Ummmm – HDPA shitting on a 16 year old ISN’T the problem with the climate strike


I just don’t give a fuck about this bullshit, but someone needs to point it out right?

The issue with the climate strike last week, is NOT that HDPA shit all over a 16 year old who was protesting climate change but then flying to Fiji, nor was the predictable outrage olympics over at The Spin-off that anyone dare highlight the hypocrisy of a 16 year old.

None of that is interesting, nor the issue.

HDPA is a mean, spiteful, malicious broadcaster, so you agree to go on her show, you gets ya licks!

If you are too dumb to know that, don’t be the media spokesperson – it’s not the shitting on a 16 year old who doesn’t have the skill set to articulate a semi-cognitive response that is the issue here, because firstly, demanding 16 year olds have all the answers to a climate changing crisis that we as adults are responsible for is the sort of tedious bullshit HDPA does, no, the issue is how the fuck did a movement that had 170 000 on the streets in 2019, suddenly implode into a protest that barely thousands went to!

THAT IS THE ISSUE, but the middle class woke don’t want you focused on that, they want you focused on how HDPA trashed a 16 year old.

In 2019, the climate strikes brought 170,000 people to the streets.

What did they bring Friday?

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…hundreds AND thousands.

Not hundreds of thousands.

What the hell happened?

As the planet continues to melt in a heatwave that is crippling economies and triggering unprecedented catastrophic weather events, our climate crisis movement has gone backwards partly because of the trauma of Covid, but also partly because of the vicious idealogical knife fights that are now being waged privately inside the leadership movements of these protests where woke activists are cancelling protest movements for crimes against middle class dogma.

Last year, the School Strike 4 Climate Auckland Organization jaw droopingly cancelled themselves!

Ummmm I’m not sure how to tell you this but the Woke just cancelled themselves?? School Strike 4 Climate Auckland Organization disbands because it’s too racist???

I honestly thought this was a parody but apparently it’s true. School Strike 4 Climate Auckland has disbanded because – wait for this – they are a racist organization???

The identity politics cult would eat their own young if they weren’t all vegan.

To disband a youth climate change organization because PoC suffer most from climate change ignores the fact that the planet will burn regardless of your fucking skin colour!!!

To whip themselves into such submission for an intersectionist cacophony of grievances competing for social hierarchy based upon woke dogma that all white people are intrinsically racist as a response to a burning planet is so intellectually bankrupt it’s terrifying.

Pure temple doctrine divides & alienates. Broadchurch universals build solidarity. This is self defeating identity politics madness.

Read it yourself, it’s just so unbelievable…

This level of extraordinary idealogical purity currently gutting protest movements as the Professional Management Class interests merge with middle class identitarians have muted and culled off real popular support for almost all protest.

There is of course a fundamental problem with relying on young people to solve the climate crisis on their own!

If we can’t as adults find ways to change things, how on earth can kids?

Additionally, if we as adults can’t force back woke identitarians from ruining the public debate, how on earth can the kids resist them?

We went from 170 000 on the streets to hundreds and thousands.

It’s reminiscent of the woke coup inside the Pride parade where that went from 30 000 participants to a couple of thousand, and the woke called that a success!

The Right look for recruits, the Left look for traitors and right now for middle class identitarians, everyone less mentally ill than them are privileged and everyone more mentally ill than them is toxic.

I’m not sure that dynamic wins many voters over.

But sure, HDPA humiliating a 16 year old is where the debate need to be.

Meanwhile, the planet fucking melts and catastrophic extreme weather events are destroying the ability for many to survive.



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    • I cannot stand HDPA and her constant whine about this government but her interview with this self-righteous teenager was right on the button. When you have nothing and done little you are entitled to an opinion but need to grow up before you express them and ask others to follow you. These people follow on from Greta and her foot stamping hiss fits

      • What shit Trevor. Anyone no matter age, ethnicity, politics or whatever should be treated with respect.
        And you are just the same as Heather.
        She and her ZB / Herald associates are all the same. Ignorant self opinionated arrogant arseholes. They are the ones who don’t deserve respect.
        The only way they can get an audience is to be rude and ignorant and lie as well. If they were nice people they wouldn’t have a job because they are fuck all use for anything else.

        • No one deserves respect when they are hypocrites about things which HDPA picked up on re holidays in Fiji. It was a bit like Harry and Megan saying how they cared about the plant then used friends private jets to swan around in . It is laughable the mother was upset as she obviously did not see the hypocrisy. If her daughter wants to be a leader then she needs to take the crap as well as the praise.

        • Mike Walker your comments are completely devoid of respect so what on earth are you on about?
          Plus your foul language further dents your credibility.

      • No offence Trevor, but with HDPA, you can’t win. On her weekly printed brainfart that is published in the Herald, she made an issue about Efeso Collins making a PERSONAL pledge to have a carless day. Then turned it into somehow that was what he was going to force all Aucklanders to do. Then there’s this shit… Does anyone know whether or not this girl was even given the choice as she could stay? She is a minor, and that may be why she had to go.

        Still, at the end of the day, one thing is for certain, HDPA is a steaming pile of shit. I mean there is the chance it’s her radio persona, and that she is in fact a lovely person. But the smart money is on her being vile…

      • Your the one that needs to grow up Trev gets some balls mate the 16 year of has more balls than the likes of you and she ain’t a man she a young woman

      • HDPC was unprofessional, but in the derision, not in asking the question Imho.

        Something no-one has mentioned is teenagers from PMC families, on their way to joining it themselves, can be a massive turnoff when pontificating most especially for the ‘lower orders’.

        I think this should be taken as an education for activists in general. A holier- than-thou feeling, where people are often really struggling doesn’t go down (with either of the two main kinds of activism.) With the second, attention has been drawn to the issue, and there has been a kind of shock, but probably not the right kind. The girl’s mother weighing-in was bound to make things worse.

        If the mother had really wanted to help, keeping out of it would have been more useful for her daughter’s credibility and respect. I feel just as annoyed by the mother’s behaviour as with HDPA. What did she expect would happen here? If questioned, she could have simply said something like. ”We took our daughter on a family trip. Staying behind wasn’t an option”. And left it at that.

        Activism involves hard work and harsh reactions.

    • Heather is a National Treasure. Unlike most of our sycophantic media (Bomber, CT and Damien Grant excluded) she asks the hard questions of our government that need answers. On the ‘mean and nasty’ bit – I disagree. The Climate Change leader had just said to Heather it was not OK for Heather to go to Fiji – then had to admit immediately afterwards she herself had recently been to Fiji on holiday – Heather burst out laughing – whoop-de-do – CANCEL HER!. If you don’t find that slightly amusing you are probably in need of some ‘horticultural therapy’ because you are taking life too seriously. Good on the Climate Change Leader topo at least she told the truth (after a bit of extractive questioning). questioning).

    • Covid and Castro your comments lower the tone of this blog site and show you up for your bitterness.
      People like you are a blight on society.

  1. Nah. HDPA is on the money. If the kids wanna play with the grown ups in the real world then real world rules and ‘consequences’ apply. Something they’ve been sheltered from by woke parents and a shitty education system.

    It builds their character when they get a response from another person that has a different opinion. Because that’s what it’s all about ay? People been able to have an opinion about something and been able to share it. That’s part of been able to have a grown up discussion ay?

    Having a different opinion helps people develop their thinking about the subject matter too ay?

    That’s the problem with kids these days. They expect to be protected from alsorts of shit but want to be able to speak about everything they want unchecked. Well fuck them if they think that’s how the real world works because it doesn’t.

  2. So much to lol at really, it’s what happens when we start letting the school children lead us with all the wisdom of their short years- the original climate numbers were vastly overstated, but were larger because all the kids essentially got a day off school.

    We can’t expect wisdom from these kids because they are not smart or world wise and yep mostly a bunch of rich kid hypocrites.
    As per Greta Thunburg.

    Thank god these spoiled brats can’t vote.

  3. It need not be an either or proposition.

    Fer goodness sakes–put the slipper into DPA unequivocally and be done with it–she deserves it many times over. Sure, you walk into that filth fest of a show she is on at your peril unless you have some solid comebacks, and a “sod you Yarpie” attitude.

    Rebuilding the Climate Strike movement to real effect is not dependent on backing off DPA and her ilk.

  4. Don’t be too tough on Heather, Martyn. You’d be mean, spiteful and malicious as well if you had to shag Barry Soapbox.

  5. Too many behind the scenes attack shops, including government agencies and Russian/Chinese propaganda, US billionaires, taking over the activist space. The woke seem to lap it up.

  6. I linked to that over at The Standard. The mother siad it “appeared” that Izzy was being bullied by HDPA, rather than being bullied. Not once in the mother’s account, did she say she supported Izzy’s stand on climate change and declared herself to be active against climate change , rather that she showed her concern for the amount of effort and anguish Izzy was putting into her efforts regarding climate change. Maybe mother and daughter are diametrically opposed in views. It could be said that the mother was bullying Izzy herself in coercing Izzy to go on the trip to Fiji – knowing it would be against Izzy’s most fervent beliefs….

  7. Perhaps if you want to stand up and say fuck you boomers then make sure you walk the walk. I see nothing in this young generation that suggests planet saving change. And I see nothing in our current leadership either. I begin to suspect that the only hope for Earth is a nuclear war in Europe followed by the complete destruction of our current economic system.

    • Hey Peter, the dinosaur-extinction catastrophe level solution to saving the environment is one I had not considered. On careful consideration I can see a down side.

    • BTW I also nothing in the Green Party that is any much better than poor Izzy. I say poor Izzy, because most likely she’s only had one point of view being presented to her entire school experience. And that without realising it her carbon footprint at 16 is probably higher than any generation of 16 years olds prior to her.

      But back to the Green Party, dosen’t Ricardo fly back to Mexico every year? Why isn’t the Green Party standing up to the govt that has increased coal imports during their term?

      In fact Izzy would fit in perfectly with the current Green Party MPs

  8. My favorite part of this part of the drama was the mother of the teen in question asserting that a trip to Fiji did not impact on the climate holiness of her daughter because she ‘took public transport’.

    Well no duh lady, she at best has a learner’s license.

    • Public transport is magic it doesn’t use fuel.
      Anyway most teenagers flit off to Fiji for a break don’t they?

  9. The Climate Change movement is full of the worst types of people, holier than thou – do as I say – not as I do..
    Supporters of the Climate Change movement – MUST sign an agreement stating they will not do the following:
    – Take flights
    – No dairy or meat
    – no petrol – diesel vehicles
    My guess they won’t do it

    • Sacrifices are for everyone else to make, especially those evil farmers and those nasty tradies and their utes.
      Princesses are allowed their overseas holidays, duh.

    • that’s the future under the nats anyway nate say hello to corporate socialism and penury for the people…fester and his idea-deficient fans will just copy truss and we’ll be fucked

    • One of the most pathetic lines from online moaners…

      Perfection is not required to join a political campaign. Many under 50s just think it their right to roam the world via air as COVID showed. As long as people minimise air travel it should not be a problem, I choose not to use air travel at all these days.

      Look at it from a right wing perspective…
      –meat eaters must personally slaughter, disembowel & butcher the meat they consume…
      –war mongering world leaders and MPs have to carry a weapon, and serve on the front line of armed conflicts
      –ACT supporters that want a small state must pay for their own private security force (no cops for them)
      –Opponents to 3 Waters can put in composting toilets, rain water tanks and sink holes on their properties

      See how fucking ridiculous the “Greens should swim to overseas conferences” line is? We live in a world of transition.

      • Tiger Mountain — The Climate Change Minister was asked why he was not using Zoom/Google Meet for the Glasgow Climate Meeting … he did not answer…. So, no, perfection is not needed — but not being a total BS artist is important in political campaign

        • Imagine the positive press if he actually did Zoom in for the meeting and then used the platform to encourage the rest of the elites to do the same next time. Na, he likes business class, free meals and fancy cabs too much for that! Only the peasants need to make changes.

      • – great, i would not mind hunting/dressing my dinner. Thanks. Open up the areas where wild boar, wallaby, possums, deer etc create havoc and thanks for the full freezer.
        chances are most of us could do a better job then the dude that pretends to be a ‘butcher’ in your local food distribution centre.

        – totally agree, everyone who is selling weapons and supporting wars that are not ours should go first themselves. Surely Jacinda could be a medic or something, i hear PR is their forte? Biden, well he can just stand around pretend to know where he is. Ditto for the rest of the wankers.

        – we currently have no cops anywhere that would protect and serve so i guess ANYONE who wants protecting better hire private security – DEFUND THE POLICE NOW!! Close all Prisons!!! Bake cookies for criminals!

        -Yes, no problems with that too. In fact many who live in places that have annual water restrictions in summer already do most of it, and that includes flushing hte toilet only once a day, collecting rainwater for watering the food they try to grow cause they can’t afford the stuff from your local Food Distribution Centre.

  10. ” Additionally, if we as adults can’t force back woke identitarians from ruining the public debate, how on earth can the kids resist them ? ”

    Which is one of the reasons why 16 year olds should be spared the responsibility of casting a vote in the election process.

    We simply no longer have sensible public debate or a political process.

  11. I would much rather see HDPA condemn Samuel Julian Uffindell but I doubt she would do that.

    And so it shows to us all she is like Uffindell i.e a bully.

    Is she somewhat intimidated by a bright and intelligent 16 year old or is she doing a Donald Trump i.e he was nasty and a bully towards Greta Thunberg.

    Out of all whatever HDPA says and does she does not merit attention. She is not someone one would want to take home to meet a 16 year old with views and a vision of the future of their very own.

    • HDPA is another hard right, Hosking prodigy, simple right wing propaganda by HDPA, nothing more, nothing less. Soper and Hosking would be so proud.

    • Lol–who knows how human pair bonding works…well a number of people do actually. Sometimes it is about immigration or employment status, or cultural arrangements, or property and inheritance, physical attraction, enjoyment, and even romance.

      Far be it from me to comment on a mid 30s woman spending personal time with a 70 year old like Mr Soper, but it seems potentially rather quease inducing. But hey, political compatibility is important too.

  12. School Exams were on in my district, I don’t know about what was scheduled in your area but i suspect exams would significantly affect the youth turnout.

  13. And thus the irony of the whole climate change argument. It doesn’t apply to their activities just the working class.

    The 16yr old in question will be well educated and the offspring of the managerial/bureaucratic elite. She will go to university and be on 6 figures in the public service within 5 years of graduation, own an electric vehicle and go on plenty of overseas trips that could of been easily zoomed.

    Every individual such as this is a walking, talking argument for the right with the working class.

    • Yep Frank – particularly if you include us farmers in your ‘working class’. This whole Climate Emergency Feeding Frenzy is all about ‘do as I say not as I do.’

  14. Double standards?
    A) Give 16yr olds the vote as they are mature enough to vote
    B) DHPA is bullying a ‘child’

    Can’t have it both ways, are they mature enough to vote, or still children?
    Can’t be both…afterall Greens want 16yr olds to vote but increase the age for an person to face an ‘ adult’ charge/court to 25!

  15. I don’t know why the protest numbers are down but for many, protesting is a luxury in the current economic climate. Then we see that the protesters are still banging on about cow numbers when the numbers are shrinking on their own. Yes methane is bad and we can emit less of it but it’s 11% of the climate warming emissions and it dissipates in a decade. Co2 makes up the other 89% of these emissions and that doesn’t go away forever as far as we’re concerned. We can kerb the methane and help a little in the short term but every time we plough a paddock we release 3 tonnes of co2 into the atmosphere per hectare. What I’m saying is that if we reduce cows and beef we reduce methane but with the extra cultivation for crops we will increase carbon emissions that don’t go away. The protests about cows especially in NZ is a complete red herring in my view. Why aren’t these protesters trying to stop the import of filthy second rate coal from Indonesia. Why aren’t these fucks protesting about our land fills and sewerage overflows into our water ways. Not fashionable so they go for the soft target again.

    • Well said New View. For anyone who is truly interested in the real impact of our methane accounting (it obscures damaging increases of long-lived CO2 gases in other sectors and is thus indeed a ‘red herring’) have a read of Brian Easton’s seminal piece from a few years ago
      This whole ‘get-rid-of-cows’ is just ignorant BS propagated by sanctimonious twits who seem willfully ignorant to both the science and the economics of the issue.

      • Surely its more about not having too many cows and, while we at it, too much synthetic fertiliser. Let’s hear you justify nitrate levels in the Canterbury region with the water being more undrinkable by the day.

        • You comment is fine with me Wheel. We need to learn to farm without synthetic nitrogen fertiliser. In Canterbury nitrates are especially a problem. With the massive increase in fertiliser costs farmers will look at alternatives, just as cow numbers will drop as farmers have to stay within their nutrient plans. I can’t find good 2022 figures. Protesters jumping up and down demanding halving the cow numbers is unrealistic in that nothing they do will change anything quickly. Also nitrate pollution shouldn’t be mixed up with global warming. Like I originally said the protesters don’t seem interested in pointing out our government is happy to import crap coal from Indonesia and leave our high quality coal in the ground. Plenty of other things to protest about.

  16. The wishy washy teachers who would of been behind the organising of the children protesting really are the problem…why were the kids not in school doing times table’s..?? Most kids wouldn’t know what day it is unless they check TikTok ….These green house gases are so minuscule in the atmosphere and have very little insulation properties to be able to trap heat…And that’s what it comes down to….insulation properties…if there is global warming it will be something else that is causing it….I’m sure the gravy train will find out eventually…

  17. I actually think that the lack of turn out to climate marches is to do with something more fundamental that has its roots in Covid and lockdowns etc but includes the general malaise affecting this country because of poor political decision making.

    I have a child in this demographic. Pre Covid, always out, not particularly political but has friends that are. Post Covid, lies in bed all day, not very motivated to go out, does minimal work at school, just enough but does go to school but asks at least once a week, do I have to go, no-one else is going.

    Its like the disruption to life sucked out their motivation and sense of self. They live on tik tok and watch Netflix, sleep the day away. None of them are political now, just kind of a lost generation, interested in nothing, fairly transactional in their relationships. Its like there is no longer any vision before them. So different to our generation when by 16 you were chomping at the bit to leave school and move on with a million new adventures.

    Parents too I think are just too busy now to do much about it and not really too sure about how to raise their kids anyway. Everyone is woke and what you thought was normal has become irrelevant. Collectively its as if nobody is entirely sure of what they should be doing. And I think this new normal has impacted teens and late teens the most.

    • What ever vision they had, of themselves and the world around them has been taken away.
      I do not blame kids that refuse school currently. Why would they go there? To get an education or indoctrination?

    • Fantail
      Thanks for the peep into how things are. Reading it makes it more important to keep on trying to retain the sense of values and life we should have despite the malaise of people in power who are more posers than politicians, and have chosen to make this country impotent and dependent on the system for everything, while at the same time publicly abhorring dependency. When such forked tongue communication is paramount who can find direction
      in life; just people going through some agreed motions? On with the dance. Cabaret song Money comes to mind.
      Perhaps the young will find in music and the arts a new truth they can hold to.

  18. Yep a good lesson for that young wannabe climate activist, that when you point your finger accusing someone or something for being a c**t, there is always three of the bastards ( fingers) pointing back at you!

  19. Your the one that needs to grow up Trev gets some balls mate the 16 year of has more balls than the likes of you and she ain’t a man she a young woman

  20. Who the f**k is HDPA? (I do know BUT dont give a f**k).

    Now to the girl…our own little Greta poor thing. Such an avatar of PMC hair pulling at climate change with a policy of electric cars, despite the fact that mining lithium needs oil, creates an environmental nightmare, but hey its in Chile or some other wog place. And yes where is the electricity coming from and what will happen to grannies heating bill if the cars need fuel? Then there’s Manu down at the council tip, paying his taxes toward tax breaks on EVs he will never afford.

    I wont bore you further, but there’s a lot of sh*t incumbent in our climate change policies and we shouldn’t be leaving it to an earnest young girl to get pilloried by an idiot. HDPA got her pay packet, we paid, idiot us.

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