Marijuana Media – Police confiscate legally prescribed cannabis; Legalisation in Delaware, Germany, and Antigua & Barbuda; Execution in Singapore; Chlöe’s 420 Day post; and our Gary is our Activist of the Year.


Kia ora! Police seizing legit medi-weed, the good and bad of lobbying, Weedman and Afroman, law reform in Germany, Antigua and Barduda, and Delaware, plus 420 Day coverage this week on Marijuana Media on 95bFM, with hosts Jonny from bFM Drive and Chris Fowlie from The Hempstore.


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Lobbying profile features our Gary

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RNZ this week profiled 4 long time activists including our own Gary Chiles, the “gallery stalker” who many may recognise from his permanent cannabis leaf suit. Gary read the rules and saw that slogans on T shirts or signs were not allowed in parliament, but there is a gallery for suited gents. So, he got a suit covered in bright green weed leaves and attends every sitting day – a permanent parliamentary reminder this issue is not going away. Gary Chiles is NORML’s activist of the year, 2022 (See – RNZ: Long game: activism at Parliament)

In related news this week, Massey Uni researchers lumped hemp-suited cannabis lobbyists in with booze and baccy baddies in a dire warning of the evils of lobbying (See – Marta Rychert and Chris Wilkins in NZ Herald: NZ and the politics of lobbying: Time to tackle transparency and access).

But for real examples of dodgy lobbying, see Guyon Espiner’s The Drinking Game, his recent expose for RNZ on How well-connected lobbyists ask for – and receive – urgent meetings, sensitive information and action on law changes for their corporate clients, or OxyContin-pushing Sackler family convicted for spreading misinformation and creating the opioid crisis which has seen thousands of Americans die by overdose.

Delaware becomes the 22nd US state to legalise marijuana for adults

Personal use is now legal for adults aged over 21. A licensing system will be established to regulate cannabis production and retail sales with the issuance of up to 30 initial retail marijuana licenses, 30 manufacturing licenses, 60 cultivation licenses, and five testing licenses (See – CBS News)

Right-wing DJs on tour unimpressed by Cali weed

Conservative power couple Mike Hosking and Kate Hawkesby were in San Francisco this week, and the highly paid NewstalkZB DJ wrote in the Herald the city is a mess, has lost its way, and such a sad demise.

The cause of all this, he opined, was the “embarrassing” smell of legal cannabis, workers in low wage service jobs using weed to get through their shitty day and not serving him quick enough, and some moan about security guards carrying guns. The self-entitlement and sense of privilege runs deep. Kate H did a similar whinge on NewstalkZB. Maybe they’d like Singapore better?

Singapore executes man for buying 1kg cannabis

Is it time to boycott Singapore? We would boycott countries for other human rights abuses. Singaporean Tangaraju Suppiah, 46, was hanged at Changi Prison Complex for his part in arranging delivery of 1 kilo of cannabis.

The Herald reported the Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network condemned Tangaraju’s execution as “reprehensible”. It was also condemned by Amnesty and the UNHCR. More coverage on Newshub, and this by 1 News:

In many parts of the world — including neighbouring Thailand — cannabis has been decriminalised, with authorities abandoning prison sentences, and rights groups have been heaping pressure on Singapore to abolish capital punishment.  

German Government to allow home grown and cannabis social clubs

Much better news, adults in Germany will be able to grow and consume cannabis privately or at non-profit members’ clubs by the end of the year, according to new plans announced by their health minister. Previous plans for distribution through shops and pharmacies, announced as part of the coalition agreement with the German Greens, were scaled back following talks with the European Commission.

The new two-phased approach will first allow the establishment of Spanish-style “cannabis social clubs”, limited to 500 members and exclusive to those living in Germany; members would be able to obtain up to 25 grams per day, or 50 grams per month (for those aged 18-21, the monthly limit would be 30 grams); and the home-growing of up to three female flowering plants will be allowed.

A second phase will allow several cities and municipalities across Germany to license “specialist shops” to sell cannabis to adults as part of a pilot programme similar to those in some US states and Canada, to test the effects of a commercial supply chain of cannabis on public health, the protection of minors and the black market.

Rastafari In Antigua and Barbuda now allowed to use cannabis

Antigua and Barbuda has become the first Caribbean country to grant the Rastafari community official sacramental authorisation to grow cannabis.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne praised the Rastafari community for their resilience over the years and granted religious and cultural group the landmark authorising under the 2018 Cannabis Act (See – The Voice, 13 March 2023).

420 Day coverage

In NZ, Chlöe Swarbrick was our only local politician to mark the occasion, who posted this:

Marking 4/20 with a friendly reminder that there’s just one persistent and consistent party fighting to overhaul the Frankenstein Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 for evidence-based law (and legal cannabis): the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

Lucky we’re not in Melbourne, where cops set up a temporary police station next to the local 420 Day celebrations – ready to bust some ass! The Daily Mail reports 80 police officers and drug detection dogs searched revellers and made three arrests.

Because I got high’ rapper Afroman running for US President, the ‘highest office’. Papers were filed on 420 Day. Afroman was raided last year and put out videos using his CCTV footage of the raid. Adams County Sheriffs are now suing the rapper, saying they didn’t give consent to be recorded, and are suffering emotional distress (See – Stuff).

Did Elon Musk launch his rocket early, as a 420 reference? The ill-fated Starship, which blew up during its maiden test flight, was launched on 420 Day, reports Newstalk ZB. Some say it was early and ill-prepared. Musk has made weed references before, famously smoking a doob with Joe Rogan and was prosecuted over 420-related Tesla Tweet which investors say cost them billions.

Police confiscate legally prescribed cannabis after pulling over driver

Last Sunday, Police in Alexandra, Otago, pulled over Chris Stuart, who was on the way to the supermarket with his wife. Police claimed to smell cannabis, performed a warrantless search, and found a plastic bong made out of a Lipton Ice Tea bottle and a bottle of prescription medicine.

WTF? It was labelled medicinal cannabis, from Medleaf. There was no reason to take it, just like they shouldn’t be taking any medications from anyone.

Police seized both but later told Stuff If it was established that cannabis related to a valid prescription, it could be collected by that person. However, the bong would be destroyed.

In other news, the IPCA ruled this week punching a bong-wielding teen in the face was justified.

Coming up – it’s J Day!

Sat 6 May in Albert Park. High Noon to 4:20. R18. Presented by The Hemp Store and NORML. Spot you there!

The next substance testing clinic at The Hemp Store is Saturday 13 May, 11am-3pm. Be safe!


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  1. Chris – great post…but Chloe has still refused to put together an Private Members Bill to reform NZ Aotearoa laws…she is gaslighting the Cannabis movement

  2. Cannabis is the great diversion – from the USA government’s lead. I noted the other day how Portland Oregon that attempts to make reasonable and rational moves to intelligent useful rules and controls, has been targeted by right wing groups.

    Here there is a lot of USA leads in our defence forces and I think too in our police. Combining with the Australians, which is sensible to some extent, is a way to eeach us as Oz and USA seem close buddies, so as we get hugged into the three mouseketeers idea, they will keep our police able to turn into armed forces at the drop of a hanky. I was just looking at a 2008 report about the Tuhoe takeover. One frightened person said she heard noises in the night and went onto a porch and found her chest lasered and spotted red worse than having measles.

    It was always a tongue in cheek song but The Laughing Policeman is a voice from a past that seems as remote as the Moon. Originally from 1922 –

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