BOOM – New TVNZ Poll – Labour could lead Government


Latest TVNZ Poll and it’s clear, Chippy has lifted Labour while Luxon has sunk National.

The Greens bounce back for no reason whatsoever. Interestingly none of their MPs appear in preferred PM rankings.

Māori Party and NZ First and ACT all rise.

I suspect Farrar has picked up a different vibe because of how qualitative his polling is.

The danger for National is that the last polls over polled National by 6 points and under polled Labour by 4 points.

As it becomes clear to National voters that Luxon will lose, the right will throw their weight around ACT.

I think the Greens will wobble and the Māori Party will surprise.

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I’m not convinced NZ First is back now. The antivax culture war stuff and Māori bashing is very twee in comparison to the the issues confronting us.

People want to know how to pay for food and living. If a Party doesn’t have a clear answer to that, the froth won’t stick.

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    • Oh why, oh why, has this turn around in the polls occurred. Is it because Chippy is reassuring us with his wholesome boy next door image, his everyday man attitude, his straight forward forthright genuine trustworthiness with the practical mindedness and capacity to face down whatever fate should deliver these fair lands?

      Or is it because of the bumbling bewildered befuddled quisling snake oil merchant, his esteemed lordship Chris Luxon the magnificent, whose serial brainfart quips have to be continually deodorized by is trusty sidekick, think straight Nicola, the wicked witch of Welly.

      I guess we’ll never know, for one poll is just one poll.

    • Boom! There goes Labours wafer thin short live lead in the Polls!

      Stuart Nash is to resign for being a dick!

      “Speaking on Newstalk ZB this morning, Police Minister Stuart Nash boasted that he’d called the Police Commissioner about a case where an accused person was found innocent. “I’ve seen a couple of judgements, and actually one I phoned up the Police Commissioner and said surely you’re going to appeal this?”

  1. All these polls take into account post natural disaster that will favour the government. It’s effectively a dead heat. Let’s see when winter, recession and hospital collapse occur what happens. What will scare the middle more Act or the Greens/Maori party.

    I wonder how the narcissist is coping now given it appears she was the anchor weighing Labour down.

    • Frank the Tank A middle-aged woman with a live-in partner, child, domestic help, good income, and police protection, telling all the single elderly living alone not to talk to their neighbours, was the most callous uncaring leadership since Sid Holland’s in the 1951 watersiders’ strike.

  2. I’ve been considering voting TPM. I’ll never vote Green but Labour needs to get back to its core policies – the poor, working classes, social policy. Fuck the Rich-Rights

  3. Nicola as prefer PM, is interesting. She is definitely the best debate r in the house and is basically baby sitting Luxon. So could easily put him in child care and become leader.

  4. Greens 5 .7 in one poll 11 in another most of the others are pretty consistent. 7 days can be a long time in politics 7 months no one can judge how it will go . I would say the only certainty is it will be close and it could turn dirty.

  5. Boom! Zap Zowie Kapower! It could happen, but it won’t happen overnight – as Rache told us over a few split hairs

    It’s going to take a bit more than Labour and the Gweens pulling themselves together. But the signs are good. The natives are getting restless

    • NZ First taking votes from National/ACT may return them to parliament but it won’t return them to government.

      • National are Squeaky Clean – NZ First will take those votes from Labour…say 3%, with a natural support of 2% across the nation for NZ First …. therefore 3% (Labour votes) + 2% (Background support) = 5% — into Parliament

        • Completely wrong Nathan, I’m sorry for the disappointment. NZ First is centre right, always have been. The vote steal will be from National with a small possibility of some from ACT.

          • National are Squeaky Clean — not according to National…NZ First takes limited votes from National (up to 3%), however, NZ First takes double that amount from Labour…

  6. I always said I like Chippie, and there you have it. Wouldn’t vote for his policies, but he’s very likeable. And surprisingly pragmatic. Now, HDPA had a good take on this, I paraphrase… “this poll is good for NZ. If Ardern had stayed on and kept on pushing her irritating and unpopular policies, National would have romped home without either having promise anything, let alone doing anything that improves the country. All they’d have to say is We’re not Ardern and they’d win. So now Luxon doesn’t have that card to play, and falling behind Chippie, he will have to find and sell some great policies.” I think that’s a fair summary by HDPA. I for one doubt he has any or can sell them if he does manage to find something. He’s just not likeable like Chippie. So people won’t be interested in what he says.

  7. The Greens do nothing and poll numbers rise. Right. This will embolden the woke to go feral again, and Chippy will turn back to pushing bullshit woke rubbish on NZ like Matauranga Maori in the school curriculum. Just what we don’t need.

  8. Payrises are safe for the moment. So is our health care system, and the rest of our public services, and living standards.


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