I think Census 2023 will be a flop that will throw up odd results


I think Census 2023 will be flop that will throw up odd results.

Firstly, their now structural dependence on online over the Community Aunty knocking on your door and passively aggressively ensuring you fill out the form ensures a lower turn out.

They have sent the forms out with names attached if they know the address you are living at, but ‘To the occupier’ everywhere else and seeing as no one will be knocking on your door if you haven’t filled it out, many anti-Government feeling people will simply ignore it and won’t answer.

Some Gender Critical Feminists are bristling they are being asked their gender rather than sex and I can imagine they will either despoil the forms or won’t answer in protest.

There will be some sovereign citizen somewhere who will be prosecuted for misleading information.

Strong Māori and Pacific links built during the Vaccination outreach will ensure their communities get more attention from door knocking and those from the Trans community and woke wanting to make identity politics statements will all swamp the gender and orientation questions with pride.

What we will end up with is an enormous jump in Pacifica, Māori and binary activists being represented with a huge slump amongst the working white poor, Gender Critical Feminists, Crystal Karens, Qanon, antiVaxxers and those just sick of the State in their grills.

Ultimately the civic good will within the wider community is spent and tribal dislikes and egregious grudges are the new social currency.

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I hope Jedi are a religion.


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  1. I am expecting that so many people will not take part due to either laziness or disillusionment that the results will be completely meaningless.

  2. I identify as at least 20 different, and unique personalities, across a wide range of races, genders & socio-economic backgrounds. Filling in the Census forms is going to be tricky.

  3. it was estimated during covid that 20percent of kiwis have no access to an internet device so an online census is bollocks…and you can bet most of that 20percent are disadvantaged so their stats are ‘not required on voyage’ by wellington.
    I understand the reluctance to knock on doors especially with the prevailence of numpties maybe that’s a reason to send them out in pairs rather than alone and vulnerable…..oh shit I forgot that’ll cost money

    • It’s a great way to reduce poverty in New Zealand. See, statics prove there is little or no poverty or homelessness in New Zealand.

  4. Well, the Gender question is looking like an absolute farce.

    The Census has put their ‘Gender’ question first, and they will be using these responses as the default. But, actually the question is about the gender people identity with. Most people will assume they are asking about their natal sex.

    Apparently, if you don’t answer the question, Stats NZ will choose your gender for you, based on your answer to the later birth sex. Gender critical people disagree that everyone has a gender and there is no way to have that recorded accurately in the census. So, Stats NZ are following gender ID ideology in the belief that your gender is what they say it is – unless you say you don’t have a gender, then they will label you ‘cisgender’ whether you agree with the term or not.

    The later question about birth sex will have limited analytic application, as Stats NZ regards reproductive sex as something that can change throughout life – unless your birth sex is ‘female’, then you are asked if you have ever given birth to children (question 28).

    According to the science, male and female are terms for sexes, not self assigned genders. Human anatomies are either structured around the potential to produce sperm (males) or eggs (females), and this basic structure does not change throughout life, not matter what changes a person makes to their external presentation.

    So it’s just a big ideological muddle that Stats NZ has signed up to.

  5. “I think Census 2023 will be a flop that will throw up odd results” Yeah. Like women with dicks are woman.
    Maybe that’s another box that needs to be put on the gender ID list for them to identify as? Having options are always a good thing most times eh?

  6. I went to the Census website to order a paper form for an elderly relative. Took ages to find the order link, a small subtle *text link* [ instead of a big shiny button ] half way down the page and at least 3 bread crumbs inside their website indexing.


  7. I’m not doing it. They can try charge me.

    This year they are asking about sexuality and gender identity.

    The govt has no business asking these questions and should get the f*** out of the bedroom.

    I’m not comfortable with a govt department having a list of names and addresses of who is f***ing who and if the woke think it’s a smart idea, what if in the unlikely but possibly event some radical authoritarian govt ever gets elected, it now has a list of who is what and where they live…

    I have no faith in the state and while I’m openly gay, I refuses to answer the govts nosey af questions.

    How the hell does knowing who you’re attracted to build more roads houses and hospitals…

  8. You miss the point.

    A failure will result in moving from a questionnaire-based Census to an administrative one.

    The administrative Census model requires a form of identification linked to an address.

    The libertarians will ensure that compulsory residential registration linked to a compulsory ID card becomes a reality.


    • Exactly and then the nay sayers will bitch because there are no medical services they need .
      Because they refuse to answer the questions.

      LGTB people have been well under served for example because no one dared ask how many lgtb people exist in NZ let alone any other country.

      So go ahead corey and throw a spaz but people like you with your attitude will only be denying yourselves services in the long run.

  9. Yes – it IS going to be a flop AGAIN! The information used to build hospitals, schools, is going to be inaccurate – and I believe significantly this time. And it’s not because of feelings or alignments – it’s because it looks like bloody junk mail and the ad campaign is incompetent. The management in charge should be sacked (but I doubt they will – probably run a really great line in bullshit).

  10. Liking how you’ve lumped the Gender Critical Feminists in with Crystal Karens, Qanon nutters, & antiVaxxers 🙂

  11. I know of at least 10 mates who have received it twice. More have received it twice than once.

    Most intend to do it twice. A couple for a reason Marytn mentioned, they are still very pissed off at loseing their jobs, 1 came within 10 days of losing his home, due to the mandates cluster fuck. But a couple just for shits n giggles.

  12. Just did the census. What a disgusting, invasive, constructive piece of work Clearly designed to develop stats that suit the current victim hoon narrative. Bloody disgrace. Whoever designed this is either mentally deficient or extremely ideological. I am a bloody 7th generation Kiwi!!! nothing else, Why is there not a Kiwi identifier available? I have so many ethnicities in me it is impossible to count. It is divisive and racist to not provide a Kiwi selection to ethnicity. Most of my mates are the same.

    I WILL NEVER FILL OUT ANOTHER CENSUS. EVER. I will punch anyone who tries to make me a so doing out words in my mouth. Bloody marxists. Piss of!


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