The woke just cancelled Richie Hardcore!


No. Fucking. Way???

The woke just cancelled Richie Hardcore!!!!!

Women’s rights group apologises for choosing Richie Hardcore to speak

Keynote speaker Julia Arnott-Neenee, who is chief executive of Fibre Fale, withdrew from the event after learning of Hardcore’s involvement.

In a statement, Fibre Fale said: “It has been brought to our attention that another speaker at the event, Richie Hardcore, has a history of being transphobic, supporting anti-trans rhetoric and taking up spaces that should be for women.

“With this new knowledge, we have immediately withdrawn our support and participation in the event.”

And what are his crimes against humanity?

He has questioned the social media lynchings of the deplatform woke and asked if they are counter productive to progress.

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For questioning the madness of woke cancel culture, the woke feminists have turned on him and had him cancelled humiliatingly in real time.

Honestly, the fucking Woke would eat their own young if they weren’t all vegan!

Being a ‘feminist ally’ just means you’re next in line to get stabbed!

Richie is the kind of amazing man you want as a role model for sons and boys. He  challenges drug, alcohol and pornography use. He is constantly calling on men to get in touch with their emotions, he is a passionate anti domestic violence voice and he talks about healing and respecting women.

Including him in a discussion on International Womens Day is the exact sort of thing you would do to bring males into the discussion, but woke ideology is all about pure temple politics over Broadchurch solidarity

When Richie Hardcore is the enemy for woke feminists, anyone with a penis becomes a hate crime.

Unless that penis is attached to a trans person, in which case it’s the most magical thing in the Universe.

We get it wokies, your self constructed identity is more important than our shared humanity.

Richie is a legend of a bloke, to have him so humiliated by the organisers who folded immediately for a woke Lynch mob shows you how tribal identity politics has become, and explains why Pride Parade this year and the Student Strike were complete and utter flops.

The woke and their puritanical cult are so alienating they have bled out all the support for progress.

Richie Hardcore did not deserve this.

Here’s Green Party Candidate Stephanie Rodgers…

…His reputation has been defamed and smeared here, people will suspect him of something far more untoward than the ridiculous woke dogma he’s being accused of.

The decision to cave in and leave him hanging with such a radioactive set of allegations is just so cruel.

He has responded..

…that’s his crime?

A principled perspective on transexual kickboxing???


Just. Wow.

Brothers, if Richie is the enemy, we are all hangable!

I’m not sure if defaming a positive male role model like Richie in a world soaked with the toxic masculinity of Andrew Tate helps build any bridges and will make all males think twice before supporting feminist causes.

This is pretty radioactive stuff now.

I’ve told you all thousand times, the woke are toxic.

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  1. I remember watching Richie fight my cousin at a bout twenty years ago, and he can motor. I’ve met him in passing at other fight events over the years, and think he a really grounded and humble guy.

    That Fibre False don’t want him to speak at their event is their loss. Maybe one day the ladies at FF will have enough introspection to understand that doing shit like this will mean that their few followers will never be listened too by anyone outside of their clique.

  2. ‘I’ve told you all thousand times, the woke are toxic.’
    Yes but you haven’t told us where or from whom it all originated. Quotes from the theorists are not so difficult to find.

    • Archonblatter. Originated? Good point. Currently in the USA, this censorship dialectic is now being referred to as “ The Censorship Industrial-Complex.” There it involves both government departments and NGO’s, some with grand-sounding names, but of fairly recent origin. The aim is to try and control what information reaches the public. The Prince of woke, a druggie called Harry who acts like a Messiah, and referred to the first amendment of the United States Constitution as “bonkers” has caused some sort of furore today for his pro-active opposition to freedom of speech. PM Ardern advocated for global censorship at the United Nations last year, describing words as weapons of destruction or some such. I gather that the internet is also being used as an instrument of censorship and social control.

      Mr Hardcore seems a very reasonable sort of person, but the woke bullies seem to care more about asserting their authority than about facts or “ truths.”

  3. Woke aren’t fighting for equality anymore if they ever were. It’s just a superiority movement at this point. They’ve become the thing they were fighting against.

    Not even the culture wars and vendors of yesteryears was hated this much at least over night.

    • They never have.
      It’s always been about two things: 1) To shut down dissenting views 2) To give them complete control of society.
      The problem is that these people are all utterly useless and if forced to go build their own society, would be dead within months.
      This is no different than socialists.
      Socialism only “shares” the wealth that capitalism creates.
      There has never been a fully socialist economy because it’s impossible to create one that lasts as it tries to suppress human nature, but fails miserably.

      • That’s way to political.

        Even the supreme superior Hitler himself won elections. All beit rigged elections he still won. This woke mob could never.

        Times were harder back then. We can only have diversity and inclusion during peace. As soon as there is a war (and make no mistake. Climate Change is humanities greatest battle) humans revert back to there natural gender roles.

        • that what gets me about many of the anti woke. as soon is its not their tribe the narrative changes. i can respect many positions but never hypocrisy.

    • sam whenever anyone on any side asks for parity what they really mean is ‘lollies for my gang’ this applies to both sides of the debased coinage of debate

  4. This is so tedious. To be honest I am so out of touch that I haven’t heard the name Richie Hardcore before. Why are these women so gutless? They must have chosen him because they like what he to say. Tell Fibre Fale it’s disappointing but that’s their choice and find another speaker

    • Sure, and to replace the supporters these Woke muppets alienated just find another 30 000 gay parade attendees, and 120k Climate Chaos protestors, right?

      • What? You assume that they would lose all support if they took an honest approach and said they don’t agree with Fibre F? Are you saying they thought he was transphobic and invited him anyway or that they didn’t review speakers? If they have done their checking and wanted Richie to speak why not stick to what they believe?

  5. I know almost nothing of this man. However, Hardcore hasn’t been “cancelled” by any stretch. He’s been rejected as a speaking guest for a private organization for reasons they consider valid, which is well within their rights.

    Another thing. I don’t see why you take such an issue with trans-inclusive feminism. It is the predominant feminist viewpoint for good reason, being based on support for & goodwill to all women – not the unjustified moral panic, smear campaigns & fearmongering about a marginalized tiny minority of them.

    • Canceling a guest speaker last minute is not a human right. It’s a privilege.

      The right to life which is the most fundamental form of human right can not be superceded by secondary rights

    • Canceling a guest speaker last minute is not a human right. It’s a privilege.

      The right to life which is the most fundamental form of human right can not be superceded by secondary rights like diversity of inclusion. They’d have to be taken as a whole.

      Fact is by feminists are on track to create Thier dreams desire. By 2030 50% of all western woman will be single and barren. That’s the low ball number. The ball high number could be another lock down and even more western woman check out of relationships.

      It’s not like woman aren’t throwing there box around it’s just that western woman want the idea of relationship / marriage without being a girlfriend / wife.

      As a father of two daughters it scares me to think that these charlatan educators promote female promiscuity as some devine right.

      In a warrior culture woman are naturally inclined to respect men because men have built the most prosperous and technologically superior nations in all of human history. Not for other men but to make life easier for all.

  6. I think so called trans ‘women’ are taking up spaces that should be for actual women far more than Hardcore ever could.

  7. The Student Strike was a flop because it didn’t happen in school time. Any excuse to cut classes! And besides, their mommies were coming to pick them up from school – how else were the little darlings going to get home…..

  8. something about ‘shoot the messenger’ springs to mind

    when you can’t defend your thesis in open debate shut down the debate.

    I wonder if any of these people read back their objections and realise how whiney they sound

    no sophora they just fought hard for their spaces….which is more than many trans activists have ever done

    • “no sophora they just fought hard for their spaces….which is more than many trans activists have ever done”

      Umm, no. TERFs are recent phenomena, arriving on the scene long after much more courageous antecedents did the hard work (which, sadly, is perpetually ongoing). They are bigots; they are negative & bitter; they want to make human rights conditional in their favour. They wallow in a perpetual victim mentality. One could, if momentarily inclined, almost feel sorry for them.

      Your remark re trans activists is naive. The trans community has always been tiny & I’d guess the number of activists within it has been disproportionately high by necessity. That so much has been achieved is a testament to their unceasing work for recognition – strengthened of course by the acceptance & support of cis allies. We are all one.

      • sophora,
        I suggest you read up on how SandM dykes were treated by the ‘mainstream feminists’ back in the day….
        of course TERF is a newish term before the increased awareness of trans rights it didn’t exist because it didn’t need to exist

        perpetual victim mentality…some trans activists take the gold silver and bronze in that catagory

        it’s not the size of the trans community that’s important though figures suggest it’s ‘fashion aspect’ is increasing the community, it’s the amount of ‘airtime’ devoted to them, compared to other groups who have greivences

  9. He kinda ripped on transgenders. They seem to be everyone’s favourite whipping boy (or girl?) now *sigh*. Can people just let people live how they want? Not that hard.

    • I don’t know Hardcore, never met the dude or read a lot of his stuff but I can tell you Hardcore doesn’t have a problem with transhumans. The problem is including biological males on hormon blockers for a year in woman’s sports and telling everyone you’re transphobic.

    • The transes are the US & UK right wing moral panic targets of the minute, Millsy. The great thing is that here in AO/NZ the transphobes are on the losing side, & all they can do is throw their toys out of their cots.

      • Sephora. Transphobics are as entitled to their opinions as anyone else is. I am infanticide-phobic, violence-phobic, paedophilia-phobic – and was moth-phobic until I learned that moths were phallic symbols – and I have a right to be so.
        Shutting people up is socially and ethically regressive.

        The acquisition of language was a major step forward in civilising primitive man, and in communication, and in dispute resolution. If it is suppressed, the alternatives could be worse.

  10. Everyday seems a new low for aoteoroa

    “In a statement, Fibre Fale said: “It has been brought to our attention that another speaker at the event, Richie Hardcore, has a history of being transphobic, supporting anti-trans rhetoric and taking up spaces that should be for women”

    He has no such history and to smear him out of hand like this is simply outrageous

    Meanwhile check The bizarre nature of this statement: “taking up spaces that should be for women”. Then they encourage guys dressed up as women to attend …

    FFS beam me up scotty

    Monty python would struggle to come up with script so ridiculous

    • Straight edge, for once I agree with you. All this frothing at the bung over what is essentially a first world problem affecting what percentage of our self indulgent population?

  11. Could you *please* stop regurgitating stupid right wing narratives about “woke” and “cancelling” people? And I have no problem with Richie Hardcore, he’s allowed opinions like anyone else.

    • Yet the woke cancelled him”? Maybe tell the left to not be so rightwing by removing people for ‘unspeak’.

  12. I don’t think Hardcore’s done himself any favours by commenting on something he’s neither well versed in (since kids start transitioning early these days, the younger age groups playing field is level); nor, as a cis male, is any of his business.

    That is: for all his bluster about respecting women, he comes over simply as yet another man trying to tell women what’s good for them. That alone is sufficient grounds for rejection!

    • Telling women what to do? He was invited to speak wasn’t he? On what basis can you say he shouldn’t be commenting on the safety of participants in boxing? That appears to be the basis of his public sentencing.

      • What trans warriors are ignoring is that *height,* *weight,* *strength,* and *endurance* are major issues.

        Desegregating sports is basically just a call to kick biological women out of major league sports entirely.

        • Yeah, it’s been happening all over the world! Everywhere cis women are retiring from & shunning involvement in high performance sports while the avalanche of evil transes continue their campaign of eventual superiority…


          • I think the root of the problem is that the transition lands people somewhere in a continuum between male and female phenotypes (eg: male body structure and lung capacity, female muscle mass and testosterone levels), while the separation between masculine and feminine categories in sports was kind of based on 2 discrete sets. Otherwise, the female competition is just a contest of how male-like can the competitors be.

            Of course, if you want a cruel question consider this: Either the process leaves the male to female trans with an advantage, or it does not. If it does, then we already know natural-born females will not win. If it doesn’t, wouldn’t that make the process unfair or crippling by design?

              • You are entitled to your Opinion. The days on the other hand say you are wrong. You even admit testosterone is higher in trans dudes for a limited time even though exercising major muscle groups increase testosterone but I’ll go with your biased opinion.

                You see any 40 year old female weightlifters in the Olympics. Why should we fold to you? Any more questioned you need to deflect from?

              • Never mind that gold tthat the male won here pretending to be a female.
                That male offspring of one of NZ richest families took the place of an islander woman. He was 43 years old competing against young women in their 20s and in their prime. The male offspring of one of NZ richest families could not win a soup pot as a male thus had to retire in female sport. Cause heck, male entitlement colonizing female spaces since ages ago.
                But please show us where women in heir 40 compete in weightlifting in the Olympics.
                Frankly it is offensive to continue talking about this cheat. Offensive to women – female humans. Offensive to the spirit of the Olympics and fairness in sport. Offensive to the young women that lost places in competitions to affirm this male and provide him with a euphoria boner. Offensive to any female who had to fight to even just be allowed weightlifing in the Olympics.
                Hubbard is the single most offensive person in this country. A free loader, a rich white guy who never won a thing on his own, but used Daddies money to buy himself a place in the Olympics as an overweight, used up 43 year old males. He bought himself a place at the womens cause at the mens he would have been laughed at all the way home.

          • That is right they are not retiring, they are losing their first/second/third placing and any winnings that come with that to males who self identify into female sports. Oftentimes after successful male careers, one could almost say its a ‘retiring club’ for males with a fetish and women are expected to applaud these fraudsters as if they were trained seals.

        • I have often thought about the possibility that the entirety of all ‘liberation’ movements including that of women were, in fact designed to kick women out of the arena altogether.
          One day women may not be required to create free, gratis and for nothing and out of their own substance, even more drones, cannon fodder or consumers for the maw of the globalist gods. There will be barely a squeak though. Whatever is left over from the ancient race of human animals who were essentially reproductive creatures, either male or female, as are most other creatures in nature, will have been so processed and propagandized that all will be regarded as the ‘new normal.’
          Science fiction sometimes plays with this sort of scenario and as we may have heard life imitates art.
          I believe there is a connection between the obscene price of tarted up clap board housing in our South Pacific Bovine State and the call in the seventies for all women to ‘come out of their houses’ and into a thing called the work force. Well at least the ladies seen subsequently struggling onto buses had, in those days, houses to come out of. The first major purchase for many was a car. Now, two people toiling and moiling away in the work force can’t afford a house.
          One dares hope though that Mother Nature will kick back hard and fast.
          In the famous words of the old Roman poet Horace,’You may toss out nature with a pitchfork, she will speedily return.’ Amen to that.

    • Sophora. According to your sort of reasoning, women shouldn’t listen to a male doctor or lawyer or dentist telling them what’s best for them then. Arborist ? Hairdresser ? Philosopher? Butcher, baker, candlestick maker ? Iniquus.

        • Sephora. I’ll try and simplify this for you. You seem to be saying w don’t like m telling them what’s best for them. I agree. Nobody should be “ telling”; one should be advising, or suggesting.

          This leads to dialogue, which can often produce constructive and positive results. If however, dialogue is precluded by shutting down speakers with whose views we disagree, then any sort of understanding, or accommodation , or even agreement, is less likely to be reached. Here you seem to be making this a wholesale gender issue, with men and/or transgenders as the baddies, and cisgender women as the goodies. I don’t really think that it’s that simple and nor do I have indepth knowledge of what the underlying agendas may be.

    • He should have worn a dress, lippy and heels, and him telling what women can and can no do or say would be called trans inclusive feminism.

  13. So I held my nose and looked at twitter to see what the trans “activists” are saying and most are being very aggressive, rude and abusive towards RH.

    I think we should set up a king of the cancelled ring event and see how well these keyboard warriors back up their words when they aren’t in the safety of their mums basement !

    I bet face to face they would have to show some respect

  14. One can only feel a little sad for the gay and feminist movements, as they have worked hard to get their views across to society and just when it seemed that they had reached a level of social justice along comes some guys who put dresses on and say , I’m a woman, and this lot sorta take the spotlight , and all the attention away from everyone…Being gay or having a disability is now ho hum , out of fashion with the trendy lefty media, and these blokes in dresses have actually turned the discrimination spotlight on feminists , who for some reason say, they are not real ladies because they still have their tackle…Just thinking your a lady is not enough to be a real lady…we should know as we are real ladies…wash your mouth out ladies and welcome to the real world where men still rule, even men wearing dresses rule….

  15. Hadn’t heard of this guy (and I’m guessing Hardcore wasn’t his original name?).

    But he’s right about needing to keep trans women out of some women’s sports. The most egregious recent example was the NZ trans weightlifter. A weightlifter?!! Of all the sports that cold have been chosen, THIS one seemed OK, for someone who grew up male, muscle mass testosterone-fed during teenage, and who, when you saw him/her on TV, very clearly had a male body build? It seemed rather like a middle finger to cis-women.

  16. Put quite, very simply. They’re mental.
    Hate men and can’t accept that men are a part of the same world they live in. What the fucks up with that part of reality??

    • A bitter & distorted statement. We don’t hate men – we’re frustrated by some of their attitudes & behaviours towards us.

      Enjoy your day!

      • Most males are straight. It’s not an attitude it’s a preference.

        In general terms we don’t make left handed guns because the overwhelming majority is left handed.

        Just because the overwhelming majority of males prefer straight sex does not mean males have an attitude towards transhumans.

        It’s crazy how you, Sophora can be so authoritative and wrong at the same time.

        • How on earth does that relate to my reply to Tane? I read his comment as being about feminists, or even women in general (hard to tell), & corrected him.

          • I’m using generalities a bit like saying men are misogynists or have attitude. To say that men hate woman playing sport is a gross generality.

            So I use your logic back at you and your replies boil down to attempts to shame, insult and use the need to be right instead of being right from the get go.

        • Sam Yes.Most women are straight too. As a heterosexual female I struggle to accept that giving males hormone shots and speech therapy, chopping bits off, and dressing them in clothes like me, makes them into women like me. This doesn’t mean that I am transphobic. I’m not. Homosexuality is another kind of norm, and gays being victimised by transphobics is a separate issue, and it should not be happening.

          • Only a tiny fraction of the population are trans. Being trans isn’t a fad, it’s not contagious and trans people can’t cluster but they do exist.

      • Yes Sophora it was bitter and distorted. But you need to make allowances for the hurtful remarks addressed by extremist women, though you are not one of those, and many men tend to react strongly after an accumulation of strong universal put-downs of all men. There is one thing about freedom of speech – it gives an opportunity to get to the heart of a problem, allowing strong feelings to be expressed and calmly discussed.[

  17. I have voted Green in three of the last four general elections (2017 being the exception). One interaction with Stephanie Rodgers on Twitter and I am out. If that’s the kind of candidate they want to run then good luck to them – they might win a Twitter poll but I don’t know about 5% in a general election. Chippy it is for me, I guess. Chloe (my favourite NZ politician) needs to bail before she sinks with them.

  18. I have voted Green in three of the last four general elections (2017 being the exception). One interaction with Stephanie Rodgers on Twitter and I am out. If that’s the kind of candidate they want to run then good luck to them – they might win a Twitter poll but I don’t know about 5% in a general election. Chippy it is for me, I guess. Chloe (my favourite NZ politician) needs to bail before she sinks with them.

  19. NZ woke justice is cancelling anybody and publicly calling them out (hopefully Richie will sue for slander) while giving those who are found guilty and not turning up to court, 2nd chances, while the victims have to wait more years and more costs, for justice.

    Imagine if someone refused to turn up (even if sick, they could have sent a lawyer and delayed the trial until they were well, rather than doing nothing for years, having it go against them and then NZ woke justice deciding to create a new trial to put the victims lives on hold for another 2 years without justice!)

    Couple forced to live in leaky home after QSM recipient found to have duped them wins retrial

  20. No freedom of speech for woman, one has to wonder which group is more guilty of harm to others and can be identified as hate criminals and more interested in slandering others and creating their own reality which nobody is allowed to debate anymore, due to them being triggered.

    Speak up for Women allowed to go ahead with talks after high court ruling

    Miss Winter, a 29-year-old trans woman, has admitted kidnapping the teenager but denies the murder charge, while Mr Te Amo denies both kidnapping and murder.

    Jailed doctor David Lim – who now identifies as a female – has been denied parole–who-now-identifies-as-a-female–has-been-denied-parole

    Remember debate is now banned because it might trigger someone, just like inclusivity at the Pride parade!

    Violence and opportunism seems just as likely in the trans community, who are not all wonderful, law abiding people!

    “UK — Portsmith. On March 27, 2021 Reclaim These Streets Portsmouth organized a demonstration at Guildhall Square in Portsmith to protest violence against women and girls. Two women who participated were physically assaulted and verbally abused for holding a sign with the definition of woman on it.

    Anger as trans inmates revert to males when they leave Scottish prisons


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