ANOTHER Chinese Spy? So it aint so Mao!

...the Left won't criticise China because the woke scream racist, National won't criticise China because they are moistly all bribed.


Another Chinese Spy?

Senior government analyst accused of reporting to Chinese government by Security Intelligence Service

A senior government analyst has been accused of providing privileged information to the Chinese government by the Security Intelligence Service.

Yuan Zhao, who also goes by the name Jason, says he and his family were “detained” at Wellington Airport in October by the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) as they were returning from a holiday in Australia. His phone was seized, and his son’s laptop was searched.

Don’t worry, his name is ‘Jason’ and according to Jason, ““I’m innocent. Someone framed me up,”.


News we have another Chinese Spy infamously comes after the allegations of a Chinese Spy MP inside the Nation al Party!

The funniest thing about China spying on NZ is the unique political culture of NZ.

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On the Woke Left, ANYONE who says ANYTHING negative about the Chinese is racist xenophobic  garbage shit. Remember when Covid first broke out and how the NZ woke screamed anyone being mean to China was Klu Klux Klan scum?

This has not aged well

The Identity Politics Woke in NZ bend over backwards to ensure Asian NZers are never made to feel ‘othered’ to the point that they now want to remove ‘European New Zealanders’ in the Census.

I know, I know, I know. An ethnic group that will overtake Māori by 2040 demanding to remove European New Zealander from the census to make them feel better.


On the Right, there is never any criticism of China because National are nothing but a business front for Chinese interests and because our Framers are utterly addicted quisling slaves to their buying of our milk powder.

The insidious manner in which Chinese businessmen latch onto every single National MP worth influencing is creepy.

Ex National MPs Jenny Shipley, Don Brash, Ruth Richardson and Chris Tremain are Director’s of the China Construction Bank, Judith Collins had interaction with Chinese Officials to help her husbands Chinese Company, Oravida gain more Chinese money  and former MP Maurice Williamson’s love affair with  Donghua Liu saw him become Liu’s personal handyman when doing up Liu’s batch and pressing the Police to drop domestic violence charges. 

This uneasy relationship of having China as our Economic Overlord carries immense risk as the drumbeat for war between China and America is slowly beating…

Exclusive: Government briefs Australia on efforts to avoid China economic freeze

The Government is concerned that hostile foreign powers, likely our top trading partner China, might seek to use trade as a weapon against New Zealand by blocking our exports – leaving billions of dollars of trade in jeopardy.

The threat runs deeper than just trade, with officials making sure that supply chains and communications cannot be weaponised against New Zealand in a wider diplomatic, economic or security spat.

The Government, in particular Trade Minister Damien O’Connor, has been working to bolster resilience to “economic coercion” – when a country tries to use trade as weapon to achieve diplomatic or security goals.

China has a record of using trade as a weapon either in an overt or covert sense.

It blocked lobster and wine exports from Australia, apparently in retaliation to the government’s harder line on Chinese interference.

…the Left won’t criticise China because the woke scream racist, National won’t criticise China because they are moistly all bribed.

We are in a buggers muddle over China, the Left scream xenophobe at anyone pointing out China’s influence over our political system while National take their money to influence our political system.

How much are we prepared to allow our Farmers to keep us held as hostage to milk powder?

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  1. We need to distance ourselves from China as quickly as possible, extending residency / citizenship to countless mainland Chinese whose only allegiance is to the CCP back ‘home’ and their local Mercedes dealership down the road is also going to bite us in the arse in the event of a future war in the Pacific.

      • Yup but we can at least revoke voting rights for non-citizens (i.e mainland Chinese living in PRC with residency status only) / finally bring a stop to allowing mainland Chinese to live here (and before anyone gets too excited I am not saying Asians per-se just the Chinese).

        • Very discriminitory.Stop people having multiple passports.
          Require citizenship not just PR to access welfare and Super ,and to vote.
          Too easy.

  2. Great post especially

    “The Identity Politics Woke in NZ bend over backwards to ensure Asian NZers are never made to feel ‘othered’ to the point that they now want to remove ‘European New Zealanders’ in the Census.”

    Hey it only costs $100k to buy a list MP seat here!

    Also the love of all Chinese money is creating all sorts of strange dramas.

    How is the woke battery style, warm dry houses going to work with devices that vibrate to drive apartment neighbours crazy being used in Auckland in one of our most expensive high rises? Can our infrastructure cope with constant drain blockages from wet wipes driving up insurance claims to boot!

    Humming vibrator in Pacifica apartment tower sent 25 residents ‘insane’

    Unfortunately NZ has thrown out science and clean data to manufacture their own. I saw some hilarious graph of data which had been wokified from Stats NZ.

    It has the smallest percentage first (asian) and then Maori, Pacifica, the final ‘other’ was all the groups lumped together than made up 70% of the graph at the end! Really easy to get quality data off that one to help NZ policy! Sarcasm.

  3. We spy, they spy, everyone spies.
    I’ve no objection to catching any of the spies out, it’s part of the game, but cringe at becoming self righteous about it as though we’ve suffered a grievous insult and aren’t actively indulging in similar behaviour.

  4. “How much are we prepared to allow our Farmers to keep us held as hostage to milk powder?”
    As a farmer, albeit not a dairy farmer, can I point out that, that sentence makes you look like a fucking idiot. Stop it. We have enough idiots in the media thanks very much. I read here that the four main and coincidentally foreign owned banksters stole $180.00 A SECOND last financials and you think that it’s really diary farmers who are in there, doing sharp deals with the Chinese? Jesus! Really? You ever seen a dairy farmer out on the farm? They’re up before the sun then ride around on quad bikes covered in mud in all weathers then they hop in a helicopter to fly to roof top landing pads of the down town banksters, change in the elevator on their way to the chopper into their $2 k suits then shave, shower, a puff of Issy Miyaki pour homme then head into a meeting with internationals in banking and commerce where they do the sharp deals that irritate the fuck out of you, then, after a bottle of Mountain Valley Spring Water they’ll head back up the elevator while changing into blue overalls, gumboots, slap on some scented muds of high-paddock fashion, helicopter back to a late evening of a shit covered paddock to move the break a few meters to have the cows make more milk for your fucking latte’s dahling.
    noun: sarcasm; plural noun: sarcasms
    the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
    “she didn’t like the note of sarcasm in his voice”

  5. What’s the difference between being owned by China or being owned by the US? Or put it another way – which evil empire should we suck up to the most?

    It might make more sense to suck up to the Chinese because the US seems to be in decline but a smart government would be trying to play the two powers off against each other for NZs benefit.

    As far as I can tell the only reasons I can think of for preferring the US is that they’re culturally similar and well, we’re just used to them telling us what to do.

    • The main difference is retaining a democracy vs no democracy.
      And don’t tell me having no democracy is a consequence of being tethered to the US.

  6. It’s weird that people consume another animals milk. And honey – regurgitated bee pollen spit.

    When China finally buys New Zealand, will we finally get meat and produce at reasonable rates? Even shitty sausages are $10! My early 20’s son lives off sausage fucking pasta. Works in a restaurant on minimum wage but can’t afford to eat healthy. It’s fucked up. I hope he eats on the job.

  7. People say National don’t believe in Co-governance. But that simply isn’t true.
    The don’t call them NatCCP for nothing.

  8. Martyn, you’re a bit overwrought. Lucy Hu isn’t an agent of the Communist Party of China. She literally works for Joe Biden. She’s a traitor to not just China but the entire human race lol

  9. NZ is not a racist country. NZ is not a rascist country. NZ is not a racist country.NZ is not a racist country. NZ is not a racist country. NZ is not a racist country.NZ is not a racist country. NZ is not a racist country. NZ is not a racist country.


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