Political Caption Competition – Curb Your Enthusiasm Chippy



  1. I was not expecting that question, that came way left field and my handlers gave me know answer. But i can tell you that i am a sentient ballbag.

  2. Broh, don’t ask me, i am just a place holder for Nanaia Mahuta and Marama Davidson. Neither is a women.

  3. Broh, who cares. We have women with dicks now and they are better then the old fashioned once, you know the ones with a uterus.

  4. Brutha, c’mon, i am here not because i am smart or anything, i am here because the last Pm who was a body with uterus decided to throw it all.

  5. Seriously dude, you know i can’t tell you what they are, my handlers would get upset and throw tomato soup at me.

    • Tke a break now. Sit down, take a deep breath.. now let it out slowly. Drink a glass of water slowly.
      There don’t you feel better!

  6. What are women? Any man who like to be one. Oh the oldfashioned kind? Just bash them into submission if they complain.

  7. Women? Birthers, lactators, menstruators, menopausers, sex hole providers, sandwich makers. What you don’t have one them at home?

  8. And as always, comrade. Vote for this white cis male sucker there, it will be for your own good. If not, tomato soup!!!!!

  9. Question 22. Do you have any difficulty remembering or concentrating ? Washing all over or dressing ?

  10. Sean Plunkett, so that’s who Marama was talking about when she said white cis male, Twitter agrees.

  11. “mansplaining’ prime minister Cis Chris Hipkins, “ said.

  12. Hipkins: Jacinda was a victim of misogyny
    also Hipkins: Fumbles attempt to define the group that is the target of misogyny.
    also Hipkins: Identity is subjective we define it ourselves.

    – Identity is subjective, it’s only misogyny if the perpetrator believes they are abusing a women. A sharp fall in misogyny is accompanied by a sharp rise in abuse we cannot define.
    – Identity is subjective then for the sake of global peace we must declare all Pākehā men are trans-female-Māori and end white-cis-male violence in an instant.
    – If we choose our own identity then homosexuals must choose to be gay. After all they are already same-gender attracted. The role a physical body plays in attraction only matters to bigoted genital essentialists.

    In unrelated news hardline traditional conservatives, evangelical christians, queer theorists and Marama Davidson all claim victory.

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