National Party Spin Lines are stupid: It’s not that Labour have done nothing, they’ve done little of nothing


National Party attack lines are so fucking stupid.

Luxon is pretending Labour did nothing in 5 years which is a totally provable lie!

Labour have done lots of things during their 5 years of Government, and many of them are genuine and good things!

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and on and on and on it goes.

The issue isn’t that Labour haven’t ‘dun nuthin’, the issue is that Labour haven’t done enough and they haven’t done enough because they ruled out taxing the rich more to pay for the capacity upgrades the State requires.

National are lying when they say ‘Labour dun nuthin’, and it makes their argument look like blatant disinformation, which isn’t surprising when you consider the National Party Social Media team…

…National Party Attack lines are so stupid, it’s like ZB talking points but dumber.

If we look at every single problem facing us as a country, the root cause is National underfunding the system to begin with!

Why are we allowing National to sell us lies to fix the problems they caused to begin with?

National have popped all the champagne because they seem to think they’ve already won the bloody election! All National seem to be doing is riding the post Covid bitterness and animosity towards Jacinda, an animosity that hate algorithms one Social media feed with a toxic misogyny.

I’m not sure spite and malice is enough to win an election in New Zealand.

I just don’t think there are enough stupid Kiwis to vote for National’s ‘solutions’, when it was National who caused most of the bloody long term structural problems!


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  1. Hmm. An analysis of the causes of long term structural problems versus I hate fuckin Cindy algorithms. We had better hope that the importance of social media on voting behavior is over rated.

  2. Blame national for Money they didn’t spend, and blame labour for spending money but achieving great big fat zero. Which one is worse???

    • Benny, who promised for 9 years to build a hospital in Dunedin and didn’t and who promised to build a Hospital in Dunedin and is?
      Yeah, the gum mints wasting money eliminating MBovis when theFarmers party wouldn’t.
      MBovis a disease spread by the farmers because dollars are more important than conservative farming practice and now they happily accept a socialist bailout.
      Who invested in a Saudi sheep farm and a vanity project referendum.

  3. Structural problems don’t get fixed either way and the average kiwi doesn’t have access to any analysis of them. People won’t be voting to fix structural problems, even if they think they are. Many who think at all will get stuck in identity and/or ideology. Many will also vote for a smile, and handshake, or even the best comedy.

    Even in so far as voting for ideology goes the left parties push identity instead. The right at least have ideology, even if it’s a spiteful world burning one.

    I see zero hope.

  4. As I’ve already observed. luxon and seymour are dumb. They’re cunning, but God, are they dumb. And the worst thing about a dumb politician is that they have no idea, because they’re dumb, just how dumb they are.
    Luxon? God bothering by a rich fellow while thinking that’s sexy in today’s modern world is dumb. Seymour, displaying your short arsed twerking stage performances and your money fetishism while hoping that will attract voters to your innate sense of finding other people’s money to pocket for your withered old Dungeon Master douglas is dumb.
    The other thing we must be ever mindful of is that most rich dumb people always make sure they’re ever only surrounded by people dumber than they are, so there goes ACT and National, down the dumb-ass drain pipe.
    If you want stupid or are stupid or you need stupid then vote stupid. Vote National and ACT and get an Idiocracy.
    Oh, wait? ….

    • Yes National are good at giving away other people’s money.

      I remember Paula Bennett trying to give away taxpayers money for 100’s of people to leave Auckland who had no option but to sleep in cars in a park in South Auckland.

      And just look at how many examples there are of companies privatising the profits and socialising the losses.
      Current example.. forestry companies along the East Cape- Bay of plenty.. Hmmm… i wonder who is going to pay for the massive cost of the slash clean up from the recent storm.

      How about National’s Hekia Parata ,(who rivalled Paula Bennett for sheer stupidity), rolling out a new untested teacher’s payroll service that was riddled with flaws and cost 10’s of millions of dollars and many many months to sort out. Who paid for that clusterfuck i wonder?

      Then there’s the massive multi billion dollar irrigation network scheme in the South island ,(sure to be a White Elephant do to climate change), bleeding the rivers dry. The list goes on …
      Your right .When it comes to money ,or anything for that matter, National haven’t got a clue.

      • “Then there’s the massive multi billion dollar irrigation network scheme in the South island ”
        That money will almost certainly end up in Fonterra directors pockets after it goes through some long suffering cow’s udder. Just look at how fletcher challenge’s all over agriculture and forestry and have been for generations? There’s a constant stream of logging trucks heading into my Port Town where I sometimes live. Those same trucks are shredding the roads and I just learned they can up their carrying weight. For safety reasons and profits, of course. Nothing to do with fletcher challenge and its lobbyists oiling palms.
        “New rules for trucks to increase productivity and safety”
        Great! Just what we need. Road Grinder trucks clogging the roads while our rail freight has one shitty little train every other day. Thanks Boy.
        Some investigative journalism would come in handy. Not the laughing, guffawing, narcissistic disaster pimps we have. Someone with integrity and courage like John Pilger. Lets keep john campbell the slipper wearing pillow fluffer well away.
        Battle of the Titans
        The rise and fall of Fletcher Challenge and some of the principal personalities involved, including Hugh Fletcher and Sir Ronald Trotter is described in the book Battle of the Titans by Bruce Wallace.
        Subsidiary companies
        Subsidiaries were:[3]
        Australian Newsprint Mills
        Blandin Paper Co
        Cape Horn Methanol Ltd – bought 1991[4]
        Cemac (Hong Kong) Ltd – founded 1971 now in Fletcher Building
        Challenge Deer Ltd
        Challenge Livestock Ltd
        Challenge Properties Ltd – joint venture[5]
        Challenge Realty Ltd – formed 1994 as franchise name[6]
        Challenge Seeds Ltd 1987-1994[7]
        Challenge Wool Ltd
        Crown Paper Co Ltd
        Dinwiddie Construction Co
        Firth Industries Ltd
        Fletcher Challenge Canada Ltd
        Fletcher Challenge Methanol Ltd
        Fletcher Challenge Petroleum Ltd
        Fletcher Construction Australia Ltd
        Fletcher Construction Co Ltd
        Fletcher Construction Group Ltd
        Fletcher Development & Construction Co Ltd
        Fletcher Homes Ltd
        Fletcher Merchants Ltd
        Fletcher Pacific Construction Co Ltd
        Fletcher Panel Industries Ltd
        Fletcher Steel Sector
        Golden Bay Cement Co Ltd
        Jennings Group Ltd
        Pacific Coilcoaters Ltd
        Pacific Steel Ltd
        Petralgas Chemicals NZ Ltd 1980-2005[8]
        Petroleum Corporation of New Zealand Ltd
        Pisa-Papel de Imprensa SA
        Placemakers Ltd
        Rural Bank
        Tasman Asia Shipping Co Ltd
        Tasman Chile SA
        Tasman Forestry Ltd
        Tasman Lumber Co Ltd
        Tasman Pulp & Paper
        The Rural Bank Ltd
        UK Paper plc
        William Guppy & Son Ltd
        Winstone Aggregates Ltd
        Winstone Industries Ltd
        Wiremakers Ltd
        Wright Schuchart Inc
        Wrightson Bloodstock Ltd
        Wrightson NMA Ltd
        I have one further question. Gib Board anyone?
        What fuckers, aye?

      • Under Labour NZ still busses people from elsewhere to Rotorua, with no jobs, no homes, to chuck these lucky duckys into emergency hovels and charge 25% of their benefit right off for the pleasure.
        There is not an iota of difference between l and N.

        • Considerable difference….National were happy to have them sleeping in cars until one of the few responsible journalists,( a proper journalist) investigated a tip – off and exposed it on mainstream media.
          It was only then that the useless Paula Bennett tried to bribe them away from Auckland with pathetic cash incentive. An anywhere but here policy .
          When that got little to no uptake she then started scratching around for motels.
          The hospital pass was thrown to Labour when they were elected who have at least ensured that people can a have a roof over their heads, (and i don’t mean a car roof), while they sort out the state housing mess that National left by selling off state houses instead having of a mass construction programme.
          That programme is now well underway but you don’t just majic up 9 years of neglect in 5 years.
          Then there’s the personal responsibility element. Every one knows that unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy. If they don’t, then yes ,the Government of the day need to ensure proper sex education for these people and free contraception. We have epidemic levels of people having 3,4,5 children, with another on the way, with no father on the scene to nurture the children and pay for their upbringing.
          You see very little of this behaviour in Scandinavian countries, or any of the European countries for that matter. Why? Because they are not scared to educate their children properly. It should be compulsory in every high school in N.Z for every year they attend as well as drug education. From age 13 until they leave.
          Too bad about people’s religious beliefs and ignore the pathetic ‘nanny state’ accusations the the right always trot out.
          Luxon wouldn’t have a bar of any of this . The ship has sailed for him . He’s way too far down the religious nutter rabbit hole .
          A major reset of people’s behaviour needs to happen, and the only way, is to drum it into them. Otherwise, N.Z will end up being a banana republic.
          No way back from there!!

  5. None of this means anything when inflation is high, living standards are down, the trains and trams don’t work, and there are massive job losses about to happen.

    A laundry list of small, forgettable achievements doesn’t win elections for Labour. One big achievement wins elections.

    You brought back manufacturing in every industry? Landslide win.

    You built millions of houses? Landslide win.

    You restored rail and tramway service in every province? Landslide win.

    Of course, doing this again would actually require building something, when all both parties are interested in is demolishing things.

    They can’t even build Auckland and Christchurch a new stadium. Even when they managed this in Dunedin, they still screwed it up — they left the city without a proper cricket venue, so now three of the nation’s four main cities deliberately removed their large cricket grounds, with no replacement.

  6. I wonder who Paul Cheshire is actually……

    My money is on either Greg Presland or Neale Jones. The impotent rage appears far too coherent for Clint Smith or Clarke Gayford.

  7. If we had FTPT – like they do in the UK – toxicity would win the election every time. Our potential savior is Proportional Representation (MMP) which limits the impact of toxified voters and produces more balanced and constrained government. It is astonishing that a strong economy and moderately effective government is delivering such poor polling – my hope is that the reality of a NActional government should give voters pause on election day.

    • MMP gave us Labour Greens and NZFirst and what did that achieve except cause the total demise of one of those parties and division in one of the other ones and then being ignored second time around. I am hoping for a National Act team that will get NZ back to a leading economy with all that that brings to society in the way of benefits for all those that want to work and contribute.

  8. All the above true and noble. “It’s not that Labour have done nothing, they’ve done little of nothing”

    So what might be useful is to ask Labour lefties that comment here and who are disenchanted with the current labour “team” and planning on flicking their vote elsewhere, what would make them change their thinkings and reckons in this space, going forward.

    I’ve never NOT voted Labour, although I have distributed pamphlets for the Greens and acted as a scrutineer for them once on election day.
    There are a few things that mean I can’t give Labour a party vote in ’23 and there are quite a few things that would have to happen before I could change my mind. Given the electricate I am in might mean I have to swallow a dead rat or two to give Labour an electorate vote. Probably not going to happen as things stand – sorry @ Bert – cheerleaders, millionaire supermarket franchise owners who are not averse to exploiting little Ayshun boise and all the running jokes that go with it; Hataitai road incidents and gay grifters no longer cut it for me. Pink dollars exploiting the struggling are just as bad as black, blue or red dollars doing the same.

    I’d be interested to know how other previously committed Labourites planning on giving them the flick feel.
    The huge mandate given that has been frittered – EVEN given Covid and all the rest of it, is an insult to those genuinely struggling and who have a right to have expected more.

    For me (not necessarily in any order)
    – The cargo cultist, mean-spirited Sepuloni has to be demoted – preferably to the back benches.
    Flick Her some trinket if necessary to allow her to retain some mana, although even that would be generous. The situation with the Children’s Commissioner is an abomination. Nothing meaningful is going to change in the short term relating to our disgusting child abuse statistics both by the state or those in private ‘so-called’ care.

    – Stop, HALT, cease and desist the bullshit use of overpaid, under-delivering bullshit artist, template-driven consultants. Whether they be used in the name of so-called ‘independent’ advice, OR because the state supposedly doesn’t have access to qualified policy advice. (They could easily get it from people that are already in the employ of the state and are true public ‘servants’
    It’s crap, and always has been since the neo-libs took control in the ’80s’. They (the consultants) have been fleecing us for decades – more fool that team of ‘us’, AND Labour party politicians who should know, and have known better.
    (Come on FFS!!!!!!!!! $500k to consult on a pedestrian crossing on Cobham Drive; $10’s k on consulting on a TVNZ/RNZ ‘merger plus unnecessary ‘rebranding’ costs and the preservation of mover and shaker egos that don’t actually reflect its audience demographic(s); etc, etc etc……… ). Sorry Willie, they saw you coming. Just get on with it (as a FIRST step to reform)

    – Pull Immigration NZ, the Labour Inspectorant and all those that sail in them out of the Ministry of Everything. It probably hasn’t occurred to a lot of the senior managerialists in what has become that ‘institution’ that people – including refugees, Drs, nurses, essential workers, are not JUST economic units. And though many/most of them are quite likely ‘innovative’, they are humans that may have the baggage of partners and children. It’s not their fault that lil ‘ole NuZull that punches above its weight has failed to train or give opportunity to its own indigenous – to the extent we’re in the situation we are in now.
    And nor is it their fault that Kiwis find offshore life more attractive than they do in what they will call ‘home’ UNTIL the minute the shit hits the fan in the offshore locale they opted for, when they come screaming back chanting their birthright.


    Other trad Labour voters, even floaters in this toilet bowl that are planning on a different vote in ’23 should say what they’re disenchanted with now, so that the boffins can develop an 100 day plan, AND better still, start doing some meaningful stuff prior.

  9. So Labour spent a fortune and made almost EVERYTHING worse.
    This stupid idea you have that somehow more money = things get better, less money = things get worse is well and truly shredded by this.

    • So why do the wealthy spend $30,000+ a year per child on their schooling.

      Surely they must think that throwing more money at something will get a better outcome.

  10. the question to ask is how much ‘new spend’ goes to the sharp end and how much to admin…you can pump in as much as you like but if it’s spent on redesigning the letterhead it won’t help….we need a culling of the admin paracites.

  11. NZ’s political landscape jus feels devoid of people who really have New Zealand and her peoples real interests at heart.

    Labour: pack of cunts
    National: arseholes
    Greens: absolutely feral and woke beyond belief
    NZF : best of a bad bad bunch
    Act: no.

    NZ politics is a race to the bottom

  12. But Martyn have you forgotten that Jacinda banished period poverdy? Banished! And she got more girls to play sport. And she got those nasty plastic stickers off our apples. And she set up a special centre at Vic to keep us safe from violent extremism.

  13. ” National have popped all the champagne because they seem to think they’ve already won the bloody election! ”

    ” National Party advertisements have been seen on council managed buses in Napier and Hastings. ”

    Maybe its because they have won the election without any votes cast and having influence with people like Katie Nimon.

    ” The National Party candidate for the Napier seat in the next election is Katie Nimon, who works as the transport manager at the regional council. ”

    • Labour have added 13,000 social houses to the NZ stock. The Tories haven’t added one social house to the national stock for at least 28 years.

  14. In the 4 years after WW2 the new British government with an economy in dire straits built close to 2 Million new state homes. Yep 2 MILLION! How many have these clowns in government built in 5 years? Bugger all. Let Labour apparatchiks and apologists blow their trumpets to the homeless and the dispossessed,

  15. “Our potential savior is Proportional Representation (MMP) which limits the impact of toxified voters and produces more balanced and constrained government.”

    People tend to forget pre MMP when when at times we got a gummint elected by a minority of voters.
    And as Jane Kelsey said in one of her books, MMP brought about the need to negotiate and at least limited/moderated the unbridled power of Treasury boffins.
    It’s a shame though that we’re in an era where minor parties are taken for granted, whether its because of the arrogance of the big boys and gals, or because the minor parties have become a bit wet

  16. If Labour had taxed the rich more, which they wouldn’t have done anyway in their first term, and couldn’t really do in their second term due to the debilitating economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, then there would have been more protests on the parliament lawn (albeit from a different socioeconomic group).

  17. “Helping one million New Zealanders stay warm over colder winter months through the Winter Energy Payment” And so they fucking should! It’s not Labour’s money. If you’re getting an energy payment then you’re likely on a benefit and if you’re on a benefit, you’re paying tax on that and if you’re paying tax you’re probably not GST registered and who are GST registered? Rich fuckers often are, that’s who, and who does Labour, just like the Natzo’s suck up to? You got it! Rich fuckers. And are those rich fuckers useful rich fuckers ? Or are they useless rich fuckers like graham hart etc?
    While there is neoliberalism and while there is cross-party collaboration, mainly installed by rich fuckers to ensure the useless rich fuckers get richer, we don’t have a functioning democracy. We have an authoritarian regime, which is what we’ve got. Labour, just like National, are neoliberal fascists. No matter what political party we’d vote in, we’d still get neoliberalism which, when the makeup’s wiped off would reveal fascist capitalism wearing an authoritarian regime’s frock. We AO/NZ’ers have no idea just how dangerous a position we’re in. We can act in the rich fuck’s scripted pantomime for the moment but when shit gets real, i.e. climate change, as it certainly will and sooner than many realise, we’ll see foreign militarism and restrictions of movements here. Hint. Keep a close eye on the U$A. They’ll wipe their feet on their Australian door mat on their way in.

  18. Check this out? This, is fucked.
    The Guardian
    OK. Aussie centric which is yank centric which is also us, let’s me honest.
    “Call for new taxes on super-rich after 1% pocket two-thirds of all new wealth”
    While the Right Zing wail and moan when a bennie gets busted. Homelessness, hungry kids, people living beyond rough…
    ‘ In support of its call for redistribution of wealth, Oxfam said:’
    Food and energy companies had more than doubled their profits in 2022, paying out $257bn to wealthy shareholders at a time when more than 800 million people were going hungry.
    Only 4 cents in every dollar of tax revenue came from wealth taxes, and half the world’s billionaires lived in countries with no inheritance tax on money they give to their children.
    A tax of up to 5% on the world’s multimillionaires and billionaires could raise $1.7tn a year, enough to lift 2 billion people out of poverty, and fund a global plan to end hunger.
    Hey Natzo’s !? What’s your take on this? Labour? Still neoliberal I see. You fuckers! How dare you!

  19. All National has to say is “Labour did nothing.” Well, “Labour did nothing except make the place worse.”

    The debate is not one of rationality and impartiality.

  20. As I am fixing my suspension from hitting a massive pothole, I am so grateful that our ‘road building and road fixing authority’ has a catchy maori name. That is very important.

    • Poor driving if you’re hitting the truck causing potholes created by National.
      Understanding Nationals massive infrastructure under build. That is very important.


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