Tamati Coffey Waiariki step down cements Māori Party win and Helen White finally gets Mt Albert despite Jacinda


Huge news over the week for two electorates.

Tamati Coffey’s decision to stand down from Waiariki cements a Māori Party win into place and removes any question they will return to Parliament.

No newly selected Labour candidate is in any position to seriously challenge Rawiri, but there is an enormous Party vote for Labour to harvest in Waiariki so Labour will run hard for that but I don’t think they can seriously think of winning it back.

That means the Māori Party are back and based on the last Roy Morgan Poll would hold the balance of power.

This is a huge development in the chess moves for the election.

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Over in Mt Albert, Helen White has finally won an electorate she can win.

I think White is possibly the most smug candidate Labour has, remember her Finn Hogan interview during the 2020 election?

Helen’s main beef in that interview was why she had to bother explaining how much better than Chloe she is.

Watching her try and justify her Chloe slam is very Ok Karen.

It’s that odd situation where the more you see of a candidate, the less you like them.

Chloe by the way ended up winning Auckland Central just as I predicted.

What is amazing about Helen’s win as the candidate for Mt Albert was that Jacinda was backing Camilla Belich and even turned up to the Mt Albert vote with Camilla.

Helen’s ambition however is far larger than needing backing from Jacinda and her undeserved smugness is the exact same trait most people living in Mt Albert share with her so Candidate and Electorate are in perfect harmony on how important they think they both are.

Helen White not running in Auckland Central also gifts that electorate back to Chloe which when you consider the Greens scored 5.7% in the most recent Curia Poll should also lesson the pressure on Chloe.

What we can say for sure is that the Māori Party and the Greens are both returning to Parliament post the election.


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  1. I’m would ask what the Maori Party and the Greens have done to make a difference in the lives of ordinary NZ people over the past few years .

    • As an unreconstructed old tory of course you would “ask” that Trevor…Greens and TPM represent the future direction of this country–younger and browner, more environmentally aware and active. Many incremental reforms have occurred via Green input and they keep Climate Disaster on the public agenda. TPM operate in the parallel Māori world which you may be dimly aware of and have achieved a lot of capacity building and pan iwi co-operation via the COVID and post COVID period.

      I would point out that NZ National scuttled hundreds of thousands of working class people with the 1991 union busting Employment Contracts Act and Ruth Richardson’s benefit slashing MOAB, ‘Mother of all budgets’. They have continued down the privatisation pro business role since their formation. So we know exactly what the Natzos have done to ordinary people.

      • Frankly all T.C did was buy life infants on the open market cause he infertile. That is all he will ever be known for. I know the standards are low, but that is about the lowest one can get. Buying life human beings while pretending to be infertile as a gay man.

        • You have finally reached gutter talk , you piece of shit sausage.I’d love to know your retardation history?

        • and it is goodnight from the Sausage…can’t get much wurst…gay bashing?

          Tamati actually tried something new in life and gave a fair tilt at it and is ready for his next chapter. Good grief, raising new humans with care is not a bad thing to do in many people’s view.

    • What has ACT done Trevor in ALL the years its been around . David Seymour is an absolute smug waste of space and Taxpayers money. His atrocious behavior in parliament needs to be highlighted, so that people can see the “ arrogant little prick” he really is.

  2. TPM will keep their job. Chances are so will the dude from National. No changes to 2020 other the fact that the Labour dude lost any other election he ran for, Trusts and Council. Sooner he be gone, better it is for Rotorua. T. C was the most useless MP the Labour Party ever brought force under their DEI programme.

    • No. Labour have not yet decided to run a candidate yet. There has been no deal made on gifting the electorate to TPM. So at this stage you are clutching at straws, for a very vague strawman argument.

    • Completely different, Labour will run a candidate because they have integrity, National and Act combined have none.

  3. Helen White… Eeeeew… I see judith collins down in there.
    What must be considered is the very reason why mixed member proportional representation?
    In my opinion MMP achieves only one thing. It distracts us with pointless choices while holding up the pretence that small, eager to please parties can ‘make a difference’.
    So while we furrow our brows in solemn contemplation of the nuances of one ding a ling party versus another, neoliberalism maintains a steady course shoveling our money into the pockets of foreign owned retail banking at the net rate of $180.00 a second ( RNZ) while watching yet another useless fucking multi billionaire pop up like a white head on ones nose just before that critical first date with dinner and dancing.
    Again, in my opinion the only person worth considering within politics is Chloe Swarbrick who’s wasted within the dodgy, Machiavellian The Green Party so Chloe Swarbrick, if you could just pop into this alien cloning machine, would be great, ta.

  4. Helen White might not get in, despite it being Mt Albert….lots of backlash coming towards Labour in the October election

  5. Tamati Coffey stepping down can’t hurt LINO’s chances in Waiariki – I mean they’d be hard pressed to find a worse candidate.

  6. NZ First back in Parliament as well. So it will be a full house. Just need TOP to have a cup of tea with Hipkins. So TOP can help NZ First with the hand brakes.

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