Ummmmmm – Marama Davidson just said, “I am the prevention violence Minister, and I know who causes violence in the world, and it’s white cis men’.



Marama Davidson yesterday said, “I am the prevention violence Minister, and I know who causes violence in the world, and it’s white cis men’.


Clearly the Minister misspoke and she didn’t actually mean that her Ministerial position has led her to believe that all white cis men cause all the violence in the world.

The irony of stating white cis men cause the violence in the world only to be run over by a Māori Destiny Church Biker an hour later is too great.

The Minister clearly misspoke and needs to correct her statement before this erupts.

The holy trinity of woke intersectionist dogma is that all white men are irredeemable cross burning racists, B-E-L-I-E-V-E all women that ALL men are rapists and anyone supporting free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the Trans community.

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There is no wriggle room in that holy trinity dogma. Attempt to make any critical evaluation of that holy trinity and you are a heretic in need of cancelling.

From the woke perspective, white cis males are the Anti-Christ on crack playing an untuned banjo.

Still, how about we check out the actual global stats on violence just to a check this whole ‘white-cis-males-cause-the-violence-in-the-world’ thing.

Let’s start with homicide rates.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Homicide Rates*

* Incidents per 100,000 people – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 2018

  1. El Salvador – 52.02
  2. U.S. Virgin Islands (U.S. territory) – 49.28
  3. Jamaica – 43.85
  4. Lesotho – 43.56
  5. Honduras – 38.93
  6. Belize – 37.79
  7. Venezuela – 36.69
  8. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – 36.54
  9. South Africa – 36.40
  10. Saint Kitts and Nevis – 36.09

Hmmmm. Unless the same white cis men in El Salvador, US Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Lesotho, Honduras, Belize, Venzeuela, Saint Vincent, South Africa, Saint Kitts and Nigeria, are all committing mass murders, Marama’s comment doesn’t seem to stand up.

How about rape?

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Incidence of Rape**

** Per 100,000 people. Listed rates include only those offenses that are reported to the police.

  1. Botswana – 92.93
  2. Australia – 91.92
  3. Lesotho – 82.68
  4. South Africa – 72.10
  5. Bermuda – 67.29
  6. Sweden – 63.54
  7. Suriname – 45.21
  8. Costa Rica – 36.70
  9. Nicaragua – 31.60
  10. Grenada – 30.63

Ok, Australia and Sweden are stand outs, but still 8 other countries that must have an enormously active white cis male rape culture who are committing an enormous amount of sexual assault.

How about robbery?

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Robbery Rate***

*** Incidents per 100,000 people – United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 2018

  1. Costa Rica – 1587.5
  2. Argentina – 922.6
  3. Uruguay – 866.8
  4. Brazil – 695.8
  5. Chile – 639.0
  6. Nicaragua – 488.1
  7. Ecuador – 419.7
  8. Cabo Verde / Cape Verde – 408.6
  9. South Africa – 331.7
  10. Mexico – 257.7

Let me guess, robbery isn’t really violent so these stats don’t disprove Marama’s statement that the violence in the world is caused by white cis males?

Well, what about total crime?

The countries with the ten highest crime rates, expressed in per 100,000 people, globally are:

  1. Venezuela (83.76)
  2. Papua New Guinea (80.79)
  3. South Africa (76.86)
  4. Afghanistan (76.31)
  5. Honduras (74.54)
  6. Trinidad and Tobago (71.63)
  7. Guyana (68.74)
  8. El Salvador (67.79)
  9. Brazil (67.49)
  10. Jamaica (67.42)

For Marama’s claim that white cis men are the reason for the violence in the world to be correct, there needs to be huge organised teams of white cis men living as expats in Venezuela, Papua New Guniea, South Africa, Afghanistan, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, El Salvador, Brazil and Jamaica all co-ordinataing vast crime waves to cause violence in those communities as a competition league.

This claim by Marama that white cis males are responsible for the violence in the world was made just before Trans protestors stormed a stage and beat a women off it and just after she was run over by a Māori Destiny Church Biker.

I’m not sure making claims that are demonstrably false is helping the Greens.

Remember, Marama is a Minister of the Crown and says she’s making this evaluation as the violence prevention Minister.

She is speaking on behalf of the Government, meaning the Government right now is claiming white cis males are the reason for violence in the world.

Chippy is going to have to clarify if that is indeed the NZ Labour Governments position sometime today.

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    • either she knows about female on male domestic abuse and is a liar or she doesn’t and needs to do some research

      it’s often ignored but research carried out by lesbian organisations finds lesbians have the most domestic violence
      of course how and what qualfies as ‘domestic violence’ is a moveable feast

    • It’s a bit like Golriz supporting woman’s freedom of speech in Iran, but doing the opposite in NZ.

      Wait, didn’t Golriz cut her teeth at the UN as an advocate for a male genocide and war crime offenders?

      It is more virtue signalling for woke to protect trans woman than woman and war criminals than victims.

    • This was not a misspeak. I have seen Marama Davidson say this very thing previously on a relatively recent TV interview (mysteriously, now disappeared from google searches). She is full of hate for a large sector of New Zealand citizens, and is obviously only interested in using her elected political status to further her personal racist and sexist agenda. Not for the good of all New Zealanders. Is this the new norm for our ministers who are elected by the people, (supposedly) for the people?

    • The left! And the right were dismissed when we saw this happening a decade ago. There has never been a single instance where the right didn’t end up being vindicated.

    • How?

      Basically it’s been enabled and accelerated by the weaponisation of social media.

      The echo chamber of bile and stupid.

  1. She needs to be sacked from her Ministerial post after what she said yesterday. Failing to condem the violence against women and shouting the mantra that she supported her trans whanau etc etc.

      • Probably is untouchable BG,but if she doesn’t resign today then she has to be sacked.If not what little credibility Labour and the Greens have left will be further diluted.
        New Zealand needs good leadership,not the circus called Labour/Green.
        Please New Zealand,we need our country back.

  2. She’s been captured by toxic identity politics and critical race theory. This makes her worse than useless; she’s actually dangerous.

  3. Be interesting at question time in parliament. Question for the Prime Minister. Is he aware that as a cis white male he is responsible for the violence in our society?

    The opposition is going to make hay out of this till the election and the Greens are on a hiding to nothing. They will get the statement thrown into their faces for ever.

    Will Hipkins remove her meaningless ministerial portfolios? After all what has Davidson done for the homeless?

  4. Surely she’ll resign on Monday?
    If she doesn’t James Shaw, needs to go a pair and remove her.

    If this doesn’t happen they need to rename the Green Party.

  5. she would have to be perhaps the most useless, thick minister we’ve ever had. And wrong too – alas, Maori commit around 46% of all violent offences in NZ.

  6. Come election time i can see alot of tomato juice heading the Greens direction. Then they can really join the other woke nutters on team Red

  7. I have often wondered if she can be included among the intelligent, well-spoken feminists whom I admire. This ends that conjecture, and leaves me wondering if the Greens are devoid of people who can judge people’s suitability for office.

    It appears not. This is a disaster for the Green Party.

  8. Martyn’s worried about Marama “handing ammunition to the Right”.

    I’m worried that a minister of the crown apparently thinks “cis white men” are evil. Would it be any surprise if a few other members of this government thought the same way?

    • Great advocate for National/Act and NZ First.
      Can we have our country back please.
      By the way where is the Chipster?

    • Pope Punctilious 11 Marama has always been racist like this. Her knowledge of our New Zealand history appears woeful and self-serving, and if this is her world view then she shouldn’t be Parliament at all. Michael Wood had the gall to say that Posy P has an incorrect world view, yet all of Marama’s parliamentary colleagues seem unabashed about accommodating her vile views concerning white people. It’s about time that they justified doing so. I daresay this is the bilge she tells her six children too.

    • Well of course that would be the only thing Green Supporters would be concerned with. Not that the dames of that party are utterly vile and violent for that matter, but no the problem is that people get to see – on a global stage – such how vile and violent these dames are but that it might benefit the right.
      And anything, no matter how vile and violent would be worse then those that actually called for violence and harm.
      The left and its enablers has completely lost the plot.

  9. I think that maybe she hasn’t taken a good look at the crime stats in awhile. Using statistics from 1864 isn’t helpful.

  10. Marama Davidson now believes the Prime Minister Chris Hipkins who is a white cis man causes violence in the world.

    The Prime Minister should say to Marama Davidson tomorrow, You’re Fired!

  11. Is it just me, or were the people who were born white males, the ones doing the violence yesterday? And collective want to shut all women down?

    Then there’s the motorcycle…

    Irony is a hash task master.

  12. Wayne Brown calls the media “Drongos” and the MSM are all over him.
    A govt minister uses racist hate speech against white men, and all I hear is silence.

    Can’t figure out why their readership and popularity is falling?

  13. Posy Parker and the comments from the rest of NZ who were not allowed to be heard – Posy is not just about woman but the problem of neoliberal ideology! At present 7600+ comments.

    Comments like….

    “I was there Kellie-Jay with my 17 year old son. We assisted your security team, along with another guy (both of us ex cops) to get you and your team out of the grounds when it turned to custard. I spoke to the police earlier just prior (who were completely understaffed for this event) and mentioned the vibe was not good and to get over to the rotunda and form a presence, and to get you out if required. They stated they were putting together a plan and then simply walked away from me in the other direction (contingency plans tend to be done prior to, not during). It then blew up at which time we made our way over to the rotunda and helped out. Two older folk had been pushed to the ground when we arrived at which time we assisted them to their feet and focused on getting you all to the nearest exit where the police magically appeared. As we assisted we were spat at, had what I think was water thrown on us, pushed and one unsuccessful attempt from a male in his twenties to try and punch me. The vile hatred & agitation coming from these people was palpable. I spent 10 years in law enforcement in NZ and can tell you what I witnessed and experienced was a disgrace at many different levels. Principally driven, by a highly compromised, complicit and very biased mainstream media.”

    “I’m sorry you didn’t get to speak, I’m sorry my son and I didn’t get to hear you speak and I’m sorry you feel like this might be the end of the tour. Nevertheless, I thank you as a dad to a beautiful daughter (who also has been partly poisoned by this ideology) for what you are doing, and as a man who has seen our country deteriorate into some sort of toxic leftist nightmare from the twilight zone. Stay safe always and safe travels, hopefully we get to hear your voice if you ever make it back down here. But I wouldn’t blame you if you never do. As you can see from the comments, there are still a few kiwis left that support and stand by what you do.”

    I always thought Norway hated women. But at least when we have our events we have a lot of police there protecting us from the crazies. This situation is so insanely dangerous for all the women there. My heart breaks AND beats in fury at the utter disregard for womens safety. God, don’t forgive the schreeching herd. They know very well what they are doing .

    “I am so sorry for what happened to you Kellie, I identify as trans and I am disgusted how people treated you while you were in this country. Your point was just proved that women do not get to speak!
    I do don’t associate with that side of trans issues.
    You’re doing amazing work”

    “A country should be measured by how it treats it women and children”

    “My 10yr old daughter and I attended this and it was the angriest environment I’ve ever been in! We carried no signs and were standing talking to a woman we had just met well away from the rotunda. When a man pushed me and started shouting and swearing at me and then pulled his t’shirt up and started fingering his nipples yelling “aren’t these breasts”? We tried to walk away and a group of 30+ just followed and were yelling at us. We ended in a huddle against a tree surrounded by angry, shouting, megaphone people who pushed us around and yelled at us. Of the 5 women, 1 man & a 10yr old child, none of us had signs, we weren’t shouting slogans or anything else, no one asked our opinions they just decided we had a different point of view and were aggressive & violent. The man who shoved his nipples at us saw me look at the toilets and so he ran in the woman’s toilets and was giving me the finger? It was an absolute realisation that I was going to be made to allow men in the toilet with my daughter & I? Watching these angry people screaming about their rights whilst pushing and shoving women & children and on 2 seperate occasions I watched large groups of people chasing “old” (grey haired terrified looking little old) ladies down the road. The signs seemed to be all about human rights but that isn’t the case. Punching a little old gray haired woman should NEVER EVER be ok, whether you agree with her or not? This is like some bad protest that you watch on Youtube in another country. When did NZ become a place that has people clap when an old lady is punched in the face. Or a 6ft+ man pushes a small child down so he can yell at an old lady. If I didnt have an opinion before I do now – women all women should be allowed to feel safe. Today was a disgusting display of bullying & violence against women. Straight women, gay women, teenagers and female children were all physically & verbally assaulted today – it was mind boggling!”

    “That was the most shocking 30 minutes I’ve ever watched. Please let us know you and the other women are safe Kelli I think you need to get home, you’ve done all you can. I’m in awe of your bravery
    To all those watching this who believe Kelli and the other women deserve it, shame on you! The mob in this video are no more evolved than a group of blood thirsty apes. It’s disgusting behaviour and speaks volumes. Everyone can see how much you hate women”

    and so on….

  14. Marama’s behaviour is typical and no real surprise. She has shown us who she really is time and time again.

    What really saddened me this weekend was the disappointing performance of two strong and intelligent women who whilst I might disagree with, I couldn’t previously deny their intelligence and ability.

    Chlöe Swarbrick has lost my respect after her appearance alongside her, ”rainbow colleagues” and her apparent support for the outrageous events of the protests. And on the other side of the divide, Erica Stanford during her appearance on Q+A was weak and ineffective. She seemed very capable and on top of the immigration portfolio but is obviously out of her depth in education.

    • Erica Stanford is woke. She voted for the inclusion of “gender identity” in the conversion practices legislation.

  15. “This claim by Marama that white cis males are responsible for the violence in the world was made just before Trans protestors stormed a stage and beat a women off it and just after she was run over by a Māori Destiny Church Biker.”

    I had thought it was the other way around? If she had just been hit by a biker and had some kind of head injury, that might be the only thing that could excuse her behaviour.

  16. Too much enablement of violence in NZ where people are not getting a social message of what they are doing is wrong, and government money which should be stopping violence, is instead being used for stupidity and marketing of woke issues.

    Man jailed for attack on child after mother calls police

    “A young father left his footprint on his son’s body after stomping on the child and ramming the under-five-year-old’s head into a sink because of a toileting accident.

    Ngatirangi Tukiwaho then threatened to kill his mother when she called the police”.

    “Despite his guilty plea, the judge said it was not clear whether Tukiwaho was remorseful.

    A pre-sentence report showed Tukiwaho did not think he had an anger issue, telling the report writer: “I did have some anger problems, but it wasn’t that bad… out of 10, I reckon I was about a three.”

    Who knows if the child will have mental and physical issues going forward, as it’s becoming normalised to ‘lose it’ and just start unprovoked attacks on others in NZ when you don’t like what they say or do.

  17. That statement from Davidson has confirmed my decision to not vote Green is the right one.

    This sort of garbage just gives malcontents like Winston oxygen but it will give him the extra support he is seeking to re enter parliament.

  18. • “Anti-feminism is a direct expression of misogyny; it is the political defense of women hating.”
    —Angela Dworkin

    It is an unpleasant spectacle indeed on a fine Monday morning to view the twisted anger above, posted mainly by a number of self declared right wingers.

  19. Jesus! What a roaming pack of witless ding a lings above. Marama Davidson? Who cares. Popping posy parker? Who cares. Let them say and do their dumb shit and move on. But oh no. Not you lot. The very worst thing one could ever do to One Pop posy and Meandering Marama is to ignore the fuckers.

    • Highest paid along with the rest of the Greens freeloaders.
      The Greens are not concerned with climate issues, they’re a cult of mean streaked people who think they know best.

    • Te Rob’s Mob Correct. Green MP Elizabeth Kerekere repeats- repeats – repeats – that pre-colonisation Maori had all different sorts of genders before the early settlers came along and put a damper on things. Marama’s hearkening back to olden times, and as an historian of strange sorts, she must possess knowledge that those missionaries were white cisgender men, even if they thought that they were just ordinary holy blokes.

  20. I’ve scoured all news outlets in New Zealand and cannot find anything saying The Chipster has fired Marama and Golriz?
    Can anyone help me please?

  21. In regards to Sweden, one would have to delve deeper into the statistics to who is committing the crime

  22. It’s all getting a bit out of hand, or should that be out of mouth? This short verbal ejaculation of Marama’s shows just how deeply embedded these culture wars, a culture bellicosity if you like, are in some people. There’s a bit of a societal bonfire going on presently, not as bad as France, fortunately, and all this very silly woman can do is pour petrol on it. She is a responsible politician for heaven’t sake, paid to be responsible and sane, and she should be trying to calm things down. So Marama, in what way is a cis-man different from a man? What complication or metamorphosis have the planet’s men suddenly developed that requires this new modifying adjective? Of course, the obvious retort is simple. “Marama, if what you say is true, why then is it just so difficult for you to understand why so many women (and nearly 30% of NZ women have experienced some form of sexual violence from an intimate partner or family member) do not wish to have to share their toilets or other women’s vulnerable spaces with a man, even if he happens to wear a dress and lipstick? At the moment, and it’s painful for this Green voter to admit, the only sane politician seems to be David Seymour.

  23. If Davidson’s the Violence Prevention Minister she did a lousy job on Sunday in preventing it, and she should resign right now.

    • Possibly best that government MPs of any party do not participate in any protests at all. If they do, then they are not showing what they are in Parliament for – to be a representative for all New Zealanders. They can hardly be doing that if they support one area of ideology over another – otherwise they’re just activists occupying parliamentary seats…..

  24. Have none of you posters heard about slavery, segregation, lynchings and Jim Crow? All orchestrated by cis white men.

    • @Millsy you are so right!
      Ghengis Khan, Kublai Khan, Mao, Paul Pot all white cis men!
      Mesoamerica human sacrifice, Umayyads, Abbasids, Ottomans, Dahomey slavers, Japanese warlords, Chinese feudal lords, Japanese WW2 labour camps all perpetrated by white cis men!

      You have opened my eyes Millsy world history is a 1950s Hollywood movie.

    • Haaaa Millsy!
      Maori had slaves before the white man came and stopped it (along with cannabalism)
      Arabs are/were the biggest slave traders on the planet….not many white fulluhs from that neck of the woods!
      Idiot….now tell us all again about Uganda and how it will happen to trans people in NZ too, c’mon you mentioned it nearly every post over the weekend…c’mon you know you want to!

  25. Is there a mainstream media gag on this? Or too gutless?
    15k and counting upvotes on reddit and no one’s picking it up?

  26. @Martyn – Pish and tish with your ‘facts, ‘figures’ and use of ’empirical data’ to support an argument. Any sensible person knows Marama, a fully grown adult with a responsible government job is correct because that is how she ‘feels’.

  27. when she provides a breakdown of who maims and murders their wives and children by race then she might make a point but it won’t happen because we all suspect we might find white cis males are not the main offenders.

    ALL groups chip in with their share of domerstic abuse

  28. Great commentary Martyn!

    Is she doesn’t get fired as minister she automatically becomes a stain on this government.

  29. Marama is claiming she was in shock after being hit by the motorcycle and that is being used as an excuse for the statemnt because she was in ‘shock’.

    If the comment was said prior to the accident and they are lying about the timing, I believe Marama needs to go.

  30. Now that y’all can finally recognise one particular form of racism. Do you now recognise racism directed at maori? But to extrapolate that upto some over arching structural organisation like 3 Waters is a tad woke don’t you thing? 😀

  31. ” Clearly the Minister misspoke and she didn’t actually mean that her Ministerial position has led her to believe that all white cis men cause all the violence in the world.”

    No the minister did not MISSPOKE Bomber.

    If your mate Chipkins has any guts he would remove her and explain why but he is sensitive about the votes and negative publicity so no guts after all.

    She and her colleagues are poisoning the party they joined that was never created to be the front for any of this ridiculous nonsense but stood for social and environmental justice and opposed unregulated capitalism in all its forms.

    Many people out there who are still principled and care deeply for the former Green party positions are weeping and saddened by the destruction of a once great movement.

    I am one of them.

    Davidson should be charged under the hate speech law.

  32. Just one of the many sad aspects in all of this is: anyone with even the most basic education, or understanding of history; will immediately recognise what a stupid, poorly considered and racist statement Marama made.

    Could it have been the result of shock? Possibly; but I don’t buy it.
    If it was; I’m sure most people with even a small dose of emotional intelligence would apologise to those you offended or wronged.
    The fact she has not apologised, and left Chris Hopkins and James Shaw: a pair of Cis White Males to attempt to clean up her mess, actually speaks louder than her initial ugly tirade.
    For me it reinforces she’s an ugly racist who lacks the intellect to to hold such a position in our political system. There must be people better suited.

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