NZ Inflation should spark fear of Orr lifting by 100 points

H-e-r-e-s Adrian

The market screamed that inflation has peaked.

On and on and on they scream.

They claimed inflation had peaked in March of last year, and yet here we are with the same 7.2% inflation.

The market claimed inflation would go down, the RBNZ thought it would go up, we are stuck now in this argument between the market who are begging for a reduction in OCR because they are totally addicted to low interest debt and the Reserve Bank desperately trying to reign it all in.

With food inflation at a 30 year high of 11.3%, with the petrol subsidy due to come off next month, with the war in Ukraine continuing, with Covid shut down in China and with Biden unable to tap the Oil reserves that saw the American inflation drop, Orr knows this is just a pause before hyper-inflationary forces explode.

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He has no choice but to consider a 100 point rise next month because if he doesn’t, the market won’t believe him and those hyper inflationary forces will take over again.

We are in a very precarious state globally and domestically.


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  1. As Steven Minto’s pointed out here, and I can attest to since I, like most of us, buy stuff and things, is that what’s plaguing AO/NZ at the moment is vulgar greed, not a lack of money supply. The Kiwi As Gimme Mores are simply demanding more and they know we must pay and how do they know that? Well, stupid, it’s because they set up systems to ensure that we’re their slaves and they’re our masters because they used a mini moustache in a suit back in ’84 to steal our stuff and things then he gave them to the terrible ‘Them’s’ who now own our taxes paid for infrastructure and of course, you and me by extension. They’re the ones Chippy’s sitting down with, probably as I write.
    How to fix that? Well, we can’t really. We’re now able to be charged egregious amounts of money for what were ours ,thanks to Roger douglas’s evil genius moustache! We love you and we loved your moustache before you got old and ugly and it fell out. Or did it commit suicide because it could no longer stand being on your piggy little face, serious question? Electricity, LPG, food, public transport, state housing etc. I mean, a cup of Joe’s around $6.50. Thus, what the fuck? And because our gubbimint is in fact no longer ours we can only bat the banksters with feather dusters for being naughty little aliens. ( Abandon the foreign owned scum bags and take your money to one of the locally owned banks. ) The pretence that is our gubbimint does, in fact, encourage multiple property ownership which means rents go stratospheric so people must move into cars. ( Car people? You do that because you’re ignorant. You’re not stupid, but you are ignorant but because you now know that you’re less ignorant. See how that works? )Your minds and your emotions are not your own. You need to see a film by Craig Zobel who’s a friend of mine I’ll shamelessly brag called ‘Compliance’.
    Here it is. “Compliance is a 2012 American thriller film written and directed by Craig Zobel and starring Ann Dowd, Dreama Walker, Pat Healy, and Bill Camp. The plot of the movie is closely based upon an actual strip search phone call scam that took place in Mount Washington, Kentucky in 2004. In both the film and the real-life incident, a caller posing as a police officer convinced a restaurant manager and others to carry out unlawful and intrusive procedures on an innocent employee.[3] ”
    graham hart, the richest Kiwi and 200th richest in the world wheedled that anyone could do what he did. All he had to do, so he was quoted as saying was to “smell the money”. Awesome! I’m sniffing madly as I write! All I can smell is where my lovely dog pissed on the carpet. Wait, wait….. !? Could this be it……? Wait…………?
    No. It’s my arm pits. Bugger! Not a lot of money in them things graham. Could you kiss my arse and perhaps sniff out a few billion? We don’t get nine multi billionaires and four now foreign owned banksters making billions out of our economy in net profits because there’s an a blockage in our income stream. No. We enjoy their greed and seeing people living in poverty perversions because they found a pliable, compliant population of ignorant suckers to shamelessly rort. But wait? There’s more. While we remain ignorant thus compliant they will keep parasitising us remorselessly while blaming us for not working harder. Aye Chippy? Show your Auckland sit-down mates the above and see what they think? See if you can get a video of their reaction on the phone we provide for you. Of you could buy a new one with these proceeds?
    Tell me? Who else has the word ‘pathetic’ rattling around in their brain?

  2. You have excelled yourself today; inflation, Covid, foot and mouth. I wonder whether there is any point in continuing to live.

    • It’s going to be an interesting year. So strap yourself in, there’s turbulence ahead, we’ve lost an engine, and we’re low on fuel, but we are still airborne. Hang in there, maybe there’s some hope just around the corner. Failing that, if you have money or skills, limited parachutes may be available.

    • Yup Charlie….
      When Luxon was made National leader there were a doz or so posts regarding his religion, his business back ground and if course is he Key mk11.
      Now Ardern has stepped down (to all the lefties on here who laughed when I posted last year she would resign as she is a flake and can’t handle not being adored ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ ..Tiger Mountain/Wheel and of course poor Bert who must be walking around with a black armband. Suck it up guys, Chippie is the new Messiah and I’m sure you will all get behind him for the win!

      • What bollocks. Saying Luxon is a self serving muppet is not a tick in the box for Ardern. I have pointed out numerous times her CGT backdown was shameful and she was too Key like in that respect. Saying National have championed co governance in the past is just a fact not necessarily a defence of labour ( in fact it was probably a tick for National).

        You are the tribal one that supports National regardless and struggle with the fact that there is not loads of difference between them. National saying they will give tax cuts and somehow not think that can be inflationary hardly reeks of good economic management either.

      • You had a 50/50 chance of being right, Im Wrong. Doesn’t make you a genius far from it. I predicted Collinss and Bridges would last, I was right whilst all the righties who laughed at me have been made to look fools.
        So do grow up I’m Wrong, knowing the obvious and promoting it as wisdom actually makes you more the fool.

      • “NZ Inflation should spark fear of Orr lifting by 100 points”

        Im Hard Right, could you explain your how your right wing wank fest has anything to do with the story?

    • It was a genuine LOL from me on your comment Charlie. Foot & Mouth really was the clincher in the woe is us stakes. Can things get–much–fucking–worse? And no Frankus, big sauzage, & Ben, Natzos will not save your miserable arses.

      Humans are actually lucky to be here at all of course. given the odds on any of us actually being born and surviving a reasonable number of years.

  3. To be fair Martyn you screamed inflation would be double digits by December 22 from memory ( apologies if you didn’t). Your partner in crime Damien Grant seems to call it fairly well.

    I guess with weather events seemingly becoming the weather who knows

  4. Any such rise in interest rates would subsequently lower food and petrol prices as government revenue remains about the same and as supply chains strengthen.

    The focus should be to continue Jacinda Ardern’s legacy of increasing our trade capacity with other nations.

  5. Regardless of what he does, the coming years do not look good — a huge global recession seems inevitable.

    That means another bailout will be coming, which will mean more money printing. A disaster for wages, and equally disastrous effects on unemployment.

    • Yes the Ardern Labour Government have us in an economic buggers muddle.
      Don’t despair help is on the way.

  6. This is excellent political news!

    The “I’m not interested in politics” type of kiwi needs be hit hard in the wallet to wake them up to what’s been going on for the last 5 years.

  7. Eeeh Orr and Robo should crack open another $100b Bazooka and run this baby into the ground fast, before October and then Labour deregisters themselves as a political party and not contest the 2023 election!

    Or, they could blame inflation and the recession on Ukraine, Biden, the US Fed, and every other international inflationary activity happening offshore.

    Or, they, LINO could just call for an early election because the honeymoon is over already.

  8. Aotearoa still has the lowest inflation in the world and is lower than Australia. Luxon and Willis used to keep asking Jacinda how come Australia has a lower inflation than Aotearoa. Now the NATZACT and the right wing News and written media never mention these figures. Labour now need to ditch the kindness mantra and be more aggressive mongrel electioneering and show up Luxon and his worst/weakest National Party ever.

    • I don’t know about your “Aotearoa” (the North Island?), but the last inflation print for N.Z. was 7.2%. Nowhere near “lowest in the world”.

      Macau had 0.8% inflation and China had 1.8% inflation. South Sudan actually had deflation (probably due to natural disaster).

    • Yes Nikorima we have the lowest inflation in the world ever. And we have the highest GDP. And we have the highest country income from assets like oil and minerals and industry. And we have the highest standard of living in the world ever. And the best education system in the world. And the best roading and rail network in the world. And then Nikorima woke up from his/her wet dream after watching too much Labour Spin Porn dot com.

  9. Ever had being like socialist,what a thing to care, then say,if you have never the pleasure had,what ignorance of your being.

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