Posie Parker brawl highlights Woke Left have lost ability to persuade – the only winner is ACT


It’s very important for the woke narrative to tell you the aggression you saw with your own eyes was joyful and loving…

…in a weird Orwellian 1984 torture session, the Woke are holding up 4 penis’s and asking you how many penis there are, and you say 4 and they scream ‘They aren’t penises they are vaginas’!

1984 – how many fingers am I holding up Winston?

The images of a women being beaten and cancelled are doing more damage to the Left than they are the Right.

I’m no fan of Parker, as far as I am concerned she is a Toxic Trans Troll fear grifter who loves this reaction and attention.

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I believe our RNZ reviewer, Tim Selwyn, managed to do a devastating critique of the intellectual infrastructure of Posie Parker and highlight what a grifter she is.

However Parker is a manifestation of a cancel culture where these issues can’t be debated because of woke social media lynchings.

The balancing act here was to protest and disrupt without becoming a mob, which the protest movement utterly failed at. The footage of Parker being attacked is now a propaganda tool for her anger grifting.

I understand passions are high, I’m going to this redneck evangelicals anti-Māori tour on Tuesday night to confront him and challenge him for bringing this racist trash to my neighbourhood, but I have no intention of becoming physical or threatening anyone. I intend to argue and point out his lies while protesting him.

The mob on Saturday didn’t do that, they wanted a fight. Protestors on the day resembled every single person ever bullied at school for being different and they came  to do the bullying.

Because the woke activists rely on echo bunkers and cancel culture, they have lost the ability to persuade and because the Left is overrun by the woke that inability to win over people is rife throughout the movement.

I have many self declaring feminist women who privately tell me they have real misgivings with some of the Trans woke dogma but are terrified of saying anything because the Fourth Wave Feminists, non-binary activists and trans ally vegan mommy bloggers rip them to pieces on social media.

Posie Parker is what happens when we censor and the mob attack on her weakens the Left’s moral high ground.

The Left should be championing free speech, not limiting it and when we do protest, it should be to win over people, not beat them up.

We may have won the Thugs Veto Battle this weekend, but we’ve lost the Free Speech War tomorrow.

In the end it wasn’t the Trans community who were in danger, it was Posie Parker and that’s exactly what she wanted.

Expect ACT to jump in the Polls because they are the only real winners here.

The Woke can’t help but hand ACT political ammunition and they’ve been doing it for 5 years now! ACT were at .7% when the Woke started their culture war against Free Speech, ACT are now 12%!

Can the middle class woke please shut the fuck up for the rest of the year, allow voters to forget what they really showed themselves to be this weekend and give the Class Left a chance to win the election?

I promise all you middle class woke identity politics activists, you can all go back to being an alienating mob that beats up women AFTER the election.

Do we have a deal?

All those being triumphant over Posie Parker are telling the rest of NZ is that you are prepared to use violence and intimidation anytime you disagree.

The woke have no comprehension how this Thugs Veto is playing outside their echo bunkers to the wider electorate.

Mob rule isn’t protest.

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  1. Certain people on here are planning to vote ACT because they ‘protect women’. Never mind the women who work M. wage jobs and will get a 3 year pay freeze under ACT, or older women who will have you either spend two more years fighting with WINZ for thier subsistence payment because ACT wants to put put the retirement age. Or women who cannot get a house, because ACT sold off all the state housing.

  2. Martyn – Looking at various Social Media, and Main Stream Media sites (despite their attempts to not allow comments) – the vast majority of Kiwis are disgusted with the Albert Park mob- thugs…Even the organizers of the mob -thugs are trying to distance themselves from yesterday hate…too late

    • The real ‘thugs’ are the god botherers who want to tell everyone how to live their lives, and are willing to pass laws to back it up. Look at what is happening in the USA?

      • more over the top hyperbole from the trans-fascist left. Parker is not advocating for any of the things you say, but you keep saying them.
        Are you really so shallow that you think just by repeating falsehoods and denying women the right to speak to their own identity, that the rest of us will agree with you?
        Truly the left have become fascists.

        • Of course there is no interference in New Zealand’s politics from US religious organizations? Nope? That’s why pot is legal isn’t it? Where do you think the money for all the various moral crusades we see here, comes from?

      • Hear hear Millsy. Yesterday should not have turned this attention seeker into a martyr, but some folks need no excuse to feign disgust and horror.

  3. The viscous left on display again,they really are the ferals of our country.
    New Zealand once seen as a country of decent people, now seen as an angry lynch mob of left wing haters.

    • Whatever. Its anti vax homophobic filth that are the ferals. The trans community are willing to stand up for their freedom to live their lives. How is that bad. If I was been harrased like they are, I would be angry/

      • Millsy settle down. What I saw yesterday was worse than the uneducated anti vaccine mob at parliament.

        The people yesterday were mainly white middle class liberals, who claim to be peaceful loving individuals. When in fact they are hypocrites, bullies and thugs.

        I made me remember about all the times I was bullied at school. They were all kids from white middle class liberal families. A couple of ex flats mates who are now teachers will also tell you that middle class liberals or left wing parents are the worst. She now left the public school and now is a teacher at a private school. She is amazed at how much the parents respect and support her.

        You need some good weed…

      • Bro, dunno about you, but I kinda wish my school had some middle class liberal bullies. Just so I know what that even looks like.

    • didn’t the anti-vax mob call fot jacindas lynching, bob the last..you really must try a bit harder

  4. Even worse…. If this had happened to Jacinda or parliment , by eighties, they would have been forceably removed

  5. They are too arrogant and wont let you.
    Labour would piss in if they could fight this election on class issues by providing workers with economic security during a recession. Maybe they need a good thumping at the polls to wake their ideas up before the next election.

    • Mikesee how can you possibly believe Labour would win?
      Their current policy is to overturn their present policies,they have nothing new plus they have run out of credible ministers.
      The division they have brought about in New Zealand is unforgivable.

      • Bob another idiotic statement. When it’s suits you espouse that people can think for themselves. Stop blaming labour or any party for people being f’ing stupid. There is ample opportunity in this country to source information.

  6. I am an atheist.
    I tolerate religion because it is inherently free speech but you wont see me rocking up to church services heckling, throwing shit and acting like a fuckwit.
    The militant trans mobs violent, hysterical blood lust in Auckland is no different to vocal anti abortionists, feral anti 1080 nutters or extremist nationalists shouting and threatining people they dont agree with.
    When the hard left starts acting like the hard right you know we are in trouble.

  7. Posie is a hero for women’s rights and our safe spaces. However, these THINGS want to invade our safe spaces and are now resorting to violence and intimidation to achieve their goals, along with their supporters. These THINGS want people to listen to them, but if someone disagrees with them, they try to shut down freedom of speech.

    • Trans women are trans women, not women, but equally they deserve to have a voice and a life.

      Please don’t refer to trans people as things, they are human too.

      • Agree – I think the majority of people sit in the middle of this debate, they are ok with trans, but think that the militant trans activists have taken it far too far and are now taking rights and language away from woman and using harassment, political pressure and more violence action to do it.

        If trans militants are attacking comedians and woman speakers who now need security, something is very, very wrong. It is not a peaceful group.

        • Actually, you’d probably find that most people don’t care because it doesn’t effect them. However, if asked most people will make up an opinion that is generally in keeping with that they believe the rest of the flock think.

    • Ok, so I’m a man so I don’t know, but what do you consider a woman’s safe place? Serious question Zelda, I’m just trying to understand your point better.

      • Women should be safe everywhere, they aren’t though are they? Who are the main threats cis-men or trans women?

  8. People are all over the road on this one–as befits the phenomenon of post modernism (where anything can mean anything), social media blowouts, and identity politics subsuming class left materialist philosophy and collectivism.

    No essays from me, just some basic points from a long time unionist, protestor and leftist.
    • All exploited, oppressed, alienated and marginalised deserve working class support and solidarity, this includes the various stripes of trans people.
    • Freedom of speech, assembly and association are the foundations of civil society–although dammed hard to achieve in reality–they must be upheld. If people with unpopular or minority activist views want to speak publicly they have to be prepared for some blowback–just as us leftists have had to put up with for ever–verbal abuse, arrest, bosses media bias and attacks and physical violence. From murdered miner FG Evans in Waihi 1912, to Ernie Abbott Trades Hall Bombing 1984, and Christine Clarke (Green, Rod Donald’s Electorate Secretary) run down while picketing at Lyttleton waterfront, died New Years eve in 1999, and countless other occasions of Police and state picket violence, unionists know what it is like to cop it for your beliefs.
    • Barring Nazis everyone should have and exercise free speech (and expect a possible reaction).

    • Well there’s the problem – many of the protesters believed KJK to be a Nazi because the media and left-wing blogs were making the association. Golriz tweeted before the protest that she was going to deal with some Nazis.

      Many on the left and in the media need to take a good look at themselves in the mirror over this. They inflamed it into what it turned into. They’re on a level with Trevor Mallard.

    • But I didn’t get to hear what she had to say and make up my own mind if there is anything valid in her position. Why would you deny me that opportunity? Who are you that you should control what I can hear and think about?

      • I’m sure you could find her opinions using Google if you wanted. By the way, why can’t we read Tarrant’s opinions too, so we can make up our own minds? Is it because it’s deemed harmful for the public good?

      • There are plenty of places/sites where you can hear or read her views. She didn’t actually need to come to new Zealand to spout them. And I can’t help but ask – who was paying her to do it?

        • RosieLee, too right who paid her? Because her views aren’t a secret and this has actually catapulted her and the right into the limelight as victims/martyr.

        • Who paid for her trip the most extreme conservative action committee in the USA the CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE.
          One of 300 plus conservative action committee’s in the usa. All of whom are targeting the LGBT community currently drag queens and trans people both women and men. They are uses the right, alt right and outright Neo Nazis to do their dirty work .
          This is who is funding the speak up for women stuff world wide. It is a front to wind back ALL LGTBQIA+ rights while they screw everyone else using this campaign as a front. This free speech bullshit is also coming from the same source while they take down everyone’s rights. ACT is the front for the USA conservative agenda.

      • Pro tip: her position’s all online – go read it there for yourself.

        There’s no need to have her spraying her shit in person.

  9. IMO trans women are not women, they are trans women. Anyone with a penis should not be using women’s public toilets and changing rooms for example. This is not to say all trans are sexual deviants at all, all genders have individuals who are deviant (though mostly male). This is to provide some measure of actual safety to women and perceived safety. We have parents only public toilets so why not gender neutral toilets as well for those who don’t have safety concerns. Women have every right to have an opinion on this without being bullied. Society does needs to continue to be more inclusive of all our people. But not by pushing back the gains women have fought hard for. When women cease to be raped and assaulted constantly and feel safer out and about, then we can revisit the conversation. Trans can be whoever they want to be and should feel safe being themselves. They no doubt experience their own safety issues similar to women and children and vulnerable people. But they are not women.

    • Well said. The one good thing that has come out this is that I’m more closer to my wife than ever.

      My beautiful wife is a fiesty strong South American but she is also small. I now realise that New Zealand is not as safe for her as I first thought. There are people out there who want to shut her up (BTW good luck with that) but even she would have been intimidated to go through what PP went through yesterday. All because she felt like she has something to say.

      NZ is different after yesterday, and I now see how vulnerable those closet to me are from people who want to do harm to them.

      These people may have woken up the lion in me though. Mess with my wife, sister, niece or mother and I will do everything I can to protect them.

      • A tad over dramatic. Would you like some pearls to clutch? If you think people got wound up by the fact that posie plonker was a woman you might want to reflect on that conclusion

  10. Neither Labour nor Greens are the ‘left’. Woke is just a different word for authoritarian little tyrants.

  11. Martyn- have you see the video of Marama Davidson shortly after the rally where she goes off on a rant unbecoming of a minister of the crown culminating in a declaration that all violence in the world is committed by white cis men? Truly vile, and the final nail in the coffin of my former support of the Greens.

    The outburst occurred during an exchange with Counterspin Media who I wouldn’t normally rely on to tell me what day it is – but it is all there in its undeniable unedited glory.

    • Perhaps if white cis men didnt go round lynching blacks, and beating up women and LGBT’s perhaps she wouldnt have to say that.

      • That’s complete rubbish millsy.
        Please tell me when a black person was lynched in New Zealand.
        Yesterday we witnessed violence from the LGBT.
        No arrests,I suspect they had both police and political protection.

        • Bob the first Hell to pay if the cops had swung batons or tasered the T people already claiming victimhood. They’d have been accused of transphobia and heaven knows what else. Backs of tigers.

          • Yes you are correct MC but isn’t it dreadful that certain sections of our society have both political and police protection.

            • No. What is dreadful is that all sections of society do not have police protection. As far as politicians concerned, their main concern is for themselves.

      • Come on mate, it is 2023. I can’t justify the 20th century, but hate lynchings are now exceptionally rare and the domestic violence statistics do not at all support the assertion that all perpetrators are white cis men.

    • Leighton. That’s just Marama Davidson seizing another opportunity to cause racial division just like she did crucifying white New Zealanders for the terrible Muslim massacres. She knows what she’s doing, after all she’s an advisor to the Race Relations or Human Rights Commission or both. Marama and her white hating mates are why I dumped the Greens. And if she’s implying that Maori males are not guilty of violence, then I think that she’s off her rocker.

    • Yes that is shocking Leighton and although I too would not give Counterspin the time of day, it was an excellent interview where the subject revealed everything you needed to know

      She is not fit to be a Minister of the Crown

    • Brilliant article that succinctly tells how the silent majority feel and struggle to elucidate either through fear of being cancelled, trolled or attacked.
      These twisted individuals of intolerance and extreme woke dogma will create a rush of voters to the right which is what happens when the pendulum swings too far. This is a shame for the moderate left and liberals everywhere but maybe we need to electorally destroy the village in order to save it.

  12. It is not ok that Marama who is a co leader of a major party in NZ thinks it is ok for protestors to throw liquid at the speaker – next time could be acid – attacks we have seen before on woman.


    Posy has been to many other countries but singles out NZ as one of the worst for woman. I agree NZ has lost the plot for woman’s rights in favour of trans rights.

    Marama then blames cis white males for violence in the world.

    It is just not acceptable to have this type of politician in parliament. That is why ACT is 12% and Greens is falling in the polls.

  13. I really don’t get what the issues are. All I’m getting is emotions, not logic. And anger. When the real reason for the anger becomes manifest all hell may break lose.

  14. Posie Parker departs New Zealand; JK Rowling blasts protest as ‘repellent’

    “British gender activist Posie Parker has left New Zealand, calling it the ‘worst place for women she has ever visited’.

    Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, shared a photo on social media showing her being escorted by police through Auckland Airport.

    She left her rally at Albert Park in Auckland yesterday without speaking, after being overwhelmed by thousands of heckling counter-protesters and pelted with tomato juice.

    Controversial Harry Potter author JK Rowling took to Twitter this morning to brand the protest scenes in Auckland yesterday “repellent”.

    During a series of Tweets, she said a mob “had assaulted women standing up for their rights”.

  15. I remember not long ago the usual suspects on this blog were advocating for the misunderstood parliament protestors. Were these people the special ones who could do no wrong. I recall Trevor Mallard had the blame. These protesters were the salt of the earth, they were visited daily by the National Party representatives, Maureen Pugh et.al.. Winny paid them a visit there was a rumor that even David Seymour called in for a cuppa. I am sure these protesters were a mixed bunch with various acts to grind. Yesterday we saw a protest against a right wing activist who chose to threaten the PM but that’s ok with you right (holier than though ) wingers. Oh are you wringing your hand in shame about a group of oppressed people who have had enough of hate . People like this woman wants free speech but she can’t take the consequences of a legal protest and runs away with her tail between her legs ( sorry for the pun ) .

  16. The fact that trans women are going to dominate women’s sports going forward is something no one wants to talk about, since it exposes genetic facts that can’t be ignored. Genetic women should take a stand that genetic males are rapidly owning traditionally women’s competitions. If that labels them as “trans-phobes”, then so be it imo. It’s ultimately not my fight, as a male – indeed I’m sure many men are delighted to see males dominate in sports of both genders!

  17. Wokeism, cancel culture, just new forms of censorship, founded by the billionaire class to help keep their interests and their faithful servants, the political class, secure.

    • Does your definition of free speech include becoming a violent mob and charging the person saying things you don’t like being said?

      And dousing them in liquids while they are speaking in public? That must have caused a hearty chuckle in the gagarin household.

  18. Woke is arguing on social media about pronouns and whether trans women are real women
    Woke is organizing an online petition
    Woke is using a petition to cancel a venue
    Woke is organizing a movement to boycott the purchase of consumer products
    Work is canceling someone from your social media feed
    A glorious old fashioned put your body on the line protest.
    If you want to come into NZ/Ao and talk shit about people in our country then bring your A game, come prepared to stand your ground or run away and fuck off out of Dodge.
    Except for the Act/Natz trolls are you people socialists or do you stop for a sip of chardonnay between sentences as you tap away.

    • No idea what you are talking about PeterH except maybe you are a violence apologist.(When it suits)

  19. Oh and posie parkers little escaped was funded by the USA far right Conservative Political action committee. One of the usa’s most active political fund raising political action committee’s for thje republican party. Don’t tell me she was talking for ordinary women.

    She is blatantly anti trans both TRANS MAN AND TRANS WOMAN.

    Till you have lived under the daily abuse they get don’t criticise if they rebel.
    Whether you acknowledge it our not the right are coming for all LGTB rights this anti trans stuff is just the beginning .

    As you will have noticed in RED states in the usa.

    So yes ALL LGTBQIA+ stood up this weekend tgo let the world know we won’t be going down without a fight.

    LGTB did not fight for over 20 years to gain our rights to have a right wing religious funded yankee cpac funded bitch to come down here and try pull a swifty .

    She got run out of town and her alcolytes here in NZ better take noticer.

    Wellington today out numbered aucklands on saturday and even christchurch drew 1,000 plus on Sunday morning.

    So call us mummy bloggers or whatever.

    Her shit and tamaki’s destiny church bullshit is going down .

    It is 1984 to 86 all over again we wont be backing down.

    • Isn’t it ‘LGBT’, not LGTB?

      And I’d question how much the average Ls and the Gs are behind the Trans agenda.

      They were the ones fighting for decades, and now that’s be changed to being it’s trans-women’s penises that lesbians should be having sex with ‘because trans women are women’..

  20. The reason these people can’t persuade people is because their arguments are weak. For some people, if persuasion doesn’t succeed then its time for coercion. Most people are willing to find a safe place in society for trans people, but not at the expense of others. Everyone is just going to have to compromise a bit.

    • If they transition properly and or not to fast they pass for a female or whatever they can just use the toilet if there choice.

      Get what I’m trying to say??? There are trans people out there who pass so much that woman themselves have no issues sharing the changing rooms with them.

      It’s the activists screwing everything up. World Athletics association rules that transhumans can’t compete in woman’s divisions and that was coming from Trans Athletes themselves!

      What ever these Saturday activists are on about no one knows.

  21. When you live in a country that allows 2500 people to form a mob to stop a woman speaking on behalf of 50% of the population, something is wrong.

    Since the woman were not allowed to speak, and too dangerous to go, you can find out what she had to say and the protest below and read the thousands of supporters comments!


  22. I suspect the green party HQ in Kingsland have wheeled out their commo division to ramp up their ideology for the scum & dregs of the middle-class reprobates and deluded culture war activists. Hate, Violence, Misogyny, and pedophilia peddled to the dumb white sheep.

  23. As well as that, why is that Speaking Up for (White) Women has about zero substantive proof of their absurd conspiracy theories and claims?

  24. If there was a figure on the left with such a high profile, they would be dead. Stop complaining about tomato sauce, she is a product of the empire, and until we decolonise our minds, bodies and souls, we will be just as blind as the minions and lemmings and sheep etc. WAKE UP this is 2023, we have learnt alot in a few millenia, Jesus may have been an impressive human but he had nothing to do with any other higher power than being an excellent human being, a very tolerant human being it appears. This weirdo traumatised mother who invited fascists to join, should be in the Auckland Council with that silver tsunami that wants to cull the arts. Fascism 3.0 take away the music from the parks, the love from the community centres and save the old people who are almost dead anyway, who cares if the world is burning?

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