Q+A: Luxon train wreck interview is just so bad you have to see it to believe it


Oh shit.

Shots fired.

Jack proved why he deserved his award win as best News and Current Affairs Presenter with his devastating interview of Luxon today.

Luxon claimed he was always against spending and inflaming inflation.

Jack very clearly laid out the timeline of how many times National had called for tax cuts and Billion dollar spendings press while the Reserve Bank was ramping up the OCR.

It was devastating.

It showed National have been all over the place and can’t seriously be proclaimed as expert managers of the economy.

Jack then challenged the craziness of National’s military boot camps and ankle bracelets of 10 year old children.

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The number of serious repeat ram raiders is about 100, 80% of whom are already known to welfare agencies who are the kids from John Key’s draconian welfare reforms that saw kids in cars, state house tenants thrown onto the street for wrongful meth testing and whose parents were incarcerated in our private prison industry.

How will more draconian policies fix the problems the last set of draconian policies created?

There is 30% of the electorate who have been frightened, angered and disgusted by the never ending media shock diet of crime news – who are old testament eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth justice types – who will always vote for suffering and punishment. Leaders speak to the angels of our better nature, not envoke their wrath.

Shouldn’t National be intellectually and philosophically ashamed to roll out reactionary knee jerk counter productive social policy like Military bloody Boot camps?

What most screaming ‘something must be done’ are missing is that the age of criminal liability is already 10 years of age in NZ, something the UN has challenged us on?

What are you get tough on crime cheerleaders demanding here? We arrest these children as soon as they come out of the womb?

How does trying to out-ACT ACT by putting ankle bracelets on 10 year old children win the political middle?

National is to the right of Caligula now!

Ram Raid news stories make news producers orgasm.

They are cheap, easy to produce and present as live breaking news and the kids committing the crimes boasting on social media for notoriety guarantees a self feeding loop which terrifies the middle classes and sets the get tough on crime lynch mob off.

How much responsibility should the media be held accountable for sparking the latest moral panic?

Luxon was smashed all over the place by Jack on this nonsense attempt by National to win back ACT Party vote and it was merciless!

Climate Change was another glaring example of how captured National are by the polluters. Luxon couldn’t point to one policy where National will reduce emissions.

His performance today reminds you that National selected him as their Leader, not because he was the best, but because Judith spite rat-fucked Simon Bridges.

It was either Luxon or Muller again.

National have finally dumped their stupid top tax rate cut and will have to stop bleating about spending they know is essential (and won’t really change under them). Despite the recession and Labour’s woeful delivery, National still can’t capture any real support for their own totally rudderless economic vision.

It’s like a game of rugby where the National Party are on foot and the entire Labour Party are on crutches and National is still only ahead by 2 points.

The Right in NZ have mistaken the animosity towards Jacinda as proof positive they will win the 2023 election and are already doing the victory laps.

Luxon’s woeful performance on Q+A today highlights how misplaced that triumphalism is.

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  1. Bring it on. Let’s not even wait for conviction: ankle bracelets for every child – and a gulag on White Island for curfew breakers.

    We’ll either subjugate away crime, or hasten the revolution – either is fine by me.

  2. I have to say the political football that crime has become is disgusting. Guess it’s not new. Both Luxon and Ardern turning up to either see the family or placing flowers at the crime scene is all a bit ridiculous. In fact One news pointed out that Ardern had visited the family but was yet to visit the scene! What will she do? Dust for prints? Over the years how many examples would you question why the political leads have not turned out for violent crimes if you are going to be consistent? I guess they have to show they care but yesterday just seemed weird.

    Why not some numbers behind this? What were police numbers and budget when Labour came in and what are they now? The budget is something like 30% higher, and headcount is too. Is that the answer? Go back to 2015 and you will find headlines about dairy owners pleading with National to do something! Clearly we are not addressing underlying issues that will take years to fix and I guess post/during COVID it’s really biting us in the arse. In fact look at Australian headlines for youth crime. They are not dissimilar.

    • Agree Wheel politicizing crime and in particular murder is disgusting.
      If you do go down that track then think how both Key and Ardern failed to stop the impact on Australia’s 501s, after all that’s where this murderer came from and the many gang members responsible for our crimes.

    • Totally agree about political football. What’s with Jacinda and half a dozen other mps turning up at the funeral of the victim today. How many other funerals have they attended en masse for individuals murdered in NZ everyday? What about all the kids who get murdered by their near and dear, how many MPs attend that everyday?

      This is all political point scoring, a great theater, all orchestrated for the media, all ensuring the Indian vote is secure.

      • Funny, people complained when Ardern wasn’t there, now they’re complaining that she is there. I guess when you have right wing leaning traits this will always be your argument Benny.

      • Seeing how your naming and shaming. You named Jacinda now what were the names of the National MPs who turned up, there were a few?

  3. Don’t under estimate the collective stupidity of voters – most of whom don’t watch Q & A – and instead will be corralled into voting by excellent use of targeted social media campaign’s. The people who National employee’s to guide them on these things are brilliant at what they do and have a history of success globally.
    Luckily, unlike the UK and US, we have proportional representation and – hopefully – a lot of young voters turn up as a counter force.

    • Most of the facebook comments were more critical of Jack Tames interviewing style and for “not letting Luxon finish his answer” than any substance as to what Luxon had said. Luxon basically said nothing

  4. nats like the tories in the UK are now scraping the barrel for 3rd rate intellectual lightweights who frankly can’t walk and chew gum at the same time…..this is what we have come to… govt by property agents, developers and 2nd hand car salemen. basically greasy purveyors of snake oil and patent medicines.
    and yes I know LINO is graduates and admin drones but the fact lab are bad doesn’t make the nats good.

  5. Oh God. It’s like watching the victim of a stag-do best pony tail in class competitor put on by Jonky being interviewed by a fledgling bantam rooster who’s all crow and no cock. It’s a show only funny when you’re drunk but all things considered best avoided even then.
    The National Party has imploded. When you pull out the MSM speculum all that’s left that can be seen, as can be seen, is the haemorrhoid. Luxon’s the captain of the sinking national dung-barge party who’s only job left to do is to sweep all that *140 year old dirt under the carpet and the only one who doesn’t understand that is Luxon. I kind of feel sorry for the idiot. But not that sorry.
    The scariest thing to comprehend is that our beautiful Aotearoa / New Zealand is in a political free fall. We’re not in charge and, they, our greedy idiot politicians are not in charge so it does beg the question; then who is?
    Pfizer? The American Military Industrial Complex? We are falling, there’s no doubt about that but who’s net are we going to be ensnared within? Who’s going to scoop us up? I see Australia, our fiercest agrarian primary industry competitors, have got out the lipstick and fish nets out and are slinking around under a street lamp smoking a fag. Who else? I reckon it’ll be the Israeli’s, specifically the zionists. Perhaps that lot of psychopaths will come in under the skin via God Bless The U$A, do you reckon?
    Or perhaps it’ll be a single multi billionaire corporation? A psychopathic alien entity so vast that all must bow before it? Are we already?
    Check this guy out. He’s a legal scholar being interviewed by the ever fabulous Russell Brand. ( Unfortunately I didn’t quite catch his name.
    “Corporations are psychopaths” and economic globalisation has forced people into a desperate tribalism, spawning political movements like Trumpism. How do we challenge power if protesting isn’t enough?!
    * 140 years ago we AO/NZ’ers invented refrigerated shipping which meant we could ship perishable goods to the winter bound Northern Hemisphere. The result of that was a $Ka $Ching for The Boys on a biblical scale. Aye Boys?

  6. What are the ratings for Q+A? If no one watches these shows (and I don’t think many do), it won’t affect polling. People will vote according to whether they feel they are “getting richer/ahead”. If they feel the current government isn’t facilitating improvement in their lives, they will get voted out of office, i.e. governments get voted out, not in. I still feel there is next to zero chance Labour gets re-elected in 2023, unless National do something incredibly stupid (e.g. changing leaders a year out from the election), which isn’t impossible of course, but unlikely on balance.

  7. it is not going to be a positive vote for National’s policies in 2023.

    It’s going to be a gleeful and relieved getting rid of Labour, ending the mistakes and waste.

    • Ada your right wing bias is as always glaringly obvious. Just admit the NACTS haven’t a clue and to gleefully spitefully vote them into government next year would be catastrophic. NZ needs to move into the 21 century, I agree the government has not always got it right however their thinking is a million miles more forward than the NACTS. For goodness sake boot camps should be a warning about what they will do in government or more like won’t do . No new infrastructure, sell everything but the kitchen sink and open New Zealand up to even worse climate change practices to further erode our clean green brand on the world stage which will badly affect our exports to the rest of the world.

    • Yes and that alone is a huge positive. National can learn on the hoof just like Labour did after 2017. Add a bunch of policy repeals and we should be fine. Having said that, I share Martyn’s view on Luxon. He does have a cringe factor about him which he better sort quickly?

    • Ditto. Nat policies won’t be the decider. But Labour policies will. All those swing voters who went with Jacinda last time will look elsewhere.

    • Then they will complete the destruction of N.Z. they created in their previous 9 years in power.
      But at least you’ll be gleeful with the waste and mistakes of National, go figure?.

      • Why do the most vehement posters think they can see into the hearts and minds of people they disagree with?

        Doing that appears to be detached from reality.

        • Because Ada people do have their own thoughts and just because they disagree doesn’t mean they are detached from reality it just means they disagree because they don’t agree.

    • Unfortunately Ada voting against Labour will be like writhing on the floor and taking bites out of everything around, trying to protect ourselves, but ending up biting ourselves in the bum. Sorry to be so coarse.

  8. Jack, though superb, missed one trick: The NZDF is losing staff very quickly because they never joined the Armed Forces to be MIQ pseudo-police and they will certainly not join to be baby-sitters for recalcitrant youths who think it is fun to ram cars into shops.
    Luxon will have a lot of explaining to his Minister of Defence – if he ever gets to appoint one!
    He certainly did not look like a PM-in-the-making in this Q&A interview.
    And save me from that forced smile!! More like a grimace through gritted teeth.

    • 100%. The military are not set up to nor attract people who want to do psuedo corrections officer/social worker roles. Just like police doing psuedo social working! I believe the MIQ thing was a retention killer.

      Politicians often are oblivious to why people work for a living!

  9. By all means hold the leader of the opposition accountable.
    But let’s see them do the same to the PM and the government.
    Did you know that the government – under urgency- has just inserted a supermajority clause in a new piece of legislation inserted at the last minute?
    (Public ownership of water assets).
    Something only ever done over electoral matters. No submissions, no debate, a further screwing of the scrum.

    Constitutional destruction being done dishonestly while the media continue the bash Luxon theme instead of grilling the government over something that will radically change how laws will be passed by left and right now.
    This is awful partisan politics.
    Tax schmax

    • Many on this sight seem to let thinks like this slide by hoping it will be missed. Just finished listening to the National station in the Maori slot and they were saying how Labour is craping on them as land owners and refusing to spend money to get an accurate count at the up coming census .All small points but add to a picture of neglect.

    • Are you joking KCC? The media are nothing but negative about anything to do with the government. Yesterday was a classic..why is the PM yet to visit the crime scene!

      So what does the super majority clause do? Is that the one requiring more than 75% of the house to approve a sale? The one National would not agree to?

  10. ” Don’t under estimate the collective stupidity of voters – most of whom don’t watch Q & A ”

    What Q & A does is provide TVNZ which is still heavily biased to the right a platform for attacking usually whoever the victim is that they decide to go after to create a headline for the nightly propaganda show One News.

    In most cases it deflects from how bad National really are or will pick bits from in this case a terrible interview by Luxon to promote the National party. I have seen it time and again , they will have Jack do his job and challenge the leader of the opposition but will stop short negatively attacking him or his party in that nights news. Maybe its changed as I stopped watching for the reasons above but with Simon Power in the CEO’s chair and the right wing culture bias in TVNZ I doubt it somehow.

    ” Just so bad you have to see it to believe it ”

    Nah him and Adern , Peters and the rest are all actors in the corruption that is the political establishment and they are all terrible and I don’t need to see a pointless interview to tell me that.

    And this is the standard of contenders to run the country or want a crack at it.

    Meanwhile out in the local areas I live and work in things are becoming acutely severe for many people wo Adern and Luxon pretend to represent.

    • TVNZ which is still heavily biased to the right…. Hilarious. Were that true I’d still be watching it but I dumped it around 2000. How many Righties do you see praising TVNZ for its right-wing approach to news?None.

      • ” TVNZ which is still heavily biased to the right…. Hilarious. Were that true I’d still be watching it but I dumped it around 2000 ”

        Well watch it again and come back to us. Oh and you obviously are sympathetic to a right wing bias rather than a presenting the news and interviewing people without an agenda that favours only one side of the argument. How is that fair and factual news and reporting and some objectivity wouldn’t go a miss.

        Righties like your self are so used to the status quo of always having one side represented you can’t see the wood for the tree’s.

        Just as well the rest of us can see it for what it is National party propaganda on what should be a publicly funded broadcaster where bias should not be tolerated.

  11. Isn’t it great that the 27 people(Political tragics) who watch Q&A on a Sunday morning, can vent their spleen here after Bomber makes a meal out of a spoon full of oatmeal.

  12. “I am saying to you …”. “What we are saying to you…”. “I want to step back a bit.”
    Dodge, deflect, deny, distract, discredit, defend, defame, distort, defy, delude, …..
    Deceitful dunce.

  13. luxton just isn’t very good is he?

    and yup a sunday bland talk fest will impress none of it’s 12 viewers….that’s why it has the slot it has ‘yes we cover serious politics’ when no one is watching.

  14. Agree Ada I have said it before but many on this blog on the left state with authority that all Naional voters are evil and all Labour voters are heaven sent (but most of them do not believe in religion )
    Some make constructive comment that add to the debate but many are so predictable

    • Oh Trevor you are full of your own importance aren’t you. The only person on this blog with a thinking brain, don’t dare disagree with the right wingers whatever you do because they go crying back to mamma. I would be crying too with a leader like Luxon. There there never mind Luxon will be as brainy and self important as you one day Trevor. ??

  15. I think National, if by perchance they get to be government next year, will be back to their usual tried and true(to their form that is) Beneficiary Bashing especially of low income non-white NZers. These NZers will be the very ones Luxon calls Bottom Feeders.
    And so again National will be enhancing their racist policies upon those they booted out of State Homes during the Key years.
    But as is also true to form National will NEVER EVER take FULL responsibility for THEIR mistakes during the last National government.
    I don’t think Luxon has a clue as to what thinking up new or inspirational policies. He is so ingrained in negativity that it has become like a cancerous growth for him. And he will forever blame someone else but himself or even those bullies in National that beat up fellow school colleagues in past years.
    Meanwhile National now have a fawning Party Faithful in the mainstream NZ media who will conduct an orchestrated almost pre-electioneering campaign against this government and using even the murder of a shopkeeper as a tool to spread discontent. Turning a murder into a political tool is demeaning and abhorrent especially towards those who are trying to benefit out of the death for political gain i.e garner or buy votes.
    Sure this government and no government in the past and into the future are/will be perfection upon the planet. As is human nature mistakes are made.
    Looking at the track record of the various National governments over the past 40 plus years I have come to the conclusion that they will be rote of nausea regurgitate the same old and failed policies of the past but give the tried and failed policies whole new names. For example the Ronald Reagan Inspired “Trickle Down Effect” could be referred to the Fountain of Improvement.
    Give it time and I am sure we will hear Luxon talking about a Brighter Future which is of course a Copy and Paste from john Key.
    Ans the No Cutting of the Higher Tax rate could well be like John Key promising no increase in GST when in reality that is what HE did whilst prime minister of New Zilland(as he called this country).

  16. Actually I think due to his EGO Luxon is in love with the fantasy of being addressed as Prime Minister.

    But here is something. If he became prime minister of New Zilland would the media refer to him as Luxon instead of prime minister or would the media address him as prime minister Luxon or Mr Luxon???!!!!

    The reason for me asking is I notice the media(the National Party Faithful in the media)refer to Jacinda as Ardern in an almost vindictive manner whereas Luxon is addressed as Mr Luxon.

    Whilst I may seem petty but I am not terribly fond of the media here in NZ at all. It’s a shadow of its former self and not a very nice one at that.

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