Culture War Round 2 – Sean Plunket Banned for life from Twitter


Broadcaster Sean Plunket suspended from Twitter

Broadcaster and founder of online news site The Platform Sean Plunket has had his Twitter account suspended.

A post on The Platform Twitter account on Monday afternoon said Plunket had been “permanently suspended”, with Plunket describing the move as “Another victory for free speech” on his own Facebook page

Screenshots circulating online show the suspension is apparently due to his breaking privacy rules as well as the “hateful conduct rule”.

Plunket said he had no idea why he had been suspended. “I know as much as anyone,” he told Stuff.

I was banned for life from Radio NZ back in 2011 when I apparently defamed John Key on air, Sean has just been banned for life from Twitter after the Culture Wars rumble into Round 2.

Being banned for life has a certain ring of authority about it when claiming heretic status.

Hot on the heels of Marama Davidson bewilderingly declaring war on white cis males, the woke lynch mob takes their mob rule from the physical Town Square to the online Town Square.

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Sean has interviewed Posie Parker several times and the Platform’s footage from the day painted a very different picture from the ‘Pure Tran Joy’ that was promoted.

While RNZ desperately attempts to pretend this wasn’t violent at all…

RNZ, Mediawatch et all will tell you the images you see with your own eyes above were not a mob violently attacking Posie Parker.

The greatest enemy of the woke are heretics, people who challenge or question their dogma.

Sean was targeted by a co-ordinated group of activists who collectively ensured mass complaints flooded his account to the point of life ban.

This is part of the tactics now.

The woke have become so dependent on cancel culture and deplatforming that they have lost the capacity to persuade or debate.

It’s preferable to cancel Sean and symbolically claim his scalp for the culture wars.

And thus we enter the woke purge phase of our escalating culture war, the night of the long tweets if you will.

The woke will target anyone they think threatens their narrative and seek to cancel them in the lead up to the election.

This election is going to get dirty and ugly. In previous elections, the dirty politics was handled by professionals and sub contracted out away from the Party or Interest.

That meant there were rules amongst professional political mercenaries.

What we are seeing now is the emergence of online militia, partisan to Identity Politics. I suspect things are about to get awful and ugly very quickly.

That tends to be the case when politics get sectarian.

Each spin of the wheel now evokes a wilder outcome, another provocation, another needless martyrdom, a cacophony of wounds fighting for social hierarchy.

Meanwhile the planet melts and we stand upon the precipice of biosphere collapse and Ominicide.

Indeed the planet staggers after plague towards famine…

‘Hell on Earth’ without billions more toward poverty – UN food chief

Without billions of dollars more to feed millions of hungry people, the world will see mass migration, destabilised countries, and starving children and adults in the next 12 to 18 months, the head of the Nobel prize-winning UN World Food Program warned today.

…all on a planet that now beyond tipping points of inescapable gravity.

But sure, ban Sean from Twitter and believe that means something.



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  1. That video is fucking hilarious, Posie & co are such a bunch of dumb fucks, all juiced up & ready to roll. Who could possibly think that evac plan was even remotely a good idea. Idiots.

    • From immaculately coiffured nazi femmebot to sad arse soup covered rag doll in the blink of an eye…Oh dear.

          • Fantail. Dexter and Black are missing the fact that we’ve all been played, including them, and not by Kellie-Jay Catalyst.

      • Black, Kellie-Jay K, was not ‘immaculately coiffured’; if you don’t believe me, then ask your mum, and try not to use words which you don’t understand. Get a hobby or something.

        Keen’s attractive, very feminine, and looking good for her age, but as a woman of the world and fashionista I find you a bit challenged in your assessment of her. Time should change this, but try to get out more, do a bit of living.

    • That shouldn’t have needed an evacuation plan. The angry tras showed themselves for exactly what they are….angry, aggressive authoritarians. The general public sees this now

      • You always have an evac plan, always! At home, in bed, at work, at the pub, in your car, anywhere. If you haven’t planned for it before you need it, you’re mostly screwed when shit goes down. Fire, earthquake, flood, landslide, home invasion, riot, gas leak, explosion or Tarrant with his AR, if you don’t know how to get out safely, there’s a good chance you won’t. And if you knowingly walking into the middle of a hostile crowd with the express purpose of riling up that crowd, you better know beforehand, how you’ll get away safely, otherwise…

      • You always need an evac plan, it’s how you escape a fire, flood, Tarrant or the lynch mob you stupidly walked into the middle of.

    • If shes the dumb one how come she exposed pure trans joy for what it really is to millions around the world- violent, authoritarian cancellation identity politics?
      Shes been doing this for years at considerable personal risk.
      In New Zealands case made far worse by the culpable New Zealand Police.

      • Jack. I did expect Andrew Coster to apologise to the women of New Zealand for our public shaming and walloping in Auckland. He didn’t. I also expected Trevor Mallard to resign in shame after his costly Parliamentary protest debacle. He didn’t. In my book, real men would have done both these things.

        As an interesting aside, a documentary of the Met Opera’s production of ‘Othello’ interviewed Placido Domingo singing the title role. Domingo described his horror at the whole idea of any man striking a woman. He said it disturbed him so much that it put him off balance, and in rehearsal he accidentally knocked over Desdemona’s understudy. I think that she suffered a broken arm; he was as shocked as she. Now that’s a man.

        At Albert Park the violence inflicted on women was deliberate, not accidental. The silence about it is echoing around the world. Shame on the equally ineffectual Minister and Commissioner of Police. Politicians bleating that this didn’t really happen are provable liars. The local media denying reality and spreading official lies are providing the death pangs of the Fourth Estate.

        Sean Plunket is another cancel culture blip. The multitude are decent people, and only fools such as politicians and their sycophants under-estimate us. Voting the politicians out still doesn’t address the underlying circumstances which project these odious dishonest persons into powerful positions, unfortunately. Kia kaha.

      • Yes an inconsiderate toxic bunch of nobodies. Well said Jack.
        Bitter people for whom we should feel sorry.

      • Crossing the Right presents real danger to your health & well-being, crossing the Left rarely does (unless you’re allergic to tomato juice or susceptible to hurt feelings), and only the truly brave (or foolish) draw cartoons of Mohammad.

    • Dexter were you the neckbeard that punched the granny multiple times in the face? because you sure sound capable of it

          • I am, but I’m vehemently opposed to violence, I’ve seen it’s consequences too many times. But I also know not to start something, I can’t finish.

          • Dexter. If you check the Uk’s ‘GB News’ and ‘The Spectator,’ you will see that they have video ciips which show the violence which happened. One Brit outlet, I think ‘ GB News’ , reported that the local New Zealand media is continuing to deny that this violence occurred.

            Obviously the New Zealand government cannot control off- shore news outlets, only New Zealand ones.

            So it’s a question of deciding whether to believe New Zealand politicians’ and our corrupt media’s lies, or whether to believe the evidence before your eyes on major overseas news
            outlets that the New Zealand government cannot suppress or control.

            Sky News, Australia, is almost certainly reporting this also; they’ve exposed previous NZ Labour government authoritarianism – for want of a better word.

            UK news organisations have also commented upon the New Zealand police’s refusal to protect cisgender women, and how the Auckland police sat and watched assaults upon adult human females. So the breakdown of the Rule of Law in New Zealand is being observed elsewhere. Posie Parker is now pretty irrelevant.

            • Is that the edited version or can you give links to the full video? The one that shows what really happened. Any charges laid by the “victim”?

              • Google. I think there’s quite a lot there; ‘The Spectator’ intends following this, sorry, I don’t have time.

                • Most sources feature the edited punching video, not the whole thing, and there is nothing on it in New Zealand media. The sources you’ve listed are certainly pushing a particular bias or are they just publishing people’s press releases, as I doubt they had reporters on the ground.

                    • Not sure YouTube is quite the same as a mainstream & reputable news source that actually employs real journalists, who were reporting live at the actual location.

                    • Have you tried Googling Aryan Knights of Aotearoa on the dark web? Plenty of informed discussions there.

            • Yes Snow White this woman who has caused mayhem everywhere she goes was all sweetness and light on British media. So different from her screeching at Kim Hill and the threats against the PM. You are doing yourself no favors or women sticking up for this manipulative troublemaker . Why does this woman deserve support with her hatred of an oppressed section of society.

              • I’m sure she just needed a hug & a refreshing glass of juice to get her electrolytes back in balance.

            • Fuck it’s like people think this was like the parliament anarchy or Trumps insurrection where people died! Get a grip of yourself Snow White!!!

  2. Not sure if there are any billions left for poor hungry folk.
    We needed billions to prop up capitalism during covid, then capitalism grabbed billions in excessive profits after (irony I know) covid and now we need billions more for the latest European tribal conflict.
    So sorry to the starving but theiney was “needed” elsewhere.

    • I’m sorry but those billions were NOT needed to support capitalism.
      In the ultimate sense of irony, those billions were SOCIALISM at its finest where people were FORCED to stop working and become dependent on the state.
      You’re attempt to frame this as a fault with capitalism rather than socialism is either dishonest, or more likely because you are a simpleton who has been successfully indoctrinated into woke dogma.

  3. Thank-you for the honest commentary Martyn, the NZ media gaslighting makes me question my sanity sometimes. We are in the grip of a social contagion the likes of which I’ve never seen since the Springbok Tour of 81

  4. You make a good point Martyn – my expectation is that this whole thing will blow up in the face of the perpetrators in the near future. Like the way Robespierre, the chief revolutionary instigator eventually had to face the guillotine himself. It’s always the same with revolutions.

    As for being banned from various platforms – pin it to your chest as a badge of honour. 🙂

    What I find fascinating is the synchronized lying: The way a long list of old media platforms employ exactly the same description to demonize their target. Like Posey Parker is an “anti-trans rights activist” according to TV1 TV3 RNZ and the rest along with a dog whistle reference to her being a fascist, somehow. There’s a long list of similar smears in recent years covering a range of topics.

    Who is calling the shots?

    • Please think more carefully before you write silly right-wing tropes, Andrew.
      Very few revolutions have eaten their instigators. The American revolution against Britain is a prime example.
      How many revolutions can you name to support your Robespierre theory?
      (You need a large number of examples, because there have been many revolutions. and the one that put Castro in power won’t help your thesis, will it?)
      And you said ‘always’. I say ‘bollocks’.

  5. Lucky Sean, he’s been saved from the platform that’s only for whackj obs, malcontents and muppets.

  6. Thanks.
    I was curious to understand what it was he twitted that got him banned. This makes sense. Crazy.

    The other issue that you mention is easy to deal with. We have been dealing with that problem for as long as I can remember.

    So let’s rather stick to what is important and urgent.

  7. This is the new political strategy: high and low politics:

    The High is some politician or public figurehead from a higher SES, sounding sort of rational, then the Low is the twitter mob that can be mobilised when needed to just the sort of physical oppression and violence we saw used against Posie Parker. The High then sanitises the disgusting behaviour of the Low, which is exactly what we’ve seen in NZ – Shaneel Lal is the High, public liar and purveyor of filth against anyone who dares have a view he doesn’t like and now NZ’er of the Year, supported and gaslit by the media bullshit from Stuff, NZ Herald, RNZ and the Greens.

    Despicable scum the lot of them.

    • If you want to turn the world conservative, pretending that you don’t know what a women is as PM of a country will do that to you. Italy, Netherlands, Danmark, Sweden, Finland, never mind the 15 days of rioting in France.

    • Yes but not all centre rights are made equal. Finland might have a better standard full stop. There’s nothing wrong with being centre right but when you have names like Simon O’Connor, Simeon Brown, and Maureen F.U. Pugh there is.

      • What is happening in France is significant. The kids want what their parents were given. Only problem is their parents parented kids that are no longer willing to parent. Now there is a deficit looming as a result of the kids living longer than anticipated and not breeding.
        Most of the progress is good. Longer, healthier lives and decreasing population.
        How to ballance the books?
        1. Increase breeding.
        2. shorten life expectancy.
        3. Ballance the books by extending working life.

        • Johan Thiart. But if the transgendering so enthusiastically espoused by governments like ours keeps proliferating, the outcome is sterility and decreased breeding.

      • The incumbent PM could not form a government after the election because several of the MPs in the party her party had been in coalition with were against the sex self ID Bill her party made law while in government.

  8. There needs to be some distinction between the moderate woke and the extreme. Perhaps even put some faces and names to ‘The Woke’.

    Not all woke are created equal…

    What is it that makes them sooooo Woke as to make the WCM (white cis male) from both sides of the political divide fearful ?

    Booted off social media ? Pffft…is it snowing outside cos that’s a fairly flakey puff pasting of a punishment.

    I thought Plunket getting smacked with the ban stick was a tit for tattle hit job by the webworm Farrier…yeah nah?

  9. Imagine the power of this mad woke lynch mob if hate speech laws get enacted after the election.
    We have been warned.

    • Trolls can get anybody banned anywhere. Some of them are paid to do it, some are deranged.

  10. He’s now thrown the woke grenade in the pm’s press conference , be interesting if they let him stay in those too

      • It was a trick question.
        How can one expect him to answer that one. He did really well in the end, once he had time to roll it over in his mind. Under pressure.
        No worries comrades.
        Hipkins has settled in well.

        • Asking “what is a woman” is a trick question? I wish our journalists had the guts to ask more “trick” questions.

        • Wheel He is telling bigger porkies than available anywhere in the continent of porkies excepting perhaps Davos.

          • Bullshit. Are you telling me she has attempted to distance herself from far right groups in the US etc going back three years or so? It’s not like the Australian turn out of goose stepping morons was unique.

          • Really Pope. Is that stuff from this stupid idiot on twitter a deep fake then? I think you guys are very selective in your viewing ( or clearly I have stumbled on an imposter) Have you not seen her talking of the grooming and a women being cut up and put in meat products?

        • yes he is.
          Maybe you could call him and provide him with a written answer to the question what is women, or alternatively what is your wife, what is your mother, unless of course we can no longer use these words as they make males in frocks really unhappy.

          • Brat. Have a look at the Albert Park video clips available on off-shore news sites. The persons making a lot of noise, blowing trumpets, shouting and screaming and punching, intimidating, and throwing tomato sauce, are the women whose celebration PM Hipkins rues not participating in.

            The terrified others are just adult human females who piss the police and pollies off because they want to piss alone.

        • 1. He just made it up based on what he has heard from others.
          2. He just said what was expected of him.
          3. He researched what Posie stands for and then lied.

          At least he did not let us down. It is a hard job. JA no longer wanted it.

          • When they show you who they are, believe them the first time. Stop making excuses for these people. They know what they do, and they get paid well for it.

  11. ” Sean was targeted by a co-ordinated group of activists who collectively ensured mass complaints flooded his account to the point of life ban. ”

    Great so can Sean and other like minded sensible human beings begin a counter woke reformation against this total insufferable nonsense and consign and cancel these idiots to where they belong.

    The margins of extremism.

  12. As usual the woke media only refrain from shooting themselves in the foot long enough to score an own goal.

    How many people even knew who Parker was a few weeks ago. The conclaves attaint of her has been more Streisand effect than banishment. Far more people are acquainted with her and what she is saying now. Anecdotally her popularity has rocketed which she is taking full advantage.

    The Streisand effect is compounded by a media narrative of “nazi vs trans love and joy” which assumes kiwis or their friends lack the ability or inclination to do a google search.

    If you engage with Parker’s arguments you may agree or disagree. What you won’t find is Mein Kampf volume 2, Nazi’s being great proponents of women’s rights (sarcasm). You also won’t find much love at Albert Park or since. Schadenfreude is the only joy.

    In the meantime Kiwi bank have venerated and elevated a mob leader who’s twitter proclamations include the angry, judgemental and self righteous, with an impressive amount of swear words. If one was really on guard for political extremism say Nazism (or Maoism, one would keep an eye on the angry, judgemental, self righteous, absolutist types enamoured with grievance politics. Instead we hold them up as the highest in the land. Most of the trans people I know (and countless young people across NZ) are more deserving of this award than that wanker.

    So what is the average punter to think? Whether they support Parker or not they will likely conclude that the media completely made up the Nazi label and Trans activists (distinct from trans people) are scary bullies.

    Slow clap for NZ media and institutional integrity with added face palm for trans activist public relations.

  13. If you need to kick someone, Martyn, kick the Irish like me. My scapegoat for things not going my way. Being Scots with an Irish great grandmother. Intellectually prefer them despite them being foreign to me, a friendly scapegoat. We all need a scapegoat, but we don’t utter it without my sort of acceptance, appreciation intellectually.

    ‘Woke’ is from the friends of … who? I despise your over-emphasis on that. It brings into question your legitimacy. In America it’s the automatic sign they’re on the side of the Fascist Right.
    Dems and Reps. Back-handed and fore-handed.

  14. Last I heard Elon Musk’s transgendered/gender-dysphoric child had cut ties with him.. I imagine this would be a deep sadness for most decent parents.

    Reading between the lines, Elon wasn’t onboard with Xavier’s, now known as Vivian’s decisions and plans. As such I imagine Twitter’s moderation policies concerning ‘gendered debates’ wouldn’t be too harsh???

    I don’t have a Twitter account so I don’t know the inside vibe of the dumpster fire. What I do know is this story feels incomplete, leading me to question if there is more to this than meets the eye.

    Twitter is clearly a useful tool for journalism so it’ll definitely be a loss for Sean Plunket it that regard.

    Question: Is he actually permanently banned OR is it really a case of walk-away and come back in May?

    I think May,

    • Could be due to police policy analysts opinion that it’s not the police’s job to protect people like this, like women wanting voices in public places, as opposed to eg attending football matches and pop concerts. This gets Christopher Coster off the hook, as well as the disgraceful Auckland police officers who watched while women were bullied and intimidated by the counter protestors celebrating kindness and tolerance.

  15. Hasn’t it now been revealed that a complaint was made after Plunkett encouraged people to read the manifesto of that f’wit Australian who gunned 51 people down in Christchurch?

  16. It is all distraction. We have climate change becoming irreversible in 7 years and no politician nor corporation interesting in lifting a finger from their neo-liberal money making people crushing buttons. Colonisation is to blame for many of our present difficulties, but head in the sand blissfully ignorant apathy has been the plague of this country for decades and despite educators, scientists, medical professionals, unions, young people all screaming for people to WAKE UP, apparently the religious fanatics, racists, bigots find change difficult to deal with, so we have to be nice to them. It is just wasting the people’s time. We are all hurting and until we put down our phones, our laptops and start talking to each other on the bus and the train again, we will just be ever isolated from one another and falling deeper into wormholes from which may of us have struggled, and struggle to escape. But we must defend people’s rights to be who they are, who they want to be, and to be safe from those that disagree. And slowly teach those that oppose freedoms of expression that art, music, poetry, literature, philosophy and anthropology are wonderful human activities that actually do separate us from the animals that we all are deep down within!

  17. What is a woman? I can’t say cause no one formulated an answer for this left field question.
    Chippie ‘ sentient scrotum’ Hipkins.

  18. Who cares about Twitter? I guess millions may obviously, so for some this bastard getting excommunicated may have some import. Mr Plunket is another wasted talent from Radio NZ who took the path of right opportunism like so many others–Mi Cockskin & Maggie Barry for example.

  19. Pope Punc thank you for the link….(it is such an important question to ask right now).
    The response to the question was interesting.

  20. Watching the fear light up in Hipkins eyes when he was asked “what a women is” was very interesting to observe

    Almost as if he was terrified to answer the question for fear of being cancelled himself if he gave the wrong response

    very telling about who is really running the show here

      • a trap? asking what a woman is is hardly a trap unless you think men with penis’s can be women !

        • The answer depends on who you want to be crucified by. If you are screwed either way, it’s a trap. The question wasn’t asked to gather information, the question was asked to force him to give an answer that could be used against him.

  21. Hi Martyn thank you for your voice. I don’t necessarily agree with your and Sean Plunket’s opinions. But i find myself seeking them out, as the msm stick to their unchallengable world view.

  22. Which came first? Sean question put to Chippie on the podium of truth when Sean asked him to define what a female is? Or, Twitter banning him and msm going dark on the issue?
    Either way, the penny should have dropped by now. Chippie has just lost the election for Labour. Their ‘real’ female vote just tanked overnight.

    • @Denny
      Which is ironic since the media pushed the “Jacinda resigned due to misogyny” to garner support in the demographic they are busy alienating.

    • Tane
      He could have put Plunkett in his place by saying “they have c**t you dumb c**t….and won the election right then. Instead he said: “Well, as I’ve just indicated, I wasn’t expecting that question so it’s not something that I’ve you know, formulated, preformulated an answer on.” Here we go..Jacinda v2.

    • Tane. No. They lost the ‘real ‘ female vote when real females watched the misogynistic New Zealand Police Force watching women being bullied and intimidated, and crowed that the protection of women isn’t in their job description.

      Labour might have been outfoxed here, and if so it’s their own fault and of no comfort to women who now know that Commissioner Coster’s lot are aiding and abetting the breakdown of the Rule of Law in this country, whatever it’s called now. We’re all stuffed.

  23. Going by many of the comments here,it’s blatantly obvious after 6 years we have a society so toxic,
    it’s beyond belief.
    You can hear the hatred in the comments.
    What a very sad state New Zealand is in.

      • Bob’s society is toxic.
        His point of view is so narrow it would sit on the point of a needle.
        He is an idiot.

        • I see my fan club out in force again lead by Cheer Leader Bert.
          Thank folks I’m as usual flattered by the attention you afford me.

          • Bob the first. “… the attention you afford me. “ Nice one. I disagree with many of your thoughts, but I do appreciate a pronoun with a good command of English.

          • I am not your cheerleader and you are factually incorrect about me leading tge replies to your idiot regular comments. So as usual and like all your posts you are factually incorrect, again. You are an idiot, as in, intellectually impaired.

          • I appreciate you see me as a leader Bob, as I recognize you as a follower, just as a sheep follows, your comments are similar. Now that we have that clear, don’t let your over inflated ego let you believe people were complementing you, Bob.

  24. So far we have these voting blocs deserting Labour and the Greens-

    Old school feminists.
    Gay men.
    White cis males and after the Prime ministers embarrassing performance now being mocked online, globaly, actual women.
    Thats pretty much everybody.
    Labour and the Greens are toast.
    The pendulum is on its way back.

    • Jack With respect, you forgot to mention the heterosexual women like me who are not feminists, who are not joiners, who are mothers, grandmothers, daughters and sisters, and the various males in our whanau who will support adult human females and especially young girls, against Parliamentary supported gender ideology battering our rights, our minds, or our bodies.

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