Khader Adnan died on hunger strike protesting his detention without trial –


Palestinian resistance leader Khader Adnan died after an 87-day hunger strike in an Israeli prison protesting his detention without trial and the arbitrary nature of the allegations against him.

Adnan was being held under Israeli “administrative detention” whereby Palestinians are arrested and held without charge or trial for long periods in Israeli prisons.

This alleged “leader of this Islamic Jihad” has never been convicted, in fact he has never been indicted. Still, he was arbitrarily held in an Israeli prison for eight years cumulatively.

There are currently more than 1000 Palestinians in administrative detention.

“It’s not acceptable that New Zealand media reporting has either reported without the crucial administrative detention context or has ignored Khader Adnan’s death” says John Minto, National Chair of Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa.

“Our government and media are keen to condemn detention without trial and impossibly-high conviction rates under authoritarian regimes overseas but we keep giving Israel a free pass”.

The poor reporting simply means the apartheid state does not have to answer to:

  • Why “the only democracy in the Middle East” keeps Palestinians in prison without charge or trial?
  • Why has the number of Palestinians in prison without charge or trial increased to over 1000 – the highest level in two decades?
  • Why are Palestinians living under occupation subject to Israeli military rule while Israelis are under a civilian judicial system?
  • Why is the conviction rate for Palestinians in Israeli military courts is over 99%  (99.74% in 2012 – the latest reported figure) – higher than any other repressive regime anywhere in the world?

All this is critical context for New Zealanders to understand what is helping drive violence in Palestine.

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  1. Why are the Palestinian Arabs focusing only on the Jewish areas, despite the fact the area Palestine claims is THREE times the size of Israel…?

  2. Only 87 days??? Just a picnic compared to the January 6th prisoners in The Land of the Free….,

  3. Nakba Day May15

    What is this cruelty coming to????
    the sentiment is coming through –
    Zion makes the people blue
    Oh Palestine!

    Money out and money in
    shelling out for crates of gin
    coke is cheaper here than agua
    life is but a colander
    Oh Palestine!

    75 long years ago, run out of their homes and
    made to leave the land they loved, the ancient olive groves.
    Poisoned, tortured, terrorised, right before the generals’ eyes!
    Justified for what, by who? an answer that we never knew..

    What for? a Balfour valve is all..
    what for? a way to bleed us all..
    what for? the bitter tears all fall
    all fall for Palestine…
    Oh, boycott Israel…. we are dying…
    for they come saying “Yours is Mine!”….
    for what? the harvesting of blood…
    the children’s cries are hid with lies….
    Oh tears for Palestine…

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