Co-governance with Māori is preferable to Co-governance with Corporations (but 3 Waters is still a problem)


The Qanon level conspiracy theorists proclaiming Co-Governance is a secret plan to steal NZ for the Maaaaaaris would be hilarious if it weren’t so stupid.

When Elizabeth Rata coined the phrase ‘Ethno-Nationalist State‘ to describe attempts to share power with Māori as promised by the Treaty, every right winger wanting to be racist found glee in the shielding of their bigotry by the pretence of intellectualism.

What is most hilarious about Rata’s claims of Ethno-Nationalist State is that she is 100% right, it’s just that she’s right in a way she doesn’t want to admit to, which is NZ is an Ethno-Nationalist State, it’s just a White Ethno-Nationalist State.

Our systems of power and control are all white, our dominant culture is white, our benefitting from colonialism is white, our purposeful laws aimed at taking more Māori land were white, our confiscations are white, our dominant narrative is white.

So sure, NZ is an Ethno-Nationalist State, but for white people.

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Any attempt to rebalance the damage caused by taking 90% of Māori land in less than a century and any attempt to live up to the promise of the Treaty must be denigrated and appallingly decried as apartheid.

The backbone of the economic success story that is NZ, is in stealing Māori land and NEVER paying the full price back alongside a low wage economy that exploits migrant workers.

Forget the Māori’s, what about NZs co-governance with the Greedy Banks, Greedy property speculators and Greedy low wage exploiters?

Māori Co-Governance is a symbolic gesture where as NZs co-governance with the Greedy Banks, Greedy property speculators and Greedy low wage exploiters is literal!

Why is it that Māori co-governance is supposedly so much more dangerous than the current co-governance with Greedy Banks, Greedy property speculators and Greedy low wage exploiters?

Why is it that the co-governance of NZ by the Greedy Banks, Greedy property speculators and Greedy low wage exploiters is somehow invisible and never debated while it’s attack Māori co-governance every single day of the week?

Agreed, there are serious issues with 3 Waters, the question politically is would any Iwi attempt to maximise the new powers they’ve gained under 3 Waters to cut deals with Chinese water interests instead of local interests because that would be seen by many Kiwis as treason.

Interestingly the preamble of 3 Waters is all about the obligation of the State to protect Iwi expressing their interest in water – which includes their ‘right’ to sell their interests to who they want.

If New Zealanders saw Iwi using 3 Waters to cut deals with Chinese Business interests, all hell is going to break loose politically.

This money generated by trade with China comes with so many fish hooks there’s more hook than fish.

In 2017, Infrastructure NZ led a delegation of 33 senior New Zealand public and private representatives to the UK. The purpose of the all expenses paid delegation was to investigate Scotland’s infrastructure innovations since devolution, especially their water system which ended up being the structural basis for 3 Waters.

Criticism of the financial structure of 3 Waters raises serious questions about the ease with which a failing water entity could be privatized.

Under the current 3 Waters legislation, the new water entities cannot be ‘bailed’ out by their council ‘owners’, and the entities are also empowered to sell assets if they can retain the capacity to exercise their duties functions and powers. The ‘owners’ can’t prevent this, nor can the Regional Representative Group or the appointment board.

Infrastructure NZ comprises of the China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Bank of China. These are the domestic pimps for China’s Belt and Road project so why are we allowing Chinese interests to influence our infrastructure?

The Pacific is the new friction point between America and China, NZ would be naive to believe we aren’t on the chessboard and only raises more questions about the need for neutrality.



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  1. Co-governance is the elite corporate maaaaoris!
    Not your regular mowrees.

    These maaaaoris are bought and paid for hacks. They’re the ones who hijack iwi entities and then these co-governance boards with an agenda to steer work/contracts worth millions in favour of their sponsor.
    The TMA(Tupina Maunga Authority) is a good example. Paul Majurey scabs millions of dollars from Auckland ratepayers to spend on his pet projects all around Auckland. He vets the candidates, chooses who he wants as board members and then they vote him in as the chairman!
    Same thing happens to the IMSB. He runs the election for board members. Vets, selects, and then hey presto! They all get elected!

    And Auckland Council officials say nothing!!

    So that’s how some maaaoris rig these boards.

  2. How about just democracy for all?

    The treaty payments were created and have lifted many iwi out of poverty – not a fan of a separate system of health, education and other government services for Maori. Since government started that, more Maori are in poverty and health care waiting lists and educational outcomes have got worse. Money is not the only factor that contributes to poverty.

    Inspite of covid, the government is too busy rearranging the cultural deck chairs in healthcare to bother to organise to train more doctors (no money as already been distributed to their favourite woke performance health care mangers instead of doctors).

    Unfortunately the co-governance mantra has attracted the do nothing grifters, who can’t make basic decisions and lead with fake and laughable science which nobody is allowed to repute.

    If the NZ governments want to continue to sponsor and hug a drug smuggler then all races will suffer and go into poverty because that is what Meth and other major drugs do.

    If they lead with showering money off cultural grifters then NZ becomes more divided.

    Like wise sponsor a murderer, poor character and the criminals into NZ – it creates a dysfunctional NZ society that seems to be attracting the worlds criminals to come here and grift off the NZ woke system of toxic enablement.

    Canada suitcase murder: Mother ‘shocked and angry’ that daughter’s killer is in NZ and fighting to stay as refugee

    Auckland’s suitcase murders case: New details about arrest of woman in Korea

    Auckland mall terrorist forged medical documents, boasted about duping immigration officials

    Brenton Harrison Tarrant was born in Australia, travelled the world, came to New Zealand and committed the most horrific massacre in the nation’s recent history.

    Just read this the other day, the blatant enablement of pretence to NZ government officials (to their credit they uncovered the lies) – bet the family will not be deported – just encourage more criminal families into NZ with parents in jail!

    Former New York property developer jailed for $1.3m tax fraud after setting up Canterbury winery business

  3. Co-goverence, is now fake claims, being the norm and lapped up by the world’s woke media and paid for by other tax payers while other researchers get next to nothing in NZ, and have to leave the country as now the majority of research money is bound to ethnicity, not ability or to help others.

    Apparently the researcher that claimed Maori discovered Antactica first, got a circa Half million grant from the government to ‘research’ it, was accepted widely from the worlds woke media, before Tainui started complaining how fake science about Maori is generating that kind of money!

    Once again: did the Maori discover Antarctica?

    “Nothing better shows the kind of “knowledge” that promoters of New Zealand’s indigenous “ways of knowing” (mātauranga Māori ) want taught in science class than the claim that the Māori—or rather, their ancestral Polynesians—discovered Antarctica in the 7th century A.D. (The Māori could not have done it at that time since their East Polynesian ancestors didn’t colonize New Zealand until the fourteenth century.

    This claim was uncritically accepted by many in the press, including the credulous Guardian (click screenshot below to read):”

  4. Co-governance is ridiculous in 2023,we should be moving forwards not backwards.
    We should be New Zealanders.

  5. reminds me of the whole afro-centric history kerfuffle…which you don’t hear much about anymore…largely because it was largely bogus

    • Yep a massive kerfuffle…
      The very gullible believe in the right wing media term , Co governance.
      The Maori party formed a government with National, United Future and ACT. Not once did the right wing media come up with the term ” co governance”. Simply put, that term was created to divide our nation.
      The simple minded were duped.

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