Political Caption Competition



So what happened in 2017 and 2020 again?


  1. There is no desire to “save the planet” among voters when it comes down to actually having to do something real about it. They love the idea of protecting the future but balk at the reality of having to cut back on their life styles when offered real policy.
    The most likely outcome of this stance by the Green Party is to provide fodder for talk radio fear mongering that will ultimately result in Labour losing vote share.
    This is what happens with any well intentioned policy – remember how concerned everyone used to be about inequality and house prices in NZ. Until a policy is proposed that requires higher taxation or greater wealth redistribution and then people start screaming with outrage and said policies disappear faster than a kind-hearted and progressive PM. When said PM realizes they are providing cover for zero change and is exhausted by the futility of gaslighting the electorate on behalf of capital.

  2. How are those air miles racking up Shaw?
    Most in parliament wasn’t it?
    It’s imperative that someone else is going to have to make some sacrifices!

    Such deep defenders of the poor they target taxpayer money to a loopy super rich eco school.

  3. A ‘we mean business’ statement on a cartoon pamphlet perfectly captures the substantive nature of today’s Green party.


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