Kerekere quits – Green on Green unfriendly fire – Members need to take back their Party NOW!


There is a lot that should be said, but won’t be said about Dr Kerekere’s resigning last night.

But for the shits and giggles, let’s read between the lines.

The livestream was cut as soon as Kerekere started lashing out at the leadership, her resignation was sent to the leadership shortly after she started speaking and made public at 10.30pm

I think that there was a lot more screenshots saying far more damaging things that could have been released.

Once the scale of gerrymandering by woke identity cliques using the new voting rules was realised, the push back and leaks have not ended.

The woke clique were manipulated by Matthew Hooton last year into dumping James as co-leader without any actual plan after that, these are not the smartest political strategists. These people think Marama isn’t woke enough!

The wider membership have been appalled by this level of machination.

This soft coup against James and Marama was only possible because they are both so weak and have little to show for their leadership.

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The woke identity clique have been exposed and it is now up to the wider membership to take their Party back.

TDB has been arguing members rank the top 5 this way to send a message they want a Green Party with the capacity to force economic and environmental justice:

1 – Chloe

2 – Golriz

3 – Julie Anne Genter

4 – Efeso Colllins

5 – Steve Able

This entire fiasco has been damaging for the Greens and Kerekere will be hoping a pre-emptive resignation can buy her time to get an invite from the Māori Party.

The Māori Party would be crazy to let her in.

We urgently need a Green Party focused on serving the people and not feeding their own ambitions.

We are 6 months out from the 2023 election, we did not need this shit!

If the Green Party are finished starting culture wars with white cis males and politically self mutilating themselves, could we get back to climate change and the looming economic recession?

A sustainable eco village divided against itself cannot stand!

Members must review these new voting rules so this nonsense doesn’t happen again!


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  1. A bit of good news. Hopefully the Green Party is not lost, as for all it’s faults, it needs to survive to keep National/Act out

  2. Yep, tipping points are being reached and action is needed not more fringe rainbow distractions. The North has been under water for days–200ml rainfall over 24hrs around Kaitaia area since Fri.

    The Greens need to get into mobilising the wider community to support the revived School Climate Strikes, pushing for mass installs of solar and rain water collection tanks for houses and apartments, and the many other Climate Disaster issues. Plus they need to develop a plan to corner Labour, if they are able to form a Govt., into making the reforms they should have been doing since 2020.

  3. Will Kerekere be a loose canon like Sharma and spill a lot of beans?

    Here’s hoping.

    Remember this is the party who went to Albert Park to fight Nazis and celebrated with pure trans joy after violence against women and the shutting down of free speech.

    If you vote Greens, these are the people you are voting for

  4. Hey Martin. Genuine question: What has Ghahraman achieved to justify your ranking of 2? Efeso Collins at 4? I don’t know the man. Will he turn out to be like Teanau Tuiono? I thought he presented well pre-2020 election but again what’s he done?

    The current Greens crop is pretty sparse. Very little to inspire confidence there. But what would I know. Hipkins impressed me for about a week and then went backwards.

    And it’s Steve Abel.

    • Who are being Hootoned now?
      Looking forward to seeing the outcome of the selection process.
      No-one will really be happy in the green family. But they will be celebrated.
      The media one ……. oops …. won.

      What did they win?

    • LOL! Precisely zero value from any of them including Martyns most recent crush Chloe who is cut from the same virtue signaling empty headed cloth.
      It’s amazing that the current National party are the worst in NZ history and yet are still streets ahead of Labour and the greens.

  5. Verse 1:
    Goodbye to the Green Party, who promised so much more
    Divisive in their ways, we couldn’t ignore
    The environment’s in peril, but they failed to act
    Climate change is looming, it’s a stubborn fact

    And it seems to me you lived your time
    In vain pursuits, with no regard for the signs
    You burned out long before your legend ever will
    We’ll miss your voice, but not the promises unfulfilled

    Verse 2:
    The future’s uncertain, and our planet’s at stake
    But their actions were few, and their progress was fake
    We need a voice that’s strong, to speak for the earth
    Someone who’ll stand for nature, for all it’s worth

    And it seems to me you lived your time
    In vain pursuits, with no regard for the signs
    You burned out long before your legend ever will
    We’ll miss your voice, but not the promises unfulfilled

    Oh, the world is watching, as the climate changes fast
    We need leaders who will act, before it’s all in the past
    Farewell to the Green Party, it’s time to move on
    The future’s in our hands, it’s up to us to carry on

    And it seems to me you lived your time
    In vain pursuits, with no regard for the signs
    You burned out long before your legend ever will
    We’ll miss your voice, but not the promises unfulfilled

    Goodbye to the Green Party, we bid you adieu
    The world is waiting, for leaders who will pursue
    The cause of the planet, and the fight against time
    Let’s work together, for a future that’s sublime.

  6. I’d like a Green Party to serve the planet not just the people.

    Kerekere also probably resigned as she saw the odds were not stacked in her favour to automatically be returned to a cushy job in parliament by being high on the members lists, so resigned.

    So much easier to resign and then milk the woke victim card.

    We know from the Covid breaches that Kerekere thought she was outside of the rules – pretty sure Green MP’s are not supposed to publicly slag other Green members in their charter.

  7. Expect more tower crashing moments, the world over and especially in politics over the next while. We’re moving into a new age where the corrupt filth of the world rises from the hidden and exposes itself so we can cleanse it out. Let’s do Putin and the banks next!

  8. That the Green Party still has a core base that will (clearly mindlessly) vote for them no matter what beggars belief. I guess they get a lot from uninformed overseas voters who have no idea how crazy this party and their policy is.

  9. Keep James Shaw. He’s normal, even if he’s a white heterosexual male, now a protected species. Elizabeth has lovely Irish cheekbones in the above photo; pity she seems to have taken a narrow path. What a mess.

  10. Question.

    With a recession potentially looming, why haven’t you listed former Action Against Poverty spokesman Menéndez-March?

  11. There exists a need to battle the culture of White Cis Males. Especially as climate change and economic recession are caused by it.

    There can be no solution to the ailing eco-sphere or financial systems without an evolution of White Cis Male culture.

    The sooner we accept that, the better!!!

    • LOL! White NORMAL men built the world you live in.
      Stop using electricity and all other technology and THEN start your revolution.
      It’s always the most useless people like you that demand that the world builders are overthrown by typing on the technology they created.
      I’d say grow a brain but it clearly isn’t possible.

      • White Cis Male culture is destroying the world.

        I get your’e threatened and scared of losing your historical dominance but put your big boy pants on, suck it up and adapt, evolve or die!

  12. “The woke clique were manipulated by Matthew Hooton last year into dumping James as co-leader……………..”
    Is that a case of can’t be that stupid, but is stupid enough to be manipulated? lol

  13. A word about Elizabeth Kerekere and the Pride people she is embraced by. Thinking about them – they are cohesive, they are trying to be kind to each other, they are multi-racial, multi-sexual, and wanting a better future. Maybe they are the future. The old ways have been insufficient and now we are going through huge changes that no-one in power can change or even bear to think hard about because there are such powerful entities against the people. So the people given power serve the powerful entities – but pride people have a basic human urge, to be themselves and enjoy a communal life in a group. The combines power of these people seeking a new way of being that seems bad because it is fo different – may actually offer us a way round the powerful entities. I don’t see why however, that should mean that gay people can change sex with their socks and diminish rights of people firm in their sex. Changes should be negotiated and gay/pride people won’t get just what they decide they want but if they have a reasoned group as their leaders, we could work out better ways.

    Elizabeth Kerkere seems to be highly thought of, thoughtful, has a background of activism and co-operation with people, especially Maori. She reminds me a bit of Winston Peters, with the same stylish clothing! A politician who can think about people, she would have been for Metiria Turei I hope. Let’s think on this matter, and negotiate for fairness to all and practicality.

    Disregard the Greens who have good ideas in discussion but fail to define, refine include needy humans and assistance in their actions. Sounding good, confident, sensible and idealistic is all; they are for the environment but don’t really like humans-at-all-levels. And that is what we need, to all be in the loop and going along with the forward-moving not the subject of disdain and finger-pointing. I have listened too long to the crap that is spouted and discard it as BS when really examined – as moist and steaming as the image in the recent caption set.

  14. I know nothing about the Green Party so just passing a comment on how strange thinks look when a MP that warrented a suggested ranking of number 4 on their party list ensuring if Greens got 5 percent a place in Parliment for the next term
    now the leaders say she was on a watch list as they were aware of tension and possible bullying of other members. It seems very messy following on from the attempt to replace James Shaw as the co leader which I understand she was involved in .

  15. Phew, thank God Marama is still there! zthe best thing that ever happened to the Green Party. A hardworking, diligent MP who is deeply passionate about the environment and then planet. If only all MPs were like her.

    • Yes KH Thank goodness for Marama. She has been a steel tipped knife that has pared away the irrelevancies of Green Party concerns and exposed the inner core for our view. And it is a lovely pavlova to be enjoyed by all the cognoscenti. The rest of us are labouring to grow potatoes like the Irish did and trying to avoid being taken out by wind-blown viruses and funguses plus problems from fly-blown-minds that maggot away at all the good that we had managed to build in this country.

    • The Daily Blog isn’t some fringe online message board like The Standard. We come here to try and persuade people to our side. Y’know we want to gibempeople dignity in retirement. A dignified workinh life. We try and use our collective bargaining power to build stuff people can be proud of.

  16. The Greens will really be hoping that the fact Elizabeth Kerekere is best known for breaking lockdown rules while being in a health spokesperson role means this dies down quickly. Expect her ego to keep making itself felt, and I’d be surprised if Te Pāti Māori though her with a barge pole. Especially since she’s had a history of treating Louisa Wall like crap too.

    Biggest problems for the Greens are if they let Kerekere pretend she’s a victim of racism, rather than a nasty bit of work. Of course she faces racism. But Marama wouldn’t be fronting this, and Māori staff wouldn’t be complaining, if Kerekere wasn’t a bully.

  17. When I read articles like this and the anger and frustration in the comments section it reminds me of an old article I was shown many years ago. I invite anyone including Bomber to search for this: Climbing the ladder of awareness by Paul Chefurka. It may be of interest to see Paul’s theory on the stages of awareness we are all moving through with regards to the multi faceted predicament humanity is facing. Everyone is somewhere on this ladder- politicians, journalists, you and me. Peace <3


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