How Chippy wins 2023 election


Chippy has heralded a move away from social justice and more of a focus on economic justice which follows a move by the Political Left to recoil from the woke whose alienating middle class virtue signals are destroying our chances the ballot box.

This has enraged the NZ woke who have attacked this narrative even existing by attempting to cancel the academic Dr Bryce Edwards who is espousing it.

Poor people are not sitting around the kitchen table arguing over who to cancel for misusing pronouns or not using te reo everyday, they are trying to pay the bills.

Chippy represents economic justice over social justice and he has a lot to do.

The looming economic recession is going to be far more damaging than most comprehend

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Here are some ideas for Chippy.

Making RNZ/TVNZ merger work: Chippy is focused on end user experience more than bureaucratic systems, he gets the viewer is the biggest part of the RNZ/TVNZ Merger which struggles to explain why it is taking up so much political capital. To this end Chippy can make TVOne advert free and allow TVNZ to make money from TV2 and Duke so that viewers get the benefit of TVOne being advert free while allowing that advertising revenue to be shared with private media.

Making 3 Waters Work: This is ultimately about bloody drains! How the Christ did it become an existential race war? Chippy needs to refocus 3 Waters on drains and promote more work to be done by small drain layer companies by ensuring 15% of drain supplies go to independent/small Drain companies. Currently the large players choke off the small companies and the work doesn’t get done! Pushing this line takes the political heat out of the issue.

Smashing Supermarket Duopoly: To date Labour’s response to the Supermarket Duopoly has been pitiful as Food inflation prices surge (and will only increase). A State backed 3rd player in the Supermarket Duopoly is the only way to guarantee downward pressure on food prices. Chippy must argue for this and ram it through.

Financial Transaction Tax: Remove the yoke of taxation from workers and place it on the speculators, the super wealthy and the Banks to fund better social infrastructure.

Free Dental: Chippy has to focus on subsidising universal services that remove cost from people’s lives. For every dollar we spend on dental we save $1.60, this is a policy that will save us money in the long term and bring huge vote back to Labour.

Free Public Transport: Chippy has to focus on subsidising universal services that remove cost from people’s lives. More people on public transport means less cars choking roads for environmental reasons and better use of roads.

Free Breakfast and Lunch in all schools: Chippy has to focus on subsidising universal services that remove cost from people’s lives. School Breakfasts and Lunches are an enormous weekly cost for the poor while enticing truants back to school.

New Deal for Public Servants: We need to make their working conditions better if we can’t raise wages. A 4 day working week, longer holidays and more mental health support.

Free Tertiary Education: Throw the Uni students a bone FFS.

Cogovernance to co-operation: Chippy needs to tilt the debate away from cogovernance towards co-operation with Māori.

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    • Ha! “PSA” and “NZ Labour Party” aren’t actually synonyms, but there’s a pretty big overlap.

  1. Well, all that will certainly have an effect on inflation. Mostly by increasing it. Probably not a pathway to winning an election.
    The one thing he might do from that list is Free Dental. Though there will need to be some limit, maybe a cost limit per year or something like that. Otherwise all sorts of dental treatment will be done that is more in the nature of cosmetic. Perfect Hollywood style teeth for everyone would be the result if there is no cap!

    • Are you absolutely certain that’s how it works, Wayne? Modern Monetary Theory states that the proper action during this time is to hike rates and increase taxes.

      Unfortunately, MMT’s proponents like myself, like so many economists, forget that the economy doesn’t exist in a vacuum – turns out, tax increases are extremely unpopular and legislators like being elected.

      That means that despite there being two levers, the political establishment has deemed one lever off-limits, so the reserve bank is now hammering the one lever they control for all its worth.

      • A significant increase in government spending, which is effect of all the suggestions here, will be inflationary. The spending would have occurred well ahead of the tax increases. A FTT would also feed directly into the costs of goods and services. It is not and end tax, that is, borne by individuals and families, but on business intermediaries, who can pass it on with increased prices. Hence the effect on inflation.
        The various suggestions would lift the government share of the economy from about 35% of GDP to close to 40%. An enormous increase. That is why the new PM could only choose one of them. I guess one could say Martyn has produced a smorgasbord of choices, and the government can pick the one or two best.

        • You are overly ideological and don’t know as much as you think you do. The Corona recovery was too small and resulted in nominal GDP growing too fast for real goods to be produced. Money supply is not a useful variable. Just take a look at M2 compared to inflation. They’re not correlated.

          The last time a general economic crisis (Christchurch earth quak) happened the stimulus was too small and it caused half a generation of low employment, murdered the housing market etc. Mistakenly using too large a stimulus is way better. People with below median income have gained real wages over the course of corona, in spite of the inflation.

          Furthermore, your notion that taxes would be bad right now is exactly backwards. The problem is too much money chasing too few goods. Right now the reserve Bank is taking care of that in significant part by… making mortgage payments more expensive for people who get new mortgages. What an efficient policy with few undesirable side effects! I think not. There are other important channels by which the reserve Bank gets people to spend less, but the biggest virtue is the responsiveness of the bank, not anything about the mechanism by which interest rates affect spending.

          The best reforms, obviously, would be to increase real output to match nominal consumption, for example by increasing immigration, upzoning, reforming permitting process (I want to get rid of welfare entirely but that’s outside the Overton window), repealing the oil and gas exploration and RMA and other supply side changes. However, those mostly take time to work and generally require policy research to identify the problems, though the specific reforms I identified stand out as obvious things to do, and it’s important to beat inflation fast. They’re still good ideas. Increasing real output is almost always good.

          However, a fast thing the government could do, would be to take money away from the people who are spending too much, by taxation. This wouldn’t have to affect housing production (and other forms of real output, which need to not decrease as much as spending in order to actually do anything to inflation!) to nearly the same degree as interest rate increases. Taxation is precisely the good remedy to the problem of the moment.

        • This is where thinking is too narrow. Implementing some of these measures doesn’t have to result in a significant increase in government spending. Successive governments have made the mistake of thinking government departments and SOE’s have to turn a profit. They don’t they just need to be run efficiently. So many spend masses of amounts on consultants, write endless reports that result in nothing and slow processes down and departments are bloated with comms and PR people, middle management etc. There are less and less people doing the work at the coal face and more and more admin, PR and management people. That needs to change and, dare I say it, it might need National or Act to do that as I can’t see Labour breaking the hold of the government managerial class and getting rid of consultants who see the government as a gravy train.

    • Quite frankly a bit of inflation is a price worth paying for decent public services.

      We had the best public services in the world at one stage, then rich pricks like you decided that inflation should be capped at 2%, which totally cause massive cuts in wages, working conditions and public services.

  2. Got another suggestion:
    Reduce GST to the level it was under Michael Cullen (or at least bring it more in line with what is tax exempt in other countries). It will be a direct answer to “you deserve a tax break” and would be a good reminder of the bait and switch National did last time.

    • They could have done this under Ardern. Nothing in the Party has changed, its the same people, with a new figure head. All of that stuff could have been done under Ardern. Are we really saying that these things could not have been done under the kind Jacinda because someone was actually not kind enough? And that has now changed under the new Dude?

  3. He would have to do all that before the election. Anything the L Party proposes will be seen through as empty meaningless in fact even insulting election promises. Empty bubbles full of air.

    GST – they could have removed that 2.5 years ago
    Food Duopoly – oh well they could have done that over the last 2.5 years
    Dental – a known issue could have been made affordable 2.5 years ago
    Unemployment benefits untethered from the relationship status/ditto benefits – could have been done 2.5 years ago
    Rental control / Rental freeze – could have been done over the last 2.5 years, or the freeze from the first lockdown could have been extended during the Emergency that is the ongoing pandemic.
    Free Public transport – could have been done last year when they did the half price PT due to high gasoline costs

    All of that could have been done during the last 2.5 years as Labour had a full Majority, and guess what, Jacinda would not complain about being harrassed as she would be taking a bath in letters of gratitude and well wishes.

    If this is just gonna be a ‘we gonna do this if elected’ then no one, not a single person has a reason to vote for these people. They had a 51% full majority and they squandered it, fully, knowingly, not caring about the people that voted for them in good faith, pushing through an agenda that ultimately benefits just them.

    • Unemployment benefits being untethered to relationship status is easy when there are no children but complicated otherwise because WFF.

    • Yes, such things could have been done years ago. But Jacinda and friends had other priorities, namely identity politics.

  4. The problem is that his (corporate) political donors are highly unlikely to let him announce any such popular policies.

    Just two policies could win him the election in a landslide: bringing back manufacturing, and returning to the Full Employment Policy. However, he would be demonised like Trump (who also promised this), and all his donors would turn off the money.

    As he is reportedly a right-faction man, he is more likely to follow Sir Keir Starmer: focus almost entirely on “foreign green investment” (i.e. globalisation, low taxes), and being “tough on crime”, and almost nothing else.

    Sir Keir also just said he wants to privatise parts of the NHS, to “bring down waiting lists”, and shrink the size of government by devolving responsibilities to local councils.

    Sir Keir’s plan for housing is to ask private developers to reserve houses for first home buyers, rather than any promises on construction.

    If he is really cynical, “Chippie” might channel Tony Blair and deploy troops to Europe, so he can claim to be a “patriotic wartime leader”. Lots of visits to Zelensky and Washington D.C.

    • You have mentioned in an earlier post, bring back manufacturing with the high paying jobs. As I noted, manufacturing and trade (protectionism) has moved on and would we have the capability of manufacturing today’s high tech goods. You mentioned Pye and Philipps TVs and cars – all only assembled here from CKD kits in the “protectionist” days. Don’t think we can do that anymore – technology and trade has moved on from those days. Can we manufacture TVs with flat screens with integrated circuits and cars with the sophisticated electronics of today? Even if we could, would the goods be at a price or quality that would satisfy the population? Over 50 years ago in the “protectionism” days, I had a Vespa (Italian) motor scooter assembled by CKD by Airco (a division of Fisher and Paykel) in Auckland – next to my mate’s Italian assembled one, the quality was terrible. Would the public be happy with shoddy quality anymore? Perhaps give some examples of high paying manufacturing that we could do today at a competitve cost compared to importing the same that people are prepared to pay for – otherwise we are just creating “protectionism” again. As for the Full Employment Policy – well this could be created under a manufacturing “protectionism” regime. Back to the can we do it argument. Currently there are so many jobs out there with people unprepared to fill them – yes, some are menial and lower paid, but there are always jobs that are such…..

    • Bring back manufacturing… And make stuff that is more expensive and not as good as overseas sourced products? That will work…

      • You guys who are still shilling for race-to-the-bottom globalisation must have been living under a rock for the past six years.

        After Trump promised to bring back manufacturing, the media could no longer ignore this popular demand. They were forced to cover Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn saying the same thing, and then Joe Biden and Anthony Albanese were both forced to make similar promises.

        Why would goods made in a sweatshop, in a poorer country, with worse universities, and a worse educated workforce, necessarily be better?

        Are you saying a 2016 Ford Falcon built in Geelong is somehow poor quality? Is it worse than a 2016 Ford Taurus built in Chongqing?

        Remember the AWA Thorn electronics factory, in Wellington? Guess where those Thorn Ferguson TV sets are now exclusively made, in small runs? A very exotic place called… County Durham, England.

        It’s clear that living standards for working people collapsed once industry was sent to the sweatshops. Shoddy goods from K-Mart were cold comfort: imported junk won’t pay for your house or your kid’s education.

  5. Chippy could win the election just by not being Jacinda. He’s got a humour, he’s not so bloody condescending and he answers questions.

    • I wonder if those suggesting GST of certain items understand the cost involved in administration doing that .The reason no government has done it is they understand the cost I think Greens are the only party to suggest it and we all know how business friendly they are . A reduction across the line back to 10 percent would be d better with a change to the tax levels to leave more money in people’s pockets.

      • Funny how many other countries can manage it. Living with analysts and coders – it’s also not that hard either. But I do agree you- drop it down for everything and make it even easier.

      • Trevor, honestly, where is this a serious problem?

        I would suggest that 90% of dairies, let alone larger operations, already run ‘Point of Sale’ software that would easily support this, with the ‘administration’ simply being ‘checking a checkbox’ for the current stock items and new item types as they are added.

        I’d hate to disadvantage the hundred or so dairies run by people whose grandparents were born in NZ that still use some kind of glorified printing calculator to ring up sales, the government should budget a couple million to split between buying each of them a new POS PC with printer and eftpos terminal to suit, and some local software developer being paid to adapt free software to install on the PCs to allow them to just ring things up to either ‘food’ or ‘non-food’ items.

        • The cost comes in the claim back and deciding what is food .Simple question . I go to the dairy and buy cream buns and coke for the staff plus some pencils .I would need to claim back for pencils but not the food this is were it gets expensive to administrate

  6. Agree with Smashing Supermarket Duopoly, free dental (paid for by sugar tax), scrap co governance, free public transport – the rest need to be scraped and permanently and Labour will not get back with ‘relaxing and better communication’ on these issues.

    The financial service tax is too polarising so maybe a windfall tax on banks and those earning super profits via Covid, would be more popular!

    I am for free tertiary education, but first look at cleaning up education and stop the rise of cheats and woke/right wing management/lecturers. NZ universities need to return to subject experts in university lecturer roles and management, with no political/identity expectations. Would help if they were Kiwis and had deeper understanding of the country and culture that they are supposed to be representing.

    As for public servants getting more benefits, I would say that many believe public servants have far too much time on their hands already and a Wayne Brown moment would be a lot more popular than giving them more ‘mental’ health care. The only exceptions are nurses and doctors and teachers.

  7. Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me. This is what leftish leaning swing voters will be thinking, no matter how good Hipkins is at the job or how pure his intentions his party is toast.
    I’m predicting National will do what they did under Key and avoid bold policy statements, then bring in some nasty surprises after the election and say it was on our website so we campaigned on it.

    • Bring in some nasty surprises after the election – isn’t that exactly what Labour have done? And, no, I haven’t looked up Labour’s website to see if it was there…..

    • That is exactly what labour did with Self ID, Three/Five Waters, Co-governance, and the Merger of our Media ‘giants’. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • Oh the fat sausage going into National party protection mode. Promises like Keys ” I will not raise gst” are all the evidence that’s needed.
        Fatty sausage you have now officially become the daily blog National party hore.

      • With self ID we already have male sex offenders transitioning while in jail to be woman in NZ.–who-now-identifies-as-a-female–has-been-denied-parole

        If you are a criminal and need a new ID, transition to a new birth certificate and name!

        I have no problem with transgender but think it should be a bit harder than getting a tattoo, age limits apply, take a long time to be sure that it is trans not some other issue and that transgender has it’s own category – aka men, woman, transgender.

        20+ different genders replacing biological sex – keeps people employed just recreating the constant changes of government forms for people to identify themselves and the litigation constant.

  8. By moving Labour to the right, shelving any co-governace ideas, the firearms registry & any identity based policies they’ve been working on, starts pushing an “economy based” platform and pretending to be a slightly more human focused version of National. They might have a chance then.

  9. I agree with Martyn except for the country’s lack of money at present. His suggestion about sorting out the supermarkets won’t cost money, I think.. They are crawling around pretending they’re keeping prices down.. If Chippie concentrated on breaking the supermarket duopoly, which is possible to get done before the election, even for Labour, they might be back in the race.

  10. ” This has enraged the NZ woke who have attacked this narrative even existing by attempting to cancel the academic Dr Bryce Edwards who is espousing it. ”

    Excellent the more enraged the better and its time this boil was lanced. If Hipkins is in fact bright and has an acute political antae and has any sense at all he will distance himself from this group who will alongside ignoring their real constituency will destroy this sixth LINO government and the Nasties will be waiting to declare economic war on the massive underclass with austerity measures that will terminally harm many for the next decade and beyond.

  11. Bomber jokes aside about the leg spreading and comforting nickname …what about spreading some of the hard worked for wealth that so many have toiled for to keep the upper classes happy and indulged to be able to have it all on the backs of so many slaves and victims of this abhorrent neo liberal apocalypse.

    This man has sat in cabinet for five years and presumably agreed with the general direction of this government while making soothing noises to his constituents in the Hutt.

    Robertson along side the incompetents who support him in the caucus will not back down from his ” I am a better economic manager than the NACT NASTIES. H e has a point to prove in his neoliberal economic approach and has nothing whatsoever to do with actually tending to the massive underclass he and others have helped to create but will solicit their vote in October with how they understand how tough it is out there but my legacy is more important.

    These times demand a strong government who will act for the many instead of the Nasties constituents who have a bet each way with the current major neo liberal MMP parties.

  12. ” How the PM wins the election ”

    By taking notice of the following general sentiment …and yeas it is a political poll but many in the wasteland are saying the same thing.

    ” NewsHub has a poll on the cost-of-living crisis, which has an interesting finding: the vast majority of kiwis prefer wage rises to tax cuts: ”

    If Hipkins and Robertson can just for a moment see the wood for the trees he will accept the following.

    Note that all of these things are under threat from ACT-National: if they get elected, they’ll stop increasing the minimum wage, suppress unions, and abolish fair pay agreements, effectively cancelling wage rises for hundreds of thousands of kiwis. Instead, they’ll let your local roads and schools and hospitals rot, so they can give money to their rich donors as tax cuts. That gives the rich a big return on their investment, but it fucks over everyone else. But that is basicly what National is all about, isn’t it?

  13. How about also remove the woke bullshit from the new Science curriculum, where Maori spirituality is due to be rammed down kids throats, even though it contradicts basic chemistry?

    Yet another example of wokeness gone feral. And we already have major declines in science, maths and literacy for NZ kids in the past 20 years:

    This crap will make it worse, and make NZ an international laughing stock.

    • Yes, and who was the Minister of Education who oversaw the maatauranga makeover of the science curriculum?

  14. What they could do is redistribute the tax system. If they removed tax off the first $14,000 instead of 10.5% as it is now. Then drop the tax rate for $14000 to $48,000 from 17.5% to 15%. For someone on $48,000 that’d put an extra $45/week in their hand which will find its way into the economy via spending. Then raise the next 2 tax brackets from 30% and 33% to 32% and 35% respectively. No one under about $160,000 would end up paying more tax but the people who need it the most would be helped.

  15. Go Chippy!! Get good left-stuff done!!!

    Is Labour under your watch, a workers party or not?

    Working classes and those we support – UNITE! 🙂

    (Faark, it can’t hurt, surely?)

    NZ 2023 🙂

  16. The only election LINO can win will be in the future sometime, in the distant future.
    They have too much baggage, too much bad Juju and no one believes anything that they have to say because of their failure to deliver anything that they have promised. A turn polished is still a turd.

  17. It’s obvious that most don’t actually understand what a politicians job description actually is.
    Google the job description and you will see what I mean
    First appreciate we don’t elect the prime minister, that’s the Caucas, in other words they elect their boss . The main job of a all of political party in power is to listen to the public, look after the economics of the co7ntry and make laws that achieve all of the above. These laws have to be required, practicable, enforceable and fit for purpose.
    Do you think that the many laws passed covering matters over the last few years, covid 19 is a perfect example, we’re fit for purpose. If so, where is all the prosecutions for escapes from isolation, meetings well over the numbers permitted etc. then on top of that when some cases went before the courts the Judges dismissed them….l.the law was faulty……..given this do you still think that the politicians did their job…….remember the words, fit for purpose.
    Baicaly the job of a politician is to listen to the public, if change is required put the facts forward for debate, and process laws to cover that matter. This should involve all public department, crown law and department of. Justice. Clrarly for a judge to say the law is flawed means someone’s not doing their Job……..if th3 system was working properly there is no way that a public service can over full the instructions given by parliament, so the obvious conclusion is management of the govt departments have forgotten who they serve and who their boss is. That also highlights the fact the the Minister with that brief is also toothless.
    The only eay of fixing this issue is an overhaul of all govt departments from the top down and if Ministers can’t do as the law and their boss ( prime minister) requires the minister should be taken from the brief… appreciate that they get well paid for this responsibility of handling that brief.

    So next time you think the Prime Minister is doing a good or poor job, just reflect are the applicable laws being carried out, enforced etc. if ,as it is at present time, laws are being ignored or the laws are not enforced then clearly there is something wrong with the system…..

  18. Martyn,
    Yes 3 waters is about drains but it’s also got to be about a well maintained supply network and cleaning up our streams and rivers.
    It’s that simple.

  19. Well today we have Nicola Willis blaming the minimum wage bottom feeders for inflation in NZ. What chance do we have in this national opposition when she is supposed to be the smart one. I wonder how this little nugget will be covered by Jenna Lynch and Jessica Much- Macky ( sorry about the spelling this time ).

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