New Roy Morgan Poll – Labour leads again!


Labour 33% (+3)
National 32% (-)
ACT 13.5% (-)
Greens 12.5% (+0.5)
TPM 3.5% (-1)
NZF 2% (-3)
TOP 2.5% (+1)
NC 0.5% (-)

When Chippy’s favorabilities look like this…

…with Luxon less popular than Covid, National have hit their political ceiling of 32%.

The danger here is that disgruntled right wing voters will turn to ACT once it’s clear Luxon can’t beat Chippy so National will lose votes to the right and centre.

Roy Morgan has Greens far higher than any of the other polls and shows TOP, the Māori Party and NZF with everything still to play for.

The Greens and Labour will be breathing a sigh of relief.

If National isn’t worried right now, they should be.

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    • Actually if you convert those percentages into seats in Parliament, Labour, Greens and Maori Party can form a Government on these numbers. National and ACT would also need the Maori Party to form a Government.

  1. Luxon can’t have much time left can he? He’s a dead man walking (metaphorically speaking in a political sense)

    • You might be correct. But who would National choose to take his place? Willis? Bishop (who seems very low key)? Stanford? Mitchell must be a non starter

        • Great suggestion RosieLee…

          More little girl thought’s and prayers at the Church of Desperation and support from her fake fan club scattered along the streets of Hollywood should get her across the line this time no worries.

    • So how many National Party functions have you been to to make this call . With Labour and it’s leader on every news opener due to Grabrielle it is hardly surprising they are top dog now but as the anger grows at the slow call to action thinks will change.
      We had or show pony leader in Key Luxon brings his own style and is growing into the role as a leaders.CEO are not usually the most popular leaders around but they stay in the role if they are successful . Policy from National,and lack of anythink from Labour will get the Right into power come election time.

      • Er …it’s anything not anythink, but if you do really think there has been a slow call to action then you obviously are not watching the news where all departments are being praised for working day and night to fix things as fast as is humanely possible.

        Can you explain to us all what Luxon’s style is so that he can adopt it, because he sure as hell doesn’t know, and while you’re at it, give us a run down of National’s Policies fully costed because Luxon doesn’t know that either other than saying that he is going to ‘drain the swamp’…. He’s very original and inspiring that’s for sure!

    • He’sTodd Muller revisited…
      And Nicola Willis looks like she has all the confidence of Nikki Kaye…. zero

      It’s deja vu for National.

      Luxon does not look comfortable at all. Why? Because he doesn’t really know who he is or what he really stands for. He want’s to be Key mark II but Key was a big fraud and so how do you out-fraud a fraud?

      He’s a nowhere man in no man’s land!!

    • Greens literally (I’m pretty sure) never manage to reach their poll results on election day. Also a lot of people are not answering the “who will you vote for” question when asked because because they hate this government and don’t trust them. I still maintain that Labour won’t hit 30% election day.

  2. Bomber,am wasted most of my age time,understand my care is like,v what this socialist talkin, care block, understand, these other egits, to scare for them.Understand block, fir you to do this.block, with care understanding.

  3. Pretty much all polls are bullshit, because they never quote the “refused to answer” result. Let’s say you poll a thousand people; what if 90% of them refuse to answer the pollster? We don’t know if that happens, because they never give us that number. I know that I insta-hangup when I get the call because it’s no-one’s fucking business but my own who I’m voting for!

  4. It is the duty of everyone to vote Labour back in.

    If National and ACT become government, workers will never again get payrises. Ever.

    • If you want to have another 3 years of a poorly managed economy run away inflation nurses and teachers leaving for overseas or just getting a life then vote Labour

      • A bit of inflation is needed to ensure that workers get regular payrises. In the 1990’s when inflation was at 2%< workers got bigger all payrises. Do you really want that era all over again ? No one getting any payrises at all? Why dont you want workers getting a decent wage?

  5. Anyone voting for greedy, pathologically criminal national much less the hideous roger douglas stained act party ( Which are one and the same [thing] really. ) would be out of their fucking minds.
    But Labour still hasn’t renounced neoliberalism however. That, is by and of itself, deeply concerning to me because neoliberalism adheres labour to the vile natzo’s in an above and beyond politics manner which means that everything’s designed to stick like shit to a blanket to the banking ‘industry’. So what to do? No one in their right mind would vote for national/act and Labour’s still unapologetically neoliberal. Does that mean that we, the people, must reverse a trend and behave as if we’re actually in control of our politics and not the other way around? Is it time that we told labour that they’re being very, very naughty little politicians so drop neoliberalism overboard? Then, and only then, can we start to repair the damage a few creepy Ciwi crooks have done to us spanning the last 40 years. But be warned! We can’t afford to fuck around. Planet Earth is telling us that we’re running out of time.
    Chloe Swarbrick. For Christs sake go over to Labour. The Green Party is a Machiavellian landmine designed to derange agriculture AKA Act and the national party’s meal ticket.

  6. Luxon keeping his powder dry so that the next person after him can fire all the shots. He has never made a statement that he wont retract under questioning.

  7. Yes, they will millsy (get a pay rise from national) they will get a 50 cent yearly pay rise and that will pay for one loaf of that nasty 99cents white bread.

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