Labour’s reliance on consultants part of their cultural Professional Managerial Class capture


Labour’s reliance on consultants is part of their cultural Professional Managerial Class capture.

The Wellington Bureaucracy isn’t left wing! It’s a self interested Professional Managerial Class who use identity politics to mask their neoliberal hands-off-do-nothing-but-build-glass-palaces fiefdoms.

Oh they do the reo, and expose their pronouns and militantly ride bikes, they are effortless in their use of inclusion as a means to dominate and control the narrative, but they are a middle class clique, not left wing egalitarianism.

The Wellington Bureaucracy is a culture war of woke middle class Identity Politics aspirations backed with State funding, they may aesthetically be Left but they sure as fuck aren’t economically Left.

Likewise the consultancy industry that feed on their Wellington relationships with the Self Serving Public Service, they are also part of the woke washed culture clique whose interests are not ours.

We are spending A Million dollars a day is spent on motels for vulnerable people causing enormous social carnage with no real wrap around support services present  and 25 000 are on emergency waiting lists – we can’t solve those problems apparently but the Government can spend a billion dollars on consultants each year?

$1bn spend on consultants each year

“Labour’s spending on contractors and consultants has climbed to nearly $1bn a year, despite Labour coming to power suggesting that they would rein in this use of the private sector. Much of this is spent on the “Big Four” contractor firms – Deloitte, PwC, KPMG and Ernst and Young.”

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What the hell has happened to left wing transformative change?

You can not spend a billion dollars a year on the professional managerial class in consulting while 150 499 children live in extreme poverty, while we hand out 100 000 food packages each month while our mental health system screams.

You can’t spend a billion dollars a year on consultants while so many are in material hardship.

What happens is we have huge numbers of managers and very few staff. The mangers look after their interests, the staff get sacked and hired back as consultants and the same cultural clique keep getting paid while the misery of the poor is ignored.


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  1. the reason for in ALL govts consultants is unpopular decisions can be pinned on them leaving pollies squeaky clean…
    ‘It’s what we’ve been advised so we must follow the advice’
    though it does have to be said LINO has followed the jobs for mates principle in spades..

  2. The Wellington bureaucracy is the modern equivalent of what the Praetorian Guard became in the Roman Empire, or the Janissaries in the late Ottoman Empire – a self-serving mafia.

  3. Totally.

    Contracting out is a core neo lib method.

    Also it explains why there is a two tier public/private health system. Hips and knees get done private–in job lots contracted out often by the old DHBs, and the tricky stuff gets dealt with in the public system! surprise, surprise. Higher paid have private health care insurance, others wait in hospital atriums for a day and half for medical attention…

    The public service fifth columnists are some of the most hypocritical bludgers possible.

  4. You forgot the militant consultants on mātauranga Māori (that Maori academics also disagree with) and making NZ a laughing stock around the world. No surprises that the ministry of education apparently has the most consultants increasing, while their educational outcomes are decreasing and teachers are out striking. Who cares about kids, when copious amounts of income producing propaganda, mātauranga Māori is allowed to take over from education to research!

    Dawkins’ views on teaching mātauranga Māori go viral

    “Unfortunately, visiting British scientist Richard Dawkins must have depressed most local journalists so severely that they have been unable to report his assessment of New Zealand — despite the fact he is one of the world’s foremost evolutionary biologists and a best-selling science author.

    Last week, in a column published in The Spectator UK — which has an international circulation of over 100,000 and counts among its regular columnists the likes of Lionel Shriver, Rod Liddle and Douglas Murray — Richard Dawkins laid bare his feelings about New Zealand.

    Fresh from an Antipodean speaking tour, he made clear that, when asked, he invariably nominates New Zealand as his favourite country, not least because of his admiration for Ernest Rutherford — “the greatest experimental physicist since Faraday”.

    However, the rest of his column — titled “Why I’m sticking up for science” — was damning.

    The focus of his criticism was the implementation of a “ludicrous policy, spawned by Chris Hipkins’s Ministry of Education before he became Prime Minister. Science classes are to be taught that Māori ‘ways of knowing’ (mātauranga Māori) have equal standing with ‘Western’ science.

    “Not surprisingly, this adolescent virtue-signalling horrified New Zealand’s grown-up scientists and scholars. Seven of them wrote to the Listener magazine [in July 2021]. Three who were fellows of the NZ Royal Society were threatened with an inquisitorial investigation. Two of these, including the distinguished medical scientist Garth Cooper, himself of Māori descent, resigned (the third unfortunately died).”

    Dawkins’ assessment of the backlash against the professors’ letter — titled “In defence of science” — pulled no punches: “The magnificent seven [have been] branded heretics by a nastily zealous new religion, a witch-hunt that recalls the false accusations against J.K. Rowling and Kathleen Stock. ”

    Many of the ‘researchers’ pushing for mātauranga Māori are low level academic grifters who get copious amounts of government money to promote how Maori discovered Antarctica first and have better science than Nasa – their research is the ‘truth’ – just because government gave them a fortune to write a thesis about it ….

    When the woke appear and rain hate on everyone with their new religion, the public support shatters… pride parade, school strikes for climate, truancy out of control, (Why go to school to learn drivel and be told NOT to critically think about anything as its racist) etc

    I’m predicting a very low turn out for the census due to the woke fixations that dominated for the last two versions. As usual only the woke get heard, while others boycott and those that they don’t want to hear from, are alienated.

    • Great points SaveNZ. So-called Matauranga Maori experts are now coming out of the woodwork pushing their message of hate against anyone who dares have a different opinion.

      Just look at this nutter:

      He thinks Nasa and the James Web Space Telescope are only now catching up to Maori, who knew about the galaxies long before the West.

      Don’t worry that you can’t see these galaxies etc with the naked eye, Matauranga Maori sees all! What an absolute total grifter, in it for the money, power, and chance to sock it to the white man.

      And he’s a senior advisor to the Ministry of Education on Matauranga Maori. I really despair for our kids with this new curriculum.

      • A solid case of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Few dare speak out for fear of being branded “racist” – and possibly sacked.

    • Never really been given much knowledge as to what Matauranga Maori comprises. I’ve assumed it is South Pacific star navigation and patentable health benefits of native plants and the Maori kings claim to own the rain, all good but what it isn’t is the wheel, writing, metallurgy, mathematics, the scientific method, atomic theory, evolution, neuro biology, antibiotics, cell phones, rockets and space exploration, etc. It will be a sad day when all the kids in this land are deprived of a comprehensive real science education.

    • Apparently everything is John Key’s fault, accordingto some. Or more correctly, the 4th Labour Government’s fault, from others.

      • More correctly, the John Key govt, those that think that are correct. We are still trying to fix his atrocities. Better you make no comment.

        • And who introduced New Zealand to Neo-liberalism first? Key & Co merely added to the snowballing disaster, much like Ardern & Co, and downhill we continue to roll.

          See “bert” above for his always reliable “it’s all Keys fault”.

          See “Country Boys” comments anywhere for all the details on who’s to blame.

          • See no comment for obfuscation and let’s attack the left for all ills. Another coward who won’t put their real name to their appalling opinions.

        • Muldoon certainly contributed to the problem, however Roger Douglas & friends provided the solution, the “solution” that we’re enjoying to this day. Muldoon indebted the country, Roger & Co sold it off in a fire sale.

    • Not everything! She was brilliant at announcements and letting in DJ mates and US talk shows, I’ll give that. But she was a crap Managing Director or CEO.

  5. After selecting the “English” option one is immediately confronted with te Reo.

    As a white male who hates everyone I was immediately triggered.

  6. Agreed Martyn and “Economically not left” is the elephant in the room. It trumps everything else because everything else depends on it. Its actually quite cleverly covert.

  7. Time to move Parliament to Hamilton. Less chance of earth quake. Perfect for public sector workers. Consultantancy peeps won’t like it. Can ride bike to work and engage with rural sector and middle NZ.

    • Are you kidding? My counter points are:

      1. They all work from home now, and
      2. Neither Labour nor most of the Wellington bureaucrats want thing one to do with the filthy sort that actually generate wealth. Pfft! That’s crazy talk.

  8. Well, let’s hope Russia remembers who declared war on them for NZ, Jacinda, and Labour from Wellington!
    Someone send Putin the GPS coordinates for the Beehive.

    • It’s pretty clear I can’t stand Malibu Cindy, but even I don’t think she declared war on Russia.
      But yes, agreed about the GPS coordinates, but only if all MPs are in attendance.

      • Funding and sending troops to train Cannon fodder to fight(while on ‘leave’) is a declaration.
        Just like blowing up a big fuckn gas pipe under the sea.

      • I love Denny’s idea, though I think there are a few MPs we should make sure aren’t in the house when the missile lands. IMHO, the only keepers are David Parker, Shane Reti, Chris Penk, David Seymour, Karen Chhour.

  9. ” What the hell has happened to left wing transformative change? ”

    It was a cruel fantasy dreamt up by LINO strategists and signed off by the managerial class to pretend the long dead Labour movement cares a jot for so many in Aotearoa who are drowning and economically oppressed by unregulated capitalism that they prosper from.

    Thrown in identity cancellations as a diversion because the neo liberal new left aren’t here to protect the vulnerable and the many slaves of unregulated capitalism but want to believe that NACT would be much more horrible and cut the bureaucracy and red tape that would threaten their well paid jobs and their employment insurance now temporarily put on the back burner until they win a ” mandate ” in October.

    The more this wolf in Labour clothing is in office the clearer their agenda is and that of their enablers.

    The lies like so many the shyster used in 08-16 shows that despite a few miniscule differences its just a continuation of the same overall agenda despite the new chipster messiah talking bread and butter issues .

    The key word is mandate and if they achieve it after October 14th all the unpopular polices Hipkins has side-lined will be back on the table.

    Transformation is just a marketing term like ” build back better ” and vote for a brighter future.

    Its deceit designed to pretend there is a real plan to address what the Labour movement was formed to fight for the first place …working people and their aspirations for a better life that unregulated capitalists can never deliver.

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