OMG! National champion policy more left wing than Labour!



How humiliating for Labour!

Bonding Midwives and Nurses by effectively paying off their student debt in return for working in NZ for 5 years means that instead of training nursers and have them leave immediately overseas to pay off their debt, they will stay here!

We need to be offering far more bonding options for essential public services.

The Left should be championing this as an antidote to user pays education, and yet we are not!

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How shameful that National is promising to do more rot solve the nursing crisis than all the Labour Party Policy in the world!


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  1. “The Left should be championing this as an antidote to user pays education, and yet we are not!”

    No. The Left should be restoring fees-free tertiary education, with admission based on marks only. The problem with the pre-Rogernomics model was it was too easy to stuff around for years at the taxpayers expense. That system needed reform, not replacement. Fail three papers and you’re out for good – barring severe illness or similar force majeure.

    • The woke is like the economics proffesion. They know fuck all about anything but just enough to make thier stupid theories look plausible. And they infect two/thirds of students. We could have all the rowes we like but we will still have the herald and there little lapdog stuff smashing the family unit to bits.

  2. These policies will be a winner .This is the second announcement of a policy that one would have expected from Labour.

  3. It should not be about Left and Right. About Makin g common sense decisions for all new Zealand s. The Sam e rules should apply for the BESt teacher s.

  4. They better watch it, they may out-left the Woke if they are not careful.

    The policy promises are going to get interesting. Will they force Chippie to go further left or will Chippie settle on conservatism. Surely not. Weird!

  5. But will their coalition partner ACT allow National to implement it?
    Labour needs to bring back paid training for teachers and nurses (with bonding) and remove the need for student loans?

  6. I am so old that I remember a time when the National Party inclined to social responsibility.
    First: Please remember it is an election promise – so maybe, maybe not.
    Second: National need ACT to win the election and ACT members will have a tantrum if this actually happens.
    ACT believes in well appointed, well equipped, well staffed, modern hospitals and schools only for those who can afford them.
    There will be workhouses and charity medical barracks for the impoverished rabble.

  7. You’re very fair Martyn. Yet, I bet folks like Bert and Millsy will find fault with it. Here we go…

    • It’s not about fault but it probably needs context. I’ll pay some of your debt and you stay here for five years……oh and did I mention I will keep your pay low. That’s the trade off

  8. How long do nurses train for and would “up to 4500 per year address the gap in annual salary compared to Australia, not to mention the difference in conditions (if that’s actually uniformly true)? I assume they must have factored that in.

  9. What National SAY they’ll do & what they actually will DO is conjecture & hearsay!

  10. This Labour Government “don’t do policy” we have over 5 years of proof.
    Indeed they backtrack on promises.

  11. Great policy I must say – I would have gone further and stated a higher pay for the extra hours they have to do for the lack of nurses to do the available shifts.

    I listened to Dr Ayesha Verrall about this this morning and she stated she has been doing the equivalent without saying what that really was.

    In reference to Dr Ayesha Verrall saying to speed up removing elderly in hospital beds by getting them to physio quicker I nearly choked on a coffee, if that is possible.

    I have to wait 30 weeks for my first physio appointment in Dunedin for my knees.

    Dr Ayesha Verrall tells the media about her ideas, but she should really look at the compounding failure first before mentioning it.

    Dr Ayesha Verrall I’m sure you have the best intentions but you need to stop the bullshit. New Zealand can only put up with it for so long as we know we hardly have any Physios hence why they were put on the green list on the 12th April 2023.

    Why you didn’t put them on the green list May 2022?

  12. Verrall educated at the Labour School of untruths?
    By the way has Andrew Little resigned yet?

    • Yes Reti lied, yet somehow Bob finds that Verrall was untruthful.
      As usual Bob full of shit.
      Actually Bob you are just just silly.

  13. This policy is based on false information and lies. Nurses are already bonded in hard to staff areas of the country. National has promised to get rid of the first free year of training. Do you seriously think that young nurses of today will actually accept being told to stay in a job for 5 years for what is really a pittance in loan repayments ,especially when they will have to pay for their first year. It wasn’t that long ago that there were no jobs for new graduates nurses, this was under National. Nursing training numbers were cut down . There were no decent pay rises for 9 years. Can all this sycophants of the National party please tell me what has National ever done for the health system . Even now Reti is telling lies about numbers and he is supposedly a christian. Health care must be based on truth first rule “do no harm “ this means telling the truth.

    • Well said Queeny, I totally agree.
      Bring back paid training with accommodation, just like we provide for the military. Covid proved how essential a pool of trained medical staff are for a functioning health system.

  14. Then after the election and after giving the rich another tax cut it will be “Oh sorry there was nothing left over in the budget to cover that”

  15. In Whangarei FEES FREE TRADE EDUCATION HAS BEEN CANCELLED BY LABOUR THIS YEAR – and a generation of kids from poorer families are cut out of trade education. Go figure.

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