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    Yhe system ain’t working – that’s not news. When 90 year olds aren’t cared for as they die in hospices and young people die in the streets in a no-hope country that refuses to offer them a visible, viable future and returns them to times that Dickens and Catherine Cookson portrayed (lower class in-fighting with hard times and misery, and between-class gladiatorial jousting.)

  2. Jesus H Christ!
    It’s now just so bloody blatent, the inability of our elected politicians to implement an agenda while our unelected “officials” push back shows us just where we’re at.

    I got it wrong. I thought he was probably going to pop up somewhere in a “space” like MBIE as they and their enterage of failed ex-cops try an build their own empire. (I mean failed – as in those that came to realise their careers weren’t going to go much further in the Pleece)
    Maybe that (an MBIE gig) is yet to come after he completes this feed at the trough is over:

    It’s ekshully quite funny really. YET another reason I’ll not be flicking Labour a party vote in ’23

  3. So further to my last, this was basically an agreed to golden handshake.
    The publi9c is entitled to know all those involved i9n agreeing to this shit. (We know who one of them is that’s OK with it)
    A Mr Green franchise was probably the best feed of the trough we might have expected. This is so blatant, I’ll not be surprised if and when some cosy little number in MBIE or Customs will see out his retirement.

    Let’s see what the pollies say about it. Did Coster go along with it? IF so, my high opinion of him has just plummeted!

  4. Denny Paoa Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokai whenuakitanatahu(Tane/Male/Man, not Female/Woman)

    So when was the Labour party radical? Never except for when a guy named John A Lee just started building state houses which his Australian boss didnt like.

    “When Labour won the 1935 election with a large majority, and formed its first government, many expected Lee to enter Cabinet. However, Lee did not have the support of Michael Joseph Savage, the new Prime Minister. Savage appears to have considered Lee too radical and uncontrolled, while Lee considered Savage too cautious. The two had clashed on a number of policy issues, and in the end, Lee was not awarded ministerial rank — instead, he became an under-secretary. This position did not, however, have any legal authority until the following year, when Lee threatened to resign. Given responsibility for housing, Lee quickly moved to implement a “socialist” plan for state housing, with the construction of many new dwellings for the poor.

    While Lee was highly enthusiastic about his housing program, he became increasingly unhappy with the new government’s economic policies, which he saw as overly cautious. Lee gradually emerged as the leader of Labour’s left-wing faction, opposed primarily by the more orthodox Minister of Finance, Walter Nash. Lee and his allies, as well as being strongly socialist, were influenced by social credit theory, and believed that the government should take immediate control of the country’s financial system. Nash opposed this, and was able to block proposals put forward by Lee to nationalise the Bank of New Zealand. Gradually, Lee’s criticism of the Labour Party’s leadership became increasingly public.”

    This is why you can not vote for the Labour party anymore, because they dont do ‘radical’ anymore.

    Would this have happened under David Meates’ watch? Looking back, and a glance at Christchurch demographics that will have an effect on events down there. Jan.13/2022
    I ask him [David Meates] if 2020 was one of the hardest years of his working life.
    That would make sense because in August[2020] of that year he resigned after more than a decade in charge, following a showdown over plans for drastic spending cuts.

    Pressure from the Ministry of Health, Crown monitor Lester Levy, and a board led by Sir John Hansen, prompted an unprecedented walkout. Seven of the DHB’s executive team, including Meates, resigned over six fateful weeks.
    Former chief financial officer Justine White and Carolyn Gullery, the former planning, funding and decision support executive director, told Newsroom they left because of hard-headed officials and an unsupportive board.

    Behind the stepping down of Mr Meates? Might be of interest here – I haven’t looked yet.

    Listens, Leads and Gets Results (David Meates stands for Christchurch Mayor)
    Best known for his role as Chief Executive of the Canterbury District Health Board (the seventh largest employer in Aotearoa New Zealand), David has … (Thanks Wikipedia for usual clear information and not putting it on PDF which my computer system is too old to handle or something.)

    Christchurch in voting for Mayor 2022 seemed to have gone for the man who would bulldoze his way through problems – not always the wisest way of solving problems.
    Final election results…Phil Mauger won Christchurch’s mayoralty with 53,569 votes.
    Mayor-elect Mauger’s nearest rival, David Meates, received 51,298 votes.

    Christchurch City’s most recent population estimate was 389,300, in June 2022.

    (Another set of stats show that Maori and Pacifika ethnicities each have a 30% population of children age 0-14 years, the highest youth percentage of all ethnicities, European is 20%.)

    ….The methods used by TEPCO and NISA to assess the risk from tsunamis lagged behind international standards in at least three important respects:

    * Insufficient attention was paid to evidence of large tsunamis inundating the region surrounding the plant about once every thousand years.

    * Computer modeling of the tsunami threat was inadequate. Most importantly, preliminary simulations conducted in 2008 that suggested the tsunami risk to the plant had been seriously underestimated were not followed up and were only reported to NISA on March 7, 2011.

    * NISA failed to review simulations conducted by TEPCO and to foster the development of appropriate computer modeling tools.

    Mark Hibbs
    Hibbs is a Germany-based nonresident senior fellow in Carnegie’s Nuclear Policy Program. His areas of expertise are nuclear verification and safeguards, multilateral nuclear trade policy, international nuclear cooperation, and nonproliferation arrangements.

    At the time of the accident, critical safety systems in nuclear power plants in some countries, especially in European states, were—as a matter of course—much better protected than in Japan. Following a flooding incident at Blayais Nuclear Power Plant in France in 1999, European countries significantly enhanced their plants’ defenses against extreme external events. Japanese operators were aware of this experience, and TEPCO could and should have upgraded Fukushima Daiichi…

  7. Lux Luther and Greg Foran could probably do us all a favour and put their names forward as a ‘team’ to improve Nepalese air safety.
    A nice little gig in the Himalayian nether regions for an election cycle or two could do both countries wonders.
    They could even jack up another round of ‘export education’ and worker exploitation scams while they’re at it.
    If they’re interested – I have one or two contacts they might be interested in.
    Pay might not be that great – but imagine the kudos fellas. Lux Luther might even be able to convert a few to become gNaCt disciples. Imagine! Sir Sherpa Lex Luxon and Sir Sherpa Gregory Foran. The team could even bring the civilised world of Makkie D, Key Eff See and all the other brands from the civilised world to these backward natives.


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