Political Caption Competition

"Students should decide for themselves whether smoking leads to cancer".


“Students should decide for themselves whether smoking leads to cancer”.


  1. We should do both, but realistically it’s already too late – we don’t have the time left to alter political and economic structures to the degree needed and still have anything like what we have now.

    Humans will probably survive in some form but we may not be the dominant species, fortunately the majority of us being wiped out might slow climate change enough to prevent total ecocide. It’ll probably take a million years for the planet to settle and the few remaining species on it to evolve adaptations and begin to thrive again.

    The planet will probably be ok. Humans won’t be. Our society has become large, cumbersome, and inflexible – ripe for extinction.

    We should put our efforts into leaving behind warnings about capitalism for whatever species succeeds us.

    • Are you really the Supermarket Guru? Doh! What say we go into baking some spicy prognostications in fortune cookies. Get the message out there and make money at the same time. What flavours should we offer? One will need to be hokey pokey. Let capitalism strike at itself. Grab the idea, there’s profit in it; be first before some febrile Natackt strikes!

  2. The fool doesn’t do that himself. He hasn’t studied the facts already available on social media upon which many fuzzy logic decisions are made.

  3. Honest thinking from a leader – showing spectrum approach not narrow – so different. This is an admission that government is useless and should be bypassed – a thought to be set beside those of Sun Tzu. The Chinese were on the ball back then c.500 BCE.


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