Why Census will be a flop


Census will be a flop.

It will be a flop because the cost cutting pricks who run Government saw a cheap means to run the Census by putting it all online.

That fucked up spectacularly because the only reason we fill the Census in (in the old days) was because a very passive aggressive Aunty would appear at your door, knocking on it for at least 3 weeks before you had to actually do it while  putting the hard word on you to do it.

New Zealanders freak out at conflict because it demands an emotional articulateness most of us lack. We used to fill in the Census because we didn’t want a fight with that very passive aggressive Aunty from Census, however the millisecond no one is turning top and you just require us to do it, oh go fuck yourself.

The cost cutting pricks at Government who thought they could put everything online to save money misread our acquiescence as compliance when it was always forced.

Compounding that attempt to save money has been an explosion of anti state sentiment alongside far more vicious political cultural polarisation.

The woke, fourth wave feminists, nationalist Māori and non binary activists HATE white men, white men hate everyone else, Māori despise Pakeha, Pakeha despise themselves (and māori), women believe all men will rape them, men believe they will all be accused of rape, the poor hate the rich, the rich hate tax, Wellington hates Auckland, everyone else hates Wellington, the Professional Managerial Class hate the Lumpenproletariat, the bosses hate the workers, the workers hate the bosses, young hate old, old hate young, antivaxxers hate everyone, everyone hates antivaxxers, the right lates the left, the left hates itself, the woke have cancelled everyone, Incels hate women, everyone hates Incels.

In such a toxic horror cauldron of intersectionist grief and pain there is no solidarity to fill in a bloody Census!

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Being told you must fill in the Census so that the Government knows where to resource minorities in your community means very little if you hate everyone in your community.

What’s that you say, if I don’t fill in the Census my train station won’t get funding, well the fucking service it provides now is a fucking joke, so how much worse can it get?

If the infrastructure is s fucking joke, why will this Census make it better? The cynicism gets even more jaded when the whole woke gender issue is injected into it. I don’t understand why the State needs to know who I like to fuck.

How does knowing who I like to fuck getting me better public transport?

We have not even begun to process the impact of social media in generating schisms upon schisms upon schisms in our culture.

Identity Politics ultimately ends up in a billion splinterings competing for attention to their wound.

In such a multi fractured culture constantly offending each other for attention, the resentment that generates kills solidarity and people do not want to engage as their response to that.

Newsroom found a vast slump in trusting the institutions that run the Census…

Trust in census a big issue, survey suggests

Many Māori and Pacific men say they won’t participate in the census. David Williams reports

Public trust and confidence, especially among Māori and Pacific men, looms as a problem for the census, internal documents reveal.

…this Census will be a flop and people will struggle to explain it, and that’s the real problem because the polarisation of NZ culture is a deeply dangerous new cultural mutation post Covid that isn’t being appreciated or acknowledged.

We unforgivingly hateful towards eachother now and that will extend to the Census.
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    • Childish reaction isn’t what is needed here… It’s an education initiative that explains clearly what the census is useful for.. EG; Where to build new schools, hospitals, roads, and houses, with the attendant infrastructure required to service them.. That’s a starter for ten… the whispering campaign that is using outright lies to deter people from being involved is self serving at best, and those who would ostracize non participants in the census show us that NZ is still way too far away from being able to engage in adult discourse to have any shred of credibility left… Is it any wonder that those with brains, and morals, are either planning to leave, or have already gone from here?

  1. Can’t the government just snoop on our records through agencies if they want this information, or if they must, hire a consultant to snoop on us through an agency?

    • Ethan W. They do snoop, and they also want us to snoop on each other, but if they didn’t have a census then we’d know that they snoop from the stuff which they’ve got on us, so they gotta census us, got it ?

  2. In the Far North there has been a turn around in iwi groups to supporting filling in the Census. I am not saying this will make a major difference but it will make some. The local social media pages are full of people seeking information on how to get the forms or do the online version. There is actually an extension in Tai Tokerau till June because of the Cyclone effects.

    Some well known iwi leaders up here who openly admit they previously have never filled in a Census form are now encouraging all hapu and Whanau to co-operate. It is in the wake of COVID/Cyclone response which has seen a lot of capacity building.

  3. You are spot on Martyn….I loved the article and I am still laughing at your sharp witty comments, it made me laugh and think.
    The Census scenario is sadly rather fooked.

  4. Indeed, when the government is only governing for Transgender Maori bike riding Wellingtonians, why would anyone in an “out” group want to identify themselves for more government attacks?
    Why would someone tell you they are Pakeha if the health system is going to discriminate against them and the school and tertiary education system discriminate against their kids?
    Not to mention the forcing of gender terminology on people.
    The census has been fucked by divisive , stupid government.

  5. And thanks to government over reach during covid a lot of people haaaate the government.
    I’m picking this will be the worst turn out ever.

  6. I think you might be wrong as nearly 2 million had filled in the forms by census night . I think $125 million should get results after the debacle of the 2018 showed how the Greens could not organise a good fart

    • 2 million individuals, out of 5 million. And some of that will be forms filled for others, eg. children. 40% turn out on a 100% requirement is appalling.

  7. Filled in the census last night with my wife saying don’t even bother . . to be honest comes across as a treasure hunt to find as many Maori and Alphabet People as they possibly can.

  8. I really really wanted to fill it in because it’s important, but I’m not filling it in because:
    a. stupid gender questions don’t allow me to have a No Gender option (which exists for religion btw) – this is political identity politics performative posturing shit writ large
    b. the data can be de-anonymised with around 4 data points so it’s not anonymous
    c. there is no guarantee of anonymity with other parts of government, especially Police and GCSB etc, so you know all responses will go to the NSA

    This gender rubbish, and now the forcing spiritualism into the school science curriculum with Matauranga Maori, is really making me think about voting AGAINST Labeen for the first time to punish them – and I’ve been a lifetime voter of Labeen. At least Erica Stanford is talking with real educators about unwinding the crap Labeen has pushed into education and tertiary sectors.

  9. The government has shown that it can and will weaponize highly sensitive personal data such as health records to pursue their agenda. They recently herded, divided and scared people using sinister methods of information manipulation so the question must be asked, can our personal information be trusted with these people (who are bloody well there to serve us, not themselves)? Would a capitalist model be better suited for communities here, where our data is accessible for a fee? How does $10 per character sound for every survey returned, or maybe $5 per check box? A win-win, the government get our private data for their personal arousal and we retain the future rights of our data and lives through the business contract.

    • Gagarin “Go to commercial enterprises? “ That’s why it’s crucial to tinker around with the truth, and in any case “truth” is only matter of feeling. Just because I felt like a young bloke on Tuesday doesn’t mean that I’m one today. It sounds as if my online form was different from everybody else’s anyway, and if they think that I’m going to give my real age to complete strangers then they’ve got another think coming.

    • How about this- Graeme Hart bought the Government Printing Office in 1990, erm I have to ask who designed this census? his wife maybe? It’s very american, to identify as not a robot one of the sign ins as a human required clicking the squares with the crosswalks. I have never heard anyone in this country referring to a pedestrian crossing as a ‘crosswalk’.

  10. Waste of time. Not even 50% of population data will be captured. Many will jot nother at all. The only reason this census is held is for govt to tick boxes. “We better do it so we can’t be accused of not even being able to deliver a census, let alone decent healthcare or compliant KO homes.”. The whole thing is a waste of time going by some of the stupid questions. Like any govt or arrogant minister like Michael Woods would even look at it to make bread &butter decisions….”Hey see this…20 people ticked ‘biking to work’, so let’s cancel all the roads and only have bike lanes! We’ll spin it as: Vast majority of trans people earning under 180K who were female at birth who are non-christian maori who have trouble walking up stairs prefer to bike to work while worrying about climate change.”

  11. Big turn out of woke for census, less so everyone else!

    Like the pride parade and school climate strikes, the woke religion seeks to create a vehicle to promote itself out of proportion to the vast amount of people who don’t believe in it and are not heard.

  12. Showing my age here but I remember when those who did not wish to comply and fill in the census forms would jump in a boat and sit at the 12-mile limit on census night.

    • True we are just a bunch of patsies now with no gumption, and no boat either so we’re up the river without a paddle.

  13. I didn’t get any forms and didn’t bother with online after working a ten hour day. If Aunty Census catches me at home she can fill it out for me.

    • Know the feeling. Apparently $2000 fine. Is that fine? Why do they want this only through wires. Are we laboratory rats to be poked and prodded electrically possibly with tasers, to see how we have survived the latest tribulation and Act of Guru Dogs?

      After all we know when the United Nations reports how badly we treat our young, worse than dumb animals in the field, it leads to ‘ Remind me that I care about this; well we’ve just realised we don’t care’, that’s the end result of all the money spent on NZ Census. The stats are just to enable them to get fodder for plausible deniability.

    • You can have one of mine, we got two. The only difference apart from the ID number was the maori words in the footer – I guess the first version offended someone. Way to waste my money guys@

  14. They must encouraging people to do this online. I haven’t received any forms through the mail yet. They most likely are not too worried about me, being an old white fuck who is still married to a real woman. Boring. Having said that I’m old, 71, they are assuming I am capable of getting online and that any dementia I might have isn’t too far advanced. I won’t tell them I power down the Gin and Whiskey as I know the younger tend to frown at the drinking of the elderly. Don’t want to have to show my license at the wholesaler and then be refused because I’m too old. (: Just saying.

  15. 1. Census field staff were paid for months while staying home withe some foing no work.

    2. The Woke Managerial class in Stats NZ assumes that we are all have computers and internet access at c $75 a month etc. Govt depts like MSD have the most hopeless web functionality and thus service, but good PR and spin.

    3. We are still waiting for the forms.

  16. The gubermint has proven that they can’t be trusted with our data. They breached privacy of many gun owners which made a nice shopping list for thieves, and now they want more information to put out to anyone? No thank you. Methinks it is just another way to get us on the Social Credit system that they want to push so badly….just like China

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