The Working Group with Simon Wilson, Matthew Hooton and Damien Grant


The number 1 weekly political podcast NOT FUNDED by NZ on Air.

This week NZ Herald columnist Simon Wilson, Right wing Svengali Matthew Hooton and the 666th most important columnist at Stuff Damien Grant, to debate the following:

Issue 1 – Latest IPCC warning of the end of civilisation and the Green Party State of the Planet – did the state or planet notice?

Issue 2 – The Nashy’s macho macho man routine on ZB

Issue 3 – Posie Parker vs Free speech

and Issue 4 – The tragedy of Moana and Oranga Tamariki


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  1. Yes great Posie Parker is on the agenda.

    Chris Hipkins seems to be making a habit of mis representing and scape goating women. First Charlotte Bellis, then the two women from Northland who were said to be sex workers in the pandemic.

    Now Kelly Jean Kay. Blaming her for creating division, when the division already exists and is largely driven by one side shutting the other down.

    The lefts new tactic seems to be no debate, vilify and smear your opponants (especially if you can associate them with Nazis) and then cancel them.

  2. Mathew H is right about the influence of extreme ideology in Govt Depts such as HRC, OT and children’s commission. MH I would encourage you to look at gender ideology in the public service

  3. Nash was executing Labour Party strategy when he went onto ZB. Execution by Hipkins will be a bad look.
    But, the working group verdict is spot on. The Nash debacle is playing out.

  4. Simon Wilson saying Posie Parker is being provocative having her event in Albert Park near the universtiy.

    1. Arent universities the places where ideas get contested?
    2. The event is on a Saturday. Last I heard there are no lectures on Saturday.
    3. Well just ridiculous.
    Back in the 1970s at Vic Uni we never cancelled people…..we learnt the ability to argue well and debate.

  5. I see Mathew Hooten still has issues. Got to be a bloody pain to live with aside from whether or not you think he’s right or wrong.
    I’m warming to Simon Wilson again – effectively, during our teen age years, we grew up together and he was such as privileged woose. Intelligent and a bloody good journalist. As he climbed the ranks, he once pulled the old “doncha know who I am” shit.
    Why the fuck does he persevere with Granny Herald I often ask myself. He’d be far better off at RNZ.
    No surprises to learn he’s a cyclist.
    Damien is Damien, and like Hooten, a contrarian whose mandate is to just disagree for the sake of it.

  6. Well worth a listen just for the Grant excoriation of the OT and their woeful and malicious handling of the Moana case, (and Simon Wilsons pathetic apologist attempt). Very powerful stuff.

  7. I like this podcast but the screaming ignorance of Hooten and Grant about nuclear power have to be heard to be believed.
    First, if every source of electricity was related overnight by nuclear then that would mitigate maybe 20% of global emissions – not nearly enough.
    Secondly, the MINIMUM time to build nuke plants is 10 years and keeps getting worse every year. Long term analysis shows that costs of nuclear plants keeps rising, not falling like renewables. Scaling this industry up would be an impossible challenge.
    No where in the world will a private company finance nuclear power – no where. All programs are either military, massively subsidised, or driven by grant and subsidy money, so scaling it up would require massive taxpayer subsidies.
    Renewables are by far the cheapest source of electricity, even when adding loads of battery storage.
    The market, which these two profess to love, has spoken, and it invests most new $ into renewables, not nuclear and increasingly not coal or gas either, because the installation price of solar/wind is cheaper than the fuel cost of coal and gas, and it’s still dropping.
    Nuclear is a waste of money and time. I encourage everyone to read up on this – here’s a good primer:


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