Why Dr Bryce Edwards vs Disinformation Project matters so much


The naked aggression that Dr Bryce Edwards is getting for daring to challenge woke dogma is extremely instructive to everyone else watching on how being woke is a belief system as opposed to an intellectual philosophy and its cult level vitriol is saved only for heretics.

The tsunami of outrage from the middle class woke online against Dr Edwards critique of the Disinformation Projects attempt to grow the seeds of a culture war by labelling everyone who had a concern by the mob violence at the Posie Parker was a transphobic white supremacy extremist.

Dr Edwards highly pointed out that this type of wide sweeping claims based on global social media only causes further alienation.

For critiquing and labelling the tensions on the Left, the woke middle class faction are attempting to cancel Dr Edwards with complaints to his University and an online hate campaign that smells like a mob.

The woke are feeling a lot of push back now and for the first time since 2016 are feeling like they are losing control of the narrative and for groups who had little to no voice before losing the thrill of control they enjoy now is terribly alarming and incandescent with rage level self righteousness.

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Expect a night of the long tweets as the Woke implode into social media lynchings of heretics and blasphemers as pure temple politics divide once again into purity Kibbutz and hemp Teepees.

The outrage olympics and vilification by the woke is as ugly as the Right but smarter.

At no point will the woke and their drive to alienate everyone who isn’t as pure and them occur as the reason the Left are losing politically.

While the woke middle class activist base fuels a culture war the Left can’t politically win, the Right are laughing all the way to the bank..


The Disinformation Project have every right to make the arguments they do, but their wide sweeping claims that everyone who had a problem with what occurred at the Posie Parker fiasco is some type of Transphobic Nazi is fucking insane.

Posie Parker is a toxic trans troll anger grifter whose offensive rhetoric erases Trans people from existence.

Look, I have concerns about the aggressiveness of the trans community and their cancel culture militancy along with their mob thugs veto violence – but I ultimately want our trans community to enjoy the same agency as every other citizen because that’s the promise of a liberal progressive democracy, Posie Parker on the other hand, uses inflammatory rhetoric that seeks to erase all Trans identity.

She has appeared in videos with far-right YouTube personality Jean-François Gariépy, as well as posting a selfie with Norwegian neo-Nazi Hans Jørgen Lysglimt Johansen.

Posie Parker is a manifestation of what happens when you allow cancel culture to dictate the debate. Free speech allows her to speak, and it allows you to protest her when she speaks, but descending into a culture war where street violence is justified is simply playing into her hands.

Painting everyone with woke guilt for crimes against identity politics dogma for being alarmed at the militancy on display as the Disinformation Project does feeds that culture war, it doesn’t challenge it!

It empowers a security State that is already easily triggered.

Incredibly woke Academics like Professor Kidman have been appointed to the Academy of Extremism who helps the Intelligence Apparatus spot enemies of the State.

Professor Kidman attacked the Auckland University Politics Department for calling their Cat ‘Governor Grey’ because according to the good Professor, Governor Grey was a genocidal force for evil and the Auckland University Politics Department was celebrating that.

Professor Kidman then led a cancel campaign against Trellis Cooper for supposedly making a genocidal dress.

So the person with the most easily triggered woke thresholds is advising the Spies on who to go after.

Are you feeling safer yet?

By critiquing the Disinformation Project for displaying the same outrage olympics that the Wellington middle class maoists did when labelling all the parliamentary Protestors white supremacist Nazis, Dr Bryce Edwards is bringing a class and identity critique to the culture wars.

Trying to censor him, vilify him, have him sacked or canceled shows you how utterly committed to the cause the woke are.

They would eat their own if they weren’t all vegans.

We can not allow Dr Bryce Edwards to be cancelled by them threatening his job or his role in the media.

If we allow the Emerald Stormtroopers to censor our public Political Scientists then they won’t stop anytime anyone challenges their identity politics dogma.



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  1. Claims that Posie Parker has said nasty things appear to be as solid as those made by that hapless BBC journalist whose train wreck of an interview about hate speech on Twitter with Elon Musk highlighted the staggering gulf between what the official narrative we are forced fed and told to believe versus reality.

    Maybe you can find something to share on the working group next week Martyn?

  2. Martyn – Globally, various disinformation projects, have been shown to be CIA fronts to crush popular movements.

  3. Maybe it’s the Woke who are the Nazis. The Nazis pretended to be all “peace, love and flowers” they dressed fashionably and warned the Germans of the dangers of others, especially the Jews.

    The Woke claims to be good, but they offer violence and social exclusion against those who disagree with them.

  4. The Woke just do not get it. Patronising people just raise their ire.

    It is darkest before the dawn. The best thing that could have happened in the free speech debate is an attempt to cancel Bryce Edwards. Cancelling Sean Plunket, “Willie Jackson and John Tamihere”, Posie Parker, Shaneel Lal and many others makes them stronger in the eyes of their “followers”.

    The attempt to cancel Bryce may well make more people sit up and take note.

    “Cancel” shows the worst of those who want to limit speech and thought.

    I do not feel safer.

  5. I don’t wish Bryce to be sacked or cancelled, but I still view him as an oddball who does few favours for the left perspective and working class people–as per many pundits. He is basically a recycler (aggregator in current parlance) posting voluminous links to articles and graphics that others have created.

    The major faults with the internet remain capitalist ownership, monetisation and algorithms that herd people around to political viewpoints and “buy” buttons. How much value is there in attacking a group that is investigating one element of the steaming social media pile and make people aware of what FB, Insta and the rest are up to.

      • So even more basically, how did you draw that conclusion (i.e. @TM doesn’t like Edwards’ professional impartiality) from his comment)?

        • How do you draw any other conclusion? Edwards writes sane, factual stuff, and that makes him an oddball? Jesus wept.

    • One is defined by the herd you join.
      The safety in numbers game is for cowards.
      We all carry the coward gene.

      Does those who get addicted want our protection?
      They sure need protection and are entitled to care.

    • Bryce is absolutely my favourite pundit. He is always balanced whilst also on the money and whilst he may regurgitate others, he has picked up on other fracture points and divergent possibilities others haven’t on a number of occasions. He conducts himself flawlessly and to me is the epitomy of a great NZer. A sensible centrist who can see both sides. He retains his social democracy roots and pragmatic approach despite the pressure applied to him.

      I think Bryce Edwards should have been NZer of the year. He has done more for informing the people of NZ in a way that can be heard by most than any other single pundit.

      • ” Bryce is absolutely my favourite pundit ”

        Colin James was one of the best. He was exciting as an empty plastic bag but had impeccable analysis and political connections.

        Sadly TVNZ dispensed with his services on their election night coverage of the results along with a professional approach.

        ” I think Bryce Edwards should have been NZer of the year ”

        Well at least he doesn’t use offensive profanity to make a point.

        Kiwibank doesn’t have a problem with it.

        No offense Bomber we all get passionate about injustice on T.D.B myself included.

    • “He is basically a recycler (aggregator in current parlance) posting voluminous links to articles and graphics that others have created.”

      Yes he does aggregate news but you may have noticed he also writes his awn analysis and does long form discussions (Working Group et al). If there is a criticism it’s that he’s excessively circumspect in his commentary. How you conjure that as being purely a ‘recycler of news’ is somewhat of a mystery.

  6. Martyn, maybe you could enlighten me as to what Posie Parker said that was “offensive rhetoric erases Trans people from existence”

    Because I heard none. All she wants is ‘blokes in dresses’ kept out of women’s spaces and sports.

    • Nobody is allowed to listen, because trans activists are too triggered to hear what someone else has to say as already know it’s wrong.

      P.S. Did the police catch the trans boxer that punched out the 70+ woman at the Speak Up for Woman event? The perp looked pretty hefty. maybe an athlete who wants to compete in woman events while being sporting a penis and superior strength?

      • Should not be long now Save until they catch the brave young lad…We have a new Minister of Police , and for sure this is exactly the type of thuggery that she will use as an example of her expertise in her new portfolio…..Go get ‘em girl…..Not only will this incident be evidence of her ability, but also a shining example of Labour’s new Law and order policies…Making New Zealand safe for everyone….Watch out you jolly rat bags…The police are after you…

    • Andrew. More than that. She’s opposed to the sexualisation of young children which is going on in our schools now; Hannah Tamaki is the only Kiwi who I’ve heard opposing it. Kiddies are being taught about gender ID’ing, and that their physical characteristics don’t necessarily mean anything, and that their gender is what they “ feel” they are. She’s also opposed to puberty blockers, hormone treatments for young people, mutilating surgery, I think for under 25 year olds, other stuff.
      Apart from confusing and possibly irreparably damaging young children, transgender ideology, and there are several streams, is not based on science, and it can be horrifyingly simplistic. Blokes in lavatories is one of the lesser issues compared to the bigger picture.

      • I stand corrected! Thanks.

        All this toxic crap is imported from the USA, and we should be focusing on things that matter, rather than this sideshow.

        • because the right have no ideas the non existant culture war is their only card…if you can’t scare people with bolsheviks try drag queens

      • Yes, the sexualization of children is what really bugs me, and the idea that a 12 yr old kid is in a position to give informed consent to medicalization of their gender dysphoria. But the Odium of Truth (Michael Wood) says my view is “incorrect”.

    • Andrew she has appeared on twitter talking about trans being groomers and also some woman being chopped up and put into food items. Absolute crazy stuff. Martyn mentioned the company she had kept, but is it because you have not seen it, it didn’t happen?

    • Andrew she has appeared on twitter talking about trans being groomers and also some woman being chopped up and put into food items. Absolute crazy stuff. Martyn mentioned the company she had kept, but is it because you have not seen it, it didn’t happen?

      • Johan Thiart. Her major achievement was revealing that New Zealand women now know that the New Zealand police will not protect them from gratuitous violence. If that’s police policy, then they should should replace their policy advisors, and teach self-defence in schools instead of the woke sex/ gender agenda where kids don’t know if they’re Arthur or Martha, and biological women, the carers and sharers and nurturers and nest-builders, are being demonised as terfs and unfairly accused of phobias.

        • She helped us, through her presence, to open our eyes to how women’s rights are being eroded.
          A woman with a penis is not a woman.

          Woman with or without penises should at all times feel safe, especially where the police are in attendance.

  7. I read Bryce’s article yesterday, it is excellent. I don’t agree with everything he says every time, but this is well worth reading.

  8. Shutting down freedom of speech with Posy Parker, and government thinking a woman is anybody who wants to be one, when we have incredible high abuse statistics for woman and children in NZ is outrageous.

    The idea that manipulative abusive men will somehow fail to make use of the self ID legislation when everyday there are reports of manipulative male abusers and how they fall through the cracks already in NZ beggars belief.

    Nobody is actually allowed to debate this, because the trans community are so violently aggressive already that they shut any debate down and even the PM is scared on saying what a woman is and the media eating it all up. That is true manipulation!

    Also a bonus for the right, as apparently the platform is going great guns and I’m sure not just attracting right wingers but normal woman and fathers who want the PM to know what a woman is and don’t want their daughters sharing their changing spaces with Joe turned Joanne.

    One in six New Zealand women experience sexual violence from an intimate partner during their lifetime
    Child sexual abuse rates: 1 in 5
    Non-partner sexual assault: 1 in 14

    Apparently the worldwide woke media are having their numbers fall, as the more the wokify their media, the less people want to read it. The woke employees are so bullying it has become a farce. Even Prince Woke Harry, has lost public sympathy and become a symbol of woke privilege cancelling.

    Are parents going to be happy when little Johnny turned Joanne at 14 decides to change with the female 14 yo teens in the changing rooms at NZ schools? Is this, yet another bizarre problem to be met by schools in NZ that are so busy rolling out woke policy everywhere they can’t teach basic maths and NZ children now are scoring below the guessing mean in basic maths ability. Is this why supermarkets are able to so easily write specials that are more than the originals costs – NZ creating a ‘special needs’ population who can’t add as it’s white supremacy and colonial construct.

    The inability of the NZ government leaders to be able to understand how the ridiculous self ID policy will work in real life when there is already significant abuse statistics in NZ, show the woke are truely cockoo and those still supporting them are actually enabling them. They are wasting taxes on dodo policy that is now dropping NZ in many international statistics and failing to attract high worth, high skilled people, apart from to buy a bolthole and free citizenship. Actually trying to work here, is a no, no.

    Who is going to pay for all the justice costs, the toilet costs, the school costs, the prison costs and so forth?

    I am sure the woke say more taxes, so that Jo turned Joanne can experiment or that the next Samsudeen as well as finding Islam also is a servant of woke, but that comes at a price when people are leaving NZ who have jobs while people are joining NZ who have problems and need state help. Something has to give.

    • ‘…and even the PM is scared on saying what a woman is and the media eating it all up. That is true manipulation!’

      Am I the only woman who is angry and sad that the question ‘What is a woman’ can even be asked?
      (Also: the question uttered by a man to be responded to by a man. WTF!!!)
      Manipulation indeed #saveNZ.

  9. 10 ways to fight back against woke culture

    Are younger consumers really pro-woke?

    Bud Light’s woke marketing exec roasted as company loses billions after partnership with trans influencer
    Anheuser-Busch reportedly loses $5B in market value after partnering with Dylan Mulvaney

    Not just beer, bras too….

    “Nike’s move to have a man advertise women’s clothing sparked backlash, with people making their disapproval known on Nike’s Instagram page.

    “I have five grandsons that I won’t be buying Nike products for anymore. I’ll buy from companies that support women,” one person wrote in a comment on a Nike post advertising a shoe.”

    Trans have so far gone around the public straight to government who can pass it until the public find out. Debate with woman and fathers with daughters concerns, doesn’t seem to be part of government policy – in fact the opposite of robust public policy.

    The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists

  10. Good to know that people are enjoying transitioning, it’s gone from being in the wrong body to helping and making a living lecturing woman about male privilege (I think the irony is beyond them).

    I’ve lived as a man and as a woman — here’s what I’ve learned

    “Today Paula Stone Williams is a pastoral counselor and woman — but for the first 60 years of her life, Williams identified as male. After coming out as transgender in December 2012, Williams was swiftly fired from a position as an evangelical Christian leader. In this talk, she reflects about the male privilege she once had and how she’s being treated now as a woman. “I am learning a lot about what it means to be a female, and I am learning a lot about my former gender,” she says….”

    It was Me Too, until men said ME TOO…..

    Tired of being in the background… a new way to make male minor celebrities, get back in the spot light and get book deals.

    “As she publishes her book detailing her long journey to transgender womanhood, the reality TV star talks about her failed marriages, raising the Kardashians and voting for Trump”

    No independent research is allowed about transgender.
    Academics are being harassed over their research into transgender issues

  11. Think you are safe as a black woman, or Maori academic from Woke, NOPE.

    Black diversity, equity and inclusion director fired from woke California college was accused of disrespecting BLM founder and ‘whitesplaining’ after asking for definition of anti-racism
    The black director of DEI at a California college was fired this week
    Tabia Lee was accused of ‘whitesplaining’ and of being a ‘right-wing extremist’
    Lee says she was terminated for fighting the school’s woke agenda

    Unfortunately we can see from the floods in NZ, the state of the roads, climate change and emergency housing that woke can’t actually get anything done, apart from cancel others for not being woke enough. It is nothing about diversity because in NZ a lot of it is pushed by an elite, self satisfied, group that cancels out everyone else and becomes the ‘true voice’ for Maori, LGBT etc (with the woke in charge the pride parade went from thousands to hundreds).

    In NZ we get white UK ex pats, able to cancel Maori academics for not being the right shade of woke, Mātauranga Māori. https://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2022/03/media_council_finds_wiles_column_breach_of_press_standards.html

    Stats NZ defends hosting ‘Check Your Privilege Bingo’ game
    (They never got around to fixing the data issues from the previous census).

    Unfortunately we can’t get the councils working as there has to be fights over Karakia, before getting down to council business now.

    Everyone is a crybaby. Only pure woke, can rule and debate.

  12. Posie Parker has cleverly thrown a hand grenade into the debate and has started to force the pendulum back by throwing the radical trans extremists a rope in which they are hanging themselves. This is the level you now need to go to wake the silent majority who have quietly swallowed this nonsense for too long. Having infiltrated our government, media, educational institutions and corporate world we now see the shoots of rejection of this the most ultimate of woke dogma.
    Albert Park was a watershed moment for many New Zealanders and this anger will change the results of the election for the worse, ironically for the rainbow community themselves.

  13. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak comments on transgender debate, saying no women have penises


    “Mr Sunak continued that “when it comes to these issues of protecting women’s rights, women’s spaces, I think the issue of biological sex is fundamentally important when we think about those questions, I’ve said that repeatedly”.

    Even the UK labour leader Keir Starmer seems be clearer on it that labour leaders in NZ, with a recent statement that “99.9 per cent of women of course haven’t got a penis”.

    Sad we have got to debate this issue – hard fought woman’s rights seem to be going backwards in NZ faster than Kerekere can tweet ‘crybaby’!

  14. Her name’s Kellie-Jay Keen, not “Posie Parker,” and she also wants trans-identified people to enjoy the same agency as *any other human*, which any human should know does *not* include the agency to walk into the opposite sex’s changing room and get your kit off.

    • @PP Perhaps but you are thinking in common sense terms not intersectional terms.

      Society is a patriarchal systemic power structure that favours men.
      Sexism is redefined as POWER + prejudice based on sex
      So sexism is now ‘punching down’ the intersectional totem.

      ‘Punching up’ is completely acceptable. You can say anything you like about men and it is not misandry. Similarly anything about white people, or anything about asians (if you are black) and it is not racism. Or anything about women if you are transwomen and it is not misogyny. The fancy term that bundles this and other ideas is ‘standpoint epistemology’ which, whatever the intent of it’s founders, is now mainly an ivory tower justification for being a self righteous ass.

      Welcome to the guilded bubble that is intersectionality.

    • Pope P 11. I thought that Popes were meant to be infallible ? If one disagrees with or critiques anything in today’s insane world then one is instantly dubbed some sort of phobist. It’s a dirty little game because it forces the accused into wasting time defending themselves instead of addressing the issue; I daresay misandry is a handy little add-on.

      The police let transgenderists bully defenceless women at Albert Park because to do otherwise could have them dubbed transgender phobists or some such, and they were probably comfortable being labelled misogynists when they clearly are or they wouldn’t have done it.

      • Yes Gentle Annie they were scared of being branded as you say.
        Our Prime Minister is also intimidated to the extent he’s afraid of giving a definition of “woman.”

  15. @Martyn Completely agree with your comments overall with small correction.

    “I have concerns about the aggressiveness of the trans community and their cancel culture militancy”

    It is not the trans or LGBT community it is the Trans activists, they are not the same thing. The woke ideology was percolating in the LGBT and alternative communities years before it hit the mainstream. Most LGBT over 40 don’t buy into this crap and I suspect most under 40 don’t either but are largely cowed into silence or excommunicated and delegitimised if they dare stick their head above the parapet.

    The cuckoo in the progressive nest that is is woke ideology (critical social justice/intersectionality) successfully passes itself off as old school activism, or a continuation of it (awake to injustice). The difference is that the modern woke are authoritarians. The problem is not that it is taking trans rights too far (trans people are leverage). The problem is it’s turned into the opposite of what it claims to be. It is the main avenue through which racist ideas, misogyny and homophobia are all being rehabilitated in mainstream culture. Sadly it pulls in many well meaning people (useful idiots).

    It uses clever rhetorical games of Motte & Bailey argumentation, equivocation or redefining terms (such as ‘racism = power + prejudice’ or ‘homosexuality = same gender attracted’), hyperbole (overuse of nazi, racist, sexist, transphobe, homophobe etc). It zealously assumes a position of moral superiority while silencing disagreement. Currently by intimidation and reputation destruction, with the aspiration to one day silence disagreement by criminal law.

    While their ideas are ridiculous their rhetorical tactics can be highly effective, especially among the respectable middle classes. LGBT people have been getting hit over the head with this as much as, perhaps more so than the mainstream.

  16. I see Julie-Anne Gender has returned to form, tweeting that criticism of trans activism comes from “radical right-wing Christian fascists”. By Monday I fully expect Kate Hannah and the Bodhisattva to have put her in her place and told her to stop spreading misinformation.

      • Posie Parker is a “radical right-wing Christian fascist.”

        No, Julie Genter is dead wrong. But one can see why. She used to be the Minister for Women.

        • You seem to have no f*cking idea who Posie Parker is. She’s a self promoting idiot. Watch her ranting on and tell me she’s about women’s rights

          • So what? MMP was specifically designed to make it almost impossible for the shit fuckery we see in Israel and the Nazis from ever reclaiming power again.

          • Absolutely about women’s rights.
            We are fast depreciating the rights of women in New Zealand,lead by Labour and the Greens.
            That does not mean we shouldn’t protect the rights of other gender.

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