Vast Chinese Spying Camera Scandal in New Zealand


Exclusive: CCTV cameras made by CCP-linked companies found in Govt departments, home of Kiwi MP, as allies remove Chinese tech

There are concerns over security cameras made by Chinese Communist Party-linked companies being installed in government departments as New Zealand’s allies remove the CCTV tech from their sensitive buildings.

A Newstalk ZB investigation has found at least 120 Hikvision or Dahua cameras are installed across the New Zealand Police, Department of Conservation, Ministry of Social Development and Oranga Tamariki.

Manufacturers Dahua and Hikvision are both partly state-owned by the CCP, the Associated Press has reported. Hikvision has also faced allegations of aiding Beijing in oppressing minorities and monitoring protesters, which it has denied.

In February, Australia’s Government said it will remove the surveillance cameras from sensitive buildings, including from several defence and military-associated spaces, after the United States and Britain made similar moves last year.

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After Andrew Little stupidly declared he would be very surprised if Chinese spy cameras were in NZ State Agencies, it turns out that there are over 100 Chinese spy cameras in NZ State Agencies and over 3000 in local councils.

Fucking Andrew Little.

This is insanely stupid!

We only allow America to have total Eye of Mordor Spying powers in New Zealand, NOT China!

In return for allowing America total access to everything all the time, we get Millie Cyrus, Netflix and Tesla.

Look, while we are totally compromised to America (Edward Snowden showed us how easy 5 Eyes is to hack and use by the NSA and CIA), we can’t allow China to be able to spy on State agencies and local Council.

It’s just insane that no one seemed to be aware of this until the media started asking questions.



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  1. People are starting to seem what a disasterous state Minister Doo Little has left the health system i. 5000 nurses set to leave for Australia .Many say it is not just money but being understaffed and not respected is also a reason for moving .Little refused to put nurse on the quick list for immegrants. Doctors are leaving after he abused them . He is now working his magic on the armed forces which are run down as well. He did not cause it but is definately the wrong person to fix the issue

  2. As we’re ripping out all the Chinese-made CCTV cameras, to be replaced by ever-so trustworthy US-made systems, let’s not forget all the other Chinese-made devices; cell phones, computers, computer games, social media devices, laptops, kitchen appliances, hand tools, TV sets, Chinese-made cars and trucks, motorcycles, electric bikes, tractors, industrial equipment and heavy machinery, which could also be reporting our every move back to Beijing. Then there’s all those $2 dollar shops stacked to the rafters with stuff cunningly priced to entice us to take it home so it can report our every move to the Communist Party Central Committee. And we should look again at the rebranding of Chinese gooseberries as “Kiwifruit” perhaps to disguise the fact that they’re actually cunningly disguised moles planted among us, And let’s not forget all those Chinese food outlets – last week I had Peking duck which had a particularly suspicious look about it

  3. Ban chinese made CCP cameras ASAP !!

    Buy the way, we are all carrying hidden microphones and tracking beacons in our pockets all the time, called smartphones.
    And Prepay sims now only top up credit for 1 month, instead of 1 year.
    And you now have to show ID, when you get your phone number transferred to a new sim.
    And the area where I am in the Hutt, has not had a working public phone for over a year.
    And what ever happened to Nokia, put out of business presumably because they weren’t using smartphone operating systems sourced from the US.
    And a few years ago when microsoft had a bunch of zero day vulnerabilitys leaked online by a whistleblower,
    amazingly microsoft immediately provided an update that fixed all the backdoors suspiciously quickly,
    almost as if they already knew of them, but allowed them. Who was using the vulnerabilitys in the meantime.
    And the recent reports from an Ausy IT tech company, that could have links with the Ausy intelligence, claiming that they have found malicious code in the Tik Tok app, but have they even looked for malicious code in other apps, because such code maybe ubiquitous. Indeed, why target Tik Tok.

    Innocent, or are these all signs of ever tightening surveillance tentacles, silently logging all our activities in the background. A cesspool of over reach, by a malign nanny state, skipping along the road of good intentions. Live your life by our algorithm, or get a visit by men in suits. For who is watching the watchers. Please help us Seymour Hersch.
    In future, when all these streams of information about all of us, are aggregated and monitored, by the 24/7 artifical intelligence, eye of mordhor with a perfect memory and unlimited data, it will be like 1984 meets Minority Report.
    Join the resistance and go offgrid.
    For my money, China is the least of our concerns..

  4. More Anti-China sentiment that prevalent in western linked democracies and racism plays an integral part of this negative sentiment.

    The Five eye security arrangement are countries with colonial links to suppressing the respected indigenous peoples that they now call european western countries even though 4 out of the five aren’t situated in the west.

    The issue of suppressing minorities is a reflection of these 5 eyes western democracy legacy that reflective today. The Uyghur of the Xianghan region of China were initially suppressed because of the mass knifings and terrorist activities targeting the majority Hans chinese population. Today I believe that the situation is under control and the Uyghurs are now integrated into the Chinese economy that lifted 700 million out of poverty.

    China will be the next superpower they’re already challenging the US western unipolar position and their economy is going from strength to strength. The foolishness of the Aukus alliance which IMO is an attempt for the US to stay top dog meanwhile throwing its allies under the bus as China is an important trading partner for most of the world especially the asian economic region and the majority Aukus alliance and 5 eyes countries.

    This surveillance issue is another Huawei moment and has as much credibility as calling apartheid Israel a liberal democracy. The US has military installations in all 5 eye and Aukus countries so who do we really need to fear of compromising our privacy.

    Nah I wish China would just hurry up and dethrone the US and its warmongering abilities sooner than later. If war broke out with China today we’ll be fucked all because the US fear of becoming a normal state unable to influence wars and regime change.

    European exceptionalism is ova the rise of the East is inevitable.

  5. We are honest, open and transparent.
    What do we have to hide?
    From whom are we hiding that what we do not wish to hide in the first instance?
    Are we worried that the Chinese spy agencies will show how little our agencies are doing?

    This is an existential threat. Expect an announcement from Chris Hipkins.

  6. Watch out that as CCP devices are removed that they aren’t sizing up the place for replacements from USA? Vodafone – just joined up with Musk, ooh that smell.
    Time for some music – every time you hear Musk think of Tusk.

    Why don’t you ask him if he’s going to stay?
    Why don’t you ask him if he’s going away?
    Why don’t you tell me what’s going on?
    Why don’t you tell me who’s on the phone?
    Why don’t you ask him what’s going on?
    Why don’t you ask him who’s the latest on his throne?

    Don’t say that you love me!
    Just tell me that you want me!

    Tusk! Tusk! Tusk! Tusk!
    Tusk! Tusk! Tusk! Tusk!
    Tusk! Tusk! Tusk! Tusk!
    Tusk! Tusk! Tusk! Tusk!
    Tusk! Writer: Lindsey Buckingham

  7. Who would have guessed. A ethically devoid totalitarian state obsessed with 24 hr surveillance on its own citizens, creating every avenue possible modern high tech and the internet to do the same on it’s neighbors.
    Wave and say a big hi to Xi everybody.

  8. More surprising would be that anyone didnt assume it was happening. Given the amount of publicity around this worldwide except … here.

  9. I’ve started a comment, but I really can’t be fucked carrying on with it just at the mo.
    I’ll finish it sometime with several other examples (maybe0 – such as various technophile-driven projects that’ve gone tits up (INCIS, PLANWISE, CHORUS and other Fibre rollout, et., etc., etc., Etc).
    And btw, I’m no Luddite:
    The story so far:

    Once again, the tensions between the technophobe (the Luddite), and the technophile (We’ll use this peice of technology BECAUSE we can. As I heard someone say the other day in relation to AI: “Could we/can we? without any consideration for “SHOULD we?, and WHY”). There’s this new piece of technology available so now let’s see how and where we can use it, RATHER than what is it we need a piece of technology to do, now let’s see if we can find something, or develop it. People should drive technology according to need and benefit, RATHER than technology drive people – for the sake of it, ego and control-freakery.

    In this instance (the Chinese cameras), it’s not necessarily that Chinese cameras ARE being used for nefarious activity, but is there the potential for it to happen? It’s within the capability of technological advances to measure unreasonable traffic volumes that would suggest things are going places that it shouldn’t. That’s been around for 20 years or more. Hopefully the Brits have based their worries on this, or even if they’ve just determined there is the potential for it should be reason enough. I
    (In the case of the Chinese, and a number of other jurisdictions, all you need to know is that they have totalitarian tendencies, and are expansionist)

    There are countless examples of development of IT systems going tits up because of the technophile.
    The technophile can be non-technical people – including technology salesmen, politicians who’ve had temptations waved under their noses, and technical people within the ITC sector eagre to prove just how bloody clever they are. Often the latter simply serve to reinvent the wheel without much benefit).

    I’ll give you a few examples.

    – During the 80’s, CEO of a certain enterprise who is regarded by many as being charasmetuk gets wined and dined when EFTPOS was being introduced into NZ. (And btw, VIDEOTEX).
    EFTPOS – a success, using Tandem NonStop II systems. Successful even though there were some fairly worrying security problems. Wonderful thinks CEO. Tandem salesmen promise they can put the entire bank brank terminal network and ATMs on it. (A bloody disaster that technical people had repeatedly warned would not work. It didn’t and had to be ‘backed out’ using properly compatible hardware WITH the existing branch terminals).
    Fucking unbelievably stupid, and needless expense passed on to you, the bank account holders via fees.
    Many a ticket clipped by bullshit artist Masters of the Universe.

    to be continued in the next exciting episode of complete bloody wankery and bullshit

  10. Good! At least we’ll get to see what they’re up to on CCPTV no long after the footage is released by the CCP!

  11. After watching us the Chinese are all going to die.
    They’ll either die laughing or die of boredom.

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