Luxon is channeling Don Brash’s race baiting against Māori – why that should disgust us


Does Luxon think the Māori Health Authority will be an actual hospital with Māori out front stopping white people from entering?

Budget for hospitals is $15b – Māori Health Authority (which is little more than a shift in bureaucratic settings) is less than $168m which includes the budgets they distribute!

What’s the real issue here?

Petty bigotry and ignorance!

Luxon knows most voters have no idea what the Māori Health Authority is, he knows they think it’s a real Hospital with NO WHITES ALLOWED painted on a sign out front.

Of all the things to destroy in the name of opposing Co-Governance, the Māori Health Authority is not one of them!

The Right have screamed ‘separatism’ and ‘racist’ at these attempts to improve Māori health and have in turn unleashed the new feral redneck Kiwi who is howling for Māori bashing

National and ACT have unleashed the same feral malice Trump did and now have to dance to the song they are singing.

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Luxon claims he is opposing separatism by disbanding the Māori Health Authority but then says he will give the money to Iwi instead for them to fund a seperate health system???

This is how confused playing to the new redneck electorate is, they need to hear you will do bash Māori while whispering to Māori you’ll give them the cash direct.

Luckily for Luxon, his new feral redneck electorate don’t hear the second bit of what he was saying and just heard him doing the bash.

It’s this blatant manipulation of race bating malice that is so Don Brash like and I think it’s important to remind people that National have been playing this ‘Maaaaaaaaaaareee get too much’ hate song for decades now.

Too often we ignore what the Don Brash’s Orewa Speech actually teaches us about National.

Brash’s weak chinned, nervous and overtly polite smile in the public eye is always that of the guilty who have managed to get away with a terrible crime. Every desperate stab at legitimising his Orewa Speech like the woeful Hobson’s Choice, reeks of an intellectually guilty conscience in the convulsions of a late mid-life crisis guilt trip.

Brash’s Orewa Speech changed politics in New Zealand. His articulation of Māori Privilege, that they had a grievance culture and his one law for all rhetoric  forever caused a Trump orange shit stain on New Zealand’s race relations.

National are once again manufacturing monsters to scare you with, just like Don Brash did.

How do we know this?

Three words.

The Hollow Men.

Nicky Hager’s magnificent coverage of what was really driving the Orewa Speech that Brash gave has been utterly ignored by the mainstream media and as such is never front and centre whenever Brash returns from the grave with his latest attempt at legitimacy.

We know from the emails that were leaked to Hager that Brash and the people around Brash who wrote the Orewa Speech KNEW that what they were claiming when it came to Māori privilege and special treatment and the so called grievance industry were all bullshit myths that they couldn’t prove.

They had a media plan to throw journalists off the scent when the media came demanding examples of all this Māori privilege because they knew they couldn’t prove any of the hateful things they were claiming.

They knew they were creating a false fabrication but went ahead with it anyway.

They manipulated us by playing to the worst angels of our nature, and they knew that. The Orewa Speech wasn’t the tell it like it is musings of a polite Gentleman who was prepared to challenge the PC thought Police, this was a carefully stitched together lie of hate that everyone of them knew was false.

That’s not Free Speech, that’s not intellectually courageous, that’s spitefully Machiavellian.

Māori have been horrifically impacted by our brutally passive racism. Māori are 380% more likely to be convicted of a crime and 200% more likely to die from heart disease and suicide. Māori are paid 18% less and 34% leave school without a qualification. Māori die earlier and suffer more. Māori had 95% of their land taken from them in less than a century and were almost wiped out at the turn of the 1900s.

Couple all of that with a pittance in terms of reparations for stolen land, and to have that legacy defined by National as ‘privilege’ is such ignorance.

Luxon’s sudden Don Brash level race baiting is evidence of how spooked they are that ACT are in double digits and this is reactionary redneck politics masquerading as race relations when it’s the worst angels of our nature on a meth bender.

Here’s Luxon now questioning the Māori seats…

Māori seats don’t ‘make a lot of sense’ – National Party leader Christopher Luxon

Fresh off using his platform at this week’s Rātana celebrations to criticise the Government’s approach to co-governance with Māori, National Party leader Christopher Luxon is taking aim at Parliament’s Māori seats.

…this is beneath our collective mana.

It’s not up to the Pakeha Leader of a Pakeha Interests Party to lecture Māori on when their political rights should be extinguished.

I turned 49 years old in yesterday, and not once in my life have I been negatively impacted as a pakeha by any programme or policy aimed at helping Māori.

I laugh at people who scream about Māori representation on their local Council yet can’t name 3 of their own councillors.

I’m not saying there aren’t problems with Co-Governance or 3 Waters, but pretending those small issues are the same as Apartheid, separatism or racism mocks the true harm of those words.

We are all alone together on these lonely Isles on the far side of the Great Southern Ocean, and yet all we manage to do is squabble and defend exploitative Capitalist systems that rob us while empowering Plutocrats, Duopolies and Oligopolies.

After 184 years, we have to start respecting each other and working together because no one else is going to help us.

Part of this is on Labour, they never explained what co-governance was and wan’t! Chippy must now articulate what co-governance is and I believe move it towards co-operation instead.

If Labour can’t tell Kiwis what co-governance is and isn’t, then the Right will continue to whip up claims of a secret Māori coup to take over NZ.

National and ACT however are being disingenuous in the extreme when they whip up the worst angels of our nature over co-governance because once you coax that anger out, you can’t ever stuff it back into the bottle.

“My toxic hate isn’t racist’ isn’t much of a philosophical principle.


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  1. If it’s in the same hospital with the same staff, why even bother to provide separate funding?

    a) It’s just a farce achieving nothing but adding to the bureaucratic overhead.

    b) Or it puts Maori into a shorter queue for rationed services like elective surgeries.

    Is this government a) Stupid or b) Racist?

      • ACT never sent a representative to Ratana, did you forget that racist piece of information. Were they a) stupid or b) Racist?


    • You obviously don’t know much about our health system as separate funding (targeted funding) has been around for donkeys Andrew the trouble is its too little to do too much. I worked for a Hauora and we were always looking for more funds to deliver better services for Maori.

    • Andrew what are you really afraid of, good health is good for a healthy economy and all under the wing of one health authority. Why would Luxon want to give money to Iwi separately .

        • Looks like we have National, ACT and NZF all chasing the same demographics with the race baiting claims. Winston and NZF have always wanted to abolish the Maori Seats.

  2. This article nails it. I would add the Nationals strategy is from a playbook that has been used successfully in overseas elections. Luxon is an intelligent man and knows exactly what he is doing. The decision to go after Maori in this election has been carefully thought out and planned as a key strategy for National.
    Overseas advisers for National, who were successful in the UK and Brexit (anti foreigner campaigning), India and Mhodi (anti-Muslim rhetoric), Brazil and Bolsonaro (culture war issues) and recently Israel and Netanyahu (stoking racial fear of Palestinians), will have provided the impetus to use racism as a key electoral strategy. Stoking fear and resentment of ‘others’ is, hands down, the most effective and powerful electoral strategy out there. My belief and hope that John Key (of all people) had pulled National out of that particular cesspool are gone. This could be a very ugly election that may deliver an even uglier government.
    If overseas evidence is anything to go by our center left political parties will wilt under glaring lights of an assault on Maori and will turn themselves inside out trying to appease angry racist sentiment instead of meeting it head on with a strong and consistent counter narrative. I am preparing for unbearable disappointment in the people of NZ this year.

  3. Most people are not racists, or even ‘passive racists’.

    The low outcomes in regards to crime, healthcare, education, life expectancy and housing are CLASS issues. These people are poor, forced to live in slums and work alongside whites for a pittance.

    Because of their defeat under imperialist occupation, the native peoples were forced into impoverished areas. They are more likely to be in the lowest strata of the working class, earning the least.

    The solution is integrationism: slum clearance must resume, all ghettos must be desegregated and replaced with new mixed suburbs, and there must be modern industry providing well-paid, unionised jobs.

    Like in France, it must be made illegal for the government to demand or record the race of any individual.

    Native language, historical sites and fine arts must be protected and promoted by the state, as unique regional aspects of the (one) national culture.

    The working people must not be divided along racial lines. This can only weaken the labour movement, which is exactly what Wall Street wants.

  4. Maori are more likely to suffer from heart disease (etc) because they are less likely to exercise and more likely to eat junk food etc . . these are simply facts and yes there are also plenty of Maori who choose to look after themselves and consequently are more likely to enjoy better health than those that don’t.
    Ultimately the reason Maori health is generally lower than the rest of us is due to choices that many Maori make to their own detriment.
    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. .

    • Oh James what a sad person you are. Where is your proof of your bold statements. Certainly there will be many people in NZ who have poor choices in their diet however this is not limited to Maori. To generalize like this just shows your ignorance in trying to simplify a very complicated issue. There are many factors at play in the overall health issues facing Maori many that you or i will never understand. There have been many research programs highlighting the disparities and these are from highly educated people in their fields and they all say the same thing about poor outcomes for Maori . The outcomes are not only in health but education and the justice system. The sooner we as a country face up to this the better and support all aspects for improvement in all areas of life for Maori . All sides of politics need to address these issues not politically race bait for their own selfish gains

      • So where do I state that poor diet choices are limited to Maori for a start . . of course I expected this reaction but I guess suggesting Maori take at least some personal responsibility for their own lives was always going to upset certain people.
        Here’s an idea – let’s just blame everything on colonialism . .

      • So tell me, where does a non-maori turn to when they have poor health conditions? Do they not also have the right to better health?

        If your answer is, well they’ll just use the current survives services provided, then shouldn’t the the answer also be ‘well ditto’

        • BG another bigoted reply. Face facts its well known about outcomes for Maori. Its well known that indigenous populations around the world suffer the exact same outcomes. You can argue all you like the facts speak for themselves.

      • Maybe check rates for smoking and drinking on NZ Govt websites. Māori rates are far higher in both, especially when contrasted against New Zealanders of Asian heritage.

        It is a well established that excess drinking and smoking both lead to shorter lives and poor health outcomes.

        It is proven that a higher rate of Māori are making poor health choices than the rest of the NZ population in both smoking and drinking so it stands to reason that it is likely that decisions regarding diet are also poor.

        With a trifecta like this in the bag, it’s hardly surprising that Māori also experience much worse health outcomes.

        • Yeti are you trying to compare apples with pears. Where is your correlation to compare Maori with New Zealanders of Asian heritage. Why not compare with New Zealand Europeans or will the comparison not suit your narrative. What are you trying to say ? that it’s their own fault ? where is your proof about making poor health choices. You are trying to make a very complex issue simple . If it was as simple as you are saying it could easily be fixed and you would win a Nobel prize

    • The challenge to rid our beautiful country of ferrets like yourself is a never-ending struggle. So if what you’ve quoted assuming this canard is factual in 2023? what was the excuse in 1881? or 1898? or 1910? or 1927? or 1933? or 1949? or 1970s etc….

      Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin

    • Gerry Brownlee is no Maori. Oh you were making a generalised rash statement. Remember Gerry being so lazy he missed his flight and tried to barge his way through airport security using his ministerial moniker. This must mean most pakeha are more likely to suffer from heart disease (etc) because they are less likely to exercise and more likely to eat junk food etc . . eh James+Brown ?

  5. Don ‘Bare Chest’ brash is a neoliberal traitor who would appeal to a linear thinking salary earner with less imagination than his religious beliefs would suggest. luxon must struggle with conjuring up an invisible flying spirit so why not go with the real thing, and I use the word ‘thing’ advisedly, and adore the don instead. Satan worshiping springs to mind.
    luxon will do anything to divide us to maintain control to continue the rich’s exploitation of us, including digging brash up out of his crypt. If Maori and non Maori and if farmer and urban united, they’d be fucked and we’d flourish.

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