Non-Muslim threatening Terrorism double standards in NZ


This don’t sit well with me…

Auckland man pleads guilty to threatening to kill non-Muslims, distributing objectionable publications

A 20-year-old Auckland man who had been set to go to trial next week for threatening to kill non-Muslim members of the community and distributing objectionable materials has instead opted to plead guilty.

The North Shore resident appeared in the High Court at Auckland this afternoon before Justice Rebecca Edwards, who allowed his interim name suppression to remain in place until sentencing next year.

The man stood in the dock alongside three guards as he pleaded guilty to one count of threatening to kill, two counts of supplying objectionable publications and six counts of possession of objectionable publications.

The then-teen was arrested in September of last year, one week after an unrelated stabbing frenzy in a New Lynn supermarket by Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen, 32, who had been under 24-hour surveillance and was on a terror watchlist.

…ok, but when it’s a non-muslim bloke threatening to kill the PM, we get a lot more lenient don’t we?

Conviction quashed for Michael Cruikshank, who sent threatening emails to Jacinda Ardern

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A man who was sentenced to one year in prison after sending intimidating emails to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – including one in which he threatened to “personally wipe you off this f***ing planet” – has had his convictions quashed by the Court of Appeal.

The typo-laden emails were sent about 40 minutes apart on January 20, 2020.

In the first, he wrote: “if yo contune to supporting state terriorismjand act of war declared on a victim mnamely Mr Michael Christopher Cruickshabnka and decalre dact of war on my life by your NZ Police that i will personally wipe you off this f***ing planet and that is what younow face as an outcome. wear that Jaconda!”

The email was sent to Ardern, ACC staff, the media and others.

The second email, which included fellow Labour MP Andrew Little as a recipient, stated: “i dont think there is any question that I will blowyour feknhead of if your gas lighting on my life continues by your terrorists who declared this an act of war against me , you have kids who want to see you grow old as do i, so isuggest you place that into proper perspective, because after 20 years what ever it now costs me will cost you. take that to your terrorist run Police in NZ who are active state terrorists under your watch.”

Cruickshank was arrested three days later on three counts of threatening to kill, after police carried out a search warrant at his Auckland home.

“I’m usually pretty drunk when I go on a tangent and, yeah. the next day I won’t even remember sending them,” he told police in an interview played for jurors. “That’s the God’s honest truth.”

…look, I’m not arguing that we shouldn’t be forgiving and lenient for those who threaten political violence, because we should be, and the reason we should be is because you don’t want to further radicalise people when they are already in this state.

That’s what concerns me about our current SIS Nark Stasi project and the stupidity of prosecuting the Counter Spin duo, that the State’s actions to threats actually manufacture terrorism.

It is VERY hard to read the report on the New Lynn Terrorist Ahamed Samsudeen and not see how our intervention as the State in his life turned an angry young man into a knife stabbing terrorist.

Everything about our interaction with Ahamed Samsudeen radicalised him, and there really has to be some exceptionally hard questions asked of almost every State Service who dealt with him because all it looks like is we manufactured a terrorist by the way we treated him.

I fear that we are going to do the same thing with these antivax Qanon fringe lumpenproletariat by over reacting.

Legitimate domestic terror threats to the State must be nullified and prevented at all costs, but fantasists who believe in a magical world of make believe need to be responded to proportionally no matter how their behaviour frightens the rest of us.

As we struggle at the height of all the economic and social pressures that are tearing us apart, I fear our fear will cause us to blunder it into something worse.

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    • Every country is a racist country and I can’t imagine there very being any change, just as every person is racist to some degree whether they choose to admit it or not (or even be aware of it).
      And yes that includes people having racist opinions etc towards others of the same race etc . . yup looking at you cardigan-wearing Green voters.

    • So we can sell our soul for a few $$$ for foreign education which is actually just a junket for anyone too stupid to attend better universes and terrorists and crims to get here.

      You don’t have to attend your course or even do the course work in NZ these days. Apparently African ghost writers do the work on your behalf, then you can apply for post study visa – that fake pizza manager job, have kids, bingo, you are a NZ permanent resident.

      If that doesn’t work, fake your paperwork, go full out terrorist and become a protected person with 2 armed defenders shadowing you. (For ordinary folks, being shot at, punched in parks, burnt out bodies of teens not found in cars, non attendance of police as not enough resources).

    • Samsudeen arrived on a student visa in 2011 because sectors like hospitality need that cheap migrant labour from the Indian subcontinent. Helps to make selling kebabs profitable.

  1. I’m sorry but anyone who’s radicalised by NZs slack rules in general within society…was a nutbar before he started….and that goes for rightwing snowflakes too….for better or worse we have more individual latitude than a shed load of countries.

    • Agreed.
      Anyone who moves here and becomes violently opposed to any group already here really should be on the next plane out, be they short thick Australians or mad radical Islamists.
      Kiwis are a fair minded bunch, we don’t need more laws to tell us how to get along, we need more laws to send ungrateful dropkicks back where they came from.

  2. Personally think the language suggests the opposite.

    White supremicists wanting to kill muslims is ok.

    But not muslim teen terrorists operating in NZ wanting to kill infidels.

    Only going to get worse with all the wokies arguing about which colour/creed terrorists are the worst and most discriminated against. Poor terrorists. Lets enable more in NZ.

    All terrorists are equally bad in my eyes. Should not be planning to kill innocent people in mass attacks.

    Even when Samsudeen was dead he had a mass following of lawyers protecting him – when you read about all the support and cosseting he received constantly in NZ for years. It is pure enablement and those doing it should be before the courts, lose their cushy jobs, instead of being paid by them.

    No such luck for other crims in NZ when their lawyer fails to turn up.

    Judge’s frustration boils over delay in sentencing of Taranaki meth dealer

  3. Here’s a great opportunity for a medical experiment!
    Get the nuts. Tie them down, or up if they prefer, then shoot them full of good 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA) a synthetic drug that alters mood and perception, then stand well back. Unless, of course, you’d enjoy being crushed in a cuddle frenzy.
    Re Adern’s nut. Is he identifying as an Incel? They’re dangerous fuckers. . Expressing frustration at another’s sexual activity is surely the root cause ( Pardon the pun ) of all wars, civilian brutality and extreme wealth accumulation.

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