This redneck racist anti co-governance lunatic is coming to my street – I intend to use some Free Speech against him


This fucking redneck evangelical lunatic is attempting to start a race war!

He is coming to my suburb, my street at the end of the month to spread his fear mongering, race baiting, race war inspiring hatred.

In my fucking hood!



Not on my watch champ.

You can pull this shit in Warkworth and you can pull this shit in Dargaville, but this is Auckland fucking central, and homie don’t play that game no more.

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This nutter has every right as a citizen of Aotearoa New Zealand to have his say and people have the right to hear what he has to say, but free speech also means I have the free speech to not only protest this fucking stupidity, but to also challenge it directly!

I intend to turn up and use my free speech, very loudly!

We will have to move The Working Group to a later filming slot that night, but I sure as fuck can’t allow some evangelical redneck to roll up in my neighbourhood and take a huge steaming shit on everything this country stands for.

Comrades – the Treaty is our strength, this is New Zealand, we aren’t going to start a race war with our Māori brothers and sisters because an angry evangelical Christian attempts to spawn one!

The racist hate baiting bile this circus freak is dealing in can’t be unchallenged.

If he has the freedom of speech to say this – which he does – then I have the absolute right to use my freedom of speech and tell him what a disingenuous snake oil merchant he is.

To paraphrase the great Muhammad Ali, We gonna get it on, because we don’t get along.

7pm Tuesday Mt Eden War Memorial Hall, 487-489 Dominion Road.



    • You think he hasn’t been listening already? How does he know so much if he hadn’t been listening? Stupidity is not something I would criticise anybody for as a rule, but smug stupidity is a different matter, and yours is the latter kind…
      The only saving grace for your patronising, and self defeating comment, is that The general level of intelligent political debate has been shown to be a bridge too far for most NZers now…. But just being a part of the degradation on intellectual/political society, rather than a flag bearer for the destruction of NZ’s average IQ is no excuse…. I look forward to the day I can leave here, and go back to having an actual life, that doesn’t involve unnecessary stupidity as a matter of course in my daily life. A place where to ratio of deluded, and self important fools is low enough not to be the utter handbrake they are in NZ.. “The Pacifics Kindergarten”…

  1. The NZCPR say it all when he cited them as an informed organisation??? This perp has a lot of white people in this hall that not a proper debate and you believe they will fight a real fight with Maori?????

  2. Geez another low blow and that was difficult to watch but not surprising as we get this hate all the time, do you think that those old people will fight a war against Maori?

    • Nah, they’d rather get the Army or Police to do it for them. Wait for the look on their faces when they find out how many Maoris are in the armed forces.

    • No that explanation about which Maori he is talking about has been there for months. I don’t see any sign he is backing down on his stance against co-governance.
      Everyone here seems to see him as racist but I see the movement as opposing a racist government policy: co-governance by a non-elected minority. I would oppose the concept it involved any other minority.

      • So are you opposed to older co governance examples or is this a recent thing? Like the Waikato River Settlement Act. Was that a problem?

      • What is “Racist” is to say that The people who were dispossessed, and largely enslaved by the British Colonisers, have no right to reclaim their ancestral heritage… Your pitiful excuses for racist support of continuing the policy of racial suppression mark you out as the “frightened little man” who knows his side are/were doing despicable things to those people, and now it’s the fear of rightful retribution that scares you, and your fellow pack of ship rats.. Nothing like a guilty conscience for motivating one to try to kill the messenger before too many people figure out just how unfit the Colonial Descendants are to decide how we live, and to make our decisions for us… The Pommy arseholes who pulled the “bait and swithch” on the northern chiefs certainly have no historical, or actual credibility to preach their “right” to usurp other peoples homes, or to engage in genocide in order to avoid having to acknowledge a culture that existed for millennia before their own ancestors realised the world wasn’t flat… Biggest load of bludgers, theives, and muferers to sail out of Europe… ever.

  3. I find it objectionable that any flag shagger uses a war memorial to try to add weight to their argument….and don’t try to tell me what those soldiers died for is your cause.

  4. This. All of this. Thank fuck you’re calling this shit show and it’s crazy ringmaster out for what it is. Thanks, friend. We’ll catch up soon.

  5. Sadly, we’ve got too many people who think like that here in the U.S.
    Standing in solidarity with you in the Pacific Northwest.


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