Does John ‘Beijing’ Key just work for China now?


How much Chinese Government arse must John Key now kiss?

Every single fucking time he opens his mouth to Chinese propaganda media, he is singing China’s praises!

Here he is doing it last month and here he is doing it on the first day of 2023…

Sir John Key: We need to craft our own view of China, using its past and potential to guide us

…look we get that he sold his house for $20 odd million to Chinese business interests and that he is now connected to a possible clandestine Chinese police centre operating illegally in NZ (in what would be the largest political scandal between our two nations ever), but why is he so focused on being an apologist to one of the largest most repressive, human rights crushing Communist regimes on the face of the planet?

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Does the Communist Party have Max’s pets held hostage or something?

Watching John blow the CCP every single month is remarkable and honestly brings the entire National Party under suspicion.

Is it John ‘Beijing’ Key now is it?

John fucked this country with his ‘all our cows in one Beijing paddock’ strategy that now has NZ held hostage economically to China.

That’s fine for National because they are little more than a front for Chinese business interests, but the rest of the country may feel that Quisling Key is selling us out to Xi.

This is about to come to a head after allegations that the Chinese are operating a secret Police Station on NZ soil, once the sleepy hobbits of muddle NuZilind realise what that means in terms of breaching our sovereignty, there is going to be all hell to pay.

My guess is that Winston will pick up this outrageous breach of our territory and run a very harsh populist campaign against it.

John Key’s pimping of China is a disgraceful propaganda campaign to whitewash a regime with an appalling human rights record and his links to the Chinese Businessman who is now accused of running a secret Chinese Police base on NZ soil demands investigation.

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  1. It was the the CCP under the guise of a Chinese business man who paid eight million over GV for his Parnell house.
    Both Luxon and Seymours electorates have larges number of Chinese.
    You wrote back in 2017 that Chinese vote overwhelmingly supports National.
    Lets not forget the “who is better two Chinese or the Indians”.

    • If we want more John Key/CCP influence in NZ politics, vote National?

      I think he quit as PM because he’s steadfastly pro-CCP, anticipated being stuck between a rock & a hard place & exposed by Trump

      Weird, he is 100% right wing, but shills for a socialist/pro-communist government that wants its governing model everywhere

      • it would be weird if china were communist but as it’s capitalist it should come as no surprise wellin

        • the “communist in name only” CCP is a feudal dictatorship based on Fengjian where aristocracy has been replaced by autocracy. there is no state in communism.

  2. This is what John Key actually believes. Self evidently he does not need to do this. It is his assessment that China is fundamentally important in the world especially in the economic sphere, and he intends to say just that. I am certain he knows it won’t appeal to everyone, but he is part of the realist school of politics.
    It is fashionable to pretend that China can be permanently relegated to second place and not remotely be treated as an equal, particularly in the US.
    However, both major parties in NZ seem to appreciate that it is not in NZ’s interests to join the anti China bandwagon. John Key is simply expressing that in a direct way.

    • Wayne. “ This is what John Key actually believes “. Just like he believed that Nicky Hager was a conspiracy theorist, and believed wrong ? Perhaps reading ‘ Dirty Politics’ could provide insight into the mind of John.

      • Xi screwed up less than Boris and Trump’s Corona response. The initial 24 hour outbreak proved that China could throw up a hospital in 24 hours, vaccinate a billion people.

        It makes sense that less developed nations would look upto a top line like China so China is winning battles they’re not even arguing.

        We can argue that China is a human rights abuser but that’s not going to win the day when everyone else was building jail’s and China built hospitals.

    • The US is far from perfect but I can’t think of any examples of autocracies ever ever working out for better. Russia being a relevant but unsurprising example. China is no different!

  3. The real question is why is Key now a go-to by MSM for comments about our relationship with China? Why? I’d assumed the reason Key hasn’t decamped to other pastures was because nobody wants him, but that may be too simplistic. Chinese secret police operating in New Zealand is common knowledge, and they may keep tabs on all citizens who emigrate here, and at a fairly self-revealing mundane level, which is not that smart an activity.

  4. No, Key does not work for China. Despite generally being a right wing jerk, he is just more intelligent than you Martyn.

    • WW, bwahahaaa! Key works for China and with China. He’s so far up Xi’s arse he can’t smell his own shit anymore. Get real.

    • He definitely is working for the Chinese Criminal Party. Creepy is paying his debts for all the backhanders he mounted up during those trips to China. How in debt the slimy weasel is, is anybodys guess.

      • Yes true…Key, Collins , Shipley and many more … they are all donkey deep .. Of course the Hosking / Key / Luxon psychophants will blindly hang on their every word with religious like zeal, but they only need to follow their personal money trail to see where their true allegiances lie.

    • Wilfred W. So what’s John’s work anyway ? What does he actually do that is of added value to anybody apart from himself ?

      We all know that he can barely hit a nail with a hammer, and he’s not exactly out helping Pacifica people with eyesight problems, or out there advising on crop rotations, and he seems to think that our fresh water supplies are all ok, and he’s not one of the wonderful pilots constantly ferrying sick children up to Starship Hospital in horrible weather, or volunteering for charities needing more hands to help those really needing a helping hand.

      What does he actually do besides being a punter ? He couldn’t even help with literacy programs when he’s never ever learned how to properly pronounce the name of this country which my whanau helped build and which he’s done very well out of.

  5. This China bashing is verging on xenophobia. It also serves US Imperialism’s current campaign Sino/Russia campaign. The USA has over 750 publicly discoverable offshore military bases and facilities, China is lucky to have 5. The yank’s ones strangely enough seem to butt up against Russia, China and Iran.

    The Chinese working class have to sort their country out and there are indications that is starting to happen with more public protest than seen for a long time. By all means criticise China but don’t fall for the classic sucker move of backing “our” imperialist power–i.e. Yoo Ess Ayy.

    It is rather obvious that SirKey has served international Finance Capital all his adult life from what the public record reveals. He and his personal Lawyer set up the NZ Offshore Trust Haven project while he was Prime Minister of this country, and he got caught with his tweeds down by the Panama Papers and even the NZ IRD.

    Once the tax bureaucracy asked for more than a single A4 sheet of information from the Trust holders, the 10,000 odd already registered vanished almost overnight. Key is rotten to core–a true money man. Peter Theil and other neo fascist rich yanks did not decide to come here on a whim, they were invited by the top Natzos, and not exactly deterred by Labour Caucus either.

    So yes John Key deserves taking down whatever link does it.

    • Frank the Tank. Yes, Ardern has stated her commitment to the ‘principles’ of the questionable connectional WEF. Key isn’t the only Nat leader to enjoy a beneficial relationship with China. Judith Oravida Collins seems to have also, as well as Jenny Shipley, whose copybook may be a bit blotted. Nationals’s Simon Whatshisname equates one Chinese with two Indians, so there we are.

  6. To answer your question…Nah, economically he’s just a lot smarter than most of us (except Martyn of course) and somehow he knows that money doesn’t grow on trees and we have to find ways to make it. Printing money doesn’t really help us either. It’s a tricky concept to understand, but you lefties will eventually get it…hopefully.

    • Key is a ticket clipper and will sell his grandmother for a commission – that’s not intelligent – it’s dumb self interest. A bit like a tick or a flea – a parasite, a free-loader, a pain in the neck.

  7. Sir John Key. He slithered in, made millions, created an ever larger struggling underclass then ran for it like the coward he is but only after doing his best to humiliate a young woman trying to earn shit wages.
    Simply writing his name is enough to bring in the salty stink of yet another otherwise useless multi millionaire thinking they might have something useful to contribute into my nostrils. He didn’t. And they don’t. All they are, all jonky is, is a taker and a user and now he’s more than likely on some Chinese developers payroll. An all bought and paid for, jonky?

  8. Key serves international finance rather than China in particular. And Ardern serves the UN and WEF. Two faces of globalism.

      • Nitrium. The WEF which Jacinda Ardern is committed to, would surely regard China as inimical to its aims of global hegemony, and pretty well beyond the reach of its tentacles ?

  9. The former B.O.A. Merrill Lynch banker just wants his pay-cheque, this besides the point.

    Why would working class people support the coming U.S. invasion of China, and the ongoing U.S. trade war against China?

    China will still trade with you, regardless of your system of government and economy.

    They actually have the ability to help you build world-class infrastructure, and quickly reconstruct domestic manufacturing. They are favourable to the new gold-backed E.E.U. currency under development.

    Not only is the failing U.S. now incapable of any of that, but they will attempt to overthrow any government that attempts such independent nation building.

    If you stay with the U.S., you either submit to complete neoliberal domination by Wall Street, or your country will be destroyed by ‘moderate rebels’ and ‘humanitarian bombing’.

    • “World Class infrastructure”… you have got to be joking !!… you want to see the shambolic piece of rubbish town houses that they have just built in our street.
      A poor pathetic dangerous irresponsible example of construction if ever there was one . And the useless council were/are powerless to do anything about it because the Chinese have their own ‘in- the- pay’ corrupt pet engineer signing everything off …thus making a mockery of the N.Z LBP scheme set to supposedly improve the standard of local Builders , Designers and Engineers.
      And to think the Chinese now dominate 60% of the construction market in Auckland . Why?…access to a bottomless pit of cheap money from god only know what source.
      Any fool can see where this is tracking..

      • well grant you know the solution REGULATION and not the nats light touch variety…when a developer employs an inspector, and that inspectors future repeat work prospects rely on giving a developer the ‘right’ answer….what exactly did we think the outcome would be….it don’t regulate anything and positivly encourages jerry building.

      • Does anybody believe that the locals could even afford hiquality residential properties?

        Both the build quality and the scale of construction collapsed right around the time that wages collapsed (the 1980s!), which was the same time that manufacturing was relocated to foreign sweatshops.

        The reason nobody is demanding higher quality residences is because they cannot afford any better. This has nothing to do with Chinese dominance in machinery, machine tools and infrastructure (high speed rail, telecommunications, etc.)

        • They are not hi quality… but they are also not cheap. That is the problem.

          They are making huge profits by building absolute crap. They need to toss them out of the N.Z building industry immediately. They are a scourge on the whole sector.

  10. ” once the sleepy hobbits of muddle NuZilind realise what that means in terms of breaching our sovereignty, there is going to be all hell to pay ”

    I doubt it. They voted three times in a row for that shyster knowing full well how he operated even after Nicky Hagar’s revelations in his book Dirty politics.

    He breached our sovereignty by amending the labour laws when Warner’s wanted to cut a deal. I don’t remember anyone protesting at parliament about that.

    Kiwi’s don’t care anymore. Thirty years of enlightened neo liberal policies have changed how we view the character flaws in many of our politicians.

    And I am convinced that he breached or authorised a lot that was dirty it just went under the radar.

    No one will care about any of his dodgy deals and he was knighted so the country could forever be grateful for his services to the National party and its vested interests and to stroke his own ego.

    This is how we roll now.

    • Mosa I agree, hence the NACTS up in the polls. Most people will not remember user pays, mother of all budgets, wage freezes tax cuts for the wealthy etc etc. The fallacy that John Key et al were good economic managers is the biggest right wing media con. and so it goes on today. The ex.political MP’s opinion pieces written almost daily against the government, especially in the herald will only get worse this election year as already seen with John Key’s recent articles in a supposed summer hiatus. The sad truth is that the left will always struggle for fairness especially with the subliminal messages constantly against the government and it is unfortunately both from the left and the right.

  11. If Key’s advocacy for China makes him; “an apologist for one of the largest most repressive, human rights crushing Communist regimes on the face of the planet” then what does the use of such hyperbole, and other similarly unsubstantiated cold war rhetoric, make the writer, when it exactly echoes the line being pushed by the US State Department?

  12. The only thing Key cares about is money

    He will sing anyones praises so long as they are paying him enough

    • John Key stepped down after successful running the country through a financial crisis and while still very popular . I would call Andrew Little a quitter as he wanted to be PM but could not gain any popularity so quit with nothing achieved and I now running down the health of this country..

      • Andrew Little is a disaster.
        Add to his list the Dunedin Hospital rebuild.
        Big time trade unionist but once the boss didn’t know what to do.
        Is he relieved of the health portfolio in the reshuffle?

        • Please Bob let’s talk about healthcare while talking about John Key. Uses straight out bribery by telling women to “ vote for me and I will fund Herceptin for a full year” despite PHARMAC not recommending this ( granted PHARMAC we’re totally wrong). Then once elected under funds healthcare in general and says politicians shouldn’t interfere in drug funding decisions. John Key is a slimy bullshitter

      • ” John Key stepped down after successful running the country through a financial crisis and while still very popular ”

        No his image and persona could no longer be kept protected by his fourth estate guardians who were never going to scrutinise him or ask the right questions as most of the media has always been right wing and their devotion to him was helped by the list he had on many people in the media and others in the establishment who had transgressed in some way that if made public would humiliate them.

        New Zealanders had finally began to see through him and his lies but by then it was to late. I remember he strode out at Mt Smart still believing he was the hobbits messiah and then he was booed for a number of minutes much to the horror of Bronagh and his minders who were not expecting the reaction after eight years of grovelling and adulation.

        As for seeing us through the GFC he never would have been able to without Cullen’s careful management of the economy providing surpluses to deal with GFC and it help prevent the austerity Key and English would otherwise have had to implement.

    • @Sinc..’Lets not forget that he’s a quitter as well’…..keep that thought in mind, as it will be posted back to you when St Ardern steps down in a few months!

        • Haaa are you 12?
          If she steps down you will just delete your handle and pop up again with a new one…as per last few times!

            • Ohhh please!
              How many times have you changed your name on here?…the ‘National are squeaky clean’ handle is only about 3-4mths old.
              Think we don’t notice you idiot! Lol

    • Sonic. Key was never really a Kiwi, IMO, just another Johnny-come-lately immigrant with an eye on the main chance- groomed by some ghastly Nat female plastered in makeup. That’s John. If we become Chinese, likely in our grandchildren’s time, it will be by attrition and certainly not due to some jumped-up shyster.

      • HotV, I have to agree with you on this. Key has zero loyalty to NZ and zero mana. F’em and let’s get on with it then 🙂

  13. We are a Nation dependant on trade for our standard of living . US is a closed market in so many ways China has more of what we want and is happy to take what we have in return . The way they run their country will ultimately be det6by the people that live there . Their knowledge and views of how other countries operate will come from trade contacts and the voices of those that hold sway are those China deal with and are in China’s be efit to listen to . Clark and Key are both people that promoted China relationship so should be listened too as lines are drawn of who is to be trusted.

  14. key is corrupt but outside interests have been ‘buying’ NZpollies for years…can you blame bribers if it gets to their aims…or do you blamed the kiwis who have their hands out for a bung?

    and for your information martyn china is not communist just because it says something on the tin it doesn’t mean that that refelects the contents……who’s had a tv dinner and compared it to the box art?

    There was a saying in the old east germany
    the DDR not german, not a democracy and not a republic…

    so yeah the label on the tin means nowt.

  15. “this outrageous breach of our territory and run a very harsh populist campaign against it.”

    If there was any substance to these ‘police station’ claims, surely the Labour government which is in power now that can actually do something about it should be doing something about it forthwith. Yet Jacinda says there is no evidence of them, and the group promoting the idea, human rights watchdog Safeguard Defenders is hardly a disinterested party.

    “John fucked this country with his ‘all our cows in one Beijing paddock’ strategy that now has NZ held hostage economically to China.”

    Not sure how this works, because it was a Labour govt which pushed for and signed the FTA, and Labour has never said they would have done anything different than National in advancing NZs trade interests with China.

    Furthermore, almost every single country in the world is currently held ‘hostage’ to China, Australia included. The elephant in the room is even if we tried to diversify away from China, and that is most likely not possible, as most other countries are in a similar situation to us.

    The overarching issue when it comes to China is almost 2 centuries of racial angst over being invaded and overtaken by the West. The Chinese government is generating a united front across the non-Western world, soon to include the Pacific, to work against Western interests everywhere. Like it or not, it is only Western countries that have any real issue with the rise of China.

    • Robert don’t forget the regular ‘racial angst’ panics in the ‘west’ the ‘yellow peril’ fu manchu, white women sold into opium prostitution…..

      • Gagarin Don’t forget that it was the Brits who deliberately evilly introduced opium to the Middle Kingdom for its own nefarious purposes, and an advanced ancient culture, existing in splendid isolation had its boundaries battered to accommodate the greed of barbarians. China was most certainly not the little more than a stone-age culture which New Zealand was when they ventured down here on their land grab.

  16. Just read the article. No fan of John Key, but it was pretty much a facts-based article.

    Main point is China has a huge, rising middle class, and that has been and will continue to be good business for NZ. That’s impossible to deny.

    The change of direction of China away from rampant capitalism towards common prosperity, and its crackdown on billionaires, should appeal to most social democrats, even if they may be against the authoritarian instruments used to achieve this.

  17. and never forget that ‘he’ eats babies too. Remind me too which Party said that NZL’s housing crisis was caused by people with ‘chinky’ sounding names and then proceeded to cuddle up to China with FTA#2. China is China and is not going away any time soon and our two economies are interlinked. Accept that and you need to play the smart game and that is what Key is arguing for with the emphasis on smart.

  18. Denny Paoa Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokai whenuakitanatahu(Tane/Male/Man, not Female/Woman) Denny Paoa Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokai whenuakitanatahu(Tane/Male/Man, not Female/Woman)

    Ive never liked him or voted for him but he is right. To ‘BRICS+’ or not to BRICS+! That is the question.

    Do you want to go down with the US empire or carve out a niche in the BRICS+ newer world? Or die in the shit with the rest of them?

    • Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokai whenuakitanatahu

      Good to have an easy user-friendly name! I think there are many here who would rather die in the shit with the rest of them rather than carve out that niche.

    • 100% agree but then there is the matter of all the pacific expansion and naval bases and pretend fishing fleet of 100K small vessels all armed and semi battle plated.

      If China had not demonstrated its expansionist behaviours I would say absolutely ditch the US and old guard but that is not the world we are facing. China can only produce enough food to feed 40% of its people. So with climate change and things in the world getting dodgy all over, anyone sitting on a bunch of food is going to do very well or quite the opposite.

      Anybody genuinely believe Russia invaded because of nationalistic concerns? No they are after Europe’s second largest gas reserves and a good chunk of the world’s grain supply. The country that controls the gas supply (Russia with an annexed Ukraine) – controls Europe. The country who controls the grain supply (mainly Russia and Ukraine) controls the middle east and the old Ottoman Empire and again leverages Europe.

  19. A lot of comments about John Key here too much flavoured by venom. I was brought up sharp years ago when one blogger mentioned that Key prevented NZ from going into self-satisfied Ruth Richardson-Birch mean idiocy, and kept social welfare going when he could have cut down hard.

    I note that the USA hold military manouvres here in NZ and bring in large equipment and international allies. Some of their exercises have had a scenario of a government election result being rejected by the people, and how armed forces might deal with such anarchy. The Chinese are important trading partners. They and the Russians have behaviours that we don’t like. But so does the USA which is taking us towards a Dr Strangelove scenario. I call us their dingy dinghy bobbing behind their expensive yachts and navy.

    We have to foot it in the world and not just sit in circles spouting our resentments and wrongs to each other. Key has a solid standing in the financial field in the USA and also Australia (the sub-sheriff of the Pacific) and is big enough, and bland-looking enough to face the world wearing velvet gloves of warm camaraderie , which cover knuckledusters to protect our interests, (an important part of which are his.) So he might be our most intelligent asset when it comes to overseas relations and necessary trade. Made necessary by us too supinely signing up to repressive trade agreements under the so-called ‘free trade’ banner; as in free-for-all with fisticuffs (a word first used in 1600s so dr google says, still useful today).!

    • Greywarbler. If you were to Google a list of John Key’s lies, they are a multitude, and as far as I know he’s been totally unabashed about them. They’re one reason why anything he says will be regarded with scepticism, rightly or wrongly, and his glib and ready tongue is not an indication of any great intelligence at all. His screaming in Parliament wanting other peoples whanau sent off to Iraq was appalling, and even the Nat chap sitting behind him looks terrified in the video clips.

      The Chinese are very polite people. They may well appreciate a more measured and circumspect approach than that of a vulgarian who screams,”Get some guts.”

    • When has the US last held large scale exercises in NZ? Must be over 40 years ago. Since then a few sporadic visits of small numbers.
      On the rare occasions international exercises are held here, the main participants are Australia, the UK and the Singaporeans.

  20. Engel, Marx,argue,violence,is it the answer,Engel,never,he egits,who my name,is Engel,not Engels,you egits.

  21. Never thought I’d say this but I agree with John Key. The paranoia over China is childish and not based historic reality.

  22. Don’t forget him and Max are also chowing down with the Chow brothers in property.
    Xi must have asked in his annual Christmas card to JK to do another media puff piece. He’s done tv, radio, time for print, hurry hurry.
    Don’t worry though it’s nothing personal with JK, it’s only ever about how he can use NZ to maximise how much money he can get out of a deal.

  23. Because Key has a brain it didn’t take him long to work out that the trade protectionism of the US and Gt Britain, Europe and others who we have traditionally traded with, was hurting our ability to grow economically, he pushes China. He also recognises that relationships between countries change with their leaders. Australia an example. He knew he wasn’t permanent and although Xi would like to be, he isn’t either. In ten years time we might want a closer relationship with Russia. It’s easy for us to take the moral high ground but not practical. Most exporters and importers understand how volatile the Chinese market is and take that into consideration. Our government will be aware of relying on China to heavily and so does Key, he just doesn’t want anti Chinese sentiment to upset our trading relationship.

      • Gus. His hair fetish may be a mental health issue. He was photographed
        fondling other young girls’ hair too.

          • Gus. Just as well that the Chinese no longer sport pig tails, Key could go berserk just at the sight of them. According to the SIS’s recently published guide, plaits are a sign of a white supremacist terrorist extremist, and it looks as if the Chinese may have spent thousands of years enduring an identity crisis anyway and they could be a splendid fit for the NZ Greens. Small surprise that the Nats now recruit bald leaders and the Maori chappie keeps his cowboy hat on. Strange times.

        • Gentle Annie a rose by any other name could be called a perversion. Why does everyone make excuses for John Key, the biggest con man in New Zealand political history. He led us all down the garden path with innuendos and lies, he pretended to be nice when in fact he was a snake oil salesman. Unfortunately New Zealanders are being pulled in the same direction with Christopher Luxon, exactly the same ilk , as thick as 2 short planks and like John Key dead between the eyes. What Luxon has got away with is mind boggling, no Labour leader has such luxury.

          • Queeny I wasn’t intending making excuses for John Key, I just suggested that he might have mental health issues re his hair fetish; he may be a pervert too, dunno, they aren’t mutually exclusive.

            For all I know he may be a total bloody cad, knowing full well that he could get away with behaviour as a rich boy, that he couldn’t if he were still a state house boy living in Bryndwr. It was female journos and managers who tried to whitewash his vile antics here, if I remember correctly, thus revictimising the poor young waitress who he harassed again and again and again.

            Considering that he had a teenage daughter himself it was sick, and not the best role model for his son either.

          • Yeah, probably a perv. I think the Chow Bros own the Splash strip club where lesbian MP’s take their girl friends for a nice night out while poor downtrodden old police are trying to avert gang confrontations out on Courtney Place when they should be home doing the laundry and making the kids’ school lunches. It’s a small world alright.

      • Gus If he used that waitress’s ponytail to gratify himself numerous times, then I suggest that he’s capable of using all of us in the same adolescent way.

  24. Isn’t it both Key senior and junior that are now involved in ‘property deals’ with the Chow Brothers who in themselves have wanted to open brothels in various suburbs around NZ????!!!! These two brother came from Hong Kong which is now a part of China.

    Is it John Key who let in an MP who trained Chinese Spies with ‘no questions asked?’

    National and of course the Keys are eager bedfellows of the Chinese and would do anything to keep on good favour with them. Even if it meant opening our boarders to allowing in multi millionaire Chinese in return for ‘Donations Galore into the NZ National Party”. This in return, as I said, for Instant Kiwi citizenship and ability to vote at local or general elections.

    One time I was chatting to a young Chinese woman at the bus-stop on Onewa Road, Northcote. She told me it is far cheaper for Chinese to buy properties here in NZ than in China.

    It is however a weird conundrum when it comes to John Key. Whilst prime minister of New Zilland he claimed he loves America and there is no other country on the planet he loves more than America. But he now courts China???!!!!

    Is this Courtship of the Keys and perhaps the Ki’s because Key finds Chinese money more attractive at the moment than American money????!!!!

    Whilst prime minister of New Zilland(as Key called this country)he didn’t mind selling off NZ to America when it came to giving various American companies tax cuts eg Warner Brothers.

    But he is still happy to sell off NZ properties even through say his son’s ‘company’ to ‘Chinese investors’.

    Perhaps that is the modus operandi of Key and the Chinese. His son buys a property and does it up. It is then sold to say the Chow Brothers who then sell it off to a Chinese investor. And so the vicious circle of greed will continue.

    • This is what it is about. The Keys and the Chows will be wanting the immigration floodgates reopened to the Chinese to pay top dollar for the properties they are developing. He is very pro China because it is in his interests.
      He wants the property ponzi back on steroids, and has his property ponzi puppet, 7 properties Luxon at the ready to fulfill his wishes.

      • We MUST STOP allowing property in nz to be sold to the Chinese. And likewise our resources eg water bottling plants. Where were the Greens when we sold that land in the Dome Valley for a (Chinese) waste management ie landfill dump?

  25. John Key says in the article that he doesn’t think China will use its Military might ‘anytime soon’. Does everyone feel re-assured now?

  26. A lot of comments here hold Key in adulation. Obviously, those that profited but not so much by the other 75% of the country.

  27. Maybe, just maybe, John Key is saying we should take a more nuanced approach to the Chinese, because they are our largest trading partner. It wouldn’t do to cut our own noses off, would it?

    It’s funny how the world turns. Up until 2016 everyone was scared of the Chinese and some fools were predicting they would become a new superpower. Then Trump changed US policy and Chinese strength was suddenly seen to be just a brittle facade. Trump policy was quietly adopted by the Biden administration and so over the last 6 of 7 years we’ve seen a slow build-up in anti-CCP rhetoric. Sure, they are the bad guys and sure they run a fascist state now that the fig leaf of Marxism has been removed, but not all Chinese people are bad and probably not even all the people in suits in the Peoples Congress are bad. They’re just stuck in the system like the rest of us.

    So maybe the Chinese need a friend. A friend who is constant in times of trouble, with a consistent message and who doesn’t run with the pack.

    Or are you suggesting we rejoin ANZUS?

    • By all means Andrew, try and spin Keys words into something profound rather than ‘to hell with it, they buy so much they can do what they want’. He says form our own view. I have and the Chinese administration can’t be trusted ( and no that’s not saying that the US etc are saints).

  28. The BRICS+” is the only choice we have. Following the empire down the shit tube is well, where edits and dumbfucks belong.

    • You are dead right, but you’d better ask the Chinese and Russians for intelligence, military and policing assistance right away.

      Any such government would quickly find themselves subjected to a Sir John Kerr royal dismissal, probably followed by an N.E.D. ‘Colour Revolution’ — or even a variation upon N.A.T.O. Operation Gladio (or Gladio B).

    • Yes and no. It is not necessarily about signing up to BRICS+, more about resurrecting the Non Aligned Movement of Nations, where mutually beneficial bilateral trade and cultural relations are more where things are at rather than rigid international power blocs.

      It would require Aotearoa NZ to ditch 5 Eyes of course, and that would need significant public support.

  29. andrew the crux of the issue for western bigots is that they saw the opening up of china as a chance to sell their goods in a vast new market(much as the yanks saw oppertunities in 30s china) BUT and it is THE but….western capitalists moved jobs to china…and china ran with the ball…don’t bitch because they are better at capitalism than we are…blame the guilty, your own capitalists they betrayed you.

    • Not many people seem to understand their own behaviour in the USA gagarin. Self-delusion is what they run on over there but it makes them dangerous for us to follow ignoring that they follow a will-of-the-wisp.

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