Open Blog to Green Party Members voting on the Candidate List

The Rainbow Parakeet and her Woke Emerald Stormtroopers

The last minute attempt using new rules to try and delay the membership vote on candidate rankings by the Uber Woke Clique who have attempted to gerrymander the list by stacking it in favour of their new co-leadership team of Kerekere and Ricardo was defeated late Friday night, but it gives you an insight into the factional politics at play…

Elizabeth Kerekere supporters fail to delay party vote in late night meeting

An umbrella group of Green Party members has failed in their bid to delay members from voting on their party list while MP Elizabeth Kerekere is under investigation by the party. Voting will begin on Friday as planned.

Members of the Rainbow Greens, Young Greens, Aotearoa Greens Global, Pasifika Greens, and Inclusive Greens used a relatively new process to call an “urgent member assembly” to try to delay a vote on on the party’s list.

Kerekere’s supporters fear that if the vote begins before the investigation wraps up, it could be the end of her Parliamentary career.

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The party used a new voting system where representatives from each province as well as the lived experience groups cast votes.

…these ‘lived experience groups’ have block voted into place their identity candidates and are now frantically trying to delay the vote as the wider membership looks on disapprovingly at these political stunts being played out in public.

The new constitution adopted by the party in 2022, expanded the guidelines for selecting candidates whilst allocating voting rights to previously informal interest group networks. One effect of this has been to de-prioritise talent, effectiveness and electoral appeal in the list-ranking process in favour of a kind of horse trading over how to fit in the right quota of geography, ethnicity, ability, youth & gender into the various positions on the list.

It is this new network that a far more puritanical woke clique have seized upon and manipulated to ensure their identity candidates have most influence.

I have voted Greens most of my adult life and I barely recognise this current mutation.

The Greens must move against alienating woke middle class politics and urgently refocus on the economic pain voters are living with.

To that end the top 5 candidates as ranked by Green Party Members should be:

1: Chloe

2: Golriz

3: Julie Ann Genter

4: Efeso Collins

5: Steve Able

Those are the only 5 who have the courage and capacity to take the Greens to where they need to go post any Labour led Government.

I think the wider membership have been appalled at these types of political machinations by woke cliques.

It is time to put in place a leadership team that can actually push for progress rather than destroy for dogma.

The top 5 is that team.


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  1. As long they fuck off and die somewhere in the bush. All the better for the world and NZ.
    The crazies have overtaken the asylum.

      • I was a bit harsh. But I do like a good snooker. Gaurentes the Leader of the Greens would be Chloe. Stupid activists can play there stupid games and win stupid prizes.

  2. Martyn – The Greens need to go into the wilderness. out of Parliament, sort themselves out – then come back

  3. Usually I would be disheartened by seeing youth gangs fighting in a car park or school yard, but as this time it’s the Greens – who have done plenty of dirty tricks themselves – I’m fetching the popcorn.

  4. Looking forward to your opinion piece post the vote. It will be interesting to see which way the members go.

    One can imagine some frantic lobbying behind “closed doors”…… or will they squabble in public? Hope they have encryption sorted.

    • Public meltdown, then the knives come out for a vegan friendly backstabbing. Following the election there’ll be tears all around at the result, before regrouping in their happy place, opposition.

  5. “…the Rainbow Greens, Young Greens, Aotearoa Greens Global, Pasifika Greens, and Inclusive Greens …”


    It’s the famous Monty Python ‘Judean Peoples Popular Front’ sketch re-enacted!
    What a bunch of clowns!

    • Andrew. Kindly leave Monty Python out of this, you white cisgender male Pommie see-you-on Tuesday. Next you’ll be revealing the location of escapee Gareth Hughes’s secret harbouring island, you sociopathic sadist… you. You?

  6. I don’t think the rebel Greens cast offs can work with NZ First. & Labour may need NZ First as part of a 4 headed political monster to govern.

    • I think youre onto something Marco.

      But, it will be after a Hung Parliament and Winston has done the rounds. He’ll then put the hard word on them all. Do a deal now or we go to the polls again and it will be because you couldn’t make a decision!

      That’ll kill them a little bit more if they blink.

    • Winston has stated he will not work with Labour, if he has sufficient votes at the next General Election in 2023.

  7. Martyn stop it. If Gohlriz and JAG are 2 of the “Greens” top 3, there is no hope for them

      • Sam. Luxon’s looking very normal compared to the Greens and some of their weirdo obsessions, and normal is starting to become hungered for in this mad mad world. Greens tried to dump James Shaw because he looks like a normal polite sort of man in a suit, and not a circus clown – he’s even heterosexual.

        • That’s by partisan. Both parties have been voting for self ID. It’s the worst kind of policy because they don’t have to raise taxes.

          • Sam. Point taken. It’s easy for people like me to be critical of people like Luxon for supporting the damaging sexualisation now being forced upon school children, but obviously the politicians themselves aren’t particularly cognisant about what’s going on. Concerned parents are likely to be accused of homophobia, or transphobia. If even the police withdraw and let women be bullied as they did at Albert Park rather than risk being called transphobic, then ordinary parents can feel lost and beleaguered up against a powerful well-funded ideology.

            Impressionable young children being taught that penises or other, don’t necessarily indicate that they’re male or other, is very confusing, to say the least. Gutsy politicians actually educated about gender ideology could make the world of a difference to the well-being of our children.

      • The sun will be rising soon and the birds will start moving, screeching at each other and the Circus which we call Parliament, will start going through it’s Act’ again for the day.

  8. My Candidates for List Ranking:

    My only complaint is there are bugger all candidates from the health field .
    There is only one which to be is not good.
    Also bugger all for inequality most are environmental oriented.

    James SHAW
    Julie Anne GENTER
    Steve ABEL
    Fa’anānā Efeso COLLINS
    Golriz GHAHRAMAN
    Teanau TUIONO
    Lan PHAM
    Dr Lawrence XU-NAN
    Francisco HERNANDEZ
    Scott WILLIS
    Suveen Sanis WALGAMPOLA
    Stephanie RODGERS
    Dave KENNEDY
    Richard WESLEY
    Dr Alec MCNEIL
    Neelu JENNINGS
    Sapna SAMANT
    Rochelle FRANCIS
    Reina Tuai PENNEY
    Celia WADE-BROWN
    Gina DAO-MCLAY
    Benjamin DOYLE
    Kahurangi CARTER
    Darleen TANA
    Hūhana LYNDON
    Dr Elizabeth KEREKERE
    Marama DAVIDSON

    • Are there any tradesmen there, or are they mostly overheads being paid by the tax payer ..???

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