Green Party releases initial candidate list for 2023 election + TDB Top 5 picks


The initial candidate list for the Green Party is out.

The Green Party’s initial list for the 2023 election is:

  1. Marama Davidson
  2. James Shaw
  3. Chlöe Swarbrick
  4. Dr Elizabeth Kerekere
  5. Julie Anne Genter
  6. Teanau Tuiono
  7. Ricardo Menéndez March
  8. Hūhana Lyndon
  9. Golriz Ghahraman
  10. Lan Pham
  11. Steve Abel
  12. Fa’anānā Efeso Collins
  13. Darleen Tana
  14. Kahurangi Carter
  15. Lawrence Xu-Nan
  16. Benjamin Doyle
  17. Francisco Hernandez
  18. Scott Willis
  19. Stephanie Rodgers
  20. Suveen Sanis Walgampola
  21. Gina Dao-McLay
  22. Celia Wade-Brown
  23. Reina Tuai Penney
  24. Mike Davidson
  25. David Kennedy
  26. Nick Ratcliffe
  27. Rochelle Francis
  28. Sapna Samant
  29. Dr Alec McNeil
  30. Richard Wesley
  31. Neelu Jennings
  32. Kair Lippiatt

This is the uber woke internal staff preferences and the wider Membership will now list theirs. Technically the ranking comes from local chapters, but these tend to be Cliques that have been purged by the uber woke internal staff so that the candidates are pure bloods.

The above list is who the wokes think they can push through, I mean there are lots in that list who should never be allowed near power ever.

Like fucking ever.

That a toxic woke avenger like Stephanie Rodgers is ranked 19 highlights how disconnected the uber woke internal staff are.

Really? Stephanie Rodgers? You appreciate her social media timeline reads more like a multiverse 1984 satire where she is Big Sister right?

Including Stephanie Rodgers in the top 20 is like including cancer in a list of agreed ingredients for kindergarten lunches.

TDB Recommends

Look, after bewilderingly declaring a war on white cis males, I suspect the Greens are about to get smashed in the Polls, but as a movement, we desperately need the Greens to be in Parliament so we can get to doing actual change as our country gets twisted by the next economic recession and the enormous work to adapt for climate change.

So, here would be my top 5 for Green Party Members who want candidates who have the capacity to do the job in front of us to consider for their ranking.

1: Chlöe Swarbrick: She remains one of the most unique Political Leaders of her generation. Her oversight, insight and understanding of the process, system and solution based approach would unleash more genuine change in just one term than all the Green Party achievements since creation. She is a unique talent.

2: Julie Anne Genter: Our Transport system is fucked, our public transport infrastructure is fucked and the Trucking Industry do what they want. The only person smart enough to fix those problems and stick it to the Trucking Industry is Julie Anne Genter.

3: Golriz Ghahraman: She’s one of the smartest MPs in the Green Caucus, you need very smart people when making decisions. She has capacity to oversee many different issues happening all at once, she’s too much of a star player within the decision making process.

4: Fa’anānā Efeso Collins: He gives the Greens access to Auckland which they have never had. Fes is one of the best political leaders within Gen X, he is ready to be the co-Leader, doesn’t need training wheels and can bring a South Auckland vote the Green Party has never managed to win over.

5: Steve Abel: Steve is one of the m most important environmental voices in the debate. His activism is unquestionable, his values beyond reproach. What is most important with Steve is his intelligence on the climate change science. As a NZ Greenpeace spokesperson, he knows the tricks Industry use to hide their environmental damage. He would be essential

These 5 represent the best of The Greens and are the only ones I have any time for.

Rank them exactly like that from 1 – 5 and then place whoever you want after that, but those are the only 5 that actually matter and will be worth fighting an election for.

If the Membership are sick of the circus and want progress, those are the 5 best we have.

If the wokes who only see identity win, you will have a lot of people put forward who shouldn’t have any access to power.

TDB will be reviewing some of the candidates over the next couple of weeks and you can make you decisions after reading them.

Comrades within the Green Whanau. Let me be as a clear as I can be.

A National-ACT Government would fucking burn every single thing we hold dear to our hearts and desecrate it. We need candidates who have electoral appeal AND the intellectual capacity to do the job. The Top 5 I have pushed for here are those candidates.

Anyone else will fail.


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  1. A list of criminals is all that is. Let us hope they’re not a feature post-October and beyond.

  2. They’d be my top 5 members too, not necessarily in that order. I realise “woke” is now so overused a word and a label of others that aren’t one of us or me, I I I – it’s actually now becoming meaningless, but there are probably a couple of others that could shape up, given a swift kick in the arse.
    ( I’ve only ever given an electricate vote to Greens once, but delivered pamphlets and acted as a scrutineer for them on occasion. Not no more no how until and if they get their shot together, and time is running out )
    The Grunter has just made it easier to electricate vote Labour in ’23, the dilemma is the Party vote. Thus far, and after a lifetime, Labour does not yet deserve my loyalty.
    There are so many easily implemented policies they could go for – policies that’d be OK with Greens, TPM and TOP. Tik Tok Tik Tok

  3. Here would be my list for the Green party:


    I believe that is an exhaustive list of their people who are both decent and competent.

  4. They need to cancel the current Greens, rename them the woke party and NZ can organise a real Green Party that is concerned about the environment as the top priority and not who is the biggest victim group based on their identity.

    Good to know Golriz Ghahraman, Greens and Labour can teach the Iran Men a thing or two about how to handle woman with their juice attack support.

    Iran: yoghurt attack on unveiled women goes viral

  5. You could put Richard fucking Seddon in at number one and I still wouldn’t vote for those fuckwits.
    Anyway, Marama told me to go and vote ACT so I’m taken care of…

    • If you’re a white cis male, you are only allowed to vote for ACT (unless you own at least 5 rental properties, then you can vote National). If you try to vote any other way, Marama will stab you in the testicle, in a completely non-violent way (as it is impossible for anyone other than white cis males to commit violence). Don’t risk it, vote sensibly & safely, vote ACT.

    • Bugger the greens a lot of people are getting the right idea Vote act for the insulting label davidson gave us ordinary white males. Next election this country gets an ACT enema to get rid of all the shit

  6. This line up will keep all the Aotearoians happy for sure…..James Shaw would have to be gone by election time as co-leader , as he just does not fit the mood of the country , and is just not a good look now in this age of progressive, go getter , mover and shaker type of candidate that we all expect from our Green Party….with this line up the country is certainly in safe hands and May the best ma…wom….person win…

  7. And an After-brainfart.
    Let’s hope post ’23 election, the Gweens have the sense to have Efeso Collins in on any coalition negotiations. In fact he should probably lead the negotiations

  8. Top 5 Green candidates–yes they are.

    Am I the last non ACT/Natzo (or worse) affiliated commenter here apart from Dave Brownz? Please TDB, consider putting in as much effort dissing ACT as you do the Greens.

    Greens will hit the threshold and be in Govt. alongside Te Pāti Māori, so ACT gunlovers that have never had a root in their lives better get used to it.

    • You & DB, well that’s 2 votes, might need a little bit more than that to get over 5%. This Government is gone, so you better get used to it.

    • Ohhhh my TM, having a go at the blog owner for telling the truth about where the green party have aligned themselves, more interested in the TQ+ and leaving out the LGB ones!
      How very ‘environmental’ of them eh?
      Only environmental in the 6mths in lead up to each election.
      Go back to The Standard Tiger where the echo chamber will be soothing for you, tell them all again about how you are an old activist and protested heaps of things…the kids love it!

    • I have had a healthy /active sex life since I was 15 years old and first learnt to fuck.
      I use guns for pest control. I feel nothing for them but respect serious respect like all firearms owners.
      Idiotic disrespect for the firearms owners of NZ will bite us all in the arse!

  9. Need to parachute a Blue/ greenie into your top 5 to be crediable to general voter. Stu Nash is looking for a new political Party.But I suppose he has other suitors, like NZ Fitst.

  10. Agree on Efeso and Chloe. On the real list Efeso should be much higher up. Chloe walks a fine line but she needs to tack further away from the identitarianism bollocks and stick to socio-economics.

    That’s academic though, no chance I will vote Green this time round. Their top team have a piss-poor track record in government. Add the cultism and virtue signalling and it’s a wannabe postmodern clusterfcuk.

    I’m sitting this one out or TOP?

    • Good on you Tui.
      Agree your description of Swarbrick but I’m not sure about Collins,I’ve no idea what he stands for?
      Career politician?

  11. All very academic.
    They are toast.
    Albert Park and Maramas diatribe were a wake up call for moderate old school old values Green and Labour supporters.
    Like it or not, and I don’t, there is a massive pushback in the form of a splintered swing to the right coming.
    The militant trans mob and the extreme wokesters will get the government they deserve.
    Apart from the political cauterization of the authoritarian woke left everything else looks bleak.

  12. I think it is an enormous mistake for Steve Abel to stand at all.
    Some people are grass roots activists who we need to remain so and he is one of the best, he will be drowned in parliament partly in their own caucus.

    Efeso needs to have a higher place, but Shaw will go post election and become – wait for it – a lobbyist.

    Golriz means well but does bugger all in the foreign affairs area.
    She also thinks that mean can have babies… NUTTY STUFF.

    Marama should definitely go.

    Lan Pham ex ECAN in Canterbury – all talk, perhaps someone could tell me something she did whilst on ECAN, nothing that I can find.

    Interesting to see Davidson so far down, an ex CCC councillor who got pushed out last year.

    Many people I have never heard of.

  13. What we really need is a green party. This current “green party” is a bunch of woke nutters.
    God damn i miss the green party of Rod and Jeanette!

    • This right wing nut job voted Green when Rod and Jeanette were leaders…twice. I stopped after Clark left them out in the cold, as I then realized that they were just a Labour lap dog.

      They could have had so many wins over the years if they were truly a green party, but alas.


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