes income but some rich prick with multiple properties, shares, investments and cash assets and even employment can get a pension.
    Something really has to change here.
    Raise this issue on social media just produces a whole bunch of boomers full of entitleitis going on about a super fund that doesnt exist anymore. Its taxpayer funded like every other benefit!

  13. “Friends don’t let friends vote Act”. Not many friends I know would believe they have that level of influence over how their friends vote. Presumably you know lots of people, including friends, who have pretty diverse voting patterns. Unless you are of the school of “Never have kissed a Tory”.

    • I’m trans, so this doesn’t really effect me, but it is a necessary improvement, especially since the rules require people to refer to me as Zulu Queen.

    • Will people necessarily say they voted ACT? I certainly won’t be boldly declaring it to my Left wing friends.

            • Move to America. We saw what your guns did in Christchurch and the free speech that guy bought!

              • You saw what the NZ Police and Labour made possible, and who was held responsible for those failures?

                ACT will turn back the clock on that failure.

              • You might be surprised to discover that most of the areas with serious gun violence issues in the US, have the most restrictive gun laws, laws that are much more restrictive than our current ones.

                • Same could be said about abortion which is very restricted in some parts of America yet the rates of abortion increases slightly. I mean to cloak gun violence in the veil of restrictions as a means for gun rights advocacy is just insane.

                  • Most of the gun violence in the US is related to the drug trade, it’s the US’s de facto welfare system and death & violence are one of it’s “gifts”. Gun laws are an attempt to control the lawless with more laws.

                    • American gun rights have never been about taking the law into your own hands. That’s just rediculous. It’s about protecting property rights.

                    • As long as you discount mass killings, “wrong place, wrong time” killings, domestic murders, suicides, general stupidity, and “justifiable” killings by the police, then there is a 50/50 chance you might be right. But probably not, cause you are an idiot.

                    • that’s right because junkies shoot up schools and churches and indulge in shopping mall murders peach….please do wake up to yourself

                      and sam killing the innocent who ring your doorbell isn’t even a stand your ground…it’s mental illness the kind that the NRA is opposed to testing for

                  • Actually most US gun violence is committed by the Government and they definitely kill more people than the cartels do. They export too.

                  • That was for Peach. Clearly the US does not have the most restrictive gun laws. You can be stark raving mad it seems and still obtain a firearm. Background checks are woeful.

                    • You mean police haven’t been operating according to their own rules like when they licensed the Chch shooter wheel?
                      Yet your Labour government reneged on a promise to remove firearms licensing from police.
                      If they are still doing a shit job it’s 100% your lots fault.
                      Also here’s a hint : gangs aren’t nice, they are violent drug dealing criminals – don’t give them gun licenses.
                      It’s not surprising Labours gun laws have increased gun crime.
                      Fucking clueless.

                    • Yes Wheel, I’m still not certain Peach gets it, guns are designed for one thing, killing. Whether it be animals or humans.
                      A supporter promoting guns is a loose canon( excuse the pun).

                    • Not all states have strict gun laws, but the states/cities with the worst gun crime issues, tend to have the strictest laws. The US is a very big and diverse place, South Central LA is very different from Wyoming. LA has very strict laws and you are much more likely to be shot there, Wyoming not so much (Wyoming’s gun deaths are generally suicides, LA’s are homicides).

                • the problem in the states is yanks are sub par in intelligence..and emotional infants.’he’s ringing my doorbell so I’ll shoot him’

                  look at the swiss high gun ownership but the rules and qualifications mean the mentally retarded can’t get guns.

        • Free peach you are not protecting anyone’s rights voting for the little sycophantic Seymour. If this is the person you want to lead the country then god help us all. Have you seen the way he behaves in parliament, he is nothing but a little smart arse twat. He talks about tax payers money being targeted, he is the biggest waste of tax payers money in NZ. If MP pay was targeted with performance pay he would get none . Just look at his rich donors . These dollars speak a thousand words and these donors are not advocating for the lowly in our society they are only self interested in their own wealth. The old adage from Seymour and his click “I am all right Jack and bugger the rest of you”.

          • Seymour and his click “I am all right Jack and bugger the rest of you”.

            As opposed to Labour who just bugger everyone & everything.

    • Left wing friends I have,because of family tradition cannot vote National, so are turning to Act.
      They’ve had enough of being lied to.

  14. Act are a bunch of cunts that talk a load of shit they have no problem propping up the rich when it suits their agenda, they are the divide and conquer party and very divisive.

  15. I love my Winter Energy Payments!
    The problem is that when I travel overseas, they cancel it. Last year we were in Europe for 4 months, so I missed out. This year we’re doing a couple of shorter duration trips, so they don’t cancel it – we just got back from a month in Japan, which was very nice, but have yet to figure out where to next – the weather is crap, so I fancy somewhere in the sun. Maybe Aitutaki. Any recommendations?


    • Laughing at the WEP when the payment offers so much comfort to those who desperately need support shows what an absolute tosser you are. Those who don’t require it that get it can say no. You being one means you are a thieving bastard. And you think it funny? You are definitely right wing.

  16. all ACT offer is old failed 80s neo-lib/ libertarian policies, they know some catchphrases but even these are old and creaky

      • As a firearms owner, what rights have I lost? Still got the same rifles and shotgun I had 7 years ago. No skin off this law abiding citizens nose. Nothing buried in the back yard is there?

    • All ACT offer? Why knowingly peddle untruths Yuri? If that was ALL ACT offered, very few people on this site would give them the time of day. Unfortunately ACT in the only party currently in parliament that’s shown any commitment to fighting the woke cancer in our institutions. If would be more accurate to say LINO offer little but wokeism. Vote for LINO, “Greens” o TMP if you believe “Being numerate in Aotearoa NZ today involves understanding diverse cultural perspectives, privileging te ao Maaori and Pacific worldviews”.

  17. ” There aren’t many political parties who promise more winter and death by freezing and get away with it ”

    Anybody voting for ACT means they are comfortable with their donors interests being advanced which is not necessarily going to benefit those have limited resources but are more concerned about their gun rights or through a sudden drastic change find themselves at the mercy of WINZ or needing the help to pay their power bill.

  18. Actually the payment will still be available if a person has a community services card. This information is easily available but conveniently ignored by left wing media. It’s a good idea as only the deserving will actually get the winter supplement.

  19. This from the U.K

    ” he draconian Public Order Act was given royal assent on 2 May, dramatically increasing police powers to arrest protesters. The Home Office has already cited the new Act in threatening letters to anti-monarchists. The campaign group Republic received intimidating letters this week, listing the arrest powers under the new Act. Extinction Rebellion has also received similar threats. ”

    Expect the same here if anyone dares to confront the current status quo in a reasonably robust protest.

    This is a warning of what the neo liberal / top 200 hundred families and corporates will request the NZ state ( including privileged M.Ps ) to respond to any protest or civil disorder against their interests or authority.

    Unfortunately Bomber I think your correct in your assessment of the majority of New Zealanders who would rather run from a conflict than stand their ground and stand against the financial and state enforced tyranny which is why we are perceived as weak and offer no resistance to those who financially rape and pillage us all in the name of profit !

  20. What I believe is that there are a whole lot of incidents of gun violence that are nothing to do with drugs and are happening in states with ridiculously relaxed gun laws. What’s restrictive about open carry?

    • Maybe you need to do some more research then. Visit the US sometime & not just LAX, and see where you are safer.

      • Are you seriously trying to say gun violence is high in places like Chicago because of strict gun laws? That is delusional

        • Surely the places with the highest gun violence have stricter gun laws because they have the highest gun violence. yet apparently, it’s stricter gun laws which cause more gun violence because of stricter gun laws. Not sure what sort of mental gymnastics gets you to that sort of reasoning. It’s like saying MAD makes the world safer, with less likelihood of war and aggression, if you just ignore the ICBM elephants in the room.

  21. Remember the 49% of private shareholders borrowed, received free shares funded by taxpayers to invest, buy shares at a discounted rate of 100%!

    They only had to register to buy shares and then were ‘allocated’ shares that they had to hold for 12 months and then they creamed the profit to pay for the shares. Larger investors cashed out and received free shares and cash without putting any money down!

    So I think the private shareholders should foot the bill!

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