MEDIAWATCH: Marc Daalder’s woke Hate Speech tears are delicious


Marc Daalder over at Newsroom embodies middle class woke agenda setting masquerading as news almost as well as the entire Stuff editorial board does and his tears over the dumping of woke hate speech laws are delicious.

There’s no one as keen to find monsters quite like Middle Class Marxists frightened by the smelly Lumpenproletariat that saw all protestors at the Dumb Lives Matter become labelled as Nazis.

Daalder is as terrified as woke Edgelord Clint Smith who called on the Governor General to sack Police Commissioner Coster and appoint a quasi-military internal security panel who would green light the use of all force against protestors…


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Daalder inhabits that important niche selling news to the woke Professional Managerial Class, and they are terrified their privilege is being challenged in ways that don’t paint them out nearly as noble as their own sense of purpose describes them at the dinner parties in Wellington.

The reason Labour quickly dumped their woke hate speech laws was because it was made very clear to Labour politicians what our woke middle class activists would do with such micro aggression triggering thresholds for hate speech.

The example of Rachel Stewart was spelt out, when last year woke activists manufactured a threat from one of her tweets so that she would be ‘SWATTED’ at home with the Police visiting her and removing her guns.

The case fell over and Police had to return her guns.

Imagine every woke twitter activist wanting to misuse new hate speech laws by turning every social media fight of the last 5 years into a hate crime.

That chilling effect of the law and how our woke activists merciless desire for righteous vengeance would become immediate ammunition to the Right and cost us the election was made very clear to those making the decisions.

In the end, Labour leadership listened and cut the entire thing down to one blasphemy law.

Maybe if the Woke hadn’t been such alienating Maoists they would have gained more support for extra protections.

Maybe if the Woke hadn’t terrified everyone with their social media Lynch mobs and cancellations, they would have gained more support for extra protections.

Maybe if the Woke had recruited rather than expelled, they would have gained more support for extra protections.

The Identity Politics Middle Class Woke have progressed dogma to the following holy Trinity.

  • ALL white people are irredeemable cross burning racists.
  • B-E-L-I-E-V-E ALL women that ALL men are rapists.
  • Anyone supporting free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi who hates the Trans Community

There is no wriggle room in that dogma, any attempt to joke about those things or suggest the fallacy of that position identifies you as a heteronormative white cis male patriarchy coloniser who needs to be cancelled.

Apparently all that virtue signalling outrage Olympics alienates rather than acts as a solidarity, as Marc and his Professional Managerial Class audience are starting to appreciate.

The woke shouldn’t fret too much because they did gain a SIS woke nark line and can dob in anyone who triggers them, so they can’t be too ungrateful with their expansion of the State Intelligence Apparatus to legitimise their activism.

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  1. Yeah Maoists not Marxists is good. More accurate lineage back to the Maoist sects of the 80s and 90s and explains both the post-Marx identity politics and latent authoritarianism. They are the bureaucratic left wing of the popular front with China.

    • 15. Fifteen iterations of the word ‘woke’, Martyn, not counting the headline. Is that a record?

      Under the Human Rights Act 1993 it is illegal to publish or distribute threatening, abusive or insulting words likely to “excite hostility against” or “bring into contempt or ridicule” any group on the grounds of skin colour, race, ethnic or national origins.

      It would have made sense to add to the list sexual orientation and disability. They, like skin colour etc, may be presumed to be attributes over which the individual has no control. (And such antisocial language should be dealt with under the Summary Offences Act, not the Crimes Act.)

      Religion is different: to believe something is a matter of choice. As such it should be open to insult, and to words likely to ‘excite hostility against” or “bring into contempt or ridicule”. That’s the right of free speech, the right to challenge the beliefs of others. To try to restrict criticism of religion is a denial of human rights, not a protection of them.

      What is needed is to set the boundaries of what may be said. That requires an amendment to the Crimes Act, not limited by specifying categories such as skin colour, sexual orientation or religion, stating that “It is an offence to threaten, advocate, or incite violence against any person or persons”.

      • I agree that the Human Rights Act is up to the job.

        Also add sex – misogyny is still rife in our society. It’s rampant on social media.

        And while most violence is against males, it is males who most likely to be the perps. Women are at a major disadvantage re-violence because most are not as physically strong, or fast runners as men.

        • I think all women should be able to legally carry pepper spray.
          Jackass’s infamous Johnny Knoxville tested pepper spray, a stun gun and a taser.
          If you stay to the end you’ll hear him say that pepper spray was by far the worst/best. Non lethal and debilitating.
          The problem with capitalist fascism AKA neloberalism is that [it] becomes a factory, a breeding ground for psychopathic narcissists. So spray the fuckers down, I say.

      • That seems to reek of common sense John T. A position based on a solid rationale. Unfortunately it would not receive support from National or Act, and I don’t know if Labour somehow had that argument put forward? Seems way to clear for them to have thought of.

      • For thousands of years people have believed in god, based on certain philosophy or in blind faith. No religion owns god, as the universe came first, and then came religion based on what a group of men decided was good to have in the list. Hence, tear away at religion, but do not insult peoples faith and belief in god.

        Faith gives mental strength to cope with life, gives inspiration, and also unites people. Peoples faith increases in adversity, and reduces in happiness. Hence, in 3rd world countries religion flourishes, and in western countries people with excess of material happiness have no time for faith, and instead suffer from increased mental health diseases. This has been an observation, feel free to disagree.

    • Wouldn’t Neomarxist be more accurate, tracing back through the likes of Marcuse and the Frankfurt School to Gramsci?

      There is a cultural revolution flavour to woke discourse but I’d say the main motive force of woke is an embrace by the neoliberal elite as ‘cultural politics de jour’ which helps funnel attention and activist energy away from financial and economic politics. While some academics and politicians may be described as part of the “popular front with China” I think most woke allegiances are to Wall Street and The City of London rather than Beijing.

  2. Woke also can’t wait to get as many deportees into NZ as fast as possible and refuse to deport other nationals crims in NZ, now causing crime and carnage everywhere.

    Since so many can now access NZ with fake paperwork and get residency through our fast tracks residency programs which don’t seem to care that people can have poor characters and be harmful (who cares we need cheap farm workers/plumbers/pretty much every skill, as nobody wants to work in NZ anymore, NOW!).

    Keeps the door open for anybody with questionable character or their dependants who piggy back on the ride, but then get instant residency and are deported back from other countries 20 years later and then get NZ emergency housing, welfare, and prison when they murder.

    ISIS bride family – was OZ citizen, but somehow NZ woke couldn’t wait during Covid to arrange special trip back to NZ with her family on the back of a very short period of time living in NZ as a child while the pregnant Kiwi in Afghanistan had to go through the process as no flights (but of course once media get involved are waved through). Funny how the deportees kept getting into NZ during Covid while the Kiwi citizens who were not criminals seemed to suffer a lot more problems!

    Now a corner dairy worker murder (shit, cigarettes and over priced goods under fire!! a calamity just like the ram raids of overpriced jewery and liquor!!). While loss of life is terrible under any circumstances I can’t help wonder the lack of interest and minimisation of the increased killing and maiming of innocent people in NZ that has been going on for nearly a decade now, which does not get the same media and government attention as corner shop murder and theft of goods. There needs to be less expansion of overpriced dairies and other socially poor businesses in NZ and the same level of interest by media and government of killing of people in NZ who just are going about their business in parks, their own houses or on the streets but now seem to be random victims of violence.

    • Auckland seems to have become a cesspit of waste – literally (shit leaking into every waterway and beach) and on a human level – with immigrants of dubious character / mental health issues. The most shocking murders / attacks I’ve heard about over the past few years are: mother from South Africa killed her 3 kids; Lynne Mall attack (Sri Lankan), Chch massacre (Australian), suitcase kids (South Korean), woman set on fire in a ditch (Indian and I can’t remember the details of where), etc etc. F’n shocking crimes the likes of which were barely heard of in my lifetime. Unintended consequences of nearly doubling our population in less than one-two generations? Who’s idea was that?

      • On the back of easy residency into NZ for the past 30 years on the back of a crap job, or money laundering and drugs, and free residency for family members, that is still bitting us when the crims are deported back here on the basis of a short year in NZ, 20 years ago.

        OZ noticed and changed their rules to make it only workers living there who can’t stay if they don’t work and don’t get residency and free welfare, NZ want the crims, free loaders and high risk people to come here instead.

        Guess what, migrants don’t like it either!! NZ voted 2nd worst place to work in world, nobody wants another crim killing/maiming/stealing from you as the price of laissez faire NZ residency and 60% of NZ wages kept well below the cost of living.

      • Unintended consequences of nearly doubling our population in less than one-two generations? No not really. More like consequences of having a justice system that respects the perpetrator more than the victim. “Aaaaah, the poor murderer has rights and we should let him vote and let’s give him a statehouse and some cash so he can feel good about himself.” The political party that fixes that problem will be membered forever. Might take having to fire a few judges.

    • I broadly agree with what you are saying but most of your points predate wokeism and will still exist long after wokeism has (hopefully) self destructed. Anyone who tries to tackle the issues will stir up a dawn raids / Urewera terror raids type hornets nest and no politician is willing to go there.

  3. the wokesters have finally pushed it too far….now the public see it as the emprors new clothes…the tragedy is many advances for women and other groups will now become rightard targets.

    • @Gagarin, yes and most people cannot distinguish the woke cuckoo in the progressive or discern the difference between 2nd wave from 3rd wave feminism. If woke activism and policies alienate enough people, the baby will be thrown out with the bathwater, the bath and the rubber ducky. Making genuinely progressive politics unpalatable for a generation.

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