MEDIAWATCH: The war on white cis males begins and it is publicly funded!


The Public Interest Journalism hire at Stuff has written a column pointing out why white cis males are responsible for the violence in the world.

Sure stats show Māori and Polynesian male violence, but that’s because of white cis male privilege and their violence is apparently hidden.

ALSO there was no violence before Europeans arrived in NZ and apparently the tens of thousands of Māori who butchered each other during the musket wars was an anomaly.

So, in short Cracker evil, everyone else misunderstood OR is violent only because of Cracker.

The holy trinity of woke intersectionist dogma is that all white men are irredeemable cross burning racists, B-E-L-I-E-V-E all women that ALL men are rapists and anyone supporting free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the Trans community.

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There is no wriggle room in that holy trinity dogma. Attempt to make any critical evaluation of that holy trinity and you are a heretic in need of cancelling.

From the woke perspective, white cis males are the Anti-Christ on crack playing an untuned banjo.

Still, how about we check out the actual global stats on violence just to a check this whole ‘white-cis-males-cause-the-violence-in-the-world’ thing.

Let’s start with homicide rates.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Homicide Rates*

* Incidents per 100,000 people – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 2018

  1. El Salvador – 52.02
  2. U.S. Virgin Islands (U.S. territory) – 49.28
  3. Jamaica – 43.85
  4. Lesotho – 43.56
  5. Honduras – 38.93
  6. Belize – 37.79
  7. Venezuela – 36.69
  8. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – 36.54
  9. South Africa – 36.40
  10. Saint Kitts and Nevis – 36.09


Top 10 Countries with the Highest Incidence of Rape**

** Per 100,000 people. Listed rates include only those offenses that are reported to the police.

  1. Botswana – 92.93
  2. Australia – 91.92
  3. Lesotho – 82.68
  4. South Africa – 72.10
  5. Bermuda – 67.29
  6. Sweden – 63.54
  7. Suriname – 45.21
  8. Costa Rica – 36.70
  9. Nicaragua – 31.60
  10. Grenada – 30.63


Top 10 Countries with the Highest Robbery Rate***

*** Incidents per 100,000 people – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 2018

  1. Costa Rica – 1587.5
  2. Argentina – 922.6
  3. Uruguay – 866.8
  4. Brazil – 695.8
  5. Chile – 639.0
  6. Nicaragua – 488.1
  7. Ecuador – 419.7
  8. Cabo Verde / Cape Verde – 408.6
  9. South Africa – 331.7
  10. Mexico – 257.7

The countries with the ten highest crime rates, expressed in per 100,000 people, globally are:

  1. Venezuela (83.76)
  2. Papua New Guinea (80.79)
  3. South Africa (76.86)
  4. Afghanistan (76.31)
  5. Honduras (74.54)
  6. Trinidad and Tobago (71.63)
  7. Guyana (68.74)
  8. El Salvador (67.79)
  9. Brazil (67.49)
  10. Jamaica (67.42)

For Marama’s claim that white cis men are the reason for the violence in the world to be correct, there needs to be huge organised teams of white cis men living as expats in Venezuela, Papua New Guniea, South Africa, Afghanistan, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, El Salvador, Brazil and Jamaica all co-ordinataing vast crime waves to cause violence in those communities as a competition league

This is what Public Interest Journalism is now. One giant wanky identity politics virtue signal.

I’m not sure the Green Party war on white cis males is the vote winner the woke seem too think it is.

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  1. Humans are “capable of reason”. Jonathan Swift.
    “Although we typically choose not to employ it”. Tim Dean.

    And Time Dean then says “I used to believe that reason persuades. I’m no longer convinced it does.”

    Therefore, only a tiny fraction of our discourse is rational. “Unlike factual discourse, relational discourse can be highly persuasive.”

    • A lot of trans humans focus on aesthetics which is just lazy. They don’t actually want to hand themselves a knife or chemicals so they can cut and burn bits off of themselves preferring to hand them to children which is the leading cause of the spike in trans suicide rates. So trans woman who complete gender reassignment surgery at a young age have to dilate for the rest of there lives. Meaning transitioning to fast leads to terrible disappointment.

      A lot of it comes from rural towns with populations of about 200. Trans kids see what’s going on on social media of people partying in dubai or where ever and young girls making a thousand dollars a bottle waitressing. Essentially they’re selling there youth not realising it’s very short term.

      There’s a new 18 year old every day willing to get flown out and chuck there box around.

      It’s a mistake to say that people like me are transphobic. No one can walk around with there head held high while young vulnerable kids are necking themselves or shooting up schools.

      It’s that transitioning to fast sets it up for huge disappointment.

      If you want to be a girl then be prepared to answer questions. If you’re at a party or whatever it’s good to ask girls questions so if she sees something it’s good to ask the girl questions yknow what did you like, didn’t like and so on. Woman are very perceptive and can see things guys can’t it’s like having a second set of eyes.

      • The dilemma of a parent.
        We love our children and we wish and want the best for them.
        One can support trans and women’s rights at the same time. But managing the conflict zones of those rights will be troublesome but cannot be ignored.

        • I never wanted to go back to NZ since the lockdowns. People are massively slave minded and a lot of the discipline is being done by the police.

          Fathers don’t know how to discipline and neither do teachers because kids, woman and trans have to many rights that men don’t. Parents get into trouble for just yelling at Thier own children and can be investigated by oranga tamariki with a very real chance of children being put into care which is one down from uplift. Again discipline is being handed to the state and everything is in chaos.

          If a parent wants to smack their own child I think they should be perfectly able to do that. I don’t believe in hitting children but I do believe in discipline. The men aren’t leading the household and teachers are a poorer substitute. Woman lead the household and a lot of the discipline isn’t being done by any specific man.

          Just because transhumans exist i know it doesn’t mean anything. So if I see a skinny trans or one that’s not even trying to work out or is turning into a whale I know there is no consequences for simply ignoring them. Transhumans have lower testosterone are weaker and they’re a lot more vocal in Thier displeasure and I don’t even need to consider them because they’re just some droid in the matrix.

          But what is the matrix. I consider the matrix to be large corporations sowing chaos. Promoting equality and diversity because guys are just to frugal with there money. Then once you’ve thrashed your own body for corporate profit you can live free for five years or so in retirement realising it was all just a big con.

          A lot of trans human in general, they lie. They’re not just lying to themselves, they lie about themselves. They lie about there accomplishments, lie about there support. They’re not comfortable in there own bodies and they’re just in a constant state of self deception.

          A lot of it I think has to do with twitter, tik toi,
          L Instagram etc and they see the opposite sex flexing on them and if they buy into the con of mass advertisment then they can have the flashy hair, cars and mansions to and how transitioning can grant equal rights and status.

  2. OMG. Davidson has been like this forever. Men of all shades are more responsible for violence against women than any tranny is. Full stop. Let’s move on. Didn’t you elude to the dangers of the left ( if that’s even a thing anymore) getting bogged down in culture wars rather than worrying about the dignity of earning a decent wage, or putting food on the table, or getting an education, and having access to healthcare?

    • Actually, the only research that has been done comparing trans and non-trans criminality does not support your claim. This Swedish study concluded:

      “regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI 4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime. By contrast, female-to-males had higher crime rates than female controls (aHR 4.1; 95% CI 2.5–6.9) but did not differ from male controls. This indicates a shift to a male pattern regarding criminality and that sex reassignment is coupled to increased crime rate in female-to-males. The same was true regarding violent crime.”

      But, like most issues regarding transgender there needs to be more research on this: eg to see if the findings of the Swedish study are replicated elsewhere.

      And it’s made more difficult because of self ID eg any male can claim to be a transwoman. Also because it’s shifted in law, there tends to be a cultural shift in that we are not meant to question if a person says they are trans, and not meant to ask for documentation socially.

      In the UK almost 50% of males who have committed sex crimes ID as transwomen. And this only counts those without an official Gender Recognition Certificate. And many of these self-IDed transwomen ‘transitioned’ socially (but probably not surgically) after being convicted.

      That is why women are now concerned about letting transwomen into female-only spaces.

      • Really? How many cis males are on this planet compared to transgender people? Transgender are overwhelmingly the minority. I would absolutely concur that more research needs to be done.

  3. Damn you and your statistics!

    It’s the feelings that count (because we’re dealing with women here) LOL

    • And there I is was thinking how we can protect trans, women’s and children’s rights.

      We all know the answer to that.
      Better education. Education in critical thinking. More free speech… what do we get?
      Dropping standards. Critical race theory. Gender theory. Sensorship.
      We are on a hiding to nowhere.

  4. Wisdom has always been chasing the woke but they have been faster.

    When the government changes and the propaganda journalism fund finishes, Stuff is going to have less value than the $1 it was bought for.

    • The state of journalism is such that it will take a significant improvement before I will pay to enter an echo chamber.

    • Hope some advocate for woman, also puts in a media complaint for Newshub who has gone full woke on the transgender issue and printing blatant lies about how the transgender juice thrower was attacked and spat on.

      The video footage shows the opposite, with a 70+ year old, with a t-shirt with wahine on it, being punched out twice by a transgender man. Pretty clear where all the violence was coming from and clear they were not prepared to let the woman’s group speak as well as throwing juice on the speaker which is an assault.

      NZ media can’t exist in the real world financially so seem to be printing any woke managerial lies that they are funded for, rather than pay real journos to find out the news.

      Thus the MSM readership gets smaller and smaller, thus they can’t get sales, thus they take money from anybody to print anything. Thus public distrusts them more. Cycle continues.

      Media complaints already upheld against another woke and Stuff, another NZ of the year, found to be a liar!

      Another NZ of the year, not born or lived very long in NZ, getting the award. But feeling empowered to tell NZ woman/maori/ professors what to do here as they jet off around the world.

      Media Council finds Wiles column breach of press standards

      Woke love those that seem to be interested in attacking others for their ideology!

      They also seem to be interested in printing articles from the white collar ‘crim’ point of view with the fascination for Eric Watson.

      I wonder why kids are now feeling anxious and mentally ill. Not safe to be a woman, not safe to visit a mall or go to a protest anymore.

  5. Bomber….

    The woke thought police would suggest that your stats are irrelevant. The countries you refer to have been “destroyed” by colonialism and we all know that no one today is responsible for their actions because all shit today can be traced back to the white colonialists of Europe in the 19th century.

    What an effing useless debate consuming needless oxygen when there are vastly more important issues to be focused on.

  6. Another thing the peeves me off is all the woke journo’s who disparage the views of old people, in particular old white males.

    In other (non woke) cultures the views of older people are highly valued and cherished, After all these old folk have a lot of life experience to share with us all.

    But in the west old peoples opinions are mocked and treated like trash.

    Mind you stuffed seem to only mock old white people, old brown people are still put on a pedestal by stuff and treated as if they are wonderful and all knowing, old whities?> nah no chance.

    Please make this madness stop!Q

    • I am looking forward to ChatGPT making most journalists redundant, and every single one of them at Stuff.

    • @XsXX,
      You should hear about the froth that cross eyed lecturers in Teacher Training courses are peddling.
      All about how women were deeply repressed and put down in the fifties in New Zealand. Those of us who grew up in that era, born before the war are rolling their eyes in astonishment.
      How about we invade the lecture halls?

  7. Stuff at it again this morning with white academics saying that brown violence is all historic mythology and all statistics are a result of systemic racism and that white men are guilty of heinous physchological abuse and white women dont report the violence. Yada yada.


    Then we have Shamubeel Eaqub (Another imported NZ expert) who has increasingly been compromised to stay in with the media (ie the progressive party line) hammering pensioners. Its an outrage that the Pension Age hasnt been raised to 70. Why are we paying all these rich healthy old people?

    Take note, if you are old, cis male, white, a mother or a natural woman, the left does not want your vote.

    • Well Fantail many countries including Australia means-test pensions.

      Really? If you are a mother or a natural woman the left is against you. That’s a ridiculous statement

    • How many imported NZ advisors also have their elderly parents/siblings drawing pensions without having lived or worked in NZ very long and not means tested, while they then advocate to put up taxes and pensions for those who have lived and worked in NZ most of their lives and told – work harder!

      A lot of woke imports advising government on pensions and poverty that benefits themselves personally!

      Nobody calls out the glaring conflict of interest or even their appalling advice aka Eaqub told people not to buy a house during the housing boom, no wonder NZer;s are getting poorer!

      How is it working out for renters with the woke in charge? Enjoying emergency accomodation or flooded rentals? Can you really buy that house on your salary and all the taxes you have to make to keep the vasts amounts of foreign pensioners in free money and health care?

      • ACT signed for Self ID. That pesky little law that gives ALL males access to single sex female spaces.

        • And that’s the only issue you’ll decide who to vote for? Personally reforming Labour’s firearms laws is my only concern, the rest can sort itself out.

      • Fuck off! Fuck you and fuck you’re little ACT scum. Fuck douglas and fuck seymour.
        You’re in fact the fucking enemy. The very reason why AO/NZ’s in the shit it’s in is because of fuckers like you and your vile scum ACT leaches. douglas and his minions are traitors and should be in prison. Or better, being led to the gallows.

  8. In Stuff the academics questioned on whether cis White males are the cause of all violence predictably answered yes. I can only hope that these ivory tower idiots persuade drivers that black is white and all get run over on a pedestrian crossing.

  9. Who said the Green party is an advocate for the environment?

    They’re a threat to the human race!!

  10. This dumb cis shit’s a deep state attempt to muddy the waters to deflect focus away from where it really matters; i.e. the four foreign owned banks stealing $180.00 a second off us in net profits annually and nine multi billionaires who couldn’t tell you how they managed to save up all that money without admitting they’re criminal scum taking profitably immoral advantage over those less fortune.
    Pig Muldoon was a creep like that. He’d trot out some relatively banal flash point then light the media fuse to have us all look the other way while that drunken, shrivelled little testicle did his handiwork.
    The Green Party is a logical fallacy. It only exists because we’re too stupid to ask the appropriate questions of it.
    The only good thing about the Green Party is Chloe Swarbrick and she should jump ship to Labour before it’s too late for all of us.
    I’m going to quote Sam Neil from his fantastic book ‘Did I Ever Tell You This’
    ” I think Norman Kirk, who died in office at only fifty one, was as great a prime minister as we’ve ever had.
    He was soon followed by the appalling piggy muldoon of the national party. Muldoon was an arrogant, nasty man and he cast a gloomy pall over our country for far too long. He was an authoritarian in the mould of what we are becoming used to today. New Zealand was still a deeply conservative country, but for all that a decent one. In the national party there were still decent men, like Marshall, talboys, macyntire, mc lay, who believed in social security, public housing, good health, good schooling. The things that my parents paid a lot of tax for, and we took for granted as the measure of a civilised society. ( This was pre-thatcher and the grim idea that the market, a dumb greedy beast, knows best. And before even labour shamelessly flogged off our best national assets, that the eighties madness, with the deluded rationale that everything should be run by anything other than government.)
    The decent society: muldoon did much to change that. He was one of those leaders who brought out the worst in people. He was divisive and cruel. He poisoned the atmosphere, and he was one of the reasons I was relieved to leave New Zealand in 1978. He was responsible for the infamous dawn raids of the 1970’s; these were crimes committed by the police against our Pacifica people, many of whom are still in trauma. He refused to stop the Springbok tour of 1981.”
    I believe the real reason why marama davidson broke the white CIS male thing is to have us all suddenly look the other way. Down into a dead end street ably led by the faux hysteria of an all bought and paid for MSM.

    • Yes CB, agree with the distraction comment. The article I saw in stuff basically said that violence against white females might be underreported and that in general white females may not have to go to a refuge. Of course you could say that this makes the glaring assumption that the while females abuser is also white. That’s an opinion from someone who spends a lot more time than all of us experts on this blog. Are they right not sure. Anyway one opinion is now part of a war on white men. Martyn is boarding on stoking the distraction that he has warned about.

  11. Thank you for the statistics. I understand why Davidson reacted with that comment given she had just been knocked down by a motorbike riding male of unknown hue, but when I suggested she was wrong, I was attacked by a rabid mob of my own. The comment was incredibly myopic. There are so many different races (ethnicities) of colour around the world – Mexico and South America have horrendous rates of violence not to mention the Middle East. I don’t think Marama Davidson thought outside New Zealand – but even so, she was still wrong. Of course none of this would have happened had the frowzy, peroxide blonde crostata been banned from NZ.

      • Yes, actually, I am. Imagine that! I am not a Davidson cheerleader, but Dozie Blarter should never have been allowed in the country and you can make any number of excuses for that blunder. Now I see the media is headlining her threats to ‘return’.

    • If PP would not have come here to hold one of her free public ‘lets speak women’ meet ups none of the racist, human female hating shits including Marama Davidson would have outed themselves as racist ‘human female/male ‘ hating fucks.

    • P the P. “ Of course none of this would have happened had the frowzy, peroxide blonde crostata been banned from New Zealand.” Je ne comprends pas. Pourquoi ? And what on earth have a women’s activist’s looks got to do with her message? Voulez- vous preferer preferred Ionesco’s Bald Prima Donna ? Of course you would, that’s New Zealand politics today.

  12. I’ve left the Green Party after the tripple whammy of their anti-free speech position, not denouncing the violence at the protest, and Marama’s comment. If these were an aboration I would hang in there because of their work for the environment. But they were always going to get caught by identity politics because they feel ui is always necessary to be nice so don’t know how to draw a line on behaviour and how far an ideology should go. Now the MPs will know things are not right and will be under extreme and nagging pressure. But they will only become more intrangent. The party is like a supernova that is going to end up a white dwarf sitting below 5 percent.

      • Anker They all have to go. The Rule of law no longer applies in New Zealand. Time for the GG to dissolve Parliament.

        Overseas commentators note that neither the Prime Minister nor any senior government person has condemned the violence meted out upon women in Albert Park.

        The New Zealand Police force watched while persons were violent to women and they did nothing. Police stated that it was not their job to protect the women. The Rule of Law has broken down.

        The police made no effort to provide a safe space or buffer for women speakers because the Rule of law has broken down hence the transgender extremists were enabled to ambush and to attack women.

        The Prime Minister has stated that he would have joined the organised violent counter protestors if he could, describing their horrendous activities as a ‘celebration’ because the Rule of Law is now in abeyance.

        Politicians and media lied about Kellie-Jay Keen dishonestly fuelling the protestors because the Rule of Law no longer applies to New Zealand women.

        Media reports today re violent cisgender white men appear to ignore Davidson’s gender variation, and her global application, applying their comments to all white men in New Zealand, making comparison with local tangata whenua, and drawing upon a history with only an oral recorded tradition. This looks like yet another diversionary tactic on the part of the divide and rule Labour/Green government which wants to silence all women’s voices and is now trying to demonise all the males of one ethnicity. This is tyranny, not democracy, they all have to go.

    • Hi David, it definitely was an aboration.
      For the green party however, it was not an abberation.
      M. Davidson has been an outspoken racist and the Greens have been fringe-thought and CRT supporters for years now.

  13. capitalism,its exploit,has not care for violence, its profit greed profit is human violence,profit, colour equasion ,well racist thought.Care Engel thought.

  14. Where is the video of Marama v motorbike?

    She’s claiming to have been hit.
    She has had the Prime Minster of New Zealand defend her actions, on the basis, she claims to have been in shock after being hit by a motorbike.

    What if she wasn’t hit? Or a hit was a gross exaggeration?
    What if it was a lie?
    What if the lie has lead to the PM and her Co leader making false claims on her behalf?
    Why has the video not surfaced supporting her claim?
    We know they have it.

  15. Comparing her comment to rates of violence in other countries worldwide is worse than irrelevant to solve the issue. Personally, I would have thought that alcohol use would have a lot to do with reported violence in NZ but most people do not want to admit that. While the stuff article quoted someone who took a different view on reported violence that is no reason to deny that there is some logic in those views. While the results from the countries you list are bad I am equally sure that just adding more white men to the population is likely to make the results worse unless there was an extreme selection policy on who was allowed in.

  16. Have Jim Mora been cancelled from RNZ National? And Karyn Hay as well? Did they resist the stain being little- sir-echo to the hope and dreams of the current government?

  17. “Marama’s statement needing to be fact checked rather than accepted as something that could possibly be true… is another form of systemic violence,” he said.”

    This says at all for me. And from a supposed academic. Just extraordinary.

  18. We Kiwis are a rather privileged species and we don’t always understand how those born into abject poverty may have needed to resort to violence in order to survive. That does not condone it at all, but such peoples may be quick to anger as a result.

  19. Who wrote that Stuff article, Winston Smith?

    Very 1984 of Stuffs sources. Just erase history and start again with something far more convenient. Hows this for the next instalment, “When the evil white man arrived in his cloud of fire and brimstone, they discovered Maori, riding unicorns in an environment lit by rainbows going to kindness festivals”.

    We know similar horse shit is what powers the Waitangi Tribunal and how they arrive at the illogical decisions.

    But in all this academic alternative reality, where only the limits of ones imagination constrains their cause, academia is destroying itself. I had little love for universities as it was, but now they are just evil in the lengths they will go to bury the truth! Places of higher education have become places of dark manipulation!

  20. I protest! What about Elizabeth Bathory, Victoria Nuland, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Liz Cheyney, Margeret Thatcher, Ursula von der Leyden, Joanna Harrison, Madonna, etc etc all display some hideous bloodthirst yet…yet…when I queried mr google by entering ‘violent women’ in his searchbar every result was headed ‘violence against women’ wtf? time to sign that letter, @Nate

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