Ummmmmm – Can Shaneel Lal really lecture David Seymour on free speech? Like, really?



Shaneel Lal: David Seymour backs freedom of speech – unless he disagrees

David Seymour claims to be a freedom of speech advocate but I question whether he believes that or if he is only interested in protecting speech that he agrees with.

There are several times the Act Party leader attempted to censor people he disagreed with.

…let’s make a compliment sandwich.

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Let’s say something positive about Shaneel. Then a criticism and let’s finish it up with a another compliment, thus making it the compliment sandwich.

Let’s start with a compliment.

Shaneel Lal is 1000% right! As this Blog has gleefully pointed out many times, the extreme hypocrisy of ACT to champion free speech when it suits them has been on display several times and Lal righteously identifies those times.

On top of that was the time David vandalised a Māori health initiative during the pandemic for shits and giggles and once claimed the fact Christmas Day was a Statutory holiday was proof positive NZ lived in a totalitarian state.

Merry Christmas Mr Jackbooted Scrooge.

Add to that his race baiting conflict policies that will start a race war in this country, and there is much to gloriously roast Far Right ACT for.

However, where the living Christ does Shaneel Lal get off lecturing anyone on hypocrisy of free speech???

They led a mob that literally, figuratively and metaphorically ran a women from the town square after assaulting her.

They then claimed that mob violence was ‘Pure Trans Joy’ after claiming for weeks they were the victim and under threat.

They specifically used the ‘Thugs Veto’ to silence an opponent and then has the audacity to lecture others on free speech?

Fuck me backwards. That is an extraordinary position to attempt.

Now let’s end on a compliment, I like Lal’s reading glasses in their profile picture.

That was the compliment vegan sandwich with no bread.

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      • In a Maori colloquial term? Would that ‘drone’ effect be the same as being called ‘house-nigger(s)’?

        Cos I reckon it means the same thing!

        Like Stockholm syndrome.

        If it is, it’s a perfect description.

      • It terrifies me that people like you, Sophora. Would hand people much less children knives and strong chemicals so they can cut and burn little bits off of themselves.

        • For the love of of tempered language, there was no “mob”. Anyway, it’s only polite to go to a tiny hate-filled bigots rally in large numbers & tell them to “F-off” loudly, until they do.

          • Anybody who has seen the multitude of uploaded video of the counter protest would struggle to not accept this was a violent mediaeval mob chasing the witch from the public square.
            The government and the media were and still are complicit in framing this tiny mouthy feminist as a Nazi giving the mob a green light to attack her. with impunity.

          • Can provide proof of Posies or her fans acting violent? Or forming mobs to attack people? Also if you could back up the Posie is Nazi too we have had a few Posie blogs and the proof has been lacking.

            • Sam there is ample evidence that Posy is another Majorie Taylor Green type who is not just about women’s rights. She talks bollocks. I can’t believe she has so many defenders. No this does not condone what happened in Albert Park. That was a tragedy if for no other reason it somehow legitimised her.

    • They were not Nazis and Parker should have been able to speak and the trans-gender movement just should have backed off.

      I am for free speech. But it now appears the the trans-gender movement regards their rights as superior to women wanting to hear Posie Parker.

      I am not and have never been against trans people. I simply want to be able to be in a women’s only meeting without anyone with a penis, is there anything wrong with this?

      This however I think is a fashion of sorts – and it isn’t that some young people feel they belong in another gender, but hang on let that happen later in life.

      • You don’t know what Nazism is, do you? Don’t you know the Nazis had a policy of exterminating all gender & sexually diverse people?

        The far right MUST be fought!

        • What does Nazis have to do with taking the word “woman” out of government policy and language? Seriously what should anyone do about Nazis.

      • Exactly, It was Nazi Brownshirt thugs tactics in the 30s to deplatform Communist speakers and run them out of town. Methinks thou doth protesteth too much about Nazis Shaneel.

    • Kim Kim Kim
      You and that stupid Green politician who is enjoying the generous freedoms of living in NZ, you throw words like Nazi around. “Hurray, let’s go Nazi hunting”. For one, if you really went Nazi hunting, chances are you’d get killed before you can say Achtung. Someone not agreeing with your position on gender, is not a Nazi. Nobody suggested that anyone gets exterminated over this issue. Maybe you should visit Auschwitz and then you’ll understand that word.

    • It’s a shame Bob that the idiots at Albert Park turned a psycho like Posy P into a credible individual. She may not be a Nazi but she is an absolute fruit cake.

      • And apparently we don’t allow fruit cake’s to speak, what is that about.

        I wasn’t there and I wouldn’t be bothered going.

        It was straight out harrassment by the trans community and their supporters.

        • People didn’t want to hear her message of intolerance towards a tiny, marginalized group. The coward was run out of town. Fantastic job by the crowd.

        • Of course it was and we all know that.
          It’s reaching the time when no one will take any notice of these attention seekers.

    • All part of woke NZ diversity drive.

      “According to the Government agency’s bingo card, it seems if you are a ‘native English speaker, Cis, white, thin, have no speech impediment, heterosexual, able-bodied, standard accent, have no criminal record, human, tall, mentally healthy, support a mainstream political party, adult, born in your country of residence, wealthy, employed or just not a red-head’, then you are privileged.”

      Privilege is not having a criminal record, being employed and being born in NZ.

      It is all starting to make sense now, why after a record immigration drive, why NZ has more residents but less workers and more poverty, and the kids are ram raiding anything they can get their hands on. We need people with less privilege – such as getting a criminal record for the woke ideology to work.

      All signals lead to crime with the lovely taxpayer funded poetry.

      The use of the word “bitch” is a nice bit of clever misogyny for the woman that are neither trans nor homosexual, thus have been redefined in NZ as privileged by the woke. Good to see a century of woman’s rights wiped out by men who self identify.

      Excerpt from the poem:

      These days

      we’re driving round

      in SUVs

      looking for ya

      or white men like you

      who might be thieves

      or rapists

      or kidnappers

      or murderers

      yeah, or any of your descendants

      or any of your incarnations

      cos, you know

      ay, bitch?

      We’re gonna F… YOU UP.

      Excerpt from the poem:

      These days

      we’re driving round

      in SUVs

      looking for ya

      or white men like you

      who might be thieves

      or rapists

      or kidnappers

      or murderers

      yeah, or any of your descendants

      or any of your incarnations

      cos, you know

      ay, bitch?

      We’re gonna F… YOU UP.

      • “These days we’re driving round in Skodas looking for brown people like you who might be thieves, rapists, kidnappers, murderers, drug dealers or any of your descendants or any of your incarnations, because you know, ay scum?

        We’re gonna LOCK YOU UP!”

        Fixed it!

  1. Career advice for young people. Abuse anyone online who disagrees with you, rally a mob against a group of women and you too can have a citizen award and nzherald column.

  2. I can’t remember any examples myself of Seymour opposing free speech or attempting to silence or remove the ability for expression of a viewpoint or opinion. Certainly if he disagreed with it he would say so and even better likely and concisely and coherently explain why. But yes couldn’t agree more with your summation of the bat-shit crazy scenes that were almost celebrated by our mainstream media as a moral victory to be highlighted and shown to the world – the ultimate virtue signal to rule them all with the ‘thug veto’. Great phrase and so accurately emotive of what happened – here. And would have happened all round the country had they had their way – they even turned out around the country when the subject of their violence did not! How does this square with Jeremy Clarksons recent boil over when he suggested something similar be done to Megan Markle? Then they went out and did it to a woman anyway and celebrated the pure joy it gave them. Is coz she’s white it’s ok? I just don’t know how they can’t see the hypocrisy and lack of critical thinking. I also can’t believe that the juice thrower can seriously plead not guilty. If you’re so proud of yourself and so sure of your actions, then own it at least. And stand up for it in the docks

    • Blair everything you say just illustrates your right wing leanings. It started by you not hearing Seymour slagging others free speech and then got worse from there. Convincing yourself otherwise borders on delusional.

    • Seymour and the free speech union iirc opposed letting Chelsea Manning into NZ , I remember this because it was a few weeks after those Canadians Lauren or someone got shut down

      • I recall that was because Chelsea had broken the US Espionage Act (or its equivalent) using Wikileaks, so she could get back at her fellow-Marines who were teasing her before her transition to female.

      • A convicted criminal (and i believe that he was badly handled by Glen Greenwald) is generally denied entry to any country. Unless you want to make exemptions, but then these exemptions should also apply to others. Lauren Southern (?) and her male sidekick got into the country but were denied access to speaking rooms by the Council and private venues on the grounds that it might ‘incite’ people.
        Not that we need foreigners to incite mobs, our media, academia and “trans/queer’ males such as Lal here and certain political parties that are on the left are doing a stellar job, and got lucky a few weeks ago that they actually did not kill anyone, NZ the country where women get bashed, ellbowed and trampled to death. 100% pure!!! Sure to win!
        Again, Seymour did nothing that all the other empty suits in parliament also did support in the case of Lauren Southern, and he did nothing that was not already part of the legal code of this country. If you are a foreigner and you have criminal convictions no matter how good you might be you can be denied entry on the grounds of that conviction.

        Find a sample where Seymour in NZ removed the right to speek freely from a New Zealander.

        And in saying that i believe that currently the government is a majority Labour Government – the kind left i am told, with support from the Greens, and it is these groups that want to push through a hate crime bill which will effectively criminalize speech that some of them don’t like. So Julie Ann Genter is allowed to call people ‘christo fascists” (and she is by far the dumbest brick in that party, standing proud with Marama and Golriz) but someone else might not be allowed to call Islam a murderous, womenhating, shite religion. Cause that would be hate speech. Go figure.
        The left needs to remove the log from their eyes before they complain about the splinter in someone elses eyes.

      • Manning was a convicted criminal. That does make a difference.

        Manning also breached national security and put people’s lives at risk.

        If you fail to see that you are ideologically blind.

        • But surely we should have made an exception. A woke criminal is no real criminal.

          Let’s focus on the real anarchists, like “Let Women Speak”.
          Shit! Someone may hear what they think. And we cannot let the enemy speak…

  3. “The Democratic Party likes to say that they are the party of the working class, of racial minorities, and of immigrants. Yet those are the exact same demographics that oppose gender ideology the most. As progressive activists gain further control of the party, their views on gender will increasingly be out of touch with the people they claim to represent.

    The “big tent” cannot hold. Sooner or later, Democrats will have to make a choice between supporting the views of the affluent mostly-White progressive activists that make up most of their leadership—or the views of the working-class people of color that make up the bulk of their votes. It’s going to get real awkward when most support will come from affluent White liberals, who deem themselves oppressors, and most opposition will come from working-class people of color, who are usually deemed oppressed by the same people that deem themselves oppressors.

    Perhaps we need to hold an Oppression Olympics to sort this all out. Although progressives have developed one easy trick to win the women’s division of those Olympics.”

  4. Seymour sabotaging a Covid initiative by the Waipareira trust to give to those maaaorees for giggles and the right want him in the seats of power!!! Something wrong with this picture unless they want to see our country looking like Yemen?

    • @Stephen, but at least NZ wasn’t involved in the terrible war crimes committed in Yemen, because obviously no right minded descent sensible balanced right thinking responsible individual with all their marbles and an ounce on conscience, would even contemplate doing so……Oh that’s right, Chris Luxon did so, when he was with Air NZ, by refurbishing Saudi military equipment being used in that war. I stand corrected.

  5. The brahmin left/ PMC/ wellington woke twitterati are going to destroy the left. Freedom of speech should be bread and butter liberalism. The left is all about tolerance of their parades and public displays of pornography in the name of ‘freedom’, but nobody else is allowed to say ***anything*** at all.

  6. Martyn – Why does certain sectors of the media give any time to Shaneel Lal? His statements can be undone with some simple questions, for instance, can you give examples please…and so on..

    • Facts, facts… why the hell are you constrained by facts?
      You are clearly opposing freedom of speech, insisting on facts, how dare you….
      Only cowards and the ignorant deal in facts.

      How dare you.

  7. The left is quite afraid of that dude, i think. Good. Cause the current left is shite, and Lal is the logical result of that shite left.

  8. I don’t care who Shaneel Lal is. I don’t care what Shaneel Lal says or does, or doesn’t do. I. Don’t. Care. I DO care who david seymour is. He’s little rogers plaything who should be running while screaming. Bare this in mind. Roger douglas polluted our politics 39 years ago ( After spending two terms as Labour’s minister of finance.) And nothing has changed about our politics since then. 39 years of fascist neoliberal politics which has polluted every corner of our government and that’s why we have social chaos as exemplified by homelessness, poverty, hungry kids and poor people living in poverty enabled squalor.
    Media-wise the worst thing one could do to david seymour is to ignore it.

    • And labour was occupying the treasury benches for …….. of that time.
      Rational to blame the state of our nation on David … or should that read Goliath?

    • Unfortunately CB many on this page have absolutely no real idea what ACT represents or their history in NZ. They won’t remember what Douglas and co. did to NZ under the guise of the Labour government ( they were lying then and they continue to lie) ACT politics is nothing but an experiment of human wealth and greed versus the underprivileged of this country. Their tenet under the guise of supposed freedom is to know what’s good for us. There is no freedom where ACT is concerned, its all a right wing illusion and people need to wake up before it’s too late and we have got the little” twerker “ running the country and we will be the laughing stock of the world.

  9. That Shaneel person really needs to pull their head out of their ass

    Using mob violence to shut down a lawful and legit event is about as far away as you can get from free speech as possible

    glass houses and all that

    • then the gaslighting by Lal and the Green MP’s to pretend it was all Trans Love, when they assaulted women. Fucking disgusting misogynist pigs.

      • Jack Tame was schooled by Strossen of free speech this morning and still found the courage(?) to comment what a celebration of love that event was.

        I do not believe that “courage” was what Jack displayed, more likely the exact opposite. Cowardice?

        • Oh Johan you must have watched a different channel either that or through a blue lens. Your posts have become tiresome.
          Tame owned Strossen.

          • Yeah, right.
            Jack: Leadership is all about empathy.
            Where did we hear that before?

            Can one blame the poor boy. He was raised on that shit.

      • assaulting women has always been love. after all it is with love that these males bash women into submission.

  10. Push back of woke ideology

    Mana Wāhine Kōrero Response to (now deleted) Stuff article Vs. Sean Plunket


    “The arrogance required to take another’s history and claim intimate knowledge is quite staggering. Ahi Wi-Hongi presumes to speak for all Māori, but this cannot be done. No one Māori person speaks for all Māori. Certainly ‘Gender Minorities Aotearoa’ does not – they are not even an Iwi; they are merely a well-funded and questionable outfit sending damaging breast binders to Kiwi teenage girls and inventing new words in Te Reo to describe ‘gender’ – a wholly colonial concept if ever there was one. They are doing this at the same time that they are pretending concepts such as ‘gender affirmation’ have always existed in Te Ao Māori. This is obviously contradictory; if these ideas had existed, there would already be words for them.”

    Her views on woke Te reo

    “This linguistic appropriation is damaging our language. Modern Māori language is colloquially referred to as ‘fruit salad Māori’. My elders do not understand this new form it has taken; modern Te Reo is unintelligible to them. It is unnatural in Te Reo to disregard wāhine as gender ideologues do. Wāhine were respected and had distinct roles and functions within the whanau. There are many whakatauki to wāhine. It is well known that several chiefs were wāhine.”

  11. Kiwibank NZ of the year, who is facing 2 charges of assault.

    Kiwibank not exactly customer centric, and seems to be full woke at the expense of it’s customer service.

    I’ve been embarrassed to be a Kiwibank customer – here’s why

    Kiwibank needs less woke marketing and more understanding of keeping up with customer service, being non political, getting people who know what they are doing in IT and running their bank in the 21 century.

    You feel that NZ banks like Kiwibank have got away from banking fundamentals and in their own little bubble – bit like SVB.

  12. The people from the Left who comment here have removed themselves from reality.
    They go to desperate ends to justify themselves whilst doing nothing to help their country.
    They live in bubbles of jealousy.

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